All new prem tanks/planes via giftshop only…

Hello everyone,

well, this is a sad turn of events. Wargaming apparently decided that all new premium tanks will enter the game only via giftshop. It all started by Quasar’s post and one of his answers:


Well, Quasar was wrong in the past, so I wondered whether it’s true and asked around in Russian LJ community. And Storm commented:


So, basically, we now have confirmed that ALL new premium tanks/airplanes will enter WoT or WoWp via gift shop only. Which means: if you still have the Superpershing gold, you won’t be able to buy some other new premium tank for it and will have to wait until 9.0 or so to buy the Japanese premium Chi-Nu Kai, or the Soviet premium T-44-85.

What a nice moneygrab. But then again, I guess stuff like this gets pretty expensive.

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    • SS, you either forgot or decided not to translate the second part of that post. All new prem tanks/planes will appear in the gift shop FIRST, but will also appear in the in-game store in the NEXT PATCH.

      Your post makes it seem like new premium tanks/planes are never going to appear in the in-game store and that gold has lost it’s value.

      • I come here for neutral point of view and it’s not the first time I’ve noticed you mistranslating some crucial part of messages to make your posts more anti-WG. From now on I will take this blog with a grain of salt and assume that any anti-WG statement here could be fabricated by you.

          • +1 agreed. Thanks for the correct translation. I was like “What the fuck?! We’ll only be able to buy the actual in-game premium vehicles? Bullshit!!!”. Please correct from now on. I really like the blog.

            • Dear readers, stop accusing SS and learn to read:

              “you won’t be able to buy some other new premium tank for it AND WILL HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL 9.0 OR SO to buy the Japanese premium Chi-Nu Kai, or the Soviet premium T-44-85″

              Now you all look littlebit dumb, arent you….

      • Ye, i love this blog, but I hope SS just missed the second part of the translation, and not intentionaly left it out… :P

    • Well do we know if the new tanks ever will be available ingame or will all new premiums from now on only be purchable from gift store?
      If the argument of having more controll and preventing Type59 floods, they should eventualy be available ingame when they have seen how it preform and maybe rebalanced them a bit if to OP.

      Or they want to prevent gold farming clan players to buy every premium for ‘free’, with clanwars earned gold?

      • How terrible….. they will just have to make do with the T10 gift tanks and spend on gold consumables and farm noobs that way.

      • Considering it’s fairly easy to farm gold (Contests, ESL, CW etc.) I see their point.

        For 3 years, Ive won more then 10 000 gold without even trying that hard (No CW). And a friend of mine won ~8000 gold in two months (Just from ESL).

        Not to mention the CW farmers and unicums that hop into low tier tanks every time there is a special (Medium this month) and get 30 000+ gold every month.

        • Fuck this, with all these tanks in gift shops i wint be able to buy tanks with pay safe cards again. Wasting 7 euro’s when a tank costs 42,99. Paysafe cards go in tenfolds of euro’s. 10, 20, 30 etc. So u will be wasting the leftovers.

          Or WG should make multiple packages and make gift shop tanks in tenfolds of euro’s for the ones who pay with paysafe cards. Throw in some extra gold, consumables or equipment for example and make prices for 10, 20, 30 etc. for the ones who don’t have a creditcard. (i don’t want one)

  1. Wish I had known that one before spending 100 bucks on the big WoWP preorder pack. That is a lot of gold which will keep sitting in my account… :/

    • …Who would preorder such a crap game? I love WoT, but man, War Thunder beats the shit out of WoWp.

      • From the preorder you get 1 year premium and 12500 gold for 100 EUR, while 1 year premium alone costs 82 EUR in gift shop i believe.

        • You also get a tier5 plane, so there is value to the deal. However I don’t know what to do with all that gold given I probably will have 15 month of premium once the gold gets into my account. What to buy except camo?

        • WG want to train/condition/brainwash players into using gold consumables and in order to do that they have to restrict access to buying tanks for gold and make gold consumables a habit for enough under par players to maintain a respectable level in the game or good players to reach and maintain an elevated status. That may work in markets where face and status are important but in cultures where frugality is seen as an important social characteristic it is less likley to gain traction.

      • Game went from crappy at 0.3x to really enjoyable in 0.5x. If you dislike it, fine, I am not asking you to preorder it. I asked what to do with gold if you have a mountain of premium time already. Except perma camo.

    • Game went from crappy at 0.3x to really enjoyable in 0.5x. If you dislike it, fine, I am not asking you to preorder it. I asked what to do with gold if you have a mountain of premium time already. Except perma camo.

      • Dropping skill and perks is quite useful. If someone has crew with 4 perks, loss on credit reset is quite painful. I usually wait for special with 50% off and then use gold option. Also new hangar slots and enlarging barracks (but you should wait for discounts too)

  2. Meh, why would you need to buy any other premium tank thank JT8.8? Srsly, it’s cheaper, you get ok MM, it’s a bunker in hull down, sometimes even in open fields, cheap ammo, great rof, good credit maker. And you don’t get to play with those idiot T10 drivers, the worst players available, idiots that camp in their E-100. WG only milks the wallets of those that wnt to get their wallets milked. Since I have the JT8.8, I hardly play any other tanks, sold tier 10 long time ago.

    • ” WG only milks the wallets of those that wnt to get their wallets milked.”

      Correct and true not only for WG, but for all F2P games developers.

  3. Its only a good thing that they keep the new goodies in giftshop only.

    I can still remember the FLOOD of Type 59s, which occured in days past. It was stupid that every tier 7-9 match consisted of 10-11 of Type 59. New model keeps the kids away from them, and they slip into game in somewhat tolerable pace.

    And think about this also, Im in guild which has just about shitloads (well, million+) amount of gold stashed from CW. We can buy any premium tank for our guild members if we choose to. This mentioned most of us have everything already, so there no need to buy them, but maybe some novelty pieces..

    So any competent clan could just use their gold for these, and imagine the shitstorm again, when general public notices this, even tho it has always been like this, but just that they would realise that clans get their shit for “free”.

    • TBH I can understand WGs move here.
      In the moment there is some kind of gold inflation visible, because of the Nvidia Bundles for example.

      So, I hope that it is only temporary untill most of the “free” Gold is spend.
      Otherwise I will invest mine into other things than tanks.
      But I am patient, I don´t have to sepnd it all at once.

      • This.

        The complaints mainly came from people driving tier 7 tanks. Type 59 with the pre-nerfed MM would get into tier 7 matches all the time and straight up dominated everything(people were not familiar with the weakspots when the tank just came out). It was a gamebreaker.

        Now it’s much better.

  4. Want to get a bit more fresh money, certainly.
    Doesn’t seem to be a really bad action, as a premtank isn’t some necessary thing and waiting a couple of months isn’t deadly.

  5. What will be next? Premium Account only per Giftshop?
    This would be odd.. well at least we can buy premium ammuntion and premium goods for gold ;)

  6. greedy money grabbing sons of ……….. !!!!!!! I am rapidly going off their games!!!!!!

  7. Basically they don’t want Clan Gold to be spent buying Premium Tanks for the Clan Members.

    I don’t really have a huge issue with this.

    They have to make money and Premium Tanks are less important now anyway thanks to the economy rebalance and nice missions.

    • That would be the only way to get this slimy developer to listen. Those tanks will probably be that way until “we have heard your concerns”, aka, War Thunder Ground Forces is out.

  8. and what can u expect when half of prem tanks are bought by gold from cw or some rigged contest….

  9. I dont care. I have type 59, any other premium tanks are irrelevant, because none of them will be as good.

  10. Well. It’s not like they’re preventing players from buying new prem tanks with gold. Kinda bad that it’s like all new prem tanks will be automatically delayed by one patch, though.

  11. So, Frank, do you think it’s good, or it’s bad? Because you sound offended…
    You may think of them as greedy bastards, or you may think of it as a way to rebalance gold economy. You can’t have both to complain at at the same time ;) .

  12. Wargaming is just hellbent on alienating it’s customers… excuse me now, while I go play some War Thunder.

  13. maybe CW people should only win some kind of third currency, tokens or something (WoWp-style), with only certain things to spend them on, like premium time and consumables/shells.

  14. Soooo, did I read that wrong or is the T-44-85 scheduled for 9.0 now ?
    I know it was first meant for 8.8 and the second soviet med line, which would have made a bit of sense, then I understood that it’ll come in 8.9, and now it’s 9.0 ?

    OR, you meant to say that in 8.9 it will be available through the gift shop and in 9.0 for ingame gold ?
    Somehow I’m terribly interested in this med. Maybe the first real, available, useful, premium med in WoT.

    • It’ll just be a T-44 with the T-43′s top gun. It may be faster than most of the other premium mediums but it’ll have the same problem as the others: a piece of shit gun.

  15. You can be cynical about it or you can look at it another way.

    Selling them through the gift shop will help prevent the server being flooded with them, if a tank proves popular or OP it can simply never be added to the in game shop.

    People with free CW gold will have to either spend real money or wait.

    SP gold on your account won’t disappear unless you spend it.

    • Sometimes I wonder who’s REALLY the greedy one…

      The large, multinational company who’s trying to make money and prevent disasters (the Type 59 situation was a huge disaster, if they REALLY just wanted to earn money from selling tanks without caring about anything else they would just have left it in the store). To do this they have to constantly rebalance and change the game to avoid unbalancing and to make so that the players don’t feel misstreated (which we seem to do fairly easily).


      The players who just want to avoid spending money in any way possible, by buying large packages of gold to reduce the cost of every induvidual piece of gold or buying ingame items to profit from balance changes. The players also feel that they are entitled to having everything their way and anything that doesn’t match their expectations is a plot against them.

      I do think that WG should work on their PR but I don’t think all the hate is justified (and yes, i’m hired by WG, just like everyone who doesn’t blindly hate everything)

  16. People are raging that they’ll have to buy new tanks in the Gift shop for real money if they want them immediately and call it moneygrabbing. But think this through for a moment: how exactly did you get your Gold in the first place? Exactly, 99% of the Gold comes from buying it with real money.

    So unless you have a humongous pile of Gold lying around, this changes nothing. Either you buy gold to buy a tank, or you buy the tank directly. Same difference.

  17. “Which means: if you still have the Superpershing gold, you won’t be able to buy some other new premium tank for it and will have to wait until 9.0 or so to buy the Japanese premium Chi-Nu Kai, or the Soviet premium T-44-85.”


    If we have to wait for 9.0 to buy some new premiums for “gold from SuperPershing”, that means that new prem tanks will be avaiable NOT ONLY via gift shop, but just at first, and later they will enter the in-game shop. If that is true, please change the title of this article, as it is misleading.

  18. What the hell are you on about? The fact they want to introduce prem tanks through gift shop at first then put them into the game as normal is no news at all, they’re doing it to make sure the tank is properly balanced before it floods the game like Type 59′s. Moneygrubbing my ass. If you’re gonna be biased and criticize legitimate business decisions, at least hide it better.

    • Er, have you looked at the tank stats? This thing flooding the mid tiers would be the best thing to happen to WoT. It doesn’t have ridiculous armor of the KV-1, nor alpha of the KV-1S – two tanks that *are* flooding the mid tiers. It’s also tier 5 and not tier 8, and the bulge in MM is supposed to happen at the mid tiers!

      People might buy this tank for money, but in exchange, there will be much lower gold sales. There will be no more reason to buy a lot of gold in advance, when you know you can’t use it on what you want anymore. I don’t think WG is going to win out with this decision.

  19. Well played WG… well played indeed. Way to make CW gold farming a little less beneficial.
    At this rate the NA market may actually see the pre-order tanks in the gift shop again soon.

  20. excellent move and decision by WT.

    that way people will think twice before spending real money. the thing is gold ingame is not “real” money, people buy these premium tanks and most of them start to complain and whine to WG support.

    only way to combat this is to move premium tanks from in game to shop.

    also anything that pisses off CW sissy boys and increase 1% of game whiners into squeals of protests (most of them don’t have money to begin with) is enjoyable to watch…


    What he asked was “AT FIRST ” all premium tanks go through store and the reply said correct. Reading to mean that next patch it will not be.

  22. Good that I have enough premium tanks in my garage for WoT playing lifetime. This doesn`t bothers me. :)

  23. Well, thanks for the heads up SilentStalker about this ‘premium tank policy change’. Practically speaking now I know there’s no reason to hold an extra 1500 gold on hand to buy the upcoming Japanese tier 5 premium Chi-Nu Kai. Time to go to plan B, save up gold for a French FCM 50t….

    Figure its time to get ready for a new French line. By the time I’ve ready to get a tier 10 French tank, it’ll probably be ready to be released. Perhaps 4 to 12 months out?

  24. everything WG do i hate it but this is one news that i AGREE with both hand rise!!!!!!!

    letting it in game store is really fuck as most of the Clan in map had so many gold earn form the map and from the CW campaign every member will has a good amount of gold i believe and the will just buy it and flood the server with it because they dont pay for the gold…

    and those like me that is not in a CW fighting clan the gold i had is from my pocket money and i buy the T-34-3 using my own money and i will it to be special!!!!!

    +100 WG way to go!