Panzer V/IV model to be changed

Source: RU forums (Evilly) via Lonefur

Hello everyone,

this is a render of the usual Panzer V/IV in game:


However, in the Russian giftshop shop, this picture with V/IV appeared (notice the side and turred additional armor):


When asked about this possible mistake, Evilly replied:

“That’s because the model will soon be changed into that you can see on the picture :) Looks nice, no?”

81 thoughts on “Panzer V/IV model to be changed

    • round 100-200 maybe. this week i actually seen this machine for the first time in game. i really can’t wait to get this tank!

    • there was over 2000 medium preorder. most of them sell this tank soon – many of them rebuy when he get posibility, but this tank is only for Colectors becouse of weak gun and the worst gun depresion in game

    • I have one. It’s a great tank once you know how to use it, I have 55% win rate on mine. It’s probably the best ramming tank of its tier and can take out any lower tier (except heavies) in a single ram, and hellcats too.

      • I have one from preorder and while it has its weaknesses, I really enjoy playing it. Love the new model, didn’t think they would ever change it out. +1 for Wargaming.

    • I actually have this machine, sold it at some point when I needed garage slots and didn’t have money.

      But financial situation changed and there had been a recent garage slot sale. So then the prem vehicle restoration system was added, so since I had credits floating around without a purpose I requested it to be restored. It happened and I took it out for a few battles and it’s very uhm… not impressive as anything except a ramming vehicle.

      Main reason I had it restored is because it’s a tank that is pretty unique, wasn’t expecting it to be impressive at all when I had it restored.

    • on one of FTR news there was SerB answer that it will be back but possibly more as reward or sth. still i will do what i can to get it

      • i dont see this possible, it was alfa test reward and beta preorder tank.

        they already went through one shitstorm when they allow these tanks for sale.

        Imho they wont do it again

          • SerB said this tank will be back on EU on contests or something. read FTR topics from last week it was somewhere.

            • Yeah…EU…nobody gives a shit about the NA server, am I right? We never get these opportunities over here (I take that back, there was ONE a few months ago that was for the Type 59 iirc, but that’s the only one I’ve seen since I started playing a while back)

  1. I have that tank.
    And I really like the new model.
    Actually it is also “more historical”
    Not a very important, but still nice change.

  2. My Pz V/IV approves! That’s always been the tank’s biggest perk already, looking like some sort of overweight bodybuilder, particularly compared to some meagre tanks on it’s tier (like the Easy-8), now it’ll look even better!

  3. Silentstalker, is there any chance Xarax could look into any more experimental, ingenius and historical mashups between various German vehicles. Surely as the war went against Germany and shortages started to hurt the German war industries; various bizarre mashups started to occur? Things like Tiger turrets on Panzer III or Pz. IV chassises?

    Are there enough protypes and drawings in existance to create another German heavy line? If they kept the initial Lowe as a premium tank; could they feasibly make a Lowe line?

    • No way you’re going to fit a Tigey turret into a Pz IV turret ring. Period. IIRC there was an attempt to fit both the Panther turret and the Still WIP Schmalturm onto the chassis (the big idea being to give the IV the 75L70), and neither worked out.

    • I don’t think there are too many more heavy’s left that could be added with out getting into a situation of T-54/55 copy pasta. Now medium/lights maybe there might be something more to add. Definitely for spgs and TDs.

    • The screens on the hull appear on the P2 and don’t count as spaced armour there. The turret screens should offer more protection as the turret is the same as the PzIV.
      However this is an entirely new model so WG might change their mind

      • The screens appear on the Jagdpanther II and count as spaced armor there, so there seems to be some inconsistency with the Panther II hull implementations ingame.

        • quite a few german tanks skirt armor is purely for looks at this time (they should count as spaced) hopefully one day they “turn” them on so to speak.

  4. My German tank collection misses this little guy (And the IV Hydraulic and FailLöwe) and the sad thing is that I had the chance to buy the thing twice but financial difficulties caused me to miss out twice.

    Kicking myself in the head every time I encounter one (Which is very little otherwise I’d probably be hospitalised)

    If by any fluke of a chance they might pop up as mission rewards I am so ontop of them.

  5. So why is it that the Russian server can buy ALL these rare and exclusive premium tanks yet the EU/NA servers cannot get these, or the likes of KV-220 etc? Oh yes… Russian bias.

    • That and the fact the last time stuff like Pz V/IV and whatnot was going into the shops everyone went apeshit over tanks that were sold as being exclusive and nobody ever being able to get them in any other way no longer being said exclusive.

    • My guess is they signed a different EULA.

      For example in WoWP you agree that the reward planes for testers will get sold a year after release.

    • The butthurt over it was obviously great in EU/NA. Honestly at this point the number of people that I know have those “special” tanks are few and with so many other players they would be able to make alot of money by allowing them out for like one weekend special with no promises of it ever being on sale again like the Type 62. The way I see it the EU/NA servers must feel alot more entitlement than the Russian server.

    • I’ve seen one of those exactly once thus far. Took a screenie of the rare beast naturally, and then recently found out that the WoT uninstaller also wipes the screenshot filder. :c

    • cool but very bad gameplay.
      It was cool at its time with that super turret rotating speed but even with that, newer tanks can out turn you. It was an anti scout when A20 were the best ones.
      Now its too big, too low damage and depression (can’t kill a KV1S on flank with less than 9 shots). Hope this space armor + a better gun will be cool and needed

  6. FINALLY! I still drive that little gem from time to time but had always resort to mods to make it look bearable. This could even be called a buff since the skirts will count as spaced armour. If they would also buff it’s turnrate and ground resistance it would be a small dream come true.

  7. Cool! Though I’ve been using a remodel skin for about a year that makes it look exactly like that…

  8. As far as i remember such a screen was also available when they released this tank with the preorder package.
    So dont get to excited

  9. I had this model changer mod since ages ago… So nothing new here. Also I’ve seen this tank once this year so this is a really important change.

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  11. FINALLY! I’ve been asking for this for over a year! At least it’ll “look” better now.

  12. Hurrah! been asking for this for quite some time.

    let’s hope they give it a slight depress buff as well with the change.

  13. Yeah…and this matters WHY? Nobody I know has one and I’ve only seen them once in a battle, ever. It’d be one thing if it were available in the giftshop or elsewhere, but otherwise, why should we care?

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