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check out Listy’s article on Allied drone bombers in WW2.

Also, I promised to write something on Yom Kippur (today is the 40th anniversary of that war’s beginning). Didn’t manage to do that unfortunately, but I haven’t forgotten. Will think about that – after all, its end (25.10.1973) is something to celebrate too.


- demo video of new WoT graphics? “When it’s done it’s done”
- box edition of WoWp will come only after online release (if at all)
- SerB states that the 25 percent random factor reflects the reality (SS: kinda correct, all sorts of weird stuff could happen when a shell hit an armor)

- there are plans to modify the grass/bushes, so they don’t clip thru the tank (when it’s done it’s done)
- Storm states that the equipment (shovels and whatnot) on the frontal armor of FCM50 is realistic, as the ARL44 had it historically like that too and the FCM50 came from roughly the same time
- there will be no XP compensation for players, who have collected XP for second German TD line based on the obsolete trees released in 2012
- SerB states that if you hide your stats, only people who YOU have in your friendlist (and not who just adds you) will be able to see your stats
- SerB states that the release of WT tanks demo has not shifted any WoT development priorities
- the communication (voicechat) in 7/42 will work like it does now in a company
- player statistic hiding will be implemented, because “Storm succumbed to whining”, SerB personally was against implementing this: “nothing good will come out of it”. When asked why not simply make Storm not do it, SerB states: “Yea. And then manage every small thing in 5 projects? People have to take independent decisions. And to take responsibility for them.”, Storm later states that this feature has not yet been developed
- SerB states that Havok will work on 2nd processor core, on single core computers it will be possible to simply turn it off
- Storm states that many players (more than a half) of WoT have 1 or 2 core processors, several dozens of percent of WoT players have a singlecore processor
- Chaffee branch will be prolonged, after Chaffee there will be Walker Bulldog, but this will come after 0.9.0
- IS-3 frontal armor won’t be reduced from 110mm to 100mm (SS: the earlier “leak” was incorrect in this, this mistake was caused by incorrect work of WoT Tank Viewer with supertester client)
- after WoT patch 1.0 arrives, the development of the game will go the same way as before 1.0, as in: 1.0 is no magical number
- SerB doesn’t think there are too many mountaineous maps
- Q: “Why are French tanks so delayed?” A:”Because other tanks have higher priority”
- the option to disable “Wargaming” messages (hangar spam about Golden Joystick and changing password) will not be implemented
- player statistic hiding will not be available only for premium account users
- Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.A and Aufklärungspanzer 38t fit the game according to SerB, but not too well. That StuG Ausf.A would fit tier 3
- SerB doesn’t want game issues to be decided by player polls, he states only a minority of players takes part in these polls
- it’s possible StuG will recieve the short 75mm for historical battles

And a few answers from Overlord:

- apparently, clanchat channel rework is planned for chat 2.0
- trollplatoon ban is not planned for WoT
- Overlord states that the display of current discounts and specials is in plans
- Overlord doesn’t think the crew system will be overhauled for WoT anytime soon

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  1. “Storm succumbed to whining”

    His hair is turning grey too, as you can see in the ASAP vidoes. XDD

    • He takes it too personally compared to SerB who doesn’t give a shit. That’s not good for his mental health :D Eventough i’m not biggest SerB’s fan his way of dealing with all this seems more appropriate.

    • So THIS was the issue that roused community to such storm (pun intended) that even WG was forced to listen. O tempora, o mores.

      • So it’s a buff. Anyone could penetrate the LFP anyway. The ones that couldnt do it still wont be able to.

        • Also the tank becomes higher, making it harder for tanks to hit it’s roof weakspot.

        • Its a buff for my Type 59 and Pershing and T-34-2. Penetration on lower plate as not assured. Now it is. Same shit as IS-8 it will be :D

          • But then again, with theese 3 behicles you could pen the UFP most of the time with carefull aiming ( I do that regularily with KV-5 normal ammo) , now you cant.

            • Its not that easy. You are as a KV-5 much higher up when facing IS-3s. My type 59 gets no such luck :P . Besides, lower hull is easier to ammo rack or set on fire.

            • Try using a KV-3 with the 122mm D-25T and penetrating the bottom armor of an IS-3 in one of these one-in-a-million opportunity

            • 175-180mm of penetration is barely enough for the lower plate of IS-3, it will bounce if the angle isn’t perfect and there is some distance, and you don’t always have the luxury of shooting the turret roof. The strenght of the IS-3 is that its armor is very good all around, nerfing it LFP while buffing the UFP is definitely a nerf.

        • well actually the effective armor thickness is higher on lfp (240) than on ufp (185) at 50m range for tank of average height

    • - IS-3 frontal armor won’t be reduced from 110mm to 100mm

      Well, I’m not surprised. A nerf by WG for the Holy Grail of the Tier 8 Heavies would have been very

      Why should WG nerf the overall best Tier 8 Heavies? There is no reason to do this, the IS-3 is only the most played Tier 8 tanks in random battles and company battles because all players over the world love this piece of soviet steel. There’s no other reason for its popularity….. ;)

      • Best tier 8 heavy is the chineese one. Tbh. Wich incidentally is an Chineese IS-3 ripoff.

      • Best T8 heavy is VK 4502 A for me. Followed by Tiger 2. Followed by T32,, then KV-4, then 110 and finally IS-3.
        All are good, but what you are saying is BS.

        • You have very strange opinion I must say. The 4502 A, wherever i see it, dies really easily without doing much. Havent played it myself, but it seems like pudding heavy.

          • It is one of the finest tanks in the game, but its also a vehicle not made for random noobs.

      • It’s quite irrelevant since IS-3 frontal armor is a joke anyway. Last night I murdered one with a T-150 – had to load prem ofc, but those went straight through the “pike” when it was pointed straight at me.

          • He is saying that Premium APCR 219 pen can pen it which means that a number of Tier 8 tanks can pen it with AP ammo. And he said that it was an unangled pike.

            • The straight center of the pike you can penetrate even with the normal ammo of the 107. Wich is kinda hard.

            • Yes. Now name a tier 8 heavy that can’t be penetrated frontally by other tier 8 heavies(225mm pen avg)?

              What I’m saying is that’s a retarded argument.

            • If “spammer” equals “switches to APCR when AP demonstrably fails”, I will unhesitantly plead guilty. BTW ad hominem much?

          • T-150. Tier 6. Can casually pen the IS-3 “awesome” frontal armour at its optimal angle all day long, or at least until it runs out of prem shells which is somewhat unlikely to happen before the recipient runs out of HP.
            And the 107mm APCRs aren’t even very good for the tier (219), eg. the 90mm M3 trumps their pen handily (243)…

            The IS-3 is a good tank but that’s because of its *versatility*. Its *armour* is kinda shit against T6 HT/TD guns already, ie. Franky up there is talking out of his ass.

            • LFP used to be weakspot on IS-3 quite some time ago, but nowadays UFP is the “weakspot” and UFP is really hard to pen with guns that are in the range of 175-180 pen. Now since they angled UFP it will be much harder to pen and we yet have to see how will LFP act. All in all seems like a buff for IS-3 which is already most “famous” and most used T8 heavy and clearly didn’t need one, but after all it has red star painted on it.

            • The Tiger II is much easier to penetrate than the IS-3 from the front by a Tier 6 tank. I did some shoot tests with a friend (KV-1S) in a training room. Even an angled Tiger II could be penetrated quite easily on the LFP, whereas an IS-3 (of course not angled) was quite immune to 175mm pen guns from the front.

              So, the frontal armor of the IS-3 is anything but shit against T6 guns, at least when compared to the Tiger II. Please be honest to yourself, it is not reprehensible to accept the fact that the IS-3 has quite decent front armor; if used right.

            • I would say that KT is easier to penetrate in it’s weakspot ONLY which is LFP, but IS-3 is much easier to pen anywhere from the front, but the luck is much more necessary than actual knowledge of a weakspot which makes it a really RNG troll armor. Some day you’ll rape it like a swiss cheese and some day you’ll pull your hair out before will you pen it frontally.

            • A T6 tank faced with a T8 heavy that *doesn’t* switch to premium shells when the standard shells don’t cut it deserves everything he gets. That’s what those things were issued for IRL, too.

      • Skipped IS-3 to get IS-4 when it was tier 9 and was anounced to move to tier X.Never realy bothered to get that piece of shit IS-3.

  2. - after WoT patch 1.0 arrives, the development of the game will go the same way as before 1.0, as in: 1.0 is no magical number

    Uhhhmmm, can you clarify this?

    • Many people think that the game is still in beta mode because the patch is called 0.8.8

      So it will go 0.8.9 -> 0.9.0 -> 0.9.1…….->0.9.9-> 1.0.0 and many people think that when it reaches 1.0.0 that the game will leave beta mode and they will stop releasing updates. What is being stated is that 1.0.0 will not be the last patch. They will continue releasing patches after that and there is no final patch planned.

  3. - Q: “Why are French tanks so delayed?” A:”Because other tanks have higher priority”

    Apparently the unfinished russian “second medium branch” that end in a copy-paste of the current russian tier 10 medium had more priority than:
    -New german TD’s, vastly diffrent than the current ones.
    -Japanese tanks, a brand new nation.
    -Second non-autoloader french heavy branch…


    • In my opinion the new lines should be implemented this way:

      - 2nd German TD Line
      - 2nd US Medium Line
      - 2nd French Medium Line
      - 2nd British Heavy Line (Chieftain)
      - 2nd Soviet Medium Line
      - (Chinese Arty)
      - (Chinese TDs)
      - 2nd US TD Line
      - 2nd British TD Line

    • You forgot lend-lease british tanks (Firefly and friends) ;)

      • Also missing from that list, the combined European Tree.
        Italy, Romania, Poland, Israel, Sweden, Hungary, Finland, Belgium, Checkoslovakia, etc

    • You have to keep your biggest customer base happy. The rest of the customers are are just icing on the cake – nice to have but not really necessary.

    • Imagine the wehraboo whine and general unpleasantness that would result from WG implementing that.

  4. - trollplatoon ban is not planned for WoT

    then they should not punish us for team killing those noobs!

      • If it was a rule of thumb to shoot the low tier troller on sight, and everyone went by it, trollplatoons wouldn’t make sense anymore because the troller would die in first 15s of the game. And don’t give me the “but he can at least scout” bullshit.

        • Well don’t give me the bullshit that instead of trying to help your team by making up for the troll you instead waste time shooting the troll. And yes he can scout. He rushes out gets killed and either lights one enemy or keeps the enemy busy so now he has to reload while another tank runs past where he is aiming.

          So by killing the troll platoon your just compounding an already bad situation.

          • That would make sense if T1 tanks had good view range and radios to actually send the “coordinates” where enemy tanks are after dying.

            • And most of the troll platoons are begginers with less than 1k battles and they still don’t know the basic things like “scouting” means so in most situations they camp in the corner or do something else completely retarded. Platoons should be limited. Period.

          • And I guess you’re one of the morons practicing it, aren’t you?
            In the first place there is no reason to do those platoons and in the second place they’re even worse than some afk/bots because they usually annoy/block/push other players who are trying to mind their own bussiness.
            Also, in those 15 secs it takes you to kill such a troll you can think about the match tactics instead of rushing mindlessly to a random spot.

            • Or spend those 15 seconds could be spent communicating with your team.

              I’ve seen enough troll platoon tanks do things worthwhile to the team while derping about, than dead from a TK to not be an advocate to TKing troll platoons.

    • How can you compare WG’s communist noobs to L4D2 crew?
      In L4D2 you had new content with patches every Friday, immediate bug fixes if any bugs occurred, full community cooperation and featured community-made content. WG attitude? Community is a bunch of noobs, who don’t know what they want, stop whining, stop begging, how terrible, your opinion is very important to us, we make more bugs than features and we screw up the simplest thing and don’t bother to mend them for months. Also “historical” or “balance” doctrine is used as we see fit because we decide what’s necessary. And Stalin!

      • Well the community is stupid. Have you seen some of these questions? Go back and read a few of the questions and see how stupid people are.

        Or the fact that people keep saying that those who pay for gold should get special MM for only them(Which 50% of gold payers are good players the other 50% are terribads with mommies and daddies credit card buying Tier 8 premiums that they run 35% win rates in)

        Or people who think any mod is cheating and want WG to ban anyone who uses mods or people who think that WG should tell them about a new update changing a tank so that they don’t find out that the E-75 engine was removed 2 weeks into the patch(seriously seen that people who think that the E-75 engine removal was a silent nerf and that WG never announced it)

        The majority of the community is stupid.

        • True, but that also doesn’t mean that whole community is stupid, which they indicate in their answers.

          • “Majority rules” + 80% of the community is stupid + community-driven decisions = You do the math.

            • That and add the fact that this game is PvP, not PvE with a touch of PvP (if you even wanted to). Really makes decisions such as balance and other things really hard to do if it’s community based.

          • A large enough portion thereof is for the exceptions to be for most practical intents and purposes irrelevant.

            • Wonder how much “stupidity” can be attributed to player ignorance due to churn of customer base and WG’s lack of communication.

  5. French heavies on low priority? The French haven’t had an update in a while! I’m like on edge for the new heavy line.

  6. - player statistic hiding will not be available only for premium account users

    And here goes that Wargaming logic that I will never understand…

  7. - Storm states that many players (more than a half) of WoT have 1 or 2 core processors, several dozens of percent of WoT players have a singlecore processor.
    With special program, WoT runs on all 4 of my cores.

  8. “- several dozens of percent of WoT players have a singlecore processor”

    Who the hell still has a single core processor. I mean several dozens are at least 24%. Sry i call bullshit on that

    • American computers are weak, need many, many processors to do simple tasks.

      In Russian, we build glorious SuperCore computer!

    • Not everyone wants to spend >200$ to play something that is free. That and older users tend to no longer want to try to “keep up” with technology. Saves the consumer a TON of money, over the years, to no have to upgrade every 6 months to the latest and greatest.

    • A 1.000 times this. Of which stone age period do people come from to have a 1-2 core cpu at this age and time where a quad is something like 60 euro. And because of that people with quads need to suffer cause of the strain WoT puts on 1 single core? WG Logic at it’s best.

      Can run BF3 / Total war: Rome 2 on max settings without issues. Get lag in WoT cause fuck you playerbase with decent pc’s.

      • Implying you can change your over-aged CPU without changing the motherboard, and with that most likely the RAM, the graphic card and the PSU.

    • Actually, several dozen should mean at least 3 dozen. Meaning 36% of the customer base are using single core PC’s.

      • Which in turn – seems pretty legit, considering the amount of prehistoric P4s that i’ve seen in the last couple of months.
        Not everyone’s looking for a 6core 3970…

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  10. - SerB doesn’t want game issues to be decided by player polls, he states only a minority of players takes part in these polls

    “Democracy will come to Wargaming only when brought by American bombers” = Alright denizens of the USA, let’s mail him a nice, fat bomb to dispose of the stain upon humanity that he represents. He didn’t specify if it had to be a flying bomber or mail, right? We can probably bribe the Russian (ergo corrupt) mail service into delivering it too! *trollface*

  11. Quote-SerB states that the release of WT tanks demo has not shifted any WoT development priorities
    Answer- More the fool you then.
    Also no multi core support in 2013 that’s sad.
    Also using brown sticky tape to hold there tin pot servers together is sad.

  12. Joseph P Kennedy died on a test flight of one of those drone bombers. The problem with them was the technology was not advanced enough to get the plane off the ground so they would use actual pilots for
    the take off. They would then have to get the plane into the air and pass control over to a remote control system operated by a 2nd plane following nearby. After that they had to parachute out of the plane while still over British territory.

  13. I don’t know if you will read this, but: ‘SS: kinda correct, all sorts of weird stuff could happen when a shell hit an armor)’

    Maybe someone could elaborate? I’m extremely interested in shell penetration mechanics/physics, maybe an overview of armors, hardening methods, welding, etc.

  14. I thought most single core processors are gone. Even my school library is using at least dual core, despite constant whine about education fund.