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      • nope… in 1929, 10 Renault (NC-1) NC-27 were delivered to japan and designated as „Otsu-Gata Sensha“ resp.. „Type B“.

      • As Anonymous says, both the NC-31 and NC-27 were Renault FT tanks the Japanese/Chinese bought from France.

            • The Rhomboids went the way of the Dodo right fast and the German efforts weren’t all that more convincing (quite the contrary actually), save maybe the one they unloaded to the Swedes that more or less combined the Whippet hull with the FT-17 turret concept.

              But at one time or another damned near every beggar had at least a few Renaults in his motor pool to start off his tank arm, which de facto also includes the ‘Murricans and their license-built “Six-ton Tank”.

  1. Why does all have that french Renault, didn´t any country had a TD as first armored vehicle or something??

    • The French created the modern tank as we know it.

      Keep in mind too that France was a world leader in military technology at this time; after all, they were the nation that was seen as the one who had done the most to win World War I.

    • Because FT-17 was export hit after WWI and many “not really first world” countries bought them to see “is that *tank* thing worth the price?”.

    • No, not really. And it’s not like TD even becomes a relevant concept before the neighbourhood starts sporting reasonable numbers of tanks – which were almost guaranteed to be Renaults or derivatives given the huge numbers manufactured, low costs and forgiving infrastructural needs.

    • Some of the early ones literally *were* giant rubber bands with metal reinforcements, you know.

    • Indeed some where, But a majority of “tracks” were not of the rubber band type but of the chain type which evolved into the very blocky stepping rubber tracks that had many individual “feet” and the continuous track. There is also a third option but its actually even more complicated. Might have to wiz up an article on it. The sky was the limit in the 1880′s-1910′s. There was no limit to invention.

      • Periods when people are trying out a new technology in an effort to figure out what actually works and doesn’t invariably produce remarkably creative and bold if for the most part not terribly practical experiments. That’s one reason why the early tanks have a certain charm to them, whereas – like cars – the modern ones are all rather similar in some respects.

  2. SS, could you please write Tier and Class to the tank names? It is very difficult to remember all because of the similary names. ;)

  3. The coloring on these look a lot better than the coloring on the premium… (Thank goodness!)

  4. Is there a treasure chest on the back of the Chi-To? :) What does it contain?
    More screenies PLS, especially with the top tiers – 8-9. Well, mostly 9.

    Thank you.

    • Do they look like russian tanks to you? Japan had it’s own designs, maybe some german influence because of the Pact but still, they are unique <3 And soooooooo kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • More like they took the old Renaults as a starting point and then headed off somewhere a bit strange. What part exactly strikes you as Soviet-influenced here?

  5. As for the color I’d call it “Taupe.”

    Maybe WG should go to the Bronze Green for the British tanks, instead of the Khaki they now use.

    • God damned French, exported their crap everywhere and people followed their successful design. It’s a damn shame I tell you.
      Why didn’t anyone buy that MS-1 ? Now that is one mean looking war machine from the ’20s.

  6. I really enjoy thay shitty brown desert cammo they use. I am pretty sure Brits used it(or something similar, it was home made to hide tanks at least a bit, from camel poo and Worchester souce) in North Africa at some poin when they did not have spare ordnance cammo.

    • You *are* aware that the first “camouflage” field uniform was khaki, and where it originated…?

        • Pretty much. It’s an originally Persian word and basically means soil/dirt(-colored); use started in the mid-1800s in the North-West Frontier Indian Army units. Them scarlet jackets were apparently a mite painfully conspicious given the hill tribes’ penchance for sniping…

          Similarly during one of the (many and dodgy) “interventions” into China someone figured out the white buff-leather equipement straps were a bit on the eye-catching side and as a field-expedient solution the soldiers began dying them with tea.

  7. Golden brown texture like sun
    Lays me down with my mind she runs
    Throughout the night
    No need to fight
    Never a frown with golden brown

  8. Every country needs an FT-17 Variant. I could see a new player joining his/her first match only to be amongst 29 different FT17s and be like “ZOMG THEY ONLY HAVE ! TANK MODEL IN THIS FRAKING GAME!” :-P