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Hello everyone,

this will most likely concern only US server players, but you never know. Anyway, the transfer window to SEA server is open. For those players from more exotic places, “stuck” playing on EU/RU/US server it’s a chance to move their account somewhere with better ping. The transfer can be initiated thru the abovelinked page via an application and the possibility will last only until 22.10.2013.

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  1. How will be my ping on SEA if I transfer my EU account from Germany to SEA? :)
    Because then I could use my nichname to make a new account for EU and have unicum stats :P

  2. And those stuck in EU and want them self transferred to mother Russia server will suffer in pain, before if ever roaming will be implemented…

    • Unless you are Russian who want’s to play with other Russian players, I can’t see any reason to move to RU server. Noobs are the same everywhere.

        • Preorder Tanks :)

          Would it be possible to switch it 2 times? like EU->RU-buy rare Tanks->EU

      • I’m a Russian from Israel, have 21k battles on EU. Prefer to play with Russian players , but have to cope with harsh siemka/pozz reality everyday :P
        Not a life/death difference, but still matters.

  3. I have a question for people playing on different server.
    Do I really need downloading the game from each server?
    For example : EU game and SEA game?

    • Servers Servers located in Singapore I beleive. And don’t beleive the better ping hype. East coast Australia still averages 120-150ms ping at best. Often shoots up to 200-250ms for no reason. West coast Australia gets about 50-80ms.

      • i live in qatar, i get 250+ ping on the us server, would switching to sea by any chance decrease my ping?

        • Look at the map, Ali. The distance is far shorter, but in such occasions you have to take routing into cosideration, and quality of the ISP connection – ergo, in theory I’m sure it should be lower than the ping to the US from your location, but it is best to test yourself – not with a transfer, but with a new, test account for SEA. You see, the distance itself does not say much as i.e. in the case of the most ISP in Poland to get to a server located in Russia (or Ukraine even), the route must go via Germany, and not Berlin, but Frankfurt am Main… That’s some extra distance up there. Your are should though have a direct landing point via sea cable in Singapore.
          Or, you can just ping/tracert the SEA server IP that says WIKI it is:

        • Download the client and test yourself during peak hours (1800-2200 hours in GMT+8). I live in NZ and I regret playing on SEA already since I get the same ping if not better to NA West.

    • No, on the US server we had two clans NA2EU and NA4EU waiting for transfer for over two years.

  4. Guys,
    I am playing Wot in germany on Ru Server’s and have always a good ping, about 30ms. Sometimes it goes up to 90ms but its ok :)

    • There are “Russian” servers located in Munich, in the exact same data center as EU1.

  5. I think I heard once that the SEA server is based in Singapore. The sad part is that for a lot of Australians the ping to the NA servers is about 200-280ms, while the ping to the SEA server is the same or higher. Thats despite the server being about 6000km closer. It does depend a bit on your ISP of course.
    The lack of an improved ping, together with a history of holding far less generous events means that all the players I know intend to pass up on the offer again.
    Oh and yes when I have tried out the other servers you need to download a separate version of the client. It’s just the same as you do when getting a client for the test server.

  6. Unless you want to meet your friend that already transferred or you are live in Asian country, don’t bother to transfer.

    We have enough whiner that want to transfer back. Remember, you can check in anytime but you can never leave.

  7. Funny how they keep trying to bolster SEA server populations, yet continue to ignore the people who want to transfer from NA to EU or EU to NA.

    • Maybe because 99% of those players who are on the “wrong” server are stuck there by their own failure? When the servers split players had a choice. Same as is happening now with SEA.

      • How many transfer opportunities to EU and how many to SEA?

        It doesn’t add up, many people joined NA after transfer window to EU had gone and want to move.

        Don’t be so narrow minded

  8. Try pinging to get an idea of what your connection speed will be like.

    For most of Australia your connection speed will be a bit better than if you are on the US server unless Optus is your ISP (bad routing). At the moment there looks to be an issue in the datacentre that WG uses (sounds familiar) so the connection is about 40-50ms worse than normal.

    Biggest downsides to the server are language barriers and our specials aren’t as good as other servers.
    Just as many noobs and bots (they really are everywhere).
    Biggest advantages would be ping and better event timing if you live in the region.

  9. i assume after the transfer all your progress is gone from the server you transferred from? meh, why cant they just unify account progress across all the servers…. its the same game after all…

    welp, for those who is considering the server change, here’s a little story from a guy from SEA.

    i started playing since late cbt, owns another account in SEA, but still mainly plays in EU. didn’t want to play SEA at first because of how incredibly lonely that place was. back then you only had like 6k people during PEAK HOURS. after a quite awhile, i checked back there, and decided to stick with EU since, well, shit stinks the same everywhere. if you hate those non-english speaking people in EU then you’d still have problems dealing with them here in SEA. then you have bots, quite the sight here in SEA.

    honestly, the only real reason anyone would want to switch from EU to SEA would be ping problems. some guy mentioned in a post above that you try creating a dummy account to check out the ping, i’d say that’s a really good idea. some people couldn’t stand ‘high’ pings, but if you can then i think you’re better off staying at EU. i had average 300 ping(and people complaint about 150+, not sure why =P) in EU, can still play fairly well, only disadvantage is people spot me first during peek-a-boos. as long as that ‘lag’ indicator doesn’t flash red i fine.

    i hope this sheds some light on people wanting to change servers. IMO changing from EU to SEA is actually a step down. same wankers, less population, better ping. well, another factor may be friends, but that depends on how desperate you are to play with your friends in your big tanks.

    oh btw, no ‘remember login ID’ feature in SEA. lazy people like me may find it annoying XD. something about account getting hacked because ID was remembered. how did that add up is anyone’s guess.

    • Peak concurrent user on SEA is around 20k now, battle queues are usually quite short (<20sec) but the quality of players is, meh at best. There are also many players who does not understand English which can be majorly frustrating (Yes, I am looking at you TH and JP).

      Also there are mods to restore "Remember password" option so that should not be a factor in your decision.

  10. Probem of each server:


    1. Telia.
    2. No preorder tanks.
    3. Crappy events and giftshop.


    1. Too much different language.
    2. Historical discrimination.
    3. Somewhat campy.


    1. Drunk players everywhere.
    2. Players from noobs to elites are all damn aggressive.


    1. Noobs everywhere.
    2. Few elite players among noobs make your solo-pub days sad.
    3. Relatively low population
    4. Some language problem.

    I say RU is the best, followed by NA.

  11. The reason for this 4′th transfer to Asia, is due to the addition of the Japanese office, covering that area of the region, to the Asia server staff.

    There are a lot of japanese players, who plays on the NA server, and several on the EU server and RU server as well, and in order for them to be able to have contact with their own regional office and support staff, so they have localized language support and events, the transfer option has been initiated.

    Current count for transfer applications in the queue as of today is 1886, from NA, EU, and RU.

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