WG Tanker’s Day on Stalin Line

A short video of a Tanker’s Day event (it was either organized directly by WG or WG participated). Tanker’s Day is an official military holiday, declared by Russian ministry of defense on second Sunday in September.

Ignore the Russian, but the tanks are interesting.


54 thoughts on “WG Tanker’s Day on Stalin Line

    • OMG!

      the guy with the black leather jacket throwing the tickets is an exact look a like of Stalin when he was young :)

      celebrating the bloody past is so fun, those kids could grow up and kill other people for the glorification of Mr Putin.

  1. for some reason people today who did not live through Stalinist purges look back at history with rose coloured glasses!!!

    Stalin was as bad as any other neurotic dictator and killed more of his own people than enemies… ffs Russia WAKE UP!!!!

  2. you are talking about russians here. these people have been brainwashed for decades into thinking good about great Stalin.

      • Yes there was some “de-Stalinization” after he died. A real life example related to the game, the IS-8 was renamed T-10 after he died. Why? They wanted his name off of it.

  3. lol, Tanks are only good in Video games and as historical prop,
    in real life they are useless… we can microwave square mile’s on any point in earth, tanks will be your graves idiots.

    so 70th

    • Tell me of this weapon . Besides if microwaves are being used as weapons the most effective defence is .. wait for it….Tanks ! . (unless you wanna dig a hole and stay in it for the entire conflict)

    • Microwaves???

      Have you tried putting a metal fork in a microwave with your pie and mash??

      I’d like to see the fireworks if you could fit a fooking great 40 ton tank in there..

      • Wow .. so you are going to use your home microwave as an example . Tanks have been protected against far more dangerous gamma radiation since the 60s . Protection against microwaves is far simpler .

  4. Good God. HAARP again.

    I’ve seen discussions / videos and articles describing how HAARP could trigger anything from earthquakes to the Sumatra Tsunami. You people should stop eating whatever there is in your breakfast cereals. If you had any idea about how microwaves work, with what they interact, what frequencies are used and why … ANY practical knowledge about electromagnetism you would blush at your own stupidity and would sit the fuck down.

    Just a tech fact, HAARP is not even using microwaves.

    Damned Internet has given everyone the illusion that they can have an opinion about everything.

    • personally i like the idea of giant magnets sweeping down and picking up tanks off the battlefields and dropping them in the ocean :)

    • go and wait in your little digital tank, we will microwave you, you will scream as your brain looses coherency and becomes one with the universe.

  5. Good god, must i be tired!

    I have your blog on RSS feed and instead of “WG Tanker’s Day on Stalin Line”, i read “WG Wanker’s Day on Stalin Line”… But somehow that look not sooo completely wrong.

    Btw. Haven’t read the text yet. I do it after i finish witing this comment.

  6. Dear idiots.
    Stalin Line is former defense parimiter, like Maginot line, and for a long time it is museum, where exibitions dedicated to Great Patriotic War takes place, including.
    Educate yourselves read something, before posting comments.
    PS. It is in Belarus, not Russia.

  7. FTR full of racists and you_now_on_what-obsessed idiots.
    May you start to shitthrow for renaming all the “IS”-model tanks?