FTR issues in Asia/South America

Hello everyone,

since Friday or so, several (well, many) users from Asian and South American countries reported not being able to access FTR at all, or being able to access it only sporadically. This concerns specifically Philippines, India, Brazil, Indonesia and a few others, from I can tell. I passed the info to Edrard, he told me he didn’t change anything with the server, it’s most likely some routing issue. It’s not terribly widespread though – I have checked and the numbers of FTR visitors have not dropped at all during the weekend.

Therefore, if you have this problem, what I am going to ask you to do is to send a traceroute log (for to my e-mail ( You will be able to find how to do it here.

We will try to analyze and fix it somehow, but ultimately, there is not much we can do. If you have this problem, you can fix it temporarily yourself by using European/US/Russian proxy servers.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


PS: before you get smartass on me (“lol why you post this when people who need to know this can’t read it anyway”), I posted a copy on FTR FB page too. I can’t do anything else I am afraid for now. We’ll see tomorrow.

31 thoughts on “FTR issues in Asia/South America

  1. Hi Frank (Thats the name by which, I came to know you in the beginning :P),

    I am a devoted and faithful reader of the FTR blog for a long time now, and leaks aren’t the only stuff that I find interesting in this lair of yours xD I play from India on the WoT EU server and ofc access FTR from India too. I would like to state that IIRC, I have NEVER had ANY problems accessing FTR since you moved to Edrard’s webspace (AND I NEVER had ANY issues while FTR was hosted on Blogspot) and certainly none last Friday / the weekend. So, apparently, the access issues that were reported on Friday are not country specific IMO, but could be rather ISP specific and as you said earlier, its obviously certain servers along a particular route not “working as intended” ;) If you would like to know, my ISP is Bharti Airtel Pvt Ltd.

    Ps. Ever since u started using SilentStalker as your nick on FTR, I have always wondered, what was the story behind Frank Davis? Not sure if you have mentioned this before :)

    • Simple. I wanted to use Silentstalker, but when I made that FTR gmail account, it required me to put “real name”. My first real name is an equivalent of English Frank, second name was pretty random, although I was reading about the Civil War at that point I think, specifically about Jefferson Davis, so I guess it kinda came from there.

        • SS – I didn’t take you for a Hanar (but it all makes sense now … lol) … hiding your ‘Soul Name’ from your readers… At least we know your face name (Frank Davis)…

  2. Has Problems loasong the Site with my mobile yesterday and today
    Location: Germany
    Provider : Vodafone

  3. In Australia on Internode. DNS entry for wot-news appears to be gone, had to fix with a hosts file entry.

  4. These guys (or your website) are victims of the growing censorship in some countries.
    (The war on terror or the mental sanity of a country’s citizen are worth some drawbacks.)

  5. hi SS, I can’t access this web directly, I think is almost 3 days by now, I guess its because some of censorship in my country? oh btw im from Indonesia, this is sucks, I must open this site via proxy, so I guess thats my ISP problem? why the hell they must block this site?

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  7. Hey SS,

    Just wanted to let you know that your blog can’t be accessed in Pakistan either since Friday/Saturday. I am using a proxy server to access it at the moment. Hopefully the issue will resolve itself.


  8. I’m from Argentina, I couldn’t access to and of course, neither FTR however I can enter using a proxy.

  9. Slovakia
    Friday night at about 22:00
    kind of tought nah and had a good roll with the Spitfire Mk. II and Beaufighter
    half an hour later, loaded in without problems, no problems since

    • still cant access this site, I can open it via proxy which is annoying. btw, I open ur link, there are some red cross problem related with like this : “Oops! Your name servers don’t all seem to have identical NS records for your domain. This could lead to some visitors not being able to see your site (or seeing it on a different server)! This should be fixed ASAP!”
      and CNAME things I dont understand, well I find this pretty annoying if it is related with DNS, since my ISP provide the DNS, this ISP sucks,

  10. SS, yesterday I was unable to access your site from home. Not sure about today, but I’m using university internet right now. I’m from Townsville, Australia.

  11. Site still not opening without a proxy server. Tried 3 different ISPs so far, no luck (Pakistan).

  12. Yay!! I was starting to get withdrawals.

    BTW, from New Zealand and it wasn’t a routing problem, it was failing to resolve DNS – something along the lines of a Non Authoritive reponse. At least thats what I was getting.

  13. I couldn’t access ftr this weekend from Chile, but seems that there is no more issues for me now.

  14. Hey, greetings from Venezuela. Was having issues but (thankfully) not anymore. Same issues as the anon from Autralia “it was failing to resolve DNS – something along the lines of a Non Authoritive reponse.”