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Hello everyone,

Storm recently posted a topic on developer forum, where he asks players, what mods they use (linked above, if you speak Russian, you can leave him some feedback too). Not much more to it (mostly player writing), but several pieces of info can be found there:

- Storm likes the damage panel used in leagues, it’s possible it will be implemented into the game
- at this moment Storm is studying map feedback (“hotspots” – where people die the most, from where people shoot the most etc), results will be used in future map reworks and mapmaking
- Storm states that cca 10-15 percent of all players use some mods, the most popular mod is XVM

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  1. *looks at damage panel*

    I was wondering when someone would get around to modding in a UI that showed team HP without having to look directly at their tank

    • It probably shows HP you saw last time that tank was spotted for you. Like XVM remaining enemy HPs.

    • There is already mod like that, but it’s still in development and all it does is using the XVM feature that shows you the last known HP of friendlies and enemies like anon bellow me said.

  2. 10-15% uses mods? Ive never heard of / from a person that doesnt. Well, in early beta everyone played vanila, as there were no mods im aware of. But now? How do they manage… plaing vanila is… awfull.

    • Well for one there are a lot of people that don’t even know mods exist. These tend to be the swarms of reds that never look at chat never read the forums they are the ones that don’t even know when a new version is coming out till a week after it comes out.

      And two there are people who actually think that mods are cheating and make a new thread every week asking WG to ban anyone who uses any kind of mod for cheating and getting an advantage over everyone else.

    • Most bad players use xvm, most mediocre to good players find it annoying at best. The na genchat mostly agrees that you shouldn’t need mods to do well.

  3. 10-15% ? I think the numbers are much higher. All of my friends use at least one mod. Almost everyone of them uses xvm and some kind of sound mod (original sounds are rubbish).

    PS. Where can i download that damage panel. Looks fantastic

    • Most players are casual players who don’t bother with mods. People who read this blog are not the average WoT player.

      • I dont use any mods (simply dont need them to play wise) and my stats are pretty good despite it.

        • While mods may not be really needed, I do really appreciate the enhanced map with configurable options for xvm.

          Stats I’m fine with, when it works and others benefit from it: I’ll use it, if it becomes redundant with hidden stats? Fine so be it, I didn’t mind the period when xvm wasn’t working at all.

          But yea back to subject, I like to be able to customise that minimap. For example showing the tank name and scaling the icons down (since I like to magnify the map a fair bit and have it semi-transparant). Then also the option to set a hotkey to put the map almost fullscreen in the center of your screen is helpful. Saves a lot of time looking around to identify what that blob of 2 mediums and one heavy is going one way. And to make matters worse if they are out of your draw range you don’t even know what enemy was spotted where.

          So with this in mind I really appreciate the map part of xvm most of all, second right after that is probably the hit log. It’s kinda nice to have a tally of damage done so far, not essential in any way just something I like to be able to keep track of.

          Oh and I guess I lied there, there’s one feature I like more than the hit log that’s the crew transfer options with xvm. I have a few premium tanks as crew trainers, it’s such a relief to be able to right click, put best crew and done!

          Other than those 3 aspects I don’t really care much for mods one way or the other. These 3 aspects really feel like items that should really be in the base game but aren’t and for lack of better options mods are the only way to fix it.

  4. The Damage Panel is IIRC a Caster Made Mod. Its used for Tournaments as it shows
    Number of Shells left in Clip (If Any)
    HP left/ HP total

  5. Damage panel seems really nice also if it gets introduced soon,that will solve lot’s of problems,at every new released patch,people trying to get download new mods,compatible to the newer version.If they introduce,damage panel and damage meter (damage dealt by yours) it would be awesome,after that Xvm will lose it’s popularity and our system will waste less resources than now.

  6. They afraid to implement them because evry time they have to ajust all mods they gona have for future that’s mean more people and salary to pay :

    • They keep fkin up the game without mods implemented….I don’t even want to imagine what would happen with mods done/implemented officially by WG. I would rather search and update the mods manually/personally, rather than waiting for the next bug made by WG….

  7. What would be good is a real time damage done update on the team list beside the kill counter so that the team could see who was pulling their weight and shut up the noob shouting morons who die without even putting a scare into the enemy team and then go on to whine at their team for being noobs even though their team seems to be turning a 43% win chance intoi a outright kill-them-all win.

  8. Besides target and sixth sense, i do not use other modes!
    and xvm is a depressing mode makes me jump off a cliff or drown the tank!
    so never used it! but the idea of it is depressing enough!

    • I used to think like that about XVM, but i actually find it much more useful now. Yes, it can be depressing and devastating when the battle is loading and you see that you have something like 20-30% chance to win, but now i see it as a challenge to do much more than usual and carry the battle if i can. When you see that 90% of your team are tomatoes you just assume that you’ll have to win the battle by yourself and don’t rely on noobies to do anything. Before i would play thinking i got at least decent team and ended up disappointed when i realised that they were all tomatoes. Also it helps to see what enemy players are good so you can focus them and play more careful with them.

  9. That’s a bullshit poll up there. It exists only to show that WG “cares” about (Russian of course) player opinions. They can easily see in their statistics which mods are popular, as they have a mechanism to ban the unwanted ones (it is enough for a simple script to check what mods folder contains afterall…).

    • Storm mentions there that they have statistics on mods but they want to know specific reasons.

    • I don’t really think that RU community uses that much different mods than EU or NA. Hell, a lot of mods i use are downloaded from RU sites so i really don’t see a problem that they are only collecting data from RU community.

  10. Anybody has link to this mod with amount of bullets in barrel (or full name of this mod) ? I will be t(h)ankfull ;)

  11. Hidable stats will also disable XVM to display any data for certain players, right?

    I see why SerB asks for mods…. *puts tinfoil hat on*

  12. WG announced that in 8.9 will be 7/42 format, most importand think that MM will take skill level into account :)