Weekend 20-kill mission

Hello everyone,

regarding the 20-kill weekend mission (last weekend it was T-34, T1 Heavy and AT-2, get 20 kills with them and get 1 mil credits, 7 days of prem and some gold consumables):

The vehicles for the upcoming weekend missions are: M4 Sherman, BDR G1B and T49

(the reason we know this is the fact that Russian server has the same missions as the EU one and it was shown prematurely in the RU client)


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    • i too am a collector just have a single tree (German) and i collect TD’s. but since these missions are always spanning trees and vehicle classes a very select few can actually do these mission to completion.

      these missions are for me only valuable for the premium account bonus and the consumable, i do not have these tanks and buying them and equiping them to top configuration would cost me a cool million in other words the cash reward.

      but if you have the cash/space or tanks in garage these are very interresting missions to complete.

      keep it up ;)

      • If you dont care about effi and other bullshit then just put there 100% crew from other tank without retraining.
        You have 75% crew with all the perks working.
        20 kills in tier V battle is less than 20 battles so there is no need to put extra equipment other than repair kit.
        Tanks are relatively cheap. Modules as well. And they earn money.
        So the balance is:
        ~ -400 000 t49
        ~ -400 000 bdrg1b
        ~ -350 000 m4
        + 1 000 000
        + 15 000 per battle = 60 * 15 000 (with average 1 kill per battle) = 900 000
        + 575 000 – selling tanks after event
        + 7 days of premium
        + 600 000 worth consumables. If you sell them 300 000
        almost 2 000 000 and 7 days of premium deducting costs. (i dont sell consumables. I use them in CW)

            • exactly. they work. sixth sense. brother in arms for sure. I assume the rest as well.
              I’ve done it last time putting crew with 5 perks into type-34 without retraining.

          • False, skill and perks works always. it doesn´t matter if your crews are reds. last weekend I putted my t54 crews with 3 skill (that was transfered from t62A) to t34 without retraining. BIAS and sith sense worked perfectly with 75% red crews.

            • was that changed recently? I remember reading when i moved my russian medium crew to another tank without reatraining that all skills and perks were inactive.

            • I think official info still states that they are not supposed to be working.
              But this bug is our feature. I dont they dare to fix it!!!

      • “buying them and equiping them to top configuration would cost me a cool million in other words the cash reward.”

        But in the process of completing this mission you will gain another 1-2mil on those tier fives, so all in all the expense pays out and you do earn. So if you have them researched, it’s pays out to buy them and sell them after the mission is done.

    • last one was also T5, which for me makes sence most people exploring lines can get there fairly quickly and all three can be bought and equiped for 1M, the week of added premium time and consumable is a nice incentive.

  1. cool, im already grinding bdr, m4 and t49 are finished too.. looks like i will have 3 week free premium :P (previous 2 were completed too, totally worth it)

  2. Two american tanks that I didn’t even researched…. FU, WG! FU! Soooo… Time to pause the Obj. 140 grind and get back on M8A1 and M3 Lee :(

  3. It’s also out in the EU client under the upcoming missions. Also a nice mission which will promote even more camping :C

  4. IF you buy the tanks + crews, lose your damn time trying to “steal” those kills, and waste the weekend doing a boring mission the reward is not worth it. Players who can enjoy the game mostly on the week end will just win 7 days of premium account that they will miss anyway as they(me incl.) dont have time during the week. So you lose your money, lose time, (miss profits and xp on other tanks) , and ultimately win some negligible prize to cover the expenditure +7 days of useless prem.

    If you have time to play hours and hours every day then it is worth it i guess.

  5. On the one side it’s great – I just need to buy back BDR and M4 and turbo-grind T49, but I think that tier V randoms will be spammed by derp-M4 (good they don’t have overpowered HEAT anymore) and T49′s. It doesn’t change fact I will join.

  6. aaaah…one more million for me + credits from actual games yummy, and fun at tier 5
    having in garage every single tank up to tier VI helps a lot though……so WG …..keep feeding me with this tier5 x 3 x 20 kills missions :D


  7. Shows how much attention i was paying last weekend. Noticed the 1,000,000 creds but not the 7 days premium.

  8. Seems I’ll pass this mission.
    First mission’s 3 tanks were already elited for me.
    2nd mission’s tank were only researched but never grinded…still got them in garage…managed only to almost elite the AT-2.
    This one…BDR is elite same as t49, but m4 isn’t and I don’t want to free exp it and I also don’t have any free garage slots.

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  10. The easiest mission in the series so far.
    M 4 is apleasure to play, BDr is a nbice sniper, and the alfa dmg lests you steal these kills, and T 49 is an all round light glass cannon.

  11. Haven’t researched any American tanks so this is shit. Second week in a row we’ve had American tanks in these specials, anti-German bias yet again.

  12. This better be right… or I’ll not be a happy bunny….

    this fooking B1 is nearly breaking me… just like that PoS T-34…

    Victory! Map: Ensk Vehicle: B1 Exp: 1,107 Credits: 23,436 Achievements: : Steel Wall, Cool-Headed, Mastery Badge: “1st Class”

  13. actually grinding out BDR was the worst part. Act # was completed in less time than 1 or 2 (~2 hours 15 minutes, with smoke breaks)