EU results for LT XP competition clean

Hello everyone,

looks like Wargaming EU has learned their lesson and started banning cheaters, who try to rig the the light tank part of the XP competition. Funnily enough, some are even dumb enough to ask why they were banned openly…


Pomfrit: LOL, so like 2x in my life I take as a joke the BT-2 to tier 10 (not banned by the rules), by an incredible accident I manage to make really ultra high score and after one day they took everything back even when I am in top 50 with Leopard and I get 7 days ban to boot, really great…

Karlie: Your contribution was removed because of cheating. BT-2 would have no chance to survive for 5 minutes in such a company and to penetrate 17 out of 21 shots, unless the server was down or the others were willing to cooperate on the result.

Good job :)

PS: that idiot’s result


90 thoughts on “EU results for LT XP competition clean

  1. Ye, SS, have you seen the post StatPadder made on the forums? I dont know if he was cheating or just plain old trolling like crazy, but i do know the post got closed down..

  2. why not simply limit the competition to non-platoon battles? Would make rigging much harder. Even if you manage to end in the same Battle with a couple of Friends they wont have more hitpoints and higher tier than the usual targets.

  3. so WG admit there are cheats for the game including aiming and pen cheats… FFS Ban him for life!!! and stop the cheats and the cheaters!!!

  4. Glad he’s banned, but he WAS listed as the winner when it first went up — I remember, because I looked up his name to see his stats.

    • Well, I guess there is some additional mechanism. There is another option though: that idiot bragged about it somewhere and some of his pals reported him. That’s how they “got” Kingalphyn on US server I think.

      • the number 2 on the list checked his profile, saw his max kills was only five, pm’d ectar about it, and now owns a type 59 :P

        • Great, so unless WE do something about it, cheaters will get away with reward… Seems legit.
          And what do you think how many more cheated, but more descretly, so they stil got away with rewards?
          I say FUCK THIS KIND OF EVENTS! So easy to cheat, and no one bothers to check them…

          These events are either LUCK LUCK LUCK or CHEATING; skills = 0! Certainly a way to go!

      • As long as they keep plugging away at it. Honestly, this way is a bit better. Let him think he won, then BAM! Nope! Taken away.

  5. Hm, obvious rigging is allowed. But in this case i will not judge until i see the replay. Apparently wg has banned him without seeing it, is that correct?

    • Yeah, thay banned him on “I doesn’t look very likely”.

      What if he sat in some bush back at base for 5mins, then ran to their base and found an AFK tank and blasted him for like 1500 dmg in 15 shots?
      I mean, ban someone on a gut feeling? First they don’t do anything, now they do as they please? Just watch a fucking replay, don’t say “we don’t think it’s possible”…

      • My thoughts exactly. They should just write the rules in a way that would prevent cheating or made it possible for WG to verify the scores in some legit way.

        • …forgot to add that with server-side replays coming “in near future” (yesterday’s Q&A) it will be much easier for them to verify the results.

  6. Hi,

    I got 1807 base XP after dealing 1974 dmg in a Cruiser III solo in a T3 mm. I have shared the replay to a select few to confirm its authenticity. I also loaded after battle screen shot.

    The replay is 0.8.7 so I converted it to video already and am currently uploading the 277mb file on my ultra solo connection (<1mb upload).

    I will post a thread on the EU forum once it is done and include vbaddict transcripts etc for your amusement.

    It's a real shame I had to win like this but my thread alone was my prize. So many tears. Lol

    I will be in touch


    Ps it's fine for silent stalker to contact me. I love this site

    • Trevez, sorry, statpadder or statpadderer, you seem to forget that you were called out numerous times about lying…

      …anyone else would be banned by now…

      you hammered 2 tanks for nearly 300 games between them, using XP farmers…. and you had 100%+ crew….

      something you denied doing, and my pic, showing your tanks, got pulled because you are a whining little creep who goes to the Moderators when you get pulled up…

      Your too chicken to go and do this on your real account?

      because you want to close any accounts that you foook up??

      and not ruin your precious Trevez or ProfessionalProgrammerer accounts…

      Use one account and get a backbone…

      • …anyone else would be banned by now…

        why? it is allowed to have multiple accounts, this has been confirmed multiple times, and playing on an alt doesnt give you ANY advantage in this contest.

      • Lel, my stats are freely available. 300+ Battles in total. Half of which were done in the Cruiser III. Big deal there was a fantastic special on for crew XP so I was of course going to rinse it.

        For everyone else the video has been posted.

        • And what about your other accounts? Crew exp special ye right. You had 100% crew and skills, and you were basically seal clubbing, nothing more. Thats really hard when u have other accounts with your own knowledge of the game and all already…

          • Oh please forgive me for being able to co ordinate the WSAD keys and mouse. Next time I will wear a blind fold. Lol

            • You are amused. You said so on the forum. Now go and check the specials calendar and cross references with noobmeter and guess what. I speak the truth. The truth hurts doesn’t it lol

        • Which stats are freely available?
          StatPadder, StatPadderer, ProfessionalProgramerer, Trevez or A_Hardy_Buck..?

          You lied on your WG thread, I called you out… twice..

          I posted the freely available Official WG page of your thread posting accounts stats regarding tanks played, and I get it pulled, why?

          I can’t say, and neither can anyone else say, what we think of a wanker like you on WG forums, because a) abuse b) “friends”.. but I know SS will let this go…

          You are a snidey little shit with no bottle to play, pad or post on your real account.

          Until you come clean, and use you main account as your only account, everyone, except your special fwends (sic), will treat you with the contempt you deserve.

          You are a grot, a fail troll, a troll who is so bad he cannot be called a troll anymore, he is an embarrassment to the troll community.

          (The proof, if needed, being that you had to ask Ectar to close your thread because you lost… pmsl…)

  7. why do you have to use a alt account statpadder when when your the commander of the FGUK clan? Trevez?

  8. I get that they can’t check replays of all the winners, but how hard would it to be to review the top couple of tank winners in each tank?

  9. Well, I’d like to see the replay. I can see it’s not likely, but I can also see that such a score is possible.

  10. Not as good as the guy on the ASIA server who won around 80k gold in the TD comp and 150k gold in the Light competition. Some tanks he played once and got in the top 30. I wish WG posted replays from the winners.

  11. Replays should always be submitted with the Screen Shots. Sadly this might take months to get going at the rate that WG acts. Most people in game are half way honest and use their original accounts. But alas some people cause problems for the rest of us. If your a good player you can always raise your WR etc eventually IE play more games. If you think WR is really such a big deal.
    As for me I play SPG and at first your WR is utter crap but eventually you hit 50% and then later you slowly drag it past 50% but it takes time and many games to do so.

    • Thats what used to happen during beta, you had to send a replay AND screen shots of post battle result, but this was dropped a while ago. Maybe they will start doing this again.

  12. To bentbanana
    You fail to see the point …

    He hasn’t the balls to admit who he is..
    He hasn’t the balls to do this on his main account because it will damage his oh so precious stats..
    He hasn’t the balls to admit that he has tried this with “several” accounts and bins those that he fails on..
    He hasn’t any balls to own up to special Moderator friends who would, under normal circumstances, ban his account(s)

    Main account… put up or shut up…?

    • No one has to justify them selves to you. Personally I don’t care what you think of me. I am happy the haters clearly have a miserable life and project that misery by assuming the worst of others to make themselves feel better.


    • Lol why does it matter if he uses an ALT. Account, still the same player at the keys. Plus this player only has 1 alt as far as I know, not that it’s illegal to have an alt account because ectar confirmed it’s perfectly legal.

      Final thing, you are getting really mad at a guy with an account called ‘statpadder’
      Think about it

  13. Good that WG caught this little prick, but seriously only a 7 day ban? He should have been perma-banned on that account otherwise where is the deterrent for people who will cheat in the future? Also the AMX 50B he platooned with should be banned, and anyone else in that battle who was in on it.

    Cheat your way to the top and get a Type 59; if you get caught you’ll get a slap on the wrists and a 7 day holiday from WoT, if not you get to keep the Type 59. Punishment for cheating needs to be MUCH more severe.

  14. I met this exact platoon! PomFrit failed miserably that one, so it may be worth your time Silent to tell somebody important that multiple attempts at troll platooning are a good indicator of a rigging attempt.

  15. this is so childish ……. trolling here and there….. childish act for the troll and those who feed the troll.