- when the option to hide your stats is implemented, if someone hides their stats, you won’t be able to see them even after the battle is over (in game). It will also not be possible to recieve the stats of someone who has them hidden via API (SS: whatever that is, I suspect it’s some interface the mods like Noobmeter and Xvm work through)
- when you reset your skills for silver and select new perks, the penalty does spread over the whole XP amount (SS: so you will still get 100 percent base crew skill, you will just get less XP for the skills/perks)
- apparently, what tanks you have in hangar is still considered private info (won’t be disclosed in player stats)
- missions cannot be completed in company battles, as they would be too easy to rig

- it won’t be possible to hide your clantag in randoms
- unification of WoT and WoWp hangars (so that you see in one client the vehicles you have in both games) is not planned
- Storm states that WG didn’t want to implement skill MM and they didn’t: the “patent” on skill MM was filed “just in case”
- other TD’s similiar to FV215b 183 won’t come anytime soon
- apparently it’s technically possible to make friend and ignore lists longer
- according to Storm, the consequences of adding the option to disable player stats have been considered carefully enough
- AMX-50/100 armor is fine according to SerB
- SerB states that the penetration value in game is valid for 100 meters. Each shell has two values: for 100 and 500 meters – penetration drop between them is linear. On distances shorter than 100m, the 100m pen applies.
- module tier number is completely arbitrary
- there will be no rework of XP/credit earning mechanism apparently (SS: this one is a bit complicated, the player (if I understand it correctly) asked whether the rewards will be proportional to the role that respective vehicle is supposed to play, eg. TD’s get more rewards for sniping, heavies for tanking etc.)
- Somua S35 stats are fine apparently
- for now, the only elements of WoWp and WoT to be unified are gold, premium account and free XP. Credits won’t be unified. As for other possible elements, no comment for now.
- Storm states that trollplatoons are automatically compensated by giving the opposing team lower MM weight vehicles (SS: within the 10 percent difference)
- trollplatoons won’t be banned
- the mechanism that allows you to be only in 3 battles in a row on the bottom of the team has not been removed
- SerB states that vehicles with large alpha and penetration do fit the general concept of the game

82 thoughts on “27.9.2013

    • The real question, since very few people will voluntarily care enough to change the option, is wether the default option would be to hide or to show. If show, nothing much will really chance. If hide, XVM’s player stat win chance will become useless.

      • actually i disabled the “chance to win” feature because its useless…what IS useful is to see who to focus down to win the game…with hiding stats (which i wont do) it will become a little useless i guess, is this guy a unicorn or new player? :)

        • I’m considering hiding my stats. I’m sick of being the primary target all the time.

            • Yeah, but crap players will be hiding their stats for a large range of reasons, and there are more crap players than good players. I’ll be keeping them on, because when I state a strategy, I want it to be clear that I know my stuff.

            • You dont understand SPG do you, Its about 3 things. Damage (So you shoot at the person with the most health) Opportunity (Whos sitting in one place and doing the same thing over and over) Location (How long will my shell take to get there and can I even hit it from where I am?)
              My StPz II, Grille and Hummel want to shower you with “free gifts”.
              If you wish to avoid SPGs try not to go to “corner of fails” on maps and IF YOU DO… know where the cover is because there is ALWAYS cover from SPGs in “corner of fails” you just need to use your head…

            • Pick a tier 4 scout tank then and charge right at the enemy. I’m sure you’ll feel much better then.

        • Same here, I will hide my stats as soon as this option is available. I can’t withstand those xvm slut arty who even shoot you when you are the lowest tier and one the move.

        • This is exactly why I will hide my stats. I’m not very good player but many times one of the better ones on the battlefield. That’s why I regard XVM a cheat – helping on who to concentrate fire first.

        • 9 out of 10 battles are correctly prognosticated. It just allows me to know if i’m going to play aggressively when we have a high chance to win or play defensively when we have a low chance to win.

          Other players do that by mood, i do it by math. Can’t see a problem.

          • Hiding stats is bullshit. If you’re good, then any benefit in hiding yours is cancelled out by not being able to see the other team’s dangerous players.

            If you’re bad, well I totally get why you’d want to hide them, but if it bothers you maybe you should stop playing like an idiot? At least at the moment the rest of us having a warning that you will contribute nothing to the team.

            • I have small WN because of people like u that think they are best and rushdie in middle of campinovka

  1. I want to know why people think the AMX 50 100′s armor is bugged. It is perfectly fine afaik. Could someone show me something proving otherwise?

    • maybe because its penetrated by light tanks (i was raped by a t21 once while reloading lol)…most people suck bad in 50 100, you have to play it like a mean bitch :) perfect support tank

      • The_Chieftain’s commented (on page 196 of his random musings thread on the NA forums) that the in-game AMX 50-100 has, impossibly, too much armor — although the IRL AMX 50 has turret armor 7 inches (175mm…) thick in some places!

        • That’s not true, there was a variant with 200mm+ frontal armor ON THE HULL but the turret is historically armored because french designers considered it sufficient enough for a turret so small which in turn was possible because of drum-autoloader.

          >inb4 lel y WG didn’t implement 200mm variant?

          Because it had exactly the same issues with being nose-heavy like JagdPanzer IV and the fictional Krokodil. The up armored variant had around 200mm front but 30mm on sides and rear. The imbalance in weight was just horrid and because AMX engineers already had problems to fit engine powerful enough to propel the basic design, it was scrapped.

  2. Every time when I read these Q&A I lose interest in WoT. I cant understand why troll platoons wont be removed from the game.

      • I don’t see the need to remove them when, like has been said, MM compensates for such.

        also, you can TK those troll platoons and *hopefully* not see them make such a platoon again.

    • The worst part is that fixing it is stupidly simple. Check the MM values of each tank in the platoon. If there is a +2 difference, don’t allow to get into battle.
      That way, you can get a Tier IV scout in with a tier VIII medium, but not a Tier IV med/TD/heavy with a tier VIII medium.
      Also you can allow things such as a platoon of Type 59 and T34, or SuperPershing and T-54.

      • that can be rigged quicker than you’ll say “that one bounce”
        say we limit platoons to the battle lvl, as in a tank with 7-9 tier battles can’t physically go into a platoon (start the game) with a 10-12 tank, because there’s no overlap in the battle tiers
        so that suddenly rigs the tighter levels,
        let’s say i take an arl39 (T6 td, standard tier battles iirc) and an is3
        that will make the battle a tier 8, since 6-8 + 8-10 = 8 only
        in which case the is3, one of (if not THE) the best T8 HTs gets into a pretty good battle – playing heavies on the top of their own tier is pretty easy

        personal opinion – i’m for the +-3 tier rule, it sets balance a bit better in most cases – with some tanks having high pen (T7 td amx 46 has best pen on T7, which is viable in T10, and completely faceroll in T9) as a balancing point – lost in the +-2 case

        now let’s take this case a bit more extreme, we take the kvas (6-8) and get it a t40 (4-6)
        both tanks are sort of OK when played solo (Albeit the kvas is a faceroll tank, with the t40 being on the higher evolutionary step of a t4 td), and the lower tier tank CAN play at the end of it’s tier, with the other – litteraly raping everything there is when on top-tier
        so in this case we have a t40 still giving T6s butthurt, with the kvas face-raping everything else on the map, in some cases – oneshotting 100% enemies
        totally balanced and adequate, i get it =)

        • Lavitz you seem to have missed the point. This isn’t about MM spread. This is about platoon spread. You leave the MM alone, you just stop platoons with a > 2 spread from entering MM. Nothing changes except troll platoons can’t leave the garage.

          It’s so easy to implement I just cannot understand why wg are such dicks about it. I’ve seen many games where the MM fails to compensate properly – we all know how flaky it is. Besides, there is no legit reason to do it, its just about fucking over your team mates. So prevent it… Can only assume it’s a favourite past time of SerBs.

          • That’s exactly what i said.
            A Kvas+t40 fits the >2 rule, they have 1 tier in which they can both appear, which makes the game VERY simple.
            Add that up to 2-3 guys playing together (i’d go 2conqs+1t29 or say 2t54s+1tiger) and you get totally imbalanced gameplay with 1-2 guys from the team ALWAYS getting good spread, based on the sheer logic of your least tiear being a benefit.
            Take that, add up tanks that have bad pen which is somewhat OK on their tier but sucks when their not top, throw them up top every battle andyou get rigging.

            Pretty sucky pen cromwell fighting T4s and T5s is pretty imbalanced, especially if you use gold wisely (been there, done that).
            Kvas, IS3, Su152 – incredible vehicles when placed up top,in some cases totally OP.

            Rigged battles + prefferential tiers + OP tanks = h4x, amirite?

            • MM doesnt work off of the combined tier spread of the platoon. It works off of the highest tier weighted tank. This has already been implemented to prevent what you are talking about.

        • Yeah… tell my VK 3002 D to actually damage something in T10….
          +/- 3 is stupid…. there are tanks out there who barely survive +/- 2 (AMX 40…) and you want them to put them even higher?

          • There are tanks that were balanced for +3-3 but never got any buff when their edge was taken away. And so?
            Why the fuck would i need even 212 pen in a T7 td, let alone 230+, when T7s can pen ANYTHING with 175,and if that’s not enough – you can go gold shells, since their cheep anyway?
            Gold shells ruin the game in much more ways than +3-3
            Btw, i passed amx40 in the +3-3 era and did’t have any probs, 8 frags top and 1.3 (or so) frags a battle, what did i miss out?

            • i admit, gold ruins the balance nowadays, but you have to balance tanks again, if you implement +/- 3 Tier spread

            • not really
              there’s only a handful of tanks which ould be completely unplayable with a 3tier-rule, and amx40 isn’t one of them

  3. “- the mechanism that allows you to be only in 3 battles in a row on the bottom of the team has not been removed”

    Is it possible, that this mechanism provokes much more often the MM result of a platoon, getting in a match as the only low tiers? Lets say platoon of 2 tier 7 gets into a match with only tier 8 and 9s. I have the feeling this happens more often since this rule…

    • I didn’t know that such a mechanism existed. So my tier 6 tanks are bottom tier no more than 75% of the time? I thought that number was quite a bit higher. Like 100%.

      I don’t know about the other servers, but if you play tier 6-10 tanks on the NA server it feels like “all tier 8 games, all the time”…

    • ive seen it more than enough to say that is one of the things they should have left alone… the spread should be even… instead what is happening is top tears sucking and you have to use gold to carry… wg loves your money, remember that

        • So what exactly do you suggest I should THEN have done with my slow-ass stock Caernarvon and its 17-pounder when a pair of bloody KV-4s got in my face? Whistle Dixie?

          • You have several options then:
            Flank around: Hit weak sides or rear
            Spam HE: at least you are doing damage
            Play defensive: Protect arty from scouts
            Support stronger allies: Detracking gives you xp, too
            Be sneaky: Try to kill the enemy arty
            Equal fight: Try to only engage same Tier or below

            My advise for you :)

            • I take it you haven’t driven a Caernarghblargh. Or too many Brit tanks in general judging by that genius.jpg advice of “spam HE” – in the case you didn’t know the 17-pdr is *76mm*, ie. nothing but scouts and arties are going to even NOTICE those firecrackers around T8. And it’s chancy even with them.

              Anyway, GJ missing the point. Which was that heavy-tank stock grinds at the higher tiers in particular would pretty much be exercises in pissing blood without prem shells, and likely lead to considerable dentist expenses due to all the teeth-grinding.

            • Yeah, but that`s why it’s called “grind”…
              But yeah, i have not driven any brit tank (except church I) to back up my advises, sry for that….
              You have to do different tactics based on your given situation, but i think 171 is still capable of damaging sides or rears, that’s why i wrote down several advises….
              EVEN if you can’t damage, you can still support other tanks (remember it’s a “team-game”).
              Shooting tracks is always an option if you ask me…

  4. Everyone saying they’re going to hide their stats as soon as this feature comes out, I hope you realize that XVM will still have a cache of what your stats looked like before this change is implemented. It’s not going to suddenly disable XVM for you, it will just disable them from updating.

    So really this is only going to effect new players and rerolls.

  5. TL;DR :

    -problems and exploit like trollplatoon won’t be fixed
    -nothing new or interesting will be implemented to the game because we don’t have the necessary knowledge
    -don’t forget to move to war thunder’s tank in a month

  6. Stats stats stats. Hide stats. Good for you XVM pussies. :P

    All you rely on is us team carries, who don’t even use XVM and still are able to carry teams on our own. Violets, Blues, Greens? They all turn to sissies when they see that they’re with a bunch of reds.

      • I agree with him for the most part. But not all unicums with XVM give up when they see bad players in their team.

        BTW, I don’t use XVM. I just observe other peoples deployment and actions to see if they are good or not.

  7. - according to Storm, the consequences of adding the option to disable player stats have been considered carefully enough

    - makes life harder for stats rage whiners
    - crippled clan recruitment
    - crippled company battles
    - crippled mods, stats aplications, player available data, server statistics (so all possible conspiracy theory’s proofs in hands of WG)
    - makes life easier for stats trolls

    • Surely clans/companies can demand a player to unhide his stats before recruiting?
      Conspiracies? Stats trolls? Hah!

    • How does it cripple clan recruitment? Want to join a clan? enable stats first then we’ll Invite.

      BTW the idea was that only friends and clan could see stats. Not block everyone. So a clan can still check stats after invite then kick….

      Company battles? Enable first or friend first then invite

      Crippled mods? this is actually the point of blocking stats.

      Life easier for stat trolls? I’m not sure what a stat troll is but okay, this can be a problem, it can make it easier for the ordinary player to verify if a teammate is a cronic afker, or realize that there is no point in trusting a teammate to back them up. On the other hand it does mean that some high skill players won’t get focused as often, just because XVM has advertised that a dangerous player is in game.

    • you do understand that there are ways to see that program-wise without even making the owner of the stats un-hide his stats?

      - crippled clan recruitment : how about you applying for a clan opens your stats to the recruiters?
      - crippled company battles : entering company automatically reveals your stats to the leader?
      - crippled mods, stats aplications, player available data, server statistics (so all possible conspiracy theory’s proofs in hands of WG) : they don’t give a damn about mods and apps, but the data is still cached on your pc, which is technically a win-win, wg don’t get that much wining about stats and stat-whores can’t bitch about you (54% 1300+ here, a bit more than avg)
      - makes life easier for stats trolls : how? it’s a double-sided coin, you can get trolled for being a siema if you hide them – and you can troll back that you’re an unicum and the troll’s burrhurt…

      people these days…

  8. The “hidden stats” are strange…

    The “I don´t care.. I play for fun.. bla bla”-players will disable it so they wont get insulted anymore.

    Good players will disable it so nobody recognizes ´em (as long as they aren´t in Top 10-Clans)

    But good players want a working XVM for every player to judge the different situations..

    Oh dear a big XVM-shitstorm is comin up. (Tbh, I like my XVM but it would be possible to play good as long as you have your other XVM-gimmicks, e. g. enhanced Map-Informations, Enemies spotted? etc.)

    All in all.. I think this idea isn´t that great.

    • pretty sure here that GOOD players rarely give a damn about stats – if the game’s a lose-lose case you just hit for 1.5+ times your tanks HP and go next battle
      or if you’re aiming for STAT-WHORING 1800+ you get yourself a nice gold-shooting tier (say, 3 t54s on gold with the TS gun) and you still get the stats up….

  9. The way i see it is that “bads” will not care/know about disabling stats. My guess is that 99% of unicum skill level players will enable hidden stats to avoid being focused.

    • I doubt it. As long as they have clan tags visible, any experienced player will know who needs to be prioritized.

  10. “- Storm states that WG didn’t want to implement skill MM and they didn’t: the “patent” on skill MM was filed “just in case”
    Wow another bullshit statement from WG – of course they want to hide stats – so it isn´t longer possible to see their manipulation.
    BTW WoWP – they should abandon this at once – only 3000 player betatesting – and these are bribed by tokens – so who wants to play this – and they admit that there is skillbased matchmaking in WoWP ROFL

    • skill plays a lot more in wowp, been there sinceearly CBT, after first 100-200 battles i got into the hang of plaing, had a lot of aces and stuff like that – 80+% WR on 109F after 50-60 games in it, completely solo
      sure that’s more of an exception (55-60% wr on most, 45-50% wr on first planes and almost all japs i flew) but i had about 1500 frags in 700 battles, flying only 2 german and 1 jap tree, i have nowhere near that in tanks (18-19k, about 20-21k frags)

      though it does get repetitive and it did suck a bit, so i quit after making 701 CBT battles, not sure if there’s a way to check players cbt-stat after release

  11. Well, i play WoWp for a few days (bribed by tokens), and its seems ok to me. Big improvement since the start a few months ago, when i couldnt control my plane (yes, i am airplane noob). But, still, airplanes are not interesting category as much as tanks, at least for me.

  12. Hiding the stats from a longterm statistics? Well i could not personally care less if everyone can see my stats or not but seems some people are sensitive about it for whichever reasons so why not. But as far i understood the text correctly if you decide to hide your statistics they won’t be even displayed in the after battle report which makes it totally obsolete if half of the people do it.

    • it’s a legal & privacy issue, it’s common practice in the weby world to allow users the *ability* to control the visibility of account information.

      • personally looks like a “hide your post-count on a forum” than a legal privacy issue)
        sure, your achievements should be viewable to you and only to you be default, but in an only-competitive game (wot is entirely 100% competetive) there should be ways to gauge a player

        sure, forum analogy way – you can still see a guy posting crap with thousands of posts or a guy with few posts posting some good shit, but generally it doesn’t go like this
        so there should be ways to gauge skill – with stats being key to this point

        • I understand the privacy issues and usually i am a big friend of giving the people a freedom to decide how much info about them they want to make public but as Lavitz already posted WoT is a competitive game. If people don’t want to publish their long term stats fine but not even showing the stats of the current battle only in the after battle report is making the battle report quite useless. If you don’t see the damage done or taken by a half the players in a report what’s the point of the report in the first place?

          • Who said the battle report won’t be shown?
            They want to giveplayers the opportunity to hide the vehicles they played, the WR they have or the stats that they’ve made, not the after-battle stats.
            Kinda like me having 1300 bouts in my e100 and another 1000 in the BC25t, but then i’m like “oh noes, nigga” and i hide my terrible siema stats.
            And suddenly noone can prove me as a worthless piece of ass playerthat ruins the game anymore.
            Longterm stats need to be out there, it’s as simple as that. It’s like saying “hey no, we won’t be disclosing the history of a wbf boxer”, what’s the point then?

  13. ” It will also not be possible to recieve the stats of someone who has them hidden via API (SS: whatever that is, I suspect it’s some interface the mods like Noobmeter and Xvm work through)”

    API=Application Programmers Interface. As you suspect, its a series of “hooks” or function calls that a 3rd party can use to get info from the server. Its generally published specifically to enable 3rd party support.

  14. Does anyone here seriously think people eho can’t even face their tank in the proper direction will have enough sense to find and disable their stats? Because they absolutely do not. The only people who will hide their stats are good players and since you can’t even hide your clan tag it’s going to make fuck all difference to anything.

    Player with hidden stats and good clan = treat like Unicum and target proportionally. Player with hidden stats and no clan = treat like green but target preferentially on principle. End result, meta game will be largely unaffected.

  15. Once, after terrible streak of losses, me and my friend wanted some relaxation and hopped into Loltraktors, but our clan buddy screwed us and got JPE100… And because he was running the platoon, clicked Battle! faster than we could switch to something more usefull at T10. And we ended in a game on Live Oaks where everyone was cursing us (I can relate why…) for troll-platoon…

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