23 thoughts on “Great European Random #3

      • Same for me ! using my cromwell, smashing down a Lorraine 155 51 in moutain pass….

        Send you the youtube link by mail.

    • Managed to destroy my SU-152 by firing a HE shell at a Comet few meters away, my SU lost 250HP (dead) while the Comet lost about 200HP :(

      So I destroyed myself by myself like a boos! :D

  1. This one is a lot better. No dickwad moves and some really funny stuff, as well as some good bug showcases – wtf happened with that E-100? The crew bashed their eyes on their periscopes due to the ram, and everyone was blind for a couple seconds?

    • My father was watching that battle, tanks disappeared and we both were like ” WOW! Wtf!”.
      Dont know what happened. And it got recorded into replay file – so its not lag.

  2. some actions are not bad but the last one is ridiculous, if you play the old replays or do not update mods that you are stupid

  3. How do you enable free cam? At least that’s what it looks like in some of those replays… :/