Invite Codes

Hello everyone,

another bunch of CD-Action invite codes (1000g, 3 days of prem I think), thanks to the wonderful readers of FTR :)

Players, who donated codes: Mandalor, Wiochi, Oliwia, ExarKunMaster, MaxVarEmreis,Xaero_PL



18 thoughts on “Invite Codes

    • Also, the code I took included 7 days of prem, 2000g, FCM 36 Pak 40 and 50k cred. I want to give another round of thanks again for this wonderful gift!

  1. from 2 years CD-Action with cooperation with WG relase 1 pack of codes: invitation 1kgold 3day premium + 1200gold for existing acc evry year, sometimes they add more codes i.e. for 500gold. When next bundle of that codes will popu ill send here another one invitation code

  2. Don’t use these people! The codes are from a Polish gaming magazine, you’ll be infected with siemka noobiness. True story.