Top of the Tree in October?

Hello everyone,

today, the October calendar came out. Thanks to traditionally “great” Czech portal translation/management, someone forgot to delete the Top of the Tree description, so we now know that the Top of the Tree, starting from 1.10.2013 will be Object 268


61 thoughts on “Top of the Tree in October?

  1. and for 2nd half?
    M48 Patton would be nice ;) It was the first tier 10 I unlocked but never got the creds to buy it lol.
    Since then, i bough E-100, IS-7, IS4, Tpy E, Leopard but still no M48 lol

  2. Awesome! Been holding off on the purchase of Obj.268 for several months…now I can get another T10 TD.

  3. Damn for the last 5-6 top of the tree they managed to choose exactly what I don’t grind.Now the only tier 10 ‘s left on special which I don’t grind are t110e3, e-50m and FV 215b 183 so I hope for FV 215b, t110e4, object 263, is-4 or jagdpz e-100 soon


    i just bought Obj. 268 last week…my first tier 10…no!no!…all top tree/big and heavy have been a huge miss for me….i can’t belive this ( i also unlocked t44 10 days after the event for t62A expired)

    GG ME!

      • I did the exact same thing. As soon as the T-62A was announced, I bought the 704. I figured that would give me 2-3 months to grind the 300K needed for the 268. Now they do this. Ah, well, I figure I can grind 150-200K between now and the end of the sale, and free XP the rest.

    • Well I bought the 268 two weeks ago as well.
      On purpose.
      I was like – hmm, now was russian med (T-62A), next one is Maus, so then will come french, maybe chinese… I was so wrong…

    • I had the 268 researched for a few weeks now. It’s my first tier 10. I had less than a mil credits so I wasn’t gonna grind out 6 million credits, so I waited for it to be Top of the Tree, and now it’s here :P

  5. Lulz, I still ned another 90k exp to open 704 QQ

    Prepare u pants, guys. Legion of ISU is coming

  6. okay. i guess its time for the heavys to slumber in their garage again…the amount of goldshells wont be fun with them. time to use and abuse myself or drive leopard only :P

  7. so far they’ve had…
    Glorious USSR: IS-7, T-62a, 268 = 3
    Murica: T110E5, T57 = 2
    Le France: Foch 155, Batchat = 2
    Fascist box tanks: E-100, Leopard 1, Maus = 3
    Dem British folk: FV4200 med thing = 1
    China = 0

    Anyone know what’ll be next?
    I’m guessing either 121/113/Fatton/50B
    Or Jpz100 to troll everyone, Lul

  8. Chuckles, does this explain why the NA Server has seen both Soviet premium tank destroyers on sale repeatedly recently?

    Wargaming has run the following for its ‘On The Track/Top of the Track’ series, thus far:

    T57 Heavy

    Leopard I

    Tank Destroyer
    AMX 50 Foch 155

    Next up the Soviet Object 268, you say.

    ***What has not run yet?***

    Soviet, IS-4
    UK, FV215b
    French, AMX 50B
    Chinese, 113

    French, Bat Chatillion 25t
    Soviet, Object 140
    German, E-50M
    USA, M48A1
    Chinese, 121

    Tank Destroyers
    USA, T110E3
    Soviet, Object 263
    UK, FV215b 183
    USA, T110E4
    German, Jagdpz E-100

    UK, Conqueror Gun Carriage
    Soviet, Object 261
    USA, T92
    French, Bat Chatillion 155 58
    German, GW E 100

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