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In August (during WG’s 15th Birthday event near the Stalin Line complex), various computer game journalists from many countries (including Czech Republic, Korea, Japan, UK and mone others) gathered after an invitation by WG to actually make a (short) war movie. Each journalist got a small part in the movie (separated into medieval, WW2 and “future” stages).

Needless to say, the WW2 stage is most interesting: working StuG, T-34 and T-26, not bad. Acting is terrible of course, but those aren’t actors, so no big deal.


42 thoughts on “WG War movie

  1. Eh… only appreciated the middle part (WW-II). At least the acting there wasn’t all terrible, and the tanks did look quite neat while in running order.

  2. At 2:07 there is “Onkel (=Uncle) Joe” from the german “spieletipps” (=game tips) website :)

  3. Well i think the move have a point at the END, FUTURE i think they just anounced next game. well at least not SOON.

  4. yes please, more anti-german bias, more time wasted and MY money wasted on russian-only content… racist bastards.

    We’re on the INTERNET, put it in english, we’re not in RUSSIA you damn nationalist racists

  5. By the way, SS, the titles for each segment of the video – eg. WoT, Massive Assault – refer to games that are produced by WG.

  6. oh dear…

    please sack the costume designer in the first part…. Robin hood hat… only worn by Errol Flynn in Hollywood movies… not in real life…. wrong helmet for the Gondor soldier…. and so on.

    Disappointed that it showed the Russians winning… should have been politically correct and shown no one winning… this probably upset half of the EU community.

    I think I see the future projects for world of tanks here… sneak peak perhaps to gauge peoples views?????

    They should have hired me….. *sighs*

    other than that is was good :-)

  7. The turkey is strong in this one, though permissable given the context. Kinda liked the medieval part actually; silly Errol Flynn cap aside gear was looking quite good if you handwave the gleefully anachronistic mishmash of helmet types, which makes my inner hoplology nerd go moe.
    But then I understand re-enactement in a big thing in East-Central Europe.

    • Yeah, because as we all know ze Germans won every little skirmish on the Eastern Front.

      …isn’t it hard to use a computer when your head’s up your ass?

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