World of Tanks: Rush sold out


Hello everyone,

some of you might remember that some time ago, a new (real life) collector card game “World of Tanks: Rush” has been introduced. The card game has been published recently (only in Russian). Strangely enough, its publisher reports that the first edition was sold out within 4 days. Second batch (with some rules clarifications) is due to arrive next week.

Strange, isn’t it? I mean… these card games were popular when I was like 15 and that was 15 years ago (Magic the Gathering), didn’t know they still are.

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  1. can’t wait for the english version to release! gonna buy it asap! i heard that with russian set u get PZ B2 tank as a gift!

  2. “Strange, isn’t it? I mean… these card games were popular when I was like 15 and that was 15 years ago (Magic the Gathering), didn’t know they still are.”

    Are you serious?

    • Yea, but then I never really cared about cardgames. Used to play WH40k miniature game though. Even had my own Space Marine chapter, whole backstory and everything.

        And special snowflake ones to boot.
        You are everything that’s wrong with WH40k playerbase

        Now seriously: plenty of people play MtG in pubs. I’ve seen it a bunch of times.

      • MtG is still famous like that (if not more) and these days you have even more genres of these games, which makes it possible for anyone to dive into them ^^; Btw, The Czech Republic has some MtG players of world format (Martin Jůza being the prime example – – I suppose it’s mainly his successes that brought MtG grand prix to Prague)

      • well OK then, so yeah, they are very popular and even getting more and more popular. I am actually kind of a casual board game player, it’s a really rare thing to do but I love it when I do and would consider getting this one if it got good reviews. I’m just surprised that someone who writes for a game related blog would not know that board/card games are not a thing of the past.
        anyway, cheers for the answer!

      • Card gaming is still going strong and MTG is just as much of a rip-off as ever.

        I used to play some W40K too, Necrons, back before they got revamped.

      • “Even had my own Space Marine chapter, whole backstory and everything.”
        come on, “had”? you dont just sell stuff like this! what happend, you got a girlfriend and she was all like “oh thats soo childish” and you too shy to stand up to her like a man?

          • I was just about to post the same as everyone above: what do you mean MtG WAS popular? :D

            Btw, if you happened to have some of the really early cards, ill take them off your hands, no problem, just name the price. Theyre real cheap you know, being old and all that…. :P

          • Or GW simply puts out shitty rules. *Damn you WHFB 8th Edition*

            And card games … was there no YuGiOh hype in CZ?
            It was BIG in germany. The Game is still there but the mayor hype is gone.

    • Seconded. People who liked those types of games back then still like those types of games, and now they also have careers and disposable income.

  3. In Soviet Russia… no Magic the Gathering.
    Only enthusiasts know about collectable card games.

    • Miniatures? I daresay not many. Not sure how that is anywhere else, but it’s not exactly a cheap hobby and it requires a lot of time and patience (I remember one game that lasted whole day and better part of the night)

      • Always wonder how many there are out there… Jingles and Circonflexes talked about it on Circons livestream once.

        Since even Victor is a former miniature gamer I wouldn’t wonder if there were a few more…

  4. Be a little careful of things like this. It’s not uncommon to intentionally make a small first print so it can sell out then start the second print run right away.

  5. With Scrolls, Hearthstone and MtG: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014, either out or in beta, collectable card games are on the high rise even in the virtual space. No surprise that a strong franchise like WoT can push numbers, especially if they used their large monetary resources to actually create a good CCG

  6. I doubt Magic will ever really be obsolete. It’s been going strong for decades now and has an older age group than games like pokemon.

    • It’s just less popular now by comparison to it’s glory days, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead now. Consider that when MTG was at the top, so did it outsell all other games together, games as in computer games, board games, consol games, etc.

  7. Well you see just the real russian players, they are -how shall I say?- SPECIAl …(not to say they are remained in their childhood dreams (; ).

  8. This is not a collectible cardgame like Magic the Gathering. Go to and search for the game to learn more about it (you can also download the rules there).

    • The term that one company uses is Living Card game. CCG is patented by Wizards of the coast, so you have to pay them to sell games like that. But the type that does not have collectable aspect does not need to pay any. It’s also a lot easier on the collectors, thus making more money in the end as it’s easier to get into it.

      • >It’s also a lot easier on the collectors, thus making more money in the end
        >thus making more money in the end
        >making more money
        >making more money than Magic

        You’re objectively retarded.

  9. “Strange, isn’t it? I mean… these card games were popular when I was like 15 and that was 15 years ago (Magic the Gathering), didn’t know they still are.”

    “Sold out” doesn’t necessarily mean that it sold a lot, it’s all relative.

    As someone who spent over 5 years (or over 10, depending on how you count) in an industry where “sold out” press releases were almost everyday part of marketing, I can tell you it has almost nothing to do with the popularity – it simply means the supply didn’t meet the demand, it doesn’t say anything about the demand when it comes to absolute numbers.

    So selling out rarely happens for biggest sellers – if something is already popular or expected to be popular, then the print run is already big. Setting print runs at the level lower than the actual expected sell-through level over the specific period rarely makes sense.

    That being said, selling out is never bad news for a publisher, of course.

    • Actually, being “sold out” IS bad.

      It means you have a failure in supply and can lose sales for people who want to buy right away and can’t be bothered to wait. You get some prestige from being sold out but its far better to have sales keep you nearly sold out than out of stock for a month.

  10. Didn’t read comments, but SS – MtG is pretty popular in russia as of RIGHT NOW, like my neighbor at work is an mtg fan that goes to tournaments and shit.
    There’s even a russian mtg ripoff (afaik it’s an mtg ripoff) that’s pretty popular too – though i’m not into this kind of stuff.