Tier 8 Rheinmetall Waffenträger stats

Source: http://world-of-ru.livejournal.com/2591472.html (comments)

Upcoming tier 8 Waffenträger stats:


Hitpoints: 1150
Weight: 19,12 tons
Engine: 207hp (10,8 hp/t)
Maximum speed: 35km/h
Hull turnrate: 42 deg/s
Hull armor: 20/10/8
Stock (?) gun alpha: 750
Stock gun pen: 215
Turret turnrate: 24
Viewrange: 400
Radiorange: 700

77 thoughts on “Tier 8 Rheinmetall Waffenträger stats

  1. Those hull armor stats can’t be correct?

    Hull armor: 20/10/8

    Are there some zeroes missing?

  2. Tiny, relatively slow, glass cannony, with a high alpha gun. Curious to see what the ROF will be.

  3. I’ll play this branch, only till T7, the rest is worthless. T4 can pen T10 turette. At least on these lower Ts, repairs will be insignificant. Just when I was about to buy D.Max, a free D.Max family arrives. Brilliant.

    • Not really. To use spgs you first have to have a team to spot the other team.. (difficult) then you need the thing being spotted to sit still and be spotted for at least 3-5s. (again with the difficult) then you fire and wait 1-3s for the shell to land on the target or miss. And that’s if the target does not move.
      Besides hellcats are more fun with the one-shot from spgs.

      • Dont lie to yourself, we all know german box tanks are arty magnets (Now with 90% less armor for the lolz).

  4. I hope it’ll have more ttengines than the stock one…about 15hp/t will be enough for this tank to be OP.
    (Let me dream, asses, let me dream)

  5. 3,33 RPM actually. DPM isnt that nice but alpha solves everything. Its a stock gun, so you wont have it forever.

    As long as it can mount the 128mm L/55 its fine..it may have no armor at all, but at least it looks like it has a nice camo rating, having a turret means you wont have to turn the hull which improves the camo somewhat.

    • If it’s really written there 3.33 rpm…how it can be low…it’s more than the T95 and T30…and those are big, heavy and 1 tier higher…
      I know it has no armour…but still…

  6. I predict that is the top gun, as what other 150mm would it mount? 150 L38: 235 pen. 150 L29.5: 215 pen (I guess).

    • speed limit is 35 so no not really you would have a tank that drives 35 all the time though no matter if it’s flat ground or up hill.

  7. Any info on the research costs (experience) for each new tank?(From Marder 2 to WT E100)

  8. Its just like the ISU but its slower, has no armor at all, is open topped, and has less pen.

    Oh, it has turret, whew.

  9. Looks interesting, but i am afraid that more TD’s bring more camping battles! Because these TD’s are really weak armored, and therefore really built for camping in an Ambush (you won’t get hit – but deal your huge alpha as long you can).

    The Mediums etc. will be intimidated by their damage and autoloaders – what will maybe result in a huge campfest soon?

    Sometimes i think WGN is releasing more Tanks under all circumstances – mainly cos it keeps the cashcow running.. more grinding, more peeps buying free XP.. i just hope it will not bring down the game experience over time

    Myself, i forsworn in grinding – i play my Tanks i have.. regardless what will come.. cos from some perspective it looks pointless for me…