Tier 10 WT E-100 stats

Source: http://world-of-ru.livejournal.com/2591472.html

Hello everyone,

these are the stats the WT E-100 (new tier 10 TD) will be entering the test apparently:


Hitpoints: 2200
Weight: 101,6t
Engine power: 1200hp
Maximum speed: 40km/h
Hull turnrate: 30deg/s
Hull armor: 200/120/150
Turret armor: 20/10/8
Base shell damage: 560
Base shell penetration: 276
Rate of fire: 5,14
Turret turnrate: 24deg/s
Viewrange: 420
Radiorange: 720

Additional info:

- While the hull is thick, the turret is apparently, very much paper-like (20/10/8mm, yes, that is only 20mm on tier 10). The hull armor is that of the E-100, minus the side armor screens
- Engine power to weight ration is 12hp/t, 40km/h is the maximum speed, it’s more sluggish than the Foch.
- crew is 6 (two loaders, radioman, gunner, commander, driver)
- open topped: won’t be able to mount ventilation
- turret rotates 360 degrees


Stock 128mm – 276 pen, 560 damage, 6 shell autoloader, time between shots 2 secs, autoloader loads 60 secs
Top 150mm – 750 damage, 4 shell autoloader, time between shots 3 secs, autoloader loads 50 secs

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      • ..and from that far away, you can still see the tier ten players leaving the game to go do something more useful with their time

    • 420m. Though since it camo is most likely garbage, since it’s based on the E-100 it’s going to need every metre. HE shells penetrating it’s turret will most likely murder quite a few of the important crew members.

      • Absolutely right, I am considering mounting the SH Spall liner for this beast since anyone can pen you with a standard HE round. Considering you can’t mount a rammer (autoloader) or vents (open top), you have very limited options.

          • except spall liner only protects from NONPENETRATING HE hits. if it penetrates, all bets are off.

          • You people are all forgetting that they changed spall liners. Crew damage protection applies to ALL damage, including fall damage, penetrating AP, HEAT, and penetrating HE, and so on.

            HE damage is what only gets reduced from non-penetrating hits. Crew critical rate is entirely separate.

            • that means the super heavy spall is still going to be an absolute necessity then

        • Yeah, not a good idea, the spall liner only protects from non-penetrating HE rounds so since the majority of what you’ll face will penetrate your turret so it won’t help at all. Even if by a miracle they don’t penetrate the turret it’s only +50% ARMOUR protection against non-penetrating HE, so spall liner also needs thick armour to be of any use.

        • You also have to see that a Spall liner also halps with ramming and the thing should an insane good rammer with its relatively high speed and good hull armor.

            • E100 can do around 100 dmg even with 10km/h when it hits softer target or from side/rear. When going downhill or when you get in the way of red scout with it…
              I see no problem for this thing to do nice ramming damage even if not going at top speed during impact.

      • No kidding, considering that 420 meters is a longer view range than anything else in the game (but its camo is so bad that it’ll be spotted at 441, the maximum spotting range).

        • >considering that 420 meters is a longer view range than anything else in the game

          what is patton/m60, it has the same view range.

      • Mounting a SH spall liner might be stupid. Remember the spall liner protects against…well..spall. I.e. shockwaves(he dmg) coming from outside the vehicle. If the HE pens, the spall liner won’t count for shit as the shell would already be “beyond” the armor and “beyond” the spall liner at that point.

        TLDR: if HE hits on the turret, you get full dmg regardless of spall liner.

          • Are we absolutely sure the Spall Liner helps with crew casualty chance even in the case of penetrating HE ? Just asking because if it does, the mechanics of it are plain stupid. As Drakko said, once the HE explodes INSIDE the tank the liner would be useless.

      • Would you mind confirming that the crew bonus from vents is automatically applied to open-topped vehicles? I remembered reading that was the case years ago, but lately some other knowledgeable players have no idea what I’m talking about. :)

        • Instead autoapply vents bonus for open top vehicles, their base stats are increased accordingly ie basic reload is 8 rounds/min instead lets say, 7.9. Just as example.

      • E-100 have 235/334, but on the other hand so does it have 246 with it’s 128mm, so one would expect the 150mm on this one to have a similar advantage. 265 seems to be what we can expect from the 150mm then.

  1. Do I see WG breaking the rule of TD turrets being slow as shit I mean 24 turret traverse =O.

    • The turret is also as big as a house and is easily penetrated by anything flying its way, so it’s only fair that you can react fast, I guess.

    • It’s not quite a turret. It’s a gun shield. 20mm thick. That’s a huge difference between the E4s, T30′s and even the T28 proto’s turret. Tier 1s will be able to penetrate it’s gun shield with easy and I can’t think of tank between tier 8-10 that won’t overmatch the GS.

    • I’ll get my Pz1C next to it, and I’ll pen with every shot right through that turret. You can make it as fast turning as you want, paperthin armor is still paperthin.

  2. Top 150mm – 750 damage, 4 shell autoloader, time between shots 3 secs, autoloader loads 50 secs


  3. German Logic: Hey, let’s mount the biggest gun we can find on the most heavily armoured chassis we can power with an engine…. but hey! Let’s make it’s turret armor just 20mm for the lulz

      • Yes. But. Why not remove the useless armor from the chasis. At least than the carier might have some mobility.

      • Actually, no it wasn’t, because the Waffentraeger E-100 never existed, ever. It was made up by WG because they wanted to keep the trend of “Tanks the Size of a Barn” for the German end-tiers when there were more than a few Waffentraegers on the Panther chassis that would be suitable for tier 10.

      • Actually shooting the commander’s cupola off will probably put the whole tank out of commission and probably kill a few crew members through overpressure, shrapnel, burning metal bits and the small issue of a bomb(he filled shell) blowing just on top of their heads. Not to mention that it would also blow off much of the turret’s roof.

    • You are aware that in RL the plan of this tank was a heavily armored tank because no matter how much you hit that gun shield in RL you won’t do shit to the tank its self. You need to stop thinking in WoT terms. Shooting a Gun shield = / = damaging a tank. Shooting a Cupola = / = damaging a tank. Remember those features are only present in WoT. So when this tank was planned for RL that gun shield was not something that the makers worried about because its not weak it won’t be a target in RL because no matter how much you hit it you won’t damage the tank.

      • Exactly. The worst shooting the gun shield would do is kill the crew. You’d need a lucky shot to hit the crew behind the gun shield. To knock it out IRL, you’d have to shoot the hull.

        • Penetrating that gun-shield would allow for the Gun Behind it to be disabled… or for crew members to get killed. Those aren’t exactly minor issues….

          • The unit will effectively be hors de combat, true, but it’ll be able to evacuate itself for repairs and replacements. Which would be a decidedly useful trait for something MUCH too massive to be towed away by recovery vehicles…

    • this thing is another Frankenstein of WGing. Germany never had plans for something like this

    • Because in real life a shot going through and through the turret won’t take away from some arbitrary HP number of the tank. The gun shield is designed to protect against small arms fire, nothing more. Sorry that the nazis didn’t design their tanks around a game from 60 years later.

  4. - open topped: won’t be able to mount an autoloader

    You mean gun rammer or ventillation right?

  5. if the 150mm is the same as the e100 one, i would stick to the stock one:

    more accurate, possibly faster aiming.
    faster shell travel
    APCR gold instead of heat
    more dmg / clip

    • In one clip you take out maus 3360 dmg. And you can finish 6 tanks if on low HP.
      With the second gun one clip 3000 dmg. So we might or we might not.

      • But you need less time to empty a clip of 150mm shells (9sec.) than a 128mm clip (10sec.)
        Small difference, i know…

  6. Another fantasy tank-td from WG. Maybe better improve game cuz this become more and more unplayable with packet losses and bad optimisation.

    • Because modelers and tank-stats people totally handle code wrangling during their lunch breaks right?

      • Well then fire this idiots and hire some programmers. They are currently so bored that they are taking this fake tanks out their asses while things like spotting/mm/optimizations are awaiting fixes since closed beta…

        • You’re presuming WG agrees with your subjective perception that there’s some kind of problem with the spotting mechanism and MM.

  7. - open topped: won’t be able to mount an autoloader

    Did you mean “Vents”?

    And what’s the Pen of 150mm gun?

    Anyway, besides the “turret” armor, it looks awsome ;)

  8. rush a nice bush wait 1 min for the 128mm to load spot MAUS +/-12 sec later MAUS gone and you will be spotting it first with 420m view range with a clean 100% crew :trollface:

    biggest bane this thing has is a FV 183 HESH shell to the turret though no way you can even hope to survive that one.

      • and you think that 183 will be the only one shooting you? the second this thing gets spotted everyone and his dog will shoot it so yeah in theorie you could survive even a max damage hit from a 183 in practice it will kill you every time sadly

    • You don’t even need HESH to do that, just normal HE will do.
      Just about any tier 10 TD shoot you with HE in the “gun shield” will ruin your day.
      It won’t quite one-shot you but will most likely ruin just about every module and crew.

    • +fire or ammo rack? :).

      You’ll essentially die the moment something else aside that FV sees you.

  9. and yet again WG fail the german tank as intended… who need 200mm armor on hull?? why we dont get GWE hull, it would be ever more agaile with that coz now who will hit hull anyway??

  10. First of all, it is “side skirts”, not “side screens”. Then, the main feature of the tank is a drum fed gun, not an merely autoloader. The specialty often referred to as “autoloader” is actually a shell feeding mechanism using a multi-shell cartridge (drum), allowing to fire several projectiles in rapid succession. Ofc, this involves an automated loading mechanism. You can however have autoloaders with “normal” firing speed, simply replacing a human loading operator.

    Finally, what is the average penetration of the 150mm AP shells please?

  11. well.. meh :D

    Still wonder whats the top gun penetration and other parameters though :)

    Reload time aint that bad, for 3000dmg burst, if aimtime will be less than 3 secs and accuracy below .36 its gonna be one hell of a powerfull weapon…
    Its good that it has great view range, its camo is horrible and armor joke, view range might be quite needed

    I hate these TDs though, why in hells name should anybody be able to wreck my tank in 6 sec? Thats shorter time than most mediums reloads once :D

  12. What is the rational behind putting a no-armor turret onto a 200mm sloped amored hull ???????????
    I know there is not such rational, but still: this is so unrealistic and unserious, that I can not find words for it. I can not imagine that German tank designers were such stupid. This is not a kampfwagen, but a joke. Will the upgrade arrive at april 1?

      • No, you misunderstoodme, i said: “I can NOT imagine that German tank designers were such stupid.”

          • Well *technically* speaking it was a different set of designers working on the Maus… but yeah, the point stands.

    • why such Heavy hull you ask, cause there is now way in hell you can make 2 plate with 2 diffrent thickness with the same production line so that not much of a question

      why the turret so weak ? cause it’s was not designed to protect the crew form tank shell but small firearm and 10mm is more than eanough if you exclude AT rifle.

      • Actually, plates can be sized for quite low cost, the plate productions are only a small part of tank production. Assembly, production of the sensitive gun, … have bigger cost.

        Even creating separate production line has less cost, then losing that much steel resource, fuel resource and produced units on the battlefield due to low mobility.

        But my main argument: if they already decided to use E100 hull, then why did they not design the turret armor thicker? Why save on the bottleneck? It is altogether 100 tons. Such an expensive unit does not deserve 10 extra tons to make the turret protected?

        Also, this is a late war design. By that time designers have already moved away from open designs.

        This is probably the most unrealistic vehicle type in WoT ever.

        • It’s not a *turret*, genius. And Both the Maus and E-100 were mid-war designs – the autoloading 150mm FlaK project was iirc from the beginning of the decade.
          I guess the concept behind this one is taking the idle half-finished E-100 hull and doing something vaguely useful with it.

  13. No, I think that almost all shots will go trough the turret and kill tank behind you :D

  14. All tanks can easily use HE for full penetration and damage to the turret, from any angle. This means dead crew, full damage, no matter where the WT E-100 is shooting from. Scouts can HE you down. Long drum reload, low pen on the 15 cm. Total Fail.

    • Only some of the crew is in the turret, so while those can get killed by the HE, so will the rest survive.

      • Okay, so which crew aren’t behind the gun shield? Driver and radio operator, that is about it. One HE round through the front of the gun shield and everyone that actually matters to this TD being effective are dead. The WTE-100 has 2 loaders, so even if one of the is injured, you are screwed. Not to mention being able to wound the gunner, and commander as well.

        • It’s true, but then there are large med kits available for credits. They are expensive, yes, but perfect on this kind of tank. They also reduce the chance of the crew being knocked out. Also spall liner helps to reduce the chance even further and is effective against any source of damage as far as crew damage goes.

          Chances are you will use large med kit to patch up the crew and then you will lose them all again to the follow up shot. On the other hand there is a good chance you will deal around 3k dmg and have a frag or two before it happens. It’s more than some tanks (td’s included) can pull off for the duration of the entire battle.

  15. 420m is very good.
    “won’t be able to mount an autoloader”: You mean an Ventilation :-)
    20mm is not good… I will kill this beast with my Loltractor :-)
    What is the Penetration of the 150mm?

    • playing turret down lols
      200mm front armor on this thing is like 50m view+radio range on a 90km/h scout, stupid WG
      t’least it will be fun pumping BL-10 HE into those things eh

      • But more view range on a scout is really good.
        Those comparisons don’t match at all.
        A better analogy would be 200 pen on a tier 5 tank.
        Oh wait, that’s being added next patch as well…

        • Well, maybe not the “hull up” tactic exactly but there is certainly a way to use a good hull with a weak turret … at least against poor skill players and they are a majority of the wot population anyway.

          What I have in mind is baiting shots. You can angle your armour and expose it from behind an obstacle and hope the clueless enemy will try to shoot it without waiting for better firing opportunity. Then you go forward to expose your gun and blast your target to pieces while he is reloading.

          Yes, it’s not a perfect solution for every and all situations but it’s a way to at least try to do something useful with that frontal armour.

          • +1 to that. In addition, one can imagine situations where this TD is pinned down behind an obstacle and cannot retreat to hide, but can light up enemies for other tanks behind. In such a situation, exposing just a bit of your hull, perhaps sidescrapping, will result in lighting up enemies with only a minimal/nonexistent threat to this TD. Also I remember when I used stock Tiger 2 with its weak stock turret I sometimes deliberately exposed all of my tank to enemies in the hope to entice them to shoot at my hull rather than play hull down, which automatically increased the chances of enemies shooting at my weal turret. Occasionally that worked – not all enemies are smart enough.

    • Read the fact that it’s a glass cannon. Unlike the actually OP Foch which not only deals great damage, it’s tough to pen frontally. This thing will dead better damage, however, any gun in the game can pen it, it offsets your perceived “OP”ness of the vehicle.

      • Don’t bother. Fucktard tunnel visioned and only saw the gun and simply ignored the paper armor, shitty camo and huge size of it. But i assure you he’ll be the first one to open a topic on the forum crying when one of these things fill his ass up with 6 shots, yelling how it’s OP.

  16. WT E100 thing 560 * 6 = 3360 reload: 60 + 5 * 2 = 70
    OP57 Heavy 400 * 4 = 1600 reload 22 + 3 * 2 = 28

    WT thing: DPM 2880
    OP57: DPM 3429

    • But how do you think – who will die first, if both of them meet face to face with full drum and HP? :)

      • I know, i wasnt crying about it, only did some maths :) I actually think that TDs should have allways better DPM than heavies, but with the T57 its different :(, i think that that T57 is OP because of maths, not because its unfightable

      • I’ll explain: 60secs(base reload) + 5 * 2 = 70
        5 is because the first shell is always loaded, so you have 2 secs for 2 shells, 4 secs for 3 shells and so on.

        • yeah i know but already pressed post so was hoping you would just stfu and not post sadly forlorn hope i guess…

          If you are looking for me i’ll be in the corner wearing my hat of shame….

          • and on top of that OP57 has really trollish armor….much better than WTe100 will have.

  17. I cant understand why WG implements this line to WoT. It’s totally unrealistic tank with brutal overpowered Gun. Only for Campers…2 shots and moving…

    • First of all this thing is NOT a tank.
      This thing is a self-propelled anti-tank gun, so your argument is invalid.
      Q: It is a tank destroyer, guess what it is designed to do?
      A: killing tanks from long distance.

  18. Well, from 8.9 even LOLtraktor will be able to kill sth on trollparty. Dat rage.

    • Even if u are bringing in that tier 1 in platoon u will be killed by angry teammates ^^, though i would like to try my VK 2801 troll-gun on this beast. (Yep, this is gonna be a project, not only for this one, but also the new Marder, Nasehorn and Sturer Emil)

  19. already see troll platoon with 1 t10 and 2 t1-3, killing these new german td’s.
    WT E-100 starts reloading
    pz1c drives next to it0
    shoot it whole minute
    And still have time left to escape from it

    • And how often do you see troll platoons shooting at and killing bat chats unless it’s rigging up some game contest?

  20. One reminder that the original E-100 is surprisingly agile, at least more agile than you would expect (the JPE100 isnt though), imagine the WT F-100 (as you may already seen the ASAP video….)

    Reload isnt actually that bad, only very slightly lower than the Jagdtiger
    DPM is 2878, which is actually irrelevant due its autoloader.

    Being open topped it cant have a ventilation and having an autoloader means it wont be able to mount a rammer too for that matter….the other thing that is missing and is somewhat important is the aim time…
    (It becomes a real issue if the reload is faster than the aim time, even more so if its still the case with GLD)
    Cant mount Vstabs being a TD ofc.

    View range is quite insane, 420m…it needs that though, given its big size.

    So…what equipment would work, since VStab, Rammer and Vents cannot be mounted?

    • camonet, GLD and i guess either binocs or coated optics…. but then again you can just train crew in viewrange making it sort of pointless to mount those 2 so going for spallliner wouldn’t hurt just to atleast get “some” protection vs HE shells…

      so basically camo and gld and the third one is sort of mood.

        • jep i know but it helps vs splash damage and since you can use all the help you can get in that department… you know even if they manage to miss the turret and hit the building besides you with that HE shell you will still take retarded amounts of damage (and keep in mind that the armor is sloped so you could in theory get HE shells that don’t pen and every bid helps etc)

          besides not like there is much you need to mount. so like i said 3rd piece is mood

    • Binoculars, Gun Laying Drive and Camo Net / Wet Ammo Rack / Tool box?
      Since 8.6 the camo net is actually useful for big TDs.
      Binos is good since you have a turret and don’t actually need to move the hull to aim.

    • GLD, Optics and…donno, something else.
      It doesn’t need the Binocs because 420m view range + Optics already give max view range.
      It also doesn’t need Camo Net because it’s huge.

      • It does need binocs, because small enemy tanks have good camo and you in your E-100 woill never spot them right at those 420m. But binocs will bring that distance much closer to 420m.
        Also camo net after 8.6 TD camo upping is a good choice.

      • You want to get more than max view range to negate some camo rating from the tanks you want to spot. View range – camo rating = spotting range.

        Example: Obj. 704 has 10.9% camo rating while moving.

        400m – 10.9% = 356.4m

        With binos:

        500m – 10.9% = 445.5m

        • with coated optics and crew skills you can get the max vewrange and coated optics is always active

    • I’d say t would be:

      *GLD – better aim time is always a good thing
      *Binos – great view range made even greater + this td has fully rotatable turret meaning it can track targets without deactivating binos
      *Spall liner – as other people mentioned it would only protect from non-penning shots (as if!) and splash, but it also reduces crew damage regardless of the damage origin, and the crew will die a lot.

      Also as far as consumables go I’d have it with:
      *large repair kit – who knows what modules will get damaged when HE pens gun shield? worst case scenario being destroyed gun and turret ring which you need to repair both to shot back at the enemy.
      *large med kit – the crew will die a lot and it’s going to be useful if you can bring few crew members back in the action in one go. it also reduces the chance of crew dying – a small but very needed bonus.
      *high octane fuel – I’d go for the premium one for the best effect. you see, in “standard” setup one would have fire extinguisher as 3rd consumable but this td will be shot at it’s gun shield like 99% of times so I wouldn’t bother with any fire prevention. on the other hand increased mobility and turret traverse will boost the survivability, even if by little. it may be just enough though to reload the gun and deal some more damage before dying.

      • edit” unless that td is allowed gun rammer, in which case id go for binos, rammer and spall liner.

      • The problem with the consumables you suggest is that all of them require gold, and unless you’re one of the privelaged few in a clan that holds land in CW, that gets really expensive really quick.

        • …what Nevada rock did you crawl from under? All consumables have been purchasable with credits since forever now. Yeah, you’re pretty much assured to be in the red if you have to use them but T10s aren’t exactly noted for being easy on your credits anyway.

  21. 420m viewrange? next scout elemination task /done
    4 shots á 750 dmg?

    well done brainless monkey wargaming team..
    gladly we get more ego troll kiddy players in that game.

    wg doesnt give shit of tank class synergy

  22. Now I regret I sold my VK28, it would be such an easy kill every time I spot this thing. :D

  23. Top-tier German gun carrier has second highest view range in the game, tied with top-tier American medium.

    That’s bullshit.

    Give it 410 view range like it deserves, nothing should have that high a view range except the fucking Patton. Jesus.

    • And it NEEDS that view range, because otherwise, everyone would spot it first and shoot it in that 20 mm-thick gun shield.

      • But the view range is the Patton’s only strength – it’s not mobile, it has no camoflage, it has no armor. There’s no reason a TANK DESTROYER should have the same view range as a SCOUT MEDIUM.

        • Patton has reliable turret armour and gun with better reload time and aim time than E5 which is heavy. View range is just a bonus.

          • Edit: not aim time but on the move accuracy actually, which means faster aim after full stop

    • No chance of doing that, if you dont blow it up or set on fire, because your FV can do max 2100 and something damage at most, and that is the upper limit of RNG. But this WT has 2200 hit points.

  24. I question these stats because it weighs too much to move like it did in the ASAP video, and the removal of that much armor would weigh more than 30 tons (the side skirts should be at least 10tons themselves).

    • It well may be that agile due to good terrain passability of the suspension, a parameter that is not mentioned anywhere.

  25. The thing is going to be a pc of shit just like all the rest of the German line. You will never be able to reload a 2nd clip since it has no armor!!! Once you shoot your 1st clip and get spotted you are done…unlike the Foch 155 that can at least bounce rounds from the from…with this turret armor it will NEVER bounce a round.

    Other than “weird” factor this will not be a CW tank nor will it have a good win rate…about 46% I bet…it will take a tier 10 spot but will only perform like a tier 9…maybe even an 8.


    • Underestimating a tier 10 is exactly what sends you to the garage within 2 minutes after the battle starts.

      “pc of shit like the rest of the german line”

      I’m detecting faint signs of troll in the area.

    • As far as CW goes it may actually be useful there as the whole team cooperates as a whole.

      It could be allowed to empty the drum and have team mates shielding it from harm as it falls back to reload.
      It could be used in larger numbers to zerg rush enemy. It has weak turret, yes, but it till has hit points the enemy has to go through to knock it out. Just like bat chat medium tank. A well executed rush with good focus fire would leave nothing but burning enemy tanks behind.

      Also, even if it’s going to die before loading the second drum, doing around 3k dmg and hopefully scoring a kill or two should be enough to carry own weight in the battle, if not more, meaning average win ratio of that td being close to 49% or more.

      • for clan wars park 3 of them on any defense portion of the map, let them alternate firing + there 550+ view range with binos an crew skills i would love to see any tank get close without lube

  26. I’ll probably mount spall liner for this to reduce crew injuries that will surely happen en masse.

  27. if the 150mm gun has the same pen as E-100, then for me its no brainer, JT gun here i come. if the aim time is faster or near the reload time of 2 sec, this beast will be a killer at range.

    when driving my Jt i have little difficulty to hit targets at 450m and up even moving ones due to the high shell speed, imagine now instead of waiting 10-12 second to get the next shot on target, you can now do it in 2-3 seconds depending on aimtime ;)

    shame that i can neither mount the Vent or Rammer so only BIA can be used to cut the time down a bit, by a whopping 3 sec ;) my other choice would be GLD, third choice is difficult; spawlliner wouldn’t work in my opinion, so i would choose either Bino’s / vent or Camonet.

    it can’t and will never in CQC although the enemy will always keep in mind if the WT has a full drum in which case anyone brave enough to go first will be cut down very fast. i also hope that repair costs will be lower then JPE-100, as it has less armour to repair when destroyed.

  28. Interesing that a gun (presuming the pictured gun is top gun) is around 10 meters long – almost twice the length of the top E-100 gun (and easily twice the length of the 268 gun), yet only has slightly better pen than the E-100 and all the less compated to the 268.

    • Because the Obj 268 pen in game is inflated. In reality it was worse compared to the BL-10 (AP).

        • are you kidding bro? its not like it doesnt have the most op autoloader in the game.. this is totall bullshi they should delete the whole tank asap. and before you all go cry about the weaknesess… NO tank should be allowed to kill almost 2 other tanks in 9 seconds… even if the drum reload is 1 year and the armour is 0mm.. what will you do in your tier 10 against him if youre alone? (dont bullshit me with wot to be a team based game i know how much support i get from my red tomato team mates) you will fire one or maybe 2 shoots at him and you’ll be dead… and he will still have 1 or 2 shells left in his totaly not op autoloader… nice fail wg

          • what will you do in your tier 10 against him if youre alone?

            You’d need not worry, as the gun can’t penetrate you. Let him unload all four shells and then kill him. That “turret” will be pen’-able by tier VII medium tanks.

  29. I know there is a such thing as a “hull down” condition. Does anyone know of a tactic called “turret down”? You need like an open 2nd story window so you can move into the window opening…blast away with your clip and then pull the turret back out of the opening to reload.

    You will always need 1-2 tanks next to you to also run interference…you can never be alone anywhere. Bat Chat with HE or any quick tank will tear you up.


    • How often you see a batchat with HE drum loaded? BC has only 30 shells total. No sane player carry HE.

  30. I guess theres no point at all using the 150mm gun if it’s going to get the crappy pen value as E-100

  31. So… A fully rotating turret but what is the gun depression? Normal German depression between -6 to -8 degrees? Or are we going to be Jew’ed like the Chinese line and feel the pain.

    • The Chinese line is made up entirely of imports and knockoffs. What did you expect?

    • Come to think of it the turret DOES give it a slight resemblance to the Combine APC from Half-Life 2…

  32. SilentStalker what proof is there of a 750 damage 150mm(15cm) The 128mm gun has 70 more damage than the 128 on the E-100 and 30 more pen so for all we know the 150 mm could have 820 damage and 265 pen if it gets similar buffs as the 128 compared to the version on the E-100

  33. Could also be 850 damage, like all other TX TD. Would be more logical for me.

    The damage would be 3360 for the 128 and 3400 for the 150.

  34. So this new Tier 10 can be 100% penetrated by all the tier 1 Auto-loaders. This seems to be very unbalanced to these tanks. The foch has more pen and more damage then these tanks so its not even balanced by this tanks has a auto-loader. Also even if you hide in the back after you unload, you are a sitting duck if anyone comes up and sees you. I strongly feel this is a bash at German tanks. I have been playing the German line non stop and is my main line in WoT. I know you Wargaming has said thay arn’t bashing germany but I still feel this will hurt more then help that line.

  35. I’m not sure what would be the more illogical option IRL- to shave off armour of the WT E100 (and thus do away with standardisation) or to keep the hull armour for simplicity’s sake, yet leave it with a huge paper box on top.

    • As somebody else stated, what I think this is would be that, since the hull of the E-100 was basically completed but nothing else was, the guys at the factory basically said ‘screw it’ and fitted it with whatever they could get their hands on, giving them a makeshift tank destroyer to send off to defend Berlin once the Soviets arrived. Of course, that never actually happened but that’s basically what I think would have happened in an alternate history scenario where this would actually exist.

  36. If this SHIT will have 750 damage it will be dissapointing, cuz all tier X TD have 850, WHy no WT, and if pen will be worse than obj 263 that this line is playable to tier 7 max. 2,5 years for THIS think, very funny. Bad joke from WG and most players will still pay them money. I dont belive, how CAN SERB say taht this is balanced. ?

      • Foch has that too and OP armor on the front, so what’s your point? Or you are just another tunnel visioning fucktard who can only see the gun on this thing and completely ignores everything else, like crap armor and camo?!

      • 6 or 7, and what, no como, no armor, 20 mm in BIG gun shield. It could do massive damage, but pen form JT is worse than all TD form X tier, and u will be dead fast if get close. And no pen for 150 for now. So i can whine about this tank for now, cuz is shittie from info. We will wait for test.

        • ACTUALLY, it is 4/6. I was going to say this to the other person who actually said “Learn to read”, but then you corrected them with another incorrect number, so you can have this instead. :)

      • ^^ +1 on that. These fucking morons needs to learn to read everything, not only one thing that is actually the only thing that makes this tank useful a bit.

  37. I can take a dump and put an autoloader on it, I have the spare time. It still is a turd.

  38. I allready smell whinning from german fans witch are not happy with 20mm of armour on turret…mayba an allrounder 300 mm whould be better? And a winne from other guys…ouau kill a mous with a clip?
    Nice job wg nerf t58 an foch155 just to bring this on randoms.
    Boys wg is telling us that we should buy with real money gold to buy this baby and to convert xp to freexp because in a 2-3 months it will be nerfed like all the other wonderfulltanks…amx50b ,batchat ,t110e5, t110e4 ,foch155, patton m48, in future t57.
    If you start grinding it when you’ ll reach it it wil be hit by ninja nerfs if not by official nerfs…see fv183.

  39. Well, I have decided which tank I want to repurchase. The MS-1, so I can take out half the hit points of one of these while it’s desperately trying to reload. Or maybe a tier 2 or 3… which would get me the highest experience? (balance between HEdamage*RoF and tier)

    I mean, seriously, look at this:

    Loltraktor can do 1246 damage average with HE on one reload of the 128mm gun. (estimated)
    T1: 1195.
    MS-1: 1459!
    NC-31: 1246.
    Medium Mk I: 1440!
    FT-17: 982.

  40. Make sure to load HE on that JT gun, so that you can possibly clip out two other WTE100s if an opportunity presents itself (super WTE100 platoons).

  41. I still don’t get why they didn’t put that autoloader on a maus…
    makes no sense to rebuild an e-100 (move the engine to the front) when you got a tank that already got the engine at the front and the turret at the back (Maus)…
    Still 3 of those tanks and you’ll need a maus to push those wrecks away to get through the road…
    autoloader roadblock… i always dreamt of that XD