Hall of Shame – another Nazi edition

Hello everyone,

today, we caught several juicy nazis for the hall of shame. Nazis is something I hate, so this special Hall of Shame edition is dedicated to them.

Apparently, nazis can’t even finish a sentence without one another, eh, BenHeizer and BeRlin_444?


Another nazi family well-wisher, Jaszczomb19 (what’s up with that name anyway?)


And, we have a classic here, an internet rapist SouthernTank. Funnily enough, he was also whining about hacking…

Raging douche 3

Raging douche 5

Garage whispers are always fun (xXTankSmasherXx)


Polish nazis are the “best”… (Maci1999)


Also, for some strange reason, Exn0m clan seems to be appearing in the hall of shame repeatedly. This time, TymeQ shows his love for Hitler


….but Czech nazis can’t miss the fun either! (DiaJee_CZ)


Reaper_1973 has some serious anti-Jewish problem.



And, last but not least, Rancid_Alienist makes one more appearance in the hall of shame. Bravo!


185 thoughts on “Hall of Shame – another Nazi edition

    • I don’t understand ‘Polish’ nazis – Jews saved theirs grandgrandparents a**es, their grandparents saved Jews a**es, so why they’re anti-Semites? IT’S BECAUSE SOVETS TOLD THEIR PARENTS IN 60′ AND 70′ (and russians in XIX century) THAT JEWS ARE RICH AND EVIL! Ofc Jews is Poland was like other polish cityzens. SHAME ON YOU ANTI-SEMITS! YOU FOOLS! YOU TREAT UR FRIENDS LIKE A S***! TRUELLY UR S***!

      • Jews where shunned and persecuted long before medival age. [sarc]Why should “one positive event” stop that?[/sarc]

        But hey, i don’t have to understand polish nazis ether.

  1. Out of interest has anyone actually been banned from being reported via the in game report function? seems like it is just a placebo, and that WG don’t really care about this kind of behavior.

    • I have been banned 3 times from chat, never from game.

      Irith (US moderator) banned me once for complaining about Redshire, and calling it a camper map, which I found funny as shit. I didn’t even fight the ban, kinda proud that I am so offensive that bitching about a map gets me a ban :)

    • Yea, dude. But dont worry about it. You have to insult every single game and insult far worse than what’s on here. basically siema players dont know enlish or how to report ingame. so you are good insukting those guys 247. the problem is when you insult english speaking good players and encounter the ones that get butthurt easily.

    • I got a 24 hour chatban for accusing somebody of being a Nazi after they said some pretty Nazi sounding stuff in chat.

      Wargaming North America literally does not care about Nazis using the game to spread their hate.

  2. All this butthurt.
    >replying to noobs/trolls
    >not just reporting and continue playing your favorite game
    >WG cares that comments were anti jew
    2013 still being this new

  3. Some retard from HAMI reported for “hai hitler” LOL … panic the end of world comming… again this shit jews propoganda.

  4. Word “jaszczomb” is a intended misspelling of word “jastrząb” – that means “hawk” in english. That misspeling is a quite popular and some people (retarded-kids) thinks it is funny…

    • jaszcząb is taken accually from name given to Polish F-16.
      When president lady was celebrating their arival she misspelled the name and told “jaszcząb” instead of “jastrząb”. She had minor problem with speaking clearly.

      Maybe when she died later in plane crash it was someking of revenge from universe. who knows.

      And going back to topic. It is not nice that Polish people are using nazi semantic.
      But actually former president and his twin brother didn’t like jews.

    • Actualy, after moving south from the coast, I found it appaling how many seemingly ‘normal’ poles (the kind with higher education) there are racist, homophobic or just plain nasty.

      • Most Polish were and still are blatantly anti-Semitic. Most of Europe was and still is anyway, so nothing special about Polish other then loudness of their voices.

        • Europeans are not Anti-semetic. they could not care about most of the jews, same could be said of most religions, stop thinking so highly of yourselves.

          Most modern day jews are not even Semites anyway so stop your JIDF rubbish.

  5. Except for Rancid_Alienist it’s all really boring and lame. Elementary school kids insult each other like that on a daily basis (then again, given the average age of WoT players, this makes sense).

  6. lol. some of these insults are pretty funny. you can bet that i will be using them. i couldnt give a fuck if you start crying when i tell someone that i hope their ngr jew family should die of caancer. seriously. Let the polish butthurting begin!

    • I am form Poland, but I don’t give a shit what you say… And i will treat you like ours “siemkas” and other retarded kids all over the world.

  7. Am I the only one who this kind of player scare me?
    What did WG against this unacceptable behaviours?

  8. Those guys, let germany look like idiots…
    I have to apologize for these losers… I hope they’ll get banned forever

  9. I’ve encountered xXTankSmasherXx on the NA WoWP server. No different but he does suck @Planes

  10. The funny part is all the people who support this crap (i.e. the threatening of other people) are all anonymous. maybe if your that brave you should stand behind your words

  11. How is “arbeit macht frei” nazi stuff? It has already been used by Germans in 19th century. Just saying…

    • And the swastika is a hindi symbol for happiness. Doesn’t change the fact that when it’s brought up, it’s done because of the more immediate connotations, while any previous meaning is a cheap excuse to get away with it.

      • Noto only Hindi. The Swastika is pretty much a symbol of fertility, happines etc in every Euroasian culture.

    • “Arbeit macht frei” was put on the entrance of the concentration camps where hundreds of thousands of people perished by being gased or working to death…i am sure you want to be that free?

      • I know about that writing on the entrances to concentration camps, but that doesn’t change the fact that writing was used long before that.

        • Crazy stuff… Who would expect swastikas to be nazi symbols in a game about WWII tanks? Can’t see a connection there…

          Your facts don’t matter, Anonymous-dude… They are irrelevant.

  12. Ok,sometimes i am in rage too,but without death of family etc. Most sad thing is that they will not be banned,i was sent by one player to Auschwitz and gas too and he is still playing this game. So i am asking why report system when nobody cares? Propagation of Nacizm, Insulting and provocations and its still ok? It should be against rules.

  13. so just because nazis used some phrases or symbols now anyone else who uses it are nazis too? Since when do they own monopoly of those things, invented language or certain symbols. You know what is hateful? To assume that everyone who use similiar symbolic as nazis did are hateful pricks who deserve to be beaten with some sticks. Because appearantly a lot of ppl think so. When you look at a abyss long enough, the abyss start to gaze into you.

    And frankly, I don’t see anything wrong with saying “hail victory”. Maybe they are german. And maybe they just want to encourage themselves for victory. But you prejudice pricks, hiding behind “good guy” moralist bullshit bash them for no particular reason and no evidence what so ever.

    Such behaviuor is hateful and discriminating. And in principal you are no better than racist pricks. Only difference is that you choose a different thing to hate.

    • U know nothing about “Sieg Heil” and its meaning.
      It was not used before Nazis did.
      It does not mean simply “Hail Victory”.

      • what else does it mean then?? oh and the nazi salute was derived from the ancient Roman one… lets ban rome 2 aswell???

            • OMG.
              “Sieg Heil” was only used by Nazis.
              “Sieg Heil” is 100% Nazi-Stuff.
              And this donk wants to tell us that it is a common slogan,
              a slogan derived by rome, the rome we dont want to blame.

              So all this guy is telling us that we dont should blame NAZIS.

              Think about it.

              I feel dirty because i waste time to write the truth about a Nazi-Suporter,
              the truth all people with brain and heart should identify alone.

            • No, you didn’t get his point he was trying to get across….
              He was saying that regardless of what happened in the past, we should look forward and forget the symbols which are loosely connected to Nazism…
              (The mustache, the swastika (The luck-meaning one), the haircut, the german language, anything even resembling the greeting, etc)

              Because everytime some shows any of the above he gets branded a nazi…
              As for the term nazi… there aren’t any more “nazis” on the planet (except for some VERY old people).
              The ones associating within right-wing movements are called “neo-nazis”, because you know… WWII happened 70 years ago…

              I get sick of people trying to lecture others without any understanding of history and society…

              “oh and the nazi salute was derived from the ancient Roman one… lets ban rome 2 aswell???”

              And where did he say we shouldn’t blame nazis?

              READ AND EDUCATE:

            • WorldsDawn u dont get the point.
              When i say “U should travel to Auschwitz” to a jew
              u would argue that i just gave him a hint where he should travel to.

              Thats fucking bullshit and u know it.
              Im off with blabla to people that cant argue on deep level of the problem.

        • Wherever you are from, dude, make sure you get some education elsewhere… Your place has to suck…

        • Actually I have heard Hitler ripped it off something American school children used to do when reciting the pledge of allegiance.

      • Actually, Sieg Heil does mean Hail Victory, and is not directly tied to Hitler himself, as people used either “Heil Hitler”, or “Heil, mein Führer”, when it was directed towards him.
        Sieg Heil is just directed towards the global victory as a battlecry to raise moral, which was of by most fanatics and high ranking officers throughout the whole war.
        The gesture itself, ( raising the hand ) has an uncertainty of its origins, as only popular culture gave the Romans the credit for it.
        Though the verbal greeting was actually started by early 1900s by some other Austrian politician, and was later adapted by the the Nazi Party.

  14. tbh this “TymeQ” fellow seems more butthurt about using german in chat than nazi, as can be concluded from the fading line “morda niemce jebane”, loosly translated as ‘shut up you fuckin germans’ – so I guess this is just some lame attempt at mockery/troll of players speaking in german on the chat . I’m not defending him in any way, this is still a retarded overreaction to a non-issue (by some kid probably) and should be ridiculed, just pointing that out.

  15. And this guys….. are our Pro-Clans :P
    I think someone @ EXN0M has a serious talk with the Clanleader now :D

  16. Hurrah for Stalin….. NOT!!!!

    Before the 1991 dissolution of the Soviet Union, researchers who attempted to count the number of people killed under Stalin’s regime produced estimates ranging from 3 to 60 million.[112] After the Soviet Union dissolved, evidence from the Soviet archives also became available, containing official records of 799,455 executions 1921-53,[113] around 1.7 million deaths in the Gulags and some 390,000 deaths during kulak forced resettlement – with a total of about 3 million officially recorded victims in these categories.[114]

    Photo from 1943 exhumation of mass grave of Polish officers killed by NKVD in Katyń Forest in 1940.
    The official Soviet archival records do not contain comprehensive figures for some categories of victims, such as those of ethnic deportations or of German population transfers in the aftermath of World War II.[115] Eric D. Weitz wrote, “By 1948, according to Nicolas Werth, the mortality rate of the 600,000 people deported from the Caucasus between 1943 and 1944 had reached 25%.”[116][117] Other notable exclusions from NKVD data on repression deaths include the Katyn massacre, other killings in the newly occupied areas, and the mass shootings of Red Army personnel (deserters and so-called deserters) in 1941. The Soviets executed 158,000 soldiers for desertion during the war,[118] and the “blocking detachments” of the NKVD shot thousands more.[119] Also, the official statistics on Gulag mortality exclude deaths of prisoners taking place shortly after their release but which resulted from the harsh treatment in the camps.[120] Some historians also believe that the official archival figures of the categories that were recorded by Soviet authorities are unreliable and incomplete.[121][122] In addition to failures regarding comprehensive recordings, as one additional example, Robert Gellately and Simon Sebag Montefiore argue that the many suspects beaten and tortured to death while in “investigative custody” were likely not to have been counted amongst the executed.[40][123]
    Historians working after the Soviet Union’s dissolution have estimated victim totals ranging from approximately 4 million to nearly 10 million, not including those who died in famines.[124][125][126] Russian writer Vadim Erlikman, for example, makes the following estimates: executions, 1.5 million; gulags, 5 million; deportations, 1.7 million out of 7.5 million deported; and POWs and German civilians, 1 million – a total of about 9 million victims of repression.[127]
    Some have also included the deaths of 6 to 8 million people in the 1932–1933 famine among the victims of Stalin’s repression. This categorization is controversial however, as historians differ as to whether the famine was a deliberate part of the campaign of repression against kulaks and others,[69][128][129][130][131] or simply an unintended consequence of the struggle over forced collectivization.[85][132][133]
    Accordingly, if famine victims are included, a minimum of around 10 million deaths—6 million from famine and 4 million from other causes—are attributable to the regime,[134] with a number of recent historians suggesting a likely total of around 20 million, citing much higher victim totals from executions, gulags, deportations and other causes.[135][136][137][138][139][140][141] Adding 6–8 million famine victims to Erlikman’s estimates above, for example, would yield a total of between 15 and 17 million victims. Researcher Robert Conquest, meanwhile, has revised his original estimate of up to 30 million victims down to 20 million.[142] In his most recent edition of The Great Terror (2007), Conquest states that while exact numbers may never be known with complete certainty, the various terror campaigns launched by the Soviet government claimed no fewer than 15 million lives.[143] Others maintain that their earlier higher victim total estimates are correct.[144][145]

  17. I don`t know, but i somehow a lot of them find pretty amusing. I couldn`t get angry, if someone said that to me – I would just laugh :)

    P.S. K, that jew/race/nation hate etc. isn`t.

    • It is very funny. It gives you the enthrallment of being reinforced of the knowledge that you are a better human being (because you are not the one being racist or derogatory).

      Quite to my surprise though I have also received sexist rage as well (and some very harsh ones), and I am male :D

  18. Kinda lame. I mean, people that swear are funny, you get a good laugh. But then gay players hit the report button all the time. Srsly, swaring is funny, so stop reporting, fagolas.

      • Because they’re so uptight that a goddamn needle wouldn’t fit in their ass hole? You need to loosen up. Srsly, people swear, welcome to the internet, I’ll be your guide.

          • And how exactly was what “SouthernTank” said (check above pictures) nazi/Auschwitz a HUGE difference, rich white boy? That was genuine funny right there, mindless swearing, that’s just rage, no nazi stuff. Reporting something that funny is just gay. Scratch that. It’s so gay that it’s actually homo. Are you a virgin monk or something, some Budha/Ghandi shit? Because I think you’re just trying to look like a Jesus wannabe. Find a better hobby. If you’re from the NA server and from the USA, please, keep your teachings about what’s better for the world to your self, you blood thirsty mass murders. Kthxbai

    • Well, I usually don`t report people for swearing as it is highly entertaining, but, for example, your usage of gay/fag etc. as offensive is annoying or more precise word – ignorant. If you were in game – that would get you reported. People have different moral/ethical “systems” – why would you deny a part of people who are playing WoT to do what they are allowed to do?

  19. I am german and feel ashamed, those H-W-S guys are incredibly dumb and intolerant…funny thing is if you look up their “clan” on WOT-website they write: “Nicht tolleriert wird die Provokation und Beleidigung anderer Mitspieler!!! ”
    (Provocation and insulting other players will not be tolerated)
    —> first of all thats a joke as we see and second its misspelled (toleriert is with one “l” not with 2 -Fail) xDD they seem to be real dumb nazi-scum (as expected)…

    greets Rich

    btw thanks for that nice work SS!

  20. They aren’t nazis – they are stupid kids babbling sh*t they probably will be ashamed off in a couple of years.

    • “…babbling sh*t they probably will be ashamed off in a couple of years.”

      Or not?…you know, ignorant persons will mostly be like that forever, mainly on the internet where no-one knows their real identity…those with big e-peens and small r-peens.

  21. So, on the EU server you guys have ragers who are racist against Polish and Jewish people…

    Here on the NA server we have people who are racist against blacks, Asians, and hispanics…

    I am not ready to know what the RU server ragers say and what the SEA ragers say…

    • Here on ASIA, we don’t have any related insults, because nobody understands anybody. They’re all speaking in their own little language. It’s very nice and peaceful over here.

      Ranking of servers by how civilized players are:
      1. ASIA
      2. Korea
      3. China
      4. NA
      5. EU
      9001. Russia

    • RU server ragers usually rape my mother, father, sister, my cat, dog, fishes, exhaust pipe of my car, me, of course, and so on.

  22. There won’t be a Holocaust anyway. These “Nazis” are so damn pathetic, they don’t the respect we give them by fearing them. Remember, you are the better human, because you have the more moral mindset (well I hope you do).

  23. Hi “Silentstalker”,

    Could you please stick to the ordinary WoT posts?
    I do not have a problem with nazis, do not care about them, they are gamers like you and me, not worse, not better.

    Also I do not care about jewish and Israeli propaganda, could you please post those on another blog?

    • You always have the option to skip this kind of threads and stick with what you want.:)
      There are persons, like me, who get amused by other’s stupidity, shown very well here.

    • Lol you dont have problems with nazis, why? Everybody who is sane should have problem with them because they are motherfuckers, enough said. This is very much related to WOT dude…

  24. From what time Heil Hitler is bad ? lol when russians scream За Сталина it no problem for mass player . + I regularly my tiem nazis , to many times we lose like noobs

    • Try to tell “Heil Hitler” in public near Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and then find out what happens… And then try to say “Za Stalina” (За Сталина) on the Red Square in Moscow and try to find what happens…

      P.S. this doesn’t mean that I like “За Сталина” or Stalin.

  25. Hi owner of Ftr blog

    please stick to the ordinary WoT posts. This historical hate and bias is not good. You are just like those u complain of.
    I do not have a problem with nazis, yankees, commies , limies.

    You are using propganda terms.

    Also I do not care about jewish and Israeli propaganda, could you please post those on another blog?

  26. I’ve always made this bad joke related to “Arbeit macht frei” – When one works a lot, he can go earlier on retirements and live on his pension income. Yeah it’s kind of bad as the real meaning behind it is different…

  27. wahhhh mommy someone on my internet tank game said a mean thing to me!!!

    • Calm down, sweetheart. Ignore them – they are just an ignorant and confused people. Don`t do like they do and you will grow a good and nice boy/girl/other. *kiss on your cheek*

  28. Strangely, I get accused for “hacking” a lot lately. One guy said he reported me for using a “damage hack” after 3 of my teammambers damaged him and I was the one finishing him off. He then stated I must have used some “shoot through walls hack” since he thought we was covered behind a (shootable …) house.
    I offered him my replay if he sends me his email address, but he said no, the screenshot of me killing him was enough to open a support ticket.

    Imagine that support guys to have to handle this kind of stuff every … single …day. Tough job, to be honest.

    • You really think those kind of retards really do that?…You think they even know where to find the support section? XD
      They’re just some morons who cannot accept the truth and blame everything(except them) for their failure.

  29. I fail to see the point of this so-called “hall of shame”. People talk things like that every game, there is nothing new, no need to make a post about it.

  30. hahahhah that rancid alienist is a true wordsmith hahahahah, i mean… man… you have to be able to spew that magnificent construct all rage-induced, it’s not easy to think about “retarded cocksucking family” and then add “motherfucking son of a sifitic whore” HAHAHAHAHAHA, aw shit i’m laughing so hard.
    That dude has my nomination for the “motherfucking oscar”, i can assure you it’d be a blast to platoon with that guy on teamspeak

  31. Reminds me that I should check if I can find the replay where someone called me a communist pig just because I drove a Russian tank and his team got raped hard by mostly Russian tanks …

  32. What’s with this close minded hate speech against the nazis. It’s just a shame they left the work unfinished, could do with less poles in Tanks

  33. I am not aware that the goyim silentstalker (ss? believed to be witty with these acronyms, you do not remember that we have done to us poor Jews) is part of our dogs antifa internet, this nerd is energized and masturbates to make the reporting under the our policies antinazi in europe

  34. I see alot of racism all the time in the game. Both anti semitic and anti islamic stuff, mainly from polish players. And that is funny since they were the victims of ww2 racial massacres.

  35. Lol at exnom, I hate those motherfuckers. I have said it before and I say it again, some times the “best” are also the worst. I hate all fucking clans, they are POS. Exnoml pts, hami, etc they can all blow me, because they are all racists and team stackers.

    • You are not better as the ones that insult others. You can’t generalize whole clans for the statement of a few members that are mad to you. There are always people breaking the ranks in every clan.

      Cheers, a HAMI member.

  36. Hmmm… looks like there are some issues with bringing up children theese days… If kids behave like this, what are their parents doing wrong? And I only hope that the people who are writing things like this aren’t adults…
    Best regards,

    • They are adults. Thats what I have been saying, in online gaming, it isnt unusual that players who are 25-40 behave childish and moronic. They are possibly pussies in real life and feel to rage on the internet, saying and doing things they cant in real life. Just look at some of the youtube profiles making WOT videos, they are also kinda childish for their age. Not to mention the WOT community itself is a fucking joke alltogeather, with SerB beeing the biggest joke ass retard we have ever seen.

  37. hurrdurr….

    who fucking cares?

    Find it weird WOT players love a good circle jerk anytime someone says a bad word

    • many people just say nazi stuff bacause they know people like SS will rage.

      SS is also a big nazi sign btw my jew friend ;)

    • Everything is wrong motherfucker, nazis deserve to get beaten up. Are you a nazi also? If thats the case, gtfo frum this blog.

  38. i dont know why you all care so much about that … just ignore stupid kids writing sth they dont know.
    still those noobs who shot allys and are blocking are 1000x more butthurt than this.

    and i for myself would prefer a shit writing team member who knows how to play instead of having player who gets insulted easily and gets therefore distracted

  39. Nazis were great. I wish someday new Hitler will rise and clean europe from niggers like Hitler did to jews.

    Most people are just brain-washed to think they were bad for europeans.

  40. To punish them they should receive a special medal in service record from WG. One that shows how rude they are.

  41. It should be pointed, that that 3rd screenshot is from US server. They have nothing common with EU server CSA.

  42. Why this persecution against Hitler?
    Didnd´t americans killed also millions of innocent people, child, women, elderly, using Chem weapons, Nukes, Napalm, Gas, etc…in Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Iran… the Native American Extermination????
    Oh I see, it´s just about Hitler, the rest is fine, the others can do whatever they like, no problem.
    I recommend all the retards here to read REAL HISTORY about what really happened instead of listening to main stream media, glorifying books and Hollywood movies.
    I guess it´s fine to kill anyone except Jews/Zionists.