WG fail, Japanese edition

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You know, when you make a game about tanks, make sure you employ people who understand them and don’t post garbage:


STB1 was a Type 74 prototype, not Type 64 (there was no such thing) and it’s not from the 50′s, it’s from 1969. Just to be clear, this incorrect information is not WG EU’s fault, it appeared in the official press release too.

The same mistake is repeated on the portal.

You can read more about the tier 10 STB-1 here.

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    • Imitation is well-established as the sincerest form of flattery. And more to the point reinventing the wheel just because would be sorta stupid. (Wasn’t the first French military thingamajig folks couldn’t copypasta fast enough.)

    • It was no coincidence the French ALONE. Made thousands of the FT-17 and America made their own version (in imperial rather then metric) by the train load. After the war and during the war individualized and personalized versions were sold to country’s around the world and were usually the first tanks those country’s ever had. Everything from a small handful to dozens sold in larger lots were sold off. Besides if the French DIDN’T sell them off they would more then likely had to scrap them.

      • They still had a shitload of the little buggers sitting around in “war reserve” when Round Two came around, too. Apparently issued quite a few to new units too – I’m sure the confidence was high. :P

  1. Shouldn’t the Type 61 and STA-1 switch place in the tech tree or does it make sense to have the prototype after the production model?

      • No sir, STA-1 was one of four prototype vehicles for the Type 61 (STA-1, STA-2, STA-3, and STA-4)

        The Prototypes of the Type 74 were the STB-1, STB-2, STB-3, STB-4, STB-5 and finally, the STB-6. The STB-1 and STB-2 were of the first generation in the development series. the B3 to B6 was the 2nd generation which sought cost cutting and improved reliability.

    • That’s not a small typo. Also it comes from a company that boasts “historical accuracy” (in an arcade game used only when it suits them…) all over the place, so the factual errors should be highlighted.

  2. The Type 64 does exist. It’s just not a tank.
    It’s a 7.62x51mm NATO battle rifle. That said, it doesn’t use NATO but specific Japanese made ammo with lower propellant charge to reduce recoil for the small Japanese men.

  3. You know what SS, I think that the problem lies not (only) in people hired. WG is a typical Soviet-minded organization. There is no place for lower rank employees feedback (not to mention users…). The thing is that I’m sure that someone noticed it, either here, or in Japan, but the order is to publish any shit that comes out of Minsk, so if it is official, and I’m emplyed by an organization that does not appreciate initiative, I’ll just shrug and not react. That’s the problem with WG, stupid organizational scheme, people with no balls, often with no imagination, and, well, as it is so common in the EU office – no love for tanks.

    • I second to this. There’s also the problem that they pay and if i show some initiative they may stop paying me and hire someone else. Well, at least they won’t send employees to gulags…

  4. well, a 6 is pretty damn near close to a 7 on a keyboard….. stop making fools out of these gentle peeps who are sort of condemned to the Minsk WG slavery…………