Hall of Shame

Hello everyone,

you know what time it is – time for another Hall of Shame edition. More and more pictures coming in (in fact, probably enough to make a HoS daily edition), I am trying to pick only the worst retards, nazis and ragers for your entertainment. Let’s have a look:

MotoDrum sure likes gassing people (“you little shit jew, go die, you should be gassed”)


Berk183 – another Hitler lover amongst us


MajorIndegrienT has a real problem with Romania it seems


On the other hand, protein808 doesn’t like the Jews. Broken German FTW.


And here’s another nice well-wisher, Ondemnedone


Rmxshoot is not afraid to call out who he really likes apparently and his platoonmate Alexfifa09 can’t stay behind!




Farmaceuta1 is kinda… confused about the Jewish. Uh, what?







…..and, to close this batch: XAHTX is apparently from “hell shit” (not as bad, made me giggle tho)


172 thoughts on “Hall of Shame

    • Alltough its sad the influx of gypsies from romania and bulgaria into other EU countries causes people to think that we are in fact all brown and unwashed.

      • Well… I actually like the fact that gypsies are going to other EU countries and cause shit there because (especially the french) always said: Integrate them! Teach them! etc. Let’s see how YOU integrate them, now that the borders are open :)))))) Oh wait… you can’t. You just pay them 300 Euros and a trip back to Romania. They come here, they spend their 300 euros and guess what? They go back! Kekeke… nice job integrating them, EU!

          • Immigrants from non EU countries like Turkey are a whole different bag of problems… the problem with the gypsies comes from them being able to move freely within the EU and using loopholes in regulations that are actually well intended…

            It is important to remember that the gypsies are not the problem but the politicians who make and defend those loopholes for their own interest. For every gypsy there is a social worker, a human help organization, some NGO and so on and the all earn lots of money with “helping” those gypsies. This is where most of the money goes and those are the people who don’t want to change the situation. These are the people you should focus your anger on, not the gypsies who are just trying to find the best fpr themselves in a system they didn’t design.

          • When i checked last time majority of EU consisted of parasitic shithole countries. LoL the whole “EU projec”t is subsidizing from budgets of France,GB,Germany,Italy and Netherlands, all other countries in EU are parasites.

            • “Clients” would probably be a more accurate term… but the big boys doubtless knew all that perfectly well long ago already and obviously consider it worth the expense.

        • Couldnt have said it better. “integrate them” my ass. At least the turks going into europe work their asses off. The gypsies just steal and beg for money. You could say I’m a racist towards them, but then you wouldnt have seen it with your own eyes.

          • I never saw a turk working in germany. All they do is taking the money for doing nothing, making slums and ghettos of whole cities.

            • Strange how ‘Döner’ (Kebab) is the best-selling fast-food in germany and 90% of the ‘Döner-Buden’ (place where you can buy your Kebab) are owned by turkish people.

              Yet again, somehow german inhabitants claim they ‘rarely’ see turkish people actually working.

              Must be the exact opposite here in the countryside in Bavaria. Because I a) see kebab shops all over the place and b) see turkish people at work every time I take a walk.

            • There are lazy asshole in every ethicity. Germany just makes it far to easy to be a lazy bum.

          • Go near most churches in Western Europe and say one of these loudly to the brown faced person asking for charity: “Imi pare rau nu am marunt” (I’m sorry I don’t have change) or “Nu am monede sa-ti dau” (I don’t have any coins to give you) and watch them smile as they understood what you said.
            Also being a romanian and going somewhere in Europe, is a pain, these days since people look weird at you if you tell them where you are from. You can feel the hate in the way they look at you and they are probably checking to see if you haven’t stolen their wallet.
            Good thing they haven’t been able to go to US/Canada due to the Visas and expensive trip. They would have shamed us there aswell.
            And “INTEGRATE THEM” ???? HA… they have been around rougly since the year 1250 and we failed to INTEGRATE THEM… good luck with that Western Europe !!!!
            Going to close with posting this link to a video by a romanian band called Parazitii (the parasites)

            • Yeah, you tried “integrating” them by shackling them to a plough to toil for asshole feudal overlords who only got more exploitative and overbearing with time, and when they *for some reason* weren’t too keen on becoming Serfs Like You you defaulted to good old discrimination and repression livened up by the occasional massacre.
              And then blame them for not having assimilated into the failtrain of the majority.

              Here’s an ugly truth for you: the Gypsies are pretty much the BEST thing to have come out of the categorical shithole that is East-Central Europe, and were it not for oppressed minorities like them you serially retarded jackasses would have NOBODY to look down to. The last I checked you lot were allowed into the EU solely to keep you out of the Russian sphere of interest, and as your contribution to the Union since then has mainly consisted of exporting gangsters, prostitutes and beggars (and the occasional economic fuckup) Brussels may well be regretting it a bit by now.

            • Kellomies you are retarded for saying that. Seriously fucking retarded, man. Do you live in Bulgaria or Romania? Have you seen what the gypsies are doing? I mean, not ALL of them, but pretty much most of them.

              Stealing, begging, making shitloads of children despite having no money to feed them, only so they can get social help for children, wich they spend on alhcohol and cigarettes, while sending their children to steal and beg too (sometimes incapacitate them so they attract more money out of pity) and the worst part is that this is organized. They live in shit ghettos nobody else wants to, and there is simply no chance of integrating a person who hasnt gone to school at all. If they just werent there, again, not all gypsies, but the ones I described (the majority)

              So if you dont live here, please, shut the fuck up.

            • It is estimated that in 10 years the gypsies will not be the minorty in bulgaria, but rather the majority. And then EU will really kick us out.

            • Oh look, generic “degenerate underclass” talk. With unsightly racist undertones.
              Also, the last I checked NOBODY wanted to live in Romania or Bulgaria which is doubtless why your gypsies are coming here to beg instead – guessing back home is too poor for it to make a living on.

            • Oh look, “Generic western-european Master Race” talk. Everyone is below your level and you make sure to rub it in.
              Yea, Bulgaria and Romania are crap compared to western countries, i guess thats what the communism and the following crap-democracy left us with.

              You think gypsies in west eu countries is bad? Come here, see for yourself! THEN we will see how you will talk.

            • Ahem – I’m not W. European. Also your serf-state shitholes have been chronically fucked since half a millenia ago and you asshats are too busy blaming everyone else for it to get your shit together.

            • Get our shit together? Ha! that is not going to happen, our countries are ages behind the curve, decades, even. If you live in theese “self-state shitholes” you will know how it is.

              Nevermind that, my point is, that some of us are actually average people that want a nice life on at least part of what west-eu guys have. We are like anybody else, and it’s sad when you go an English bar, a nice girl asks you from where are you, and when you respond “bulgara” she istantly looks like she is trying to figure out wheither you robbed her or not (happened to me on numerous occasions in just a few days in England) because of bad reputation caused by gypsies, who go to England, beg, exploit people, and when you look at their documents (if they have any) it says Bulgarian.

              Heck, one girl in england told me she tought we are all brown-looking.

            • Whoops, left my fursona on for that last comment…

              Are you trying to tell me your problem with gypsies is because they make Romanians/Bulgarians/whoever look bad abroad? Do I look fucking gullible to you? I’m well aware of the default level of bile against the poor buggers in Central Europe, and *before* that lot started getting around the reigning stereotype of folks from those parts was a thuggish gangster with a leather jacket, crew cut and a chip on his shoulder for men and a cheap whore, probably a victim of human treafficking, for women.
              The gypsies are a step UP.

              It also annoys the fuck out of me when people whose countries have real, serious and mainly self-inflicted problems spend their time spitting on long-suffering disadvantaged minorities to make themselves feel less like total losers in the Game of Life, instead of even trying to getting their shit together and generally get on with their lives like halfway civilised people. It ain’t gonna fix itself you know.

            • Yea let me just go and fix an entire country just like that. It will totally work.

              You seem to think that if people “get on with it” a whole country will suddenly advance by 2 decades. This is foolish, in the very least. I forgive you tough, you havent even been here, you can’t know.

              Its not only the gypsies that ruin it all, I’d say they are one of the more minor real problems (the other being corruption, like, everywhere) . They just make us look even worse, when we are bad enough as it is, and this makes me sad and mad.

            • The sheer fact that you are arguing about eastern europe countries with a guy that actually LIVES there should tell you that you are wrong. Your reality and view on life is entirely diffrent, and you are lacking the information you can only get by growing in this lifestyle. One cant simply explain to you the entirety of the situation. And you couldnt entirely understand.

              It’s like trying to explain to a new yorker how the fuck a kid got killed by a pack of wild dogs in the park is possible. He will think that is not possible.

            • I’m talking collectively here. The last I checked virtually the entire former Communist Block regressed back to interwar chauvinism, reactionarism and general faggotry the second the Commies were out of office, not to mention nasty little finger-pointing at neighbours, domestic minorities and whatever other scapegoats could be found for stupid bullsit.
              Sure ain’t *helping* attempts at getting over the structural baggage left by a half-millenia of nonstop failure, assuming anyone’s even trying in the first place that is.

              This odious racism against an already grotesquely disenfranchised and nigh-universally discriminated-against ethnic minority, fig-leafed with the usual spurious bullshit rationalisations, duly smells to high heaven as a textbook case of picking on someone even lower on the proverbial totem pole to distract yourselves from the shittiness of your own situation. Nasty, petty and totally unproductive and sure as fuck doesn’t improve *my* opinion of the region’s inhabitants one bit.

            • Racism? When i say gipsies do that and that, I do not lie out of hate to the race. I LIVE here. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes, experienced it, listened about it on the news, heard about it. Sure, there are decend romani people. I call them romani ( I hope the translation is right, actually its роми ) Gypsies are the indecend kind of romani people. And they are rampant.

              Sit on your high horse all you want, it clouds your judgement.

            • I’ve yet to meet someone prejudiced, nevermind now outright racist, who *didn’t* have any number of supposedly good reasons for his biases.

              Also we’re talking about a minority which has for the past half millenia been systematically discriminated against, often enough in quite hair-raising fashion, and generally alienated from mainstream society around them; where exactly do you, Mr. Majority Representative, then get off acting all offended and moralising over them then *being* thoroughly alienated from said mainstream society?

            • Did you watch the video? Theese gypsyes tried migrating into western parts of europe, but they were even more harshly discriminated than when they were in eastern europe. Thats why they are all here, cause we were tolerant.

              Watch the video, I think that guy is way better in arguing than me.

            • And Im not the majority anymore! Didnt you hear? In 10 years gypsies will be the majority here. Im almolst a minority now! Funny eh?

            • Also, its funny that when you kill, beg, steal, rape, and do shit like that, you get “alienated from society”

              I tought that happens everywhere? Probably not in the western world according to you..

            • Right, because the gypsies are the only people committing crimes in those sorry excises of societies. (You also got your causals Bass Ackwards.)
              Nigga please.

              And WTF is that bullshit about “majority in 10 years”? Sounds nothing so much like the Islamophobe BS about ermahgerd muzlim immigrantz outbreeding teh whiteys in whatever timeframe the speaker pulled out of his butt, and wouldn’t you know it, also remarkably similar to the rhetoric of the various Eugenics movements from before the Nazis gave that kind thing a bad name…

            • They are not the only ones, ofcourse, but they are goddamn known for doing that pretty much all the time, combined with not educating themselves, and reproducing all the tim without the means to sustain their children..

              Also, Estimates say that in 10 years gypsy/romani populace will outnumber the bulgarians in their own country. Bulgaria. Thus probably being the first european country where the locals are the minority. I wonder if then I can claim racism against me, since im a minority. Will be a pretty fun time.

            • The gypsies just breed so fast, and native bulgarians either:
              -Die of old age
              -Dont breed as much.
              -Go to other EU countries, since, you know, who wouldnt, given in bulgaria you get like 1/3rd of a normal EU salary, when you have the same qualifications.

            • “Estimates”. Right. Well here’s an estimate for you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulgaria#Demographics
              As of 2011 Bulgarians 84.8%, Roma 4.9%.
              It is a blatant mathematical and demographical impossibility for the latter to start outnumbering the former inside a decade. And didn’t you just yourself claim they don’t have the means to support all their children? Decide already…

              Also… would you believe that you’re repeating verbatim the arguments of Eugenicists of the prewar era, which are remarkably consistently parroted by every alarmist under the sun worried about “decent people” being swamped by “inferior underclass hordes”?
              And anyway if you’re *that* worried about it you should make your central concern improving the standard of living of said underclass, this having a thoroughly proven effect of reducing birthrates all the way to the maintenance level and even below…

            • Wikipedia is not right acording to our Center of Demographic politic. Wich says in 10 to 15 years bulgarians will be less than the minorities. Wich makes them a minority.

            • Daaaaamn, how did I go and miss this party ?

              Kello, your first post is so full of bullshit I can’t even gather the will to respond to it point by point. I’m still laughing. Good show dude :). Really.

              I was right, you do sound like a creationist “scientist” every time you talk about Eastern Europe. You have your own traumas or whatever anecdotal evidence to support your rhetoric about how bad / negligible / backward / and generally fucked up that part of the world is. I don’t say that as a personal attack or out of pity. I seriously believe you have a terribly distorted point of view but likely have good reasons for that. Subjective reasons, but convincing I suppose.

              You’re style of debate is just hilarious. Whenever you don’t like the opposition’s argument, you bring up context, whenever the context doesn’t suit your arguments you ignore it completely. Anyway, a good show. You should definitely go into politics. You have that certain … “I shall scream loudest and I will be heard” talent.

              Throw enough mud around and some of it will stick. Doesn’t matter how ridiculous the argument looks like once the viewer steps back into perspective, you just go on and on, deviating from the original topic, throwing more and more mud until you begin to sound just like one of those backward chauvinist nationalists you claim to despise so much.

  1. vote for lifetime ban… for the first one. (motodrum)

    Man muss sich schämen für seine Landsleute..


  2. Too bad already if somebody spams with “Attention to” like 10-15 times, or if few people do this at once. This spam is even worse. And it covers your players list, which is more useful than these insults.

        • You’re not ranting by using racism enough ;)

          Rarely happens that I use anything else than the usual ‘prick, bitch, retard’ kinda words. Well, sometimes it happens to occur that someone receives a ‘If you block me one more time I will turn around and rip your (tank’s) fuckin’ heart out!’ (sometimes they receive it without the ‘tank’s’.

          • Well… yeah, I don’t use racist insults. But I do blame some parents for conceiving mindless creatures and letting them play internet games :( I also use the classic american “FU!” when I get blown up… but that’s like saying “Good job, you got me!”.

    • Also why is that guy flaming arty in here? Isn’t flaming retarty players a noble thing to do?

      • They only have 4 big words in their vocabulary:
        Jew, Gipsy, Polak and Arty. For them they’re interchangeable and mean the same thing. Probably they keep rotating them because their jaws would lock up if they would just repeat the same moronic statements again and again, in between expelling massive amounts of saliva.

        • Seems to me that most of these are just kids using “Jews” etc due to them being “swear words” that their parents told them not to use.

  3. One of these days I’ll be presented in HoS! I don’t hate anyone (ok I hate nazis) but I can’t restrain my self when someone is getting on my nerves :( My usual question to those is: Are you thirsty? And then I add that I have to go to piss…

    This way I have presented my shame in HoS, and now I can go freely with this shit, since SS is not going to repeat HoS examples :) :) :)

    I won, I won, SS lost, SS lost, and now, something serious. Why would it be so bad to call anyone a member of some nation or ethnic group??? You can call me whatever you want, and I will even add that I’m a noob, retard, wallet warrior and speaking Klingon language, it’s cool with me to “insult” me in this way…

      • I sad that I’m a moron :) :) :) I can’t help you, if you don’t understand my words of wisdom, maybe you should go to medical school to learn how to deal with mentally changed people like I am :) :) :)

        p.s. I said that when I get angry at someone in wot, I tell them to drink my piss :) :) :) and that now, since I’ve publicly admitted my sin here, SS won’t include me in HoS (since I’ve already included my self)

      • i didnt even tried to read this after i read “i hate nazis” because im sure hes one of those who Insult me as a nazi only because i talk german to a teammate….. :D

    • Start every match with a healthy (and senseless) ‘Privet brat. Mnogochislennyy kontakty? Do svidaniya.’ – anyone that reads it and speaks russian will be confused, anyone else will put me into ‘siema-warrior’ category.

      Btw, translated this load of senseless bollocks means: ‘Hi brother. Multiple contacts? Good bye.’

      All that is missing here is the addition of ‘Tango Sucka!’

  4. Oh he’s angry Romania betrayed Germany. Well it had no choice. Hitler lost the war, Russian scums invaded Romania, killed it’s leader Mareshal Antonescu and setup a dictatorial communist regime. Romania had nothing to betray. Everything was already lost. Im surprised he didnt said : you should have stand up like Japan and be nuked twice.

    Anyway it’s a shame Hitler concentrate on jews instead of gypsies. I dont see jews all over the news, robbing, killing,raping, begging as gypsies do. And gypsies are not romanian. Most romanians still consider Zyklon B and Auschwitz a real necessity for gypsies. You have no ideea the hate romanian people have for gypsies.

    • You have no idea just how full of shit you are. Please tell me more about how I consider Auschwitz a good idea. I’m more ashamed that I share my nationality with people like you than with gipsies.

      I still hope that you’re just a troll, and that no sane human being, regardless of ethnicity would think the shit you just spewed here.

      Your historical facts are all messed up, and it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Get back under the rock you crawled away from.

      • you go suck a gypsy dick faggot. maybe you are one of them. Maybe your mom is fucking a gypsy so that’s why you have a simpaty for them.

        • Right, because *that* is the only reason someone would detest eliminatory racist talk. Be a dear and go play on railroad tracks willya, naziboy?

    • The Soviets should have systematically exterminated you right wing Nazi scum of the earth, maybe Romania would be a better place today with less Nazis going around killing, raping and stealing because that’s what Right Wingers do best.

      • Since when gypsies were nazis?(they’re the only ones stealing around…apart from white retards that exist in all the countries over the world, whatever their nationality is)

        • L2Read he meant romanians OFC. Like romanians view gypsies as stealing bastard types (like nazis viewed jews for example) some other can have same view on romanians themselves. But go one its really fun to see hove “liberal, innovative and freedom loving” europe really is.

          • Like Russia, the likes of Romania are counted as part of “Europe” solely as a geographic technicality.

            • And from what part of this troubled continent do your ancestors hail from, good sir ?

              Also, this being the Internet and all I’m sure you have very good arguments for your … remark. Hm ?

              And out of pure curiosity, who else counts, besides Russia amongst the “likes of Romania” ?

            • Finn here, for what it’s worth. And the list basically covers the “East Elbian” serial failures who, unlike Germany and eventually Austria, have pretty much remained stuck in their sordid neo-feudal past, petty little ethnic feuds, rampant national chauvinism and general reactionary faggotry.

            • I really like reading your shit Kellomies, it’s nice to raise an eyebrow in amazement at articulated posts on the Internet for a change. Kind of reminds me of the creationist “scientists” type of rhetoric.

              Being stuck with petty ethnic feuds and rampant national chauvinism are a hallmark of Eastern European (East Elbia dude ? fo’ real ?) are they ? I expect then we should quickly relocate the Scots, the English, the Irish, the Flemish and the Wallons, the Spanish and the Basque, the Sudeten Germans and the Czechs, because surely they belong much farther to the East. Being stuck with petty ethnic feuds because of labels we all learned from our parents is an European trait. Different cultures lived for a long time in close proximity to one another and everyone has a quarrel to pick with everyone else. You will find misguided nationalists in absolutely each and every European state. You will have political parties, sport clubs, and NGOs with a proud history of chauvinistic agenda starting from Norway and down to Italy.

              Sordid neo-feudal past dude ? You are either trolling, because I thought better about your interest in history, or you have a very different definition for what that is. Saying neo-feudalism was present Eastern Europe where, if anything the state had and still has to much power over the life of the individual, as compared to the hyper-capitalist Western Europe is plain bollocks.

              Also, please tell me when given the chance do you also vote conservative ?

    • What my dick are you talking about? How many times did you hear people complain about gypsies and how all of Romania hates them? probably quite a lot as long as you’ve been out of the house at least a couple of times. The difference is, this guy is taking it seriously whereas people are just venting and just saying it, and if they were to be confronted they would immediately back out of it. People are saying that hitler should have gassed them, it’s just that they don’t trully mean it….

  5. I decided to make an EU account, it is so quiet!! No one talks.
    The things you post on your Hall of Shame is what every single game on the US servers look like. Heck, these are all tame compared to the US servers.

  6. This gives me a cool idea, next time, some retard comes to my home to ask about my nationality and ethnicity I’ll say that I’m a Gypsy Juden Eskimo Klingon but the real dilemma is what to say about my religion??? I’ll just go with Wotarism, I’m a member of a church of mighty penetration with our saint EXP :) :) :)

    p.s. this church of penetration is both for wot and sex :) :) :)

      • Yes, I’ll add that I’m Polish, and when I open the door to kick the asshole out, I’ll say siemica and siemka :) :) :)

        In my country it’s a huge sin to say that you don’t hate Croats, because Serbs and Croats are two moronic tribes filled with hatred for each other. I love to say that Croats are my brothers, because they are really the closest nations we Serbs have. Furthermore, when I say, Croats are my brothers, I’m telling the truth, because I love them, like I love our other Slavic brothers!

        I wrote some time ago about the fact the in ex Yugoslavia, we all hate each other but we pretend to be brothers and in that way we have actually stopped unwanted aggression between our people. In the end, today kids from all over ex Yugoslavia are not hating each other and in that way, are bringing back the spirit of brotherhood…

  7. rmxsho0t and MajorIndegrient should meet up and hug. One is a stupid Romanian kid with Nazi sympathies, the other a stupid Romanian hater with Nazi sympathies. They could focus on their common interests and maybe even platoon from time to time. That way we could bag to morons for the price of one when encountered.

    Damn, no nation has a monopoly on stupidity but … :sigh:

    Anyway, always fun to watch the Hall of Shame. It reminds me that I should be calm when playing with a tomato team because … here they are … “walking” amongst us, and there’s so many of them.

  8. Yeah, Wot community…

    Tired with random teams in WoT I moved almost 2 months ago to other MMO, which is mainly PvE. And there I have realized how terrible is WoT community. How many raging kids and Nazis we have in WoT and how awful it is

    Playing quite a lot in that other game for 2 months I have seen word “idiot” only once….. Guy was kicked from a guild for that in less then minute. Word noob I also have seen only once. Used as a friendly joke, not personal attack… Most people are very hepful, nice, kind… Totally different world.

    I miss my tanks more and more, but one such “Hall of shame” is enough to kill any thought about coming back to WoT. Too many insane people here . Thats very sad that WG do not fight with those people and that devs do not want to add some PvE to allow me play without those randomly generated “people”.

    It is totally strange that we do not have modelled cremembers to keep PEGI low, but insane amount of foul and Nazi language is not a problem for devs…

  9. And yet another pathetic hall of shame.


    Show people doing the most retarded shit in their tanks so at least we can have a laugh. This is just sad.

  10. Is it just a chat ban these guys get? Some of this stuff is actually a criminal offence in the UK. Shouldn’t WG be kicking them for this to protect themselves from prosecution?

  11. You know… I chat-rage A LOT in most of my games due to frustration, but I draw my line well before making threats, stupidly wishing someone ill, or racist crap. I generally just spew profanity and call into question my team’s collective intelligence (Regarding my own skill, I’m at the stage where I can hold my own, sometimes even against unicums, but not good enough to carry 14 retards to victory.).

    Something else, and it’s not an allegation I use frequently, but when my armour, the very thickest or best angled part of it is penned by guns that have no business penning it, I do call the goldspammer lazy because he can’t be bothered aiming for weakspots.

    Example: The 121mm upper plate of the FV4202, sloped at 72 degrees (and probably the only reliable armour on the tank) has an effective thickness ~391mm. Now, the tier 10 TD with the biggest pen is the FV215b 183, with 310mm of pen with his AP shells. Even with a max pen roll of +25%, that is only 387.5mm of pen (at 100m distance or less) which is below the effective thickness of the armour. 121mm is also too thick to be overmatched by any tank gun in-game. So when a T110E5 with only 258 AP pen repeatedly puts shots through my upper plate on level terrain, he’s just being a lazy bastard shooting HEAT. I guess it’s just too hard to aim for the turret…

    • I call someone goldnoob just for fun :D Of course, they dont understood my sarcasm, so they will think I’m noob and that further increases my laugh.
      Also, a lot of calling people retards.

    • did he stand in front of you and “looked down” on the ufp`? (negating the angle and stuff)

      and you can recognize HEAT shells by the “burning” effect after shell impact. oh yeah, and the hole he leaves must be tiny (at least smaller than the calibre he is shooting with normally)

      about insulting people…WOT made me a racist asshole. but i rarely use racist insults. i prefer to laugh at peoples stupidity. much more entertaining to tell them how they will de in a few moments.

      if i have a lot of “siemas” in my team i kindly ask the players to speak english since thats what most people understand. if i get insultet or trolled after that: “fire a will” :D

      all i want is cooperation…

      • This was on level terrain at a distance that was at least several hundred meters. This was on Komarin, there were two T110E5′s camping the north spawn, myself and an M103 had just broken the east flank and crossed the bridge. I used the depressed terrain along the water at the north for cover from the center island/plateau when I and the E5s spotted each other and they both lit me up. My hull was slightly reclined on a small reverse slope (only way to make the FV’s turret bounce anything from tier 9 and 10 guns) but they shot put shots through my UFP instead, and I could for sure hear the sizzling sound.

        That’s the sort of stuff that really frustrates me… I learn as much as I can about a tank’s limits, try to operate within them, and then either someone is lazy and negates those points with gold or I have a team that forces me to play my tank “wrong” (if you know what I mean by that). By playing a tank “wrong” I mean stuff like being forced to play medium with thinly armoured TDs or brawl with big thinly armoured tanks like my Centurion or VK30.02(M) instead of being allowed to put the gun’s penetration and accuracy to use over distance.

  12. Some people go just too far with raging and insulting.

    Anybody ever checked if these idiots get banned afterwards at all or just like in most cases, just NOTHING happens at all?!?!

    • I have old screenshots of people who went crazeir than that like 1 year ago. afterwards insulting me in chat and stuff like that.

      guess what, they still play.
      meanwhile i have 2 warningpoints in wot because:
      -i told some retard in the forum “crawl back under the rock you cam from”
      -teamkilled a BLOCKING troll platoon player in his m2 LT and was afterwards shot by his chaffe plattonmate for 1 minute (in the spuerpershings spaced armour :D) and , when finally to bored about it. took him out as well (1 day ban…)

      yes wargaming. please defend those r-tards.

  13. I think it’s hilarious that all these pathetic, hateful little children are too young for even their grandparents to have fought in the War yet they are more racist and bigoted than the worst Nazi…

  14. I haven’t talked like that ingame but I can understand them, listen…EVERYTHING happens for a reason, it’s not random lawl when it happens this much, maybe people disliking siemas and baltic players or something…

  15. Forgot the “Stats”, forgot the holy “Winrate”……. all Red Barons, all Purple Unicums lets stay together side by side against all Racist on WOT.

  16. The first one is quite a lot … You could actually go to prison for that in Germany (StGB §130: “Volksverhetzung”), in the worst case.

  17. I don’t see any racism in screen . just internet trolling .. More like anther side are in rage when reading trolling . Lolbots

  18. Shame wargaming doesn’t ban people for these. I guess when you so openly admit your love for Stalin, you have to accept all dictators.

    Also, hilarious how the E-75 censored his own name.

  19. I heat racists, they should all suffer cuz they are less worth. No but really, white supremacy and white nationalism is the worst thing that has happened.

  20. LMAO at MotoDrum! he needs to be banned for life. Maybe he was beaten by a Romanian when he was younger lol

  21. I know loads of decent Polish players. What an ignorant comment and even if it were true such remarks are un called for.

    • The only problem with Polish players is that they are probably most numerous nation in WoT on EU server. And they have a lot of children playing who doesn’t speak anything but Polish. So it’s much easier to recognize them because in every team there is at least few of Polish players. They also have a lot of good(unicum) players, but you don’t recognize them that easily because they are overshadowed by all the “siemkas”. My clan has players from ~20 nation from EU and biggest number came from Poland. If in some case for example French people are most numerous i think we would have the “Frog-eaters” stereotypes all around same as we have siemkas right now.

      • You just cant generalize. But people like to do it. And it helps when you can rage at one thing (in this case polish players).

        Anyway, WoT is dead for me, i don’t care anymore. This was maybe the 10th patch in a row where WG fucked up my FPS during snipermode. Everytime i searched a mod to fix this, now not even this mod works. No money from me since 1 month. I am just a single person and i know the 10€ per month is not much for them but i simply can’t pay for such a horrible customer treatment. They reached a point (rigged MM and RNG) where every player with some skill with leave earlier or later. And what’s left? Garbage players.

        • /You just cant generalize. /
          /I never saw a turk working in germany. All they do is taking the money for doing nothing, making slums and ghettos of whole cities./

          - you are full of shit muertex.

          • Oh so sorry that i hurt your poor turkish soul. If you cant stand the truth, you don’t need to insult but i don’t expect anything else from such a monkey-like-mind.

            • Stop talking bullshit your fool, the only monkey here is you. Poor white trash kid, now stfu and bluw me.

  22. I’m just waiting for the moment to see my occasional rage here. I don’t make racist/antisemitic/… comments, but sometimes I rage quite a lot…

  23. I don’t understand the point of these posts.
    I mean.. yeah those ppl are immature and stupid for raging so hard, but in like 50% of games there is someone raging this hard.
    I think its kinda tasteless to post these.

  24. i srsly hope someone of you guys takes the time to report these fuckers via ticket. the ingame complaint/igno system is broken and public shaming isnt the best way to stop those fucks.

    • Why should i waste my time? There are 1000s of this players in WoT, teamkilling is allowed anyway, doing other shit in randoms isn’t punished also. WoT became a shithole, with shit players in a shit environment.

  25. the think about romanians is kinda true and also if you team is full of polands you know you will lose I not saying that is a reason to insult but it is wot every day reality.

  26. I truly pity them racists, poor things with no awareness or brains, their lives will be a continuous steamroller of trouble until they will end up in jail.

  27. Бля, хуйней вы страдаете в своей Євро-Жопе, как вы не поймете что любому человеку генами заложено бороться за выживание, в том числе и за чистоту крови своего рода, кровосмешения призирались во все времена а тем более кровная связь Белого человека с жидярой (евреем)!!!

  28. seriously , WTF is wrong with EU server

    seems to full of so much shit that it makes the bad player of ASIA a walk in the park

  29. I hate european nazis, eu servers are full of them. Nazism is long way from gone in europe, which is sad.

    • Lol, stfu ur cumtard. Hitler was a joke ass homo, and I hope that you will suffer the same destiny as he did. In some places in sweden, we mess nazis up for f0n.

  30. It seems jews are not too popular in this game. Are you provoking rightist players purposefully? Anyway there is freedom of speech. so no shame, this post is just pointless.

    • The freedom of cumming where ever you like does not apply for braking the game rules, or general rules in EU. Freedom of speech does not mean you are allowed to insult people and make racist remarks. But I guess that would be too hard to understand for a neo-nazi like you. This post is very valid dude, it only shows the huge amount of racist bastards that are still around after 60 years.

  31. ugh, this jewish butthurt again… some moron who doesn’t know anything about nazi says something stupid, then you start being a crybaby by posting this spam… come on, grow up and stop feeding the nazi trolls

  32. There was a replay I had where I was playing my Lowe on Westfield where this IS-3 driver’s whining about “wallet warriors” (half of our team was premium tanks) the whole battle. He then died in like…two minutes or something, and then accuses me of being ebonic when I make the quintessential troll remark (You mad bro?) over the fact that his team got steamrolled by a bunch of “wallet warriors”.

  33. Poor Jews, they are almost as hated as niggers. Almost.

    Niggers are a feral, uncivilized race that refuses to integrate with any society they live in. At least Jews integrate, but integrate TOO MUCH and take them over like parasites robbing a host..

    • You are joking right? Fucking nazi scum stfu. Go learn ur history first then come back and talk shit. The white man has more blood on their hands than any other “race”.

      Speaking about hate, do not for one second think that people like youre white supremacy ass are not hated, in some places people like you get messed up for fun.

      Also, jews taking over, well thats because you and your poor people are dumb fuckw who much rather jerking off eachother than educating yourselves in school. Much easier to blame all other people for your failure.

      If you havent noticed whites, and specially white christians are a minority, so stfu, go back under that stone you came frum.

  34. Well, good to see -BTB- kicked that first guy out of their Clan in a hurry! Well done -BTB-!

  35. In german language there is a saying:

    “Der Klügere gibt solange nach, bis er der Dümmere ist.” – “The clever one gives in until he has become the fool.”

    Now if we just ignore those poor kids, we may descend on their level someday or they win because we sleep.
    Therefore if one is confronted with sh*t like this, it should be reported.

  36. rofl!!! ragekids are fun,im not even insulted by them,good fun.let them rage we need fun moments in wot!