Invite plus beta codes

Hello everyone,

a few more EU invite codes (1000g, 3 days of prem) from JarzaK, Candel


And something a bit more exotic for those who do like this kind of thing: two World of Tanks Xbox beta invite codes from SGT_Rauch


Thank you very much, guys.

9 thoughts on “Invite plus beta codes

  1. thats rediculous, ive been trying for a week trying to get a code, and i refreshed this almost instantly and both were used…

    • Hm, if I get my hands on more, I’ll invent a different system. In the meanwhile, try to check forums, WG employees sometimes give out invite codes for free.

      • I’m on the NA server and have some friends on the EU who said there are better quality players over there, so thats why ive been trying to get one :/

  2. Sorry for offtopic but Ive been looking for a site that specifies terrain resistance for each tank and I cant find it. I remember has info on engine hp but no detailed track statistics. Any ideas? And again sorry for hijacking the thread :P