Hero of the Day wrong description

Hello everyone,

just quick heads up for those who haven’t noticed yet. There’s a new October daily mission announced on the portal: Hero of the Day – deal 50k damage per day, earn 250k credits. Or, is it?

The ingame description looks like this:


So, another portal screwup? No. In this case, it’s a client issue. Tuccy specifically confirmed that it’s the 50k damage that’s valid and not 50k XP requirement (that would have been harsh). It’ll be fixed within the client at some point.

36 thoughts on “Hero of the Day wrong description

  1. Shit mission. 50k dmg is way too much for shitty 250k credits. I can do 250k credits with my type59 simply by fooling around in 5 battles.


    • 50k dmg to me is like 13 games, no matter win or lose. its way better than the preveus 15 win one…

    • 5 games in type=250k for you? Sir, you are probably the worst Type 59 driver, for me ~3

      • or he doesn’t have prem… Probably he doesn’t even have a type,, he wanted to troll

      • i said only by fooling around you fuckwit aka suiciding or simply by driving in a lake. id still get enough credits.Learn 2 read. @nandee i do have one. now eat your hearth out! i got it and you never will!

  2. SS, the description is not wrong, this mission has been active in the US server for the entire month(september) and it requieres 50K XP to win a day of prem(limit one per day) and it’s repeatable.

    yup it’s harsh and it’s only doable on a weekend WITH prem account, otherwise there’s no way to reach it(i’ve played most of saturday on T10 tanks WITH prem and came 20K short as an example, the only time i did it i played since morning also with prem account)

    • Um, maybe if you have problems with getting wins, but WITH premium, that’s 3-4 hours of play max, on any day… I know most people dont have the time, but its perfectly doable, I’ve been hovering on over a month of premium ever since it started

  3. “Tuccy specifically confirmed that it’s the 50k damage that’s valid and not 50k XP requirement (that would have been harsh).”

    Apparently the guys running the NA server don’t think it’s too harsh…(our mission was 50k exp, the reward being 3 days of premium account…which one’s unlikely to achieve without a premium account anyway, even if you’re really, really good)

  4. Who need premium tanks with missions like these? 25k for 5k dmg have brought me over 1kk credits alone to not mention 250k credits each day for whole september. This one will be even more easy to gain since no victory required.