Clanwars designer interview


Hello everyone,

a player with nickname Aces managed to catch a WG CW developer in some café in Minsk and asked a few questions. I won’t translate the whole thing literally, but following pieces of info can be gleaned from it:

- the CW dev team was recently made bigger
- currently, they are working on several projects of various sizes, but the closest one is the second campaign
- Second campaign will have some significant changes from the first and it will come very soon
- furthermore, in October several CW features will come, they are practically ready:

1) Misdirection (Diversion, Sabotage) function – it works the same way as espionage/counterespionage (SS: or possibly “recoinnaissance” sorry, I don’t know the proper CW terms), it includes several tasks the saboteur can perform, like blocking some frontiers for the enemy or inciting rebellions
2) Portal recruiting center, where officers and recruiters will be able to sort candidates based on main statistical indicators and players will be able to leave their notes on what they look in a clan
3) The option to change clan name and tag
4) Clan gold transfer log

- “alternative CW content” is also being developed (no details)
- full rework of clan interface will come
- new clan rating will be implemented

20 thoughts on “Clanwars designer interview

  1. I remember seeing some T-34-3 review . Can someone please link it here :P ? I want to see it.

  2. 1) Misdirection
    :: What a lame thing to imagine…
    1) Recruiting center
    :: Because WG does not have any interest in statistical data other than winrate… Ok, I see…
    3) Option to change name
    :: Important?
    4) Clan gold transfer log
    :: Ok, seems legit

    Hm, not much to look forward to.

    • Donkey-Horses are called mules. Please be more respectful of their kind in the future.

    • Clan wars are for pussies and gold ammo is for those who cant afford gold chains in real lyfe.

  3. I pesonly think that CW, TC, BC, etc should be removed from the game, because it has too much impact on the game design in randoms. Make clan wars and that bullshit different from random games please.

  4. plenty of manpower getting sunk into cw shit while random game (whateveryone plays) gets nothing new.

    • I heyt and heat all pleyer pleying cw and tc bullshit games. I say improve random games ffs.

  5. WTF cares about the Clanwars, when the basic game mechanics is still broken… Why to focus on a tiny percentage of players, and sink resources into developing it? Oh, right, because of the e-sport bullshit, that maybe interests a slighty more people, but still is not suitable for WOT (huge RNG etc.).