8.8 lag fix? (possible)

Hello everyone,

yesterday, I recieved an e-mail from NAZ2222 (EU) regarding a possible fix of the lag issues, that came in 8.8 – please be aware that I did NOT test this solution, so I have no idea if it really works or not. Please let me know. Here’s what NAZ2222 suggests:

“I as with many WoT players have been suffering from huge lag spikes since 8.8, slowdonws, red blinking…

Today I was reading that many players that lowered overclock on ASUS platforms stopped having problems, so I started to tweak things to try to see if it helped. Anyway, I use HWinfo64 to see temps, and clocks of cpu, gpu, and I noticed the existence of an ASUS sensor, after I disabled it and clicked “Save & Exit”, WOT started working fine again:


I dont know, maybe it conflicts with any of the coding in WoT in my case at least, because my pc was fine in 8.7. (by the way my system: i5/ASUS P8Z77-V LX/HD6870/8gb) Maybe you could see if this tweak helps in any of the lagged 8.8 people you know, and if that’s the case spread the news.”

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  1. BTW This morning they fixed teh Hero Of The Donkey thing, as in 50k dmg for 250kg donkey poop instead of 50k exp. :O

    • Might have to find out exactly what that sensor is, and if it’s related to certain chipsets, mobo components, sockets, etc… And of course why and how, as well.

  2. Yeah, fixed at 2pm UK time, which meant I lost about 12k or more damage…

    Guess what?? By the time I finished playing I was about 10k short of the required amount…. Pffft…!!

    Anyway.. Back to OP.. I don’t have anuything Asus, gfx, mobo or sound….

    So do other mobo’s have a similar process??

  3. Hello ! Last night I did 50k XP and recived the 250k coins. I finish it at 2 am (GMT+2h)

  4. Disabling the overclock on my Asus F2A85-M(AMD A8-5600K) appears to have vastly reduced the lag spikes, in conjunction with turning off the majority of the ASUS software.

    I did see people talking about this the other day, so I ran a full memtest86 test for a couple of hours just to make sure my current overclock was stable before setting it all back to defaults.

    I do suspect its a conflict with the ASUS software though, rather than a stability issue with peoples overclocks.

  5. lag which appeared on differeent machines CANT be user hardware related. voodoo witchcraft will do nothing in this case.

    • But there might be another cause of lags, completely unrelated to the actual cause (Telia for some, bogus patch for others). Such as some Asus conflicting software or improper Multimedia Class scheduling, for example.
      I have the light blinking red from time to time as well, which is “a feature”, “introduced” in the 8.8 “patch”, not caused by anything on my side or on the way to WG’s servers (checked and double checked ten times).

    • agreed … myself and my friends have vastly different machines and we all have these issues.

  6. I think I will have alook at it. But I don’t think I have an ASUS Sensor on my AsRock Board

    • Considering asrock used to be asus’s budget mobo line and is now owned by another subsidiary spun off by Asus…

  7. If we know more on what this “asus sensor” senses we could give a better answer to this.

  8. Hi,
    I do have lag issues too on the following machine:
    Asrock X79 Extreme 4
    Zotac GTX570
    non overclocked
    Did install HWinfo64 but had no such sensor error nor something similar. I can’t say if it works but as I do have the problem but no such error, I doubt this would solve the problem reliable. Or it would have to be a very indeterministical error.
    I apprieciate your, and the guys, effort and contribution as always but I don’t see why we have to find a solution to a WG made problem. I mean you don’t buy a car and then improve it for the manufactorer because it is poorly manufactored.

    • It’s WG’s screwup. I’m glad the guy was able to fix this problem, for him at least, and also appreciate the effort, but this is more than just OC. I have done no OC and I still get the spikes. :/

  9. Lag-> internet provider, Lag——/\/\/\/\/\/—- PC overclock are you mad thats retard idea :D

  10. ” mean you don’t buy a car and then improve it for the manufactorer because it is poorly manufactored.”

    well this is what alof of ppl exactly do :D

    • I am not speaking of tuning and modding :-). I mean improve the basic model for them in terms of fixing errors of them causing the car not working properly.

  11. I was lagging last night and use Gigabyte Mainboard and graphics card. Also I’m getting lag on my laptop which isn’t overclocked…

  12. Well i got the problem with the 8.8. and i dont use ASUS overclocked anything.
    It was solid green 40-50ms – then comes 8.8. and the game is broken!

    GJ wargaming! Maybe in the next patch they will erase my crews. Who knows.

    • No next the game will get corrupted very badly with only how terrible as the reason for the error

      • No…

        Next patch will fix lag..

        …but MM will wait 20 minutes then put 8x Tier 10 arties and 7 scouts against your T95, you have no teammates..

  13. Same problem occured one of the patches in the past,i don’t remember which one but it belongs to the 0.8.X patches.

    Fİrst of all,i’m not sure how is that “overlocked” hardware affects the latency but if that’s a solution for Asus customers,then i’m afraid the other guys will still have the problem :/

    Let’s get clear,Wg is not good about patch releases,especially at hotfixes.So if the problem occurs at the live patch (such as 0.8.8) it won’t get fixed until the 0.8.9 patch released which sucks,that is the real problem.

    In Wg’s point of view,new patch means:new tech tree or tanks,several buffs/nerfs,tier changing or damage system.And it’s not going any further.

    Still the game has utilization problems (such as multiple core and cpu/gpu balance) That means Wargaming does not interesting about hardware issues so much.

    For all those whose using Riva Tuner Statistics (such as Msi Afterburner,Evga Precision-X or Asus Tweaking Tool) might have get affected due to internal server process

  14. I don’t have ASUS maindoard and i experience massive lags. Last couple of days the lags are so huge, that the game is unplayable for me. Tank drives itself.

    • “Tank drives itself” is not a lag, it’s a packet loss.

      Run “tracert login.p1.worldoftanks.eu” in the CMD and see if you’re routed through Telia, because that’s where the packets disappear.

      Then you can run “ping -t -l 1024 login.p1.worldoftanks.eu” (that’s minus L) and let it run for a couple of minutes, then press CTRL + C and see in the statistics if there were any packets lost or if the min and max latencies are wildly different (like min 40ms max 500ms).

    • Oh and mind you, if you trace the rout to EU1 (login.p1…..) then you will see at least one Telia hop regardless of your ISP’s connection, as EU1 is hosted by BCC IP, which is WG server’s provider, and a bastard child of Telia. The problem is when you see more than one hop through Telia.
      Tracing EU2 (login.p2……) isn’t affected by the above.

      • I tried both EU1 adn EU2 and I don’t route through telia and I don’t have asus mobo(gigabyte) and I have lags from 0.8.8, everything was fine in 0.8.7.

  15. One word. Telia. They suck, and they are the reason of issues with connectivity. But it is WG to blame, they chose data centers where they locate servers, and it seems that they do not care on who provides connectivity to them…

  16. I have 3 different PCs (Q6600 – Asus board, Xeon E3 1230v3 – Gigabyte board and Notebook Lenovo Y500 with i7 CPU). Occasional lags after last patch occurs at all of them :). Ping is mostly OK 20-50ms, but that “red lag warning light” starts blinking rapidly sometimes and i cannot properly drive the tank. Its certainly not ISP problem too, because i tried another location with another ISP and it was the same (Lenovo notebook). Switching between EU1 and EU2 sometimes helps.

    • “Switching between EU1 and EU2 sometimes helps.”
      Yes. EU2 is in Amsterdam, EU1 is in Nuremberg, Amsterdam has (for most EU folks) shorter route with less hops through Telia’s swamp, which gives a more stable connection with lesser packet loss.

        • Maybe it is, my route is Berlin -> Dusseldorf -> Frankfurt -> “Bavaria” so Nuremberg seemed like a logical choice, but then again why not Munich.

  17. I have an Asus board, also got lag spikes on WoT…but I never overclocked my 3GHz CPU yet.Also, I also had no lags prior to 8.7.
    So I think it’s not really that problem.

  18. Its just not Tella having problems, I’m having huge problems on the NA East and West servers since the patch with lag and ping fluctuating all over the place since before 8.x patch…it seems like the network quality/code of WoT has gotten worse as each patch came out over the past couple months. I used to avg about 60-100ms ping and two weekends ago it was 80ms-250ms making it next to impossible to control my tanks.

  19. What if I don’t have an ASUS motherboard? I play on an Acer 5750 laptop with Core i5 and these lags are really anoying. I hope the Wargaming will fix it soon.

  20. This fix doesnt solve the 8.8 patch issues, because many people running non asus hardware and software still get lag spikes in 8.8, which they didnt in previous versions. I use no asus hardware in my rigg, I have MSI motherboard, and still I get annoying lag spikes in 8.8.

  21. WTF i am reading?

    lag caused by mobo? are u ppl crazy?

    if pre-patch was no lag, and post-patch we have lag, the problem is the patch, its simple as that…

    i am playing with the same pc and internet provider since closed beta and never had these lags…

    • Actually people could have latency issue due to mobo ? But it’s a theory have not seen on irl.All the mobos have onboard network card,if someone with an “unstable” overclock and unstable voltages could have problems with his/her network connection,that might not cause a lag of course,maybe driver issue,connection loss or whatever you call,but it’s a very very low possibility to happen,again i’m not defending the “mobo’s fault” idea.

      You are right,patch itself is the problem and it seems it wont get fixed any time soon

  22. ASUS P5Q SE mobo here, with 3ghz intel dual core OC’d to 3.7 Ghz, but I dont rly think that’s the issue, as those lags havent occured before latest patch introduction.. just waiting for the fix, they gotta do something, or I’ll sell my account and leave to war thunder.

  23. It worked fine before 8.8, now it laggs. It MIGHT be the cause what SS wrote in the article, sure, but that still doesn’t negate the fact that WG screwed up the game in 8.8 patch and they need to fix it. It might be the hardware problem, but it’s not because of the bad hardware we are using, but due to WG incompetence. Stop with all the nonsense.

    • I’m sorry to ear it, in my case it stopped my lag/packet loss/ slowdowns completly. Anyhow, I recommend disabling this sensor.

      Just as an information the ASUS EC sensor is installed by Windows automatically, is not HWiNFO that installs it. So it is always running in the background.

      Hope it helps somebody ;)

      • Try re-enabling the sensor, confirm that it lags, then try disabling Multimedia Class Scheduler Service and re-confirm it lags after reset. No promises, just science!

        • I can confirm that enabling the sensor brings lag back, I have that multimedia service disabled too.

          I’m not saying that disabling the sensor fixes all problems in WoT, I still have ocasionall red blips, but in my case it made the game playable for me again.

          Good luck everyone

  24. For whom this fix didn’t work, did you try sending a support ticket? In my case I sent a support ticket (twice) and WG tech support advised me to try pingplotter then tracert. Zip the results and send to WG support. It still lags sometimes but not as much after their fix. Trouble is we have dynamic IP so every time my IP changes(I think) the lag returns and I’d have to send another support ticket. Btw the pingplotter and tracert results always show packet loss in WGs isp, hopefully this would be completely solved by patch 8.9.

  25. You really should stop taking random emails filled with garbage as truth.

    Overclocking doesn’t effect your latency ingame, your ISP, connection, your routing to the servers and how there load is at that timepoint is what effects latency.

    The facts ladies and gentlemen is that Telia, a ISP in europe is causing a 100ms hop on 4 nodes, further to this when the evening rolls in WG’s server nodes are suffering a 30-60% packet loss.


    That sunk in yet?

    Its routing and server load. Its Telia’s and WG’s issue, not users computers which worked perfectly fine with 8.7 and magically suddenly have issues with 8.8 PATCH CODE WORK, which conviently then requires you to disable your overclocking which worked fine in previous patch?


    Talk about horse ****.

    • Overclocking may be OK, but stupid dynamic overclocking can interfere with event timing. In the Russian community there is a recent post about eliminating heavy lags by disabling “CPU Intelligent Accelerator” in BIOS (on a Gigabyte motherboard, I think).

      • I have and ASUS multicore enhance thing enabled, but the sensor disabling fixed my heavy lags (it defines very closely what I had in game in fact), so apparently Gigabyte motherboards may have something similar to ASUS “optimizations”.

  26. I can totally believe this issue could be caused by over clocking. I had a similar issue with Windows Media centre.

    It would display Live TV with a slight shudder that most people didn’t notice but annoyed me.
    Someone suggested it might be a timing issue. I found an app that would tell me how accurate the PC was keeping high resolution timing. And sure enough it was something like 0.003 of a second out.

    in THIS case removing the overclock resolved the issue. Also in the Bios there is some thing about using alternate timing which was also worth while investigating.

    I ran the same test on another machine that was highly over clocked and it didn’t experience the issue. Both were Gigabyte boards. The other cool thing about the app is you could run it and it would report back the ability for your machine to playback content smoothly as many drivers and what not request for resources.

    We need to remember on windows nothing happens in real time everything gets put in a request queue (So we can multi task) So it’s highly possible that some driver or anything is causing WOT to have to wait a fraction of a second for resources.

  27. Why would overclocking suddenly be a issue ONLY after 8.8 PATCH gets released and not prior in 8.7?

    Its like grasping at straws to find a solution and trying to paint WG in some angelic light. They introduced a patch before which crashed with nvidia drivers, now they released a patch which is lagging on ms and again the MS lag is coming from TELIA and WG SERVER NODES.

    It has nothing to do with overclocking. PERIOD.

    WG introduced a patch -> ms issue happens -> systems are the same as previous patch -> only change is WoT patch.

    Overclocking only becomes a issue to a computer system when : -

    A. you don’t know what your doing and put it past the required level and the system crashes
    B. The hardware is incapable of decent level of overclocking
    C. You don’t have adequate cooling to run overclocking.

    Also, to point out, there is plenty of WoT players who have no form of overclocking and are still getting the ms spikes, so its not overclocking, its what I said above, the Telia ms nodes having 100+ ms spikes and WG’s nodes having a 30-60% packet loss on evenings when userbase is over the 80k mark.

    MS lag was introduced with 8.8 PATCH, WG has created the problem, NOT THE END USER.

    Users computers all haven’t suddenly become overclocked or problematic after one event: 8.8 PATCH.

    FYI, the EC Sensor is detecting your fan speeds on your CPU, if you disable that your computer cannot regulate the fan speed on your CPU, so in essence switching that off will lead to your computer melting because your not suppose to switch the damn thing off.

    Following internet advice from a email is a big no-no. Don’t do it its stupid.