8.9 – German vehicles stats

Source: TheJoves’ video

Apparently, this is the elite configuration. To save you searching: yea, WT E-100 has 235 pen top gun. You will be able to test the vehicles tomorrow on common test.

Tier 4 – Marder 38T


Hitpoints: 270
Weight: 10,81 tons
Engine: 180hp
Max.speed: 47 km/h
Hull turnrate: 42 deg/s
Armor: 50/15/15
Shell damage: 110
Shell pen: 108
ROF: 18,75
Gun/turret turnrate: 26 deg/s
Viewrange: 360
Radio range: 550

Tier 5 – Pz.Sfl.IVc


Hitpoints: 350
Weight: 26,01 tons
Engine: 400hp
Max.speed: 60 km/h
Hull turnrate: 48 deg/s
Armor: 20/14/14
Shell damage: 240
Shell pen: 194
ROF: 8
Gun/turret turnrate: 26 deg/s
Viewrange: 380
Radio range: 550

Top gun characteristics:
88mm FlaK 41, 8 ROF, 194/237/44 pen, 240/240/295 dam, 0.32acc, 2,3 aim

Tier 6 – Nashorn


Hitpoints: 600
Weight: 24,04 tons
Engine: 300hp
Max.speed: 40 km/h
Hull turnrate: 36 deg/s
Armor: 30/20/20
Shell damage: 240
Shell pen: 203
ROF: 9,52
Gun/turret turnrate: 26 deg/s
Viewrange: 390
Radio range: 550

Tier 7 – Pz.Sfl V aka Sturer Emil


Hitpoints: 850
Weight: 36,5 tons
Engine: 310hp
Max.speed: 25 km/h
Hull turnrate: 34 deg/s
Armor: 50/30/30
Shell damage: 490
Shell pen: 231
ROF: 4,35
Gun/turret turnrate: 26 deg/s
Viewrange: 400
Radio range: 700

Tier 8 – Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffenträger


It has been confirmed that tier 8,9 and 10 vehicles have fully rotating turrets.

Hitpoints: 1150
Weight: 20,74 tons
Engine: 207hp
Max.speed: 35 km/h
Hull turnrate: 42 deg/s
Armor: 20/10/8
Shell damage: 490
Shell pen: 246
ROF: 5,77
Gun/turret turnrate: 24 deg/s
Viewrange: 400
Radio range: 700

The stock gun is the Maus gun (490 dam, 246 pen, 5,77 ROF). The second gun is 150mm L/29,5 (750 dam, 215 pen, 3,33 ROF).

Tier 9 – Waffenträger auf Panzer IV


Hitpoints: 1600
Weight: 27,51 tons
Engine: 400hp
Max.speed: 38 km/h
Hull turnrate: 40 deg/s
Armor: 80/30/20
Shell damage: 560
Shell pen: 276
ROF: 5,61
Gun/turret turnrate: 24 deg/s
Viewrange: 410
Radio range: 700

One gun is the Jagdtiger gun (276 pen), the other gun is the 150mm E-100 gun (750 dam, 235 pen, 4 ROF)

Tier 10 – Waffenträger auf E-100


Hitpoints: 2200
Weight: 100 tons
Engine: 1200hp
Max.speed: 40 km/h
Hull turnrate: 30 deg/s
Armor: 200/120/150
Shell damage: 560
Shell pen: 276
ROF: 5,14
Gun/turret turnrate: 24 deg/s
Viewrange: 420
Radio range: 720

- While the hull is thick, the turret is apparently, very much paper-like (20/10/8mm, yes, that is only 20mm on tier 10). The hull armor is that of the E-100, minus the side armor screens
- crew is 6 (two loaders, radioman, gunner, commander, driver)
- open topped: won’t be able to mount ventilation
- turret rotates 360 degrees

Stock 128mm – 276 pen, 560 damage, 6 shell autoloader, time between shots 2 secs, autoloader loads 60 secs
Top 150mm – 235 pen, 750 damage, 4 shell autoloader, time between shots 3 secs, autoloader loads 50 secs

297 thoughts on “8.9 – German vehicles stats

      • I would use it… and i know there isn’t stones in my head, so that only leaves 1 option behind ;)

          • I gues it has the same accuracy as the E-100 one, means you have to load Gold shell’s to make it work. Hell, every E-100 does, and even JPE-100 drivers, low velocity makes u bounce a lot, even with gold. Notting new. I’ll try both in test server, most likely I’ll go for the 12,8 cm.

            • I use e100 with normal AP and it works, aim at weak spots and you can easily do 5k dmg each match

            • I do not feel the need to load gold in E100, it does just fine with regular AP, I have no idea why some people always complain about low penetration on such vehicles. Anything above 210-220 pen can do its job in tier 10 match. It is just not point-and-click at the center of frontal armor.

          • You have to consider that this TD is very fragile (at least the turret), so you can’t peek around the corner too much… Therefore the 750 dmg might be much better than 500…
            But it all depends on the playstyle.

            • Same applies to the Obj.268 – not as much as the WT E-100, but to a certain extent. Solution on 268? Get Camo-Skill, Camo-Net, Get a Bush, snipe.

              Solution on WT E-100? Get Camo-Skill, Camo-Net, get in a bush. Still get spotted and die because your camo value is crap.

              I’m still gonna use the JT-Gun, 3,360 Damage in one mag? With a reload time between shots of 2 secs (same as T57 Heavy)? Hell yeah!

              This tank is doomed to get nerfed because 2 secs between reloads didn’t work on the T57 Heavy, it won’t work on a TURRETED TD neither. *facepalm*

    • And how do you know it’s a browler gun? It’s twice as long as the E100 HT and it implies its more accurate.
      Pen and dmg doesn’t corelate with precision.

    • It looks rediculously fun, you mean!

      I don’t know, I’ve always liked quirky tanks, and I intend to play this entire line to completion, more than likely enjoying it the whole way. I never relied on armor. I’ve always relied on not getting hit in the first place, and this is a good tank to practice that with. There’s just something about being able to one-clip a maus that makes me think this tank will become a LOT more dangerous than people are gonna give it credit for.

      It’s always interesting that as soon as people see a tank’s armor isn’t going to be a feature, they disregard it entirely. Happened with the Leopard 1, and yet that tank sits on a glorious knife-edge of greatness. This tank will be just like the Leo 1, in that despite it having no armor and being unable to hide, in the hands of a good player, it’s going to be utterly devastating.

    • I wonder what the person who designed it was smoking… I mean the gun is absolutely MASSIVE compared to the PzKpfw IV chassis. This is a true Waffenträger, the very essence of the concept. A small chassis to lug around the utterly ridiculous gun.

      • And that is why I want it. Out of all the truly ridiculous tanks in my garage, these tanks will by far look simultaneously the most stupid, and most fun.

  1. Fail on tier 10… I mean… why to use that 150 mm gun when you can have jadgs with APCR

        • Still less pen that other TDs….WG can fuck themselve in their fucking commie asses. I really wanted to give them a chance with this TD line and they once again proved how fucking cunts they are when it’s about german tanks and how obviously they hate them.

          • Or maybe take #HEAD out of #ASS and meditate on what exactly JTiger topgun with 6-round magazine actually means in practical terms. Hint: AMX 50B and T57 have 4-round mags with decidedly less pen AND alpha… and while the Foch 155 certainly has more of both it also has only 3 shots.

            • You forgot some minorities, such as crap armor and nonexistent camo. Maybe i’m not the only one that should get his head out of his rear.

            • *shrug* You were explicitly hyperventilating about the pen. Moving the goalposts much?

            • And in what parallel universe stock gun is better than upgrade? Isn’t the whole point of a fucking “upgrade” to be better than a stock gun. I have some quite simple solution that will fit perfectly way how WG is dealing with issues. Just switch 150mm and 128mm. Make the 150mm to be stock gun and 128 upgraded since it wil be better by every stat.

            • Watch out, we got here our red eyed butt hurt commie :D Foch can empty its magazine while bouncing many shots, WTE wont be able to empty its rounds in one action without losing a lot of HP. And sitting in bush with house on wheels will not help you survive. It will be very situational, from time to time will end with lots of dmg done and many kills, often will be tore apart. I will grind it, I like german vehicles, but would still choose Foch 155 over it in competitions.

            • Yes, because pen is all about this game is. Stop trying to be a fucking WG’s lawyer and comment on every post that is against WG. They are trying to pull of mega joke called second German TD branch and so far their joke is more than obvious, so i really don’t care what one soviet/WG fanboi thinks as far as i can distinguish things on my own.

            • Oh, and for the record (sic) I’m going to grind this line simply because I have a thing for weird designs. ALMOST willing to bet it’s going to work far better than you malingering mollycoddlers so confidently declare on basis of your armchair crystal balls too, because that’s how it has been with EVERY single supposedly useless tank I’ve tried out of curiosity thus far.

          • And one more thing. I really fucking fail to see how can a guy who owns T9 tank as it’s highest tier be so fucking annyoing and acts as a know-all about tanks/tier he hasn’t driven once, except maybe on test server where TKing and spamming gold is something usual and testing comes on a last place. As i already said. Stop being WG’s lawyer and go practice some tanks instead. And your supersofisticate english doesn’t work with people who have the brain of their own. Talking sofisticated bollocks doesn’t make you any smarter. It makes you look like a sofisticated bullshitter.

          • Are you mentally challenged? This TD line is ridiculously overpowered as it is. okay, the tier 4 doesn’t look like anything special, but then you have a tier 5 TD with a gun similar to the tigers, and it shoots just a tad slower. compared to the other tier 5′s, its the fastest, top view range (only beaten by the S35CA) best accuracy at its tier, etc. the tier 6 got an even better gun, same firing rate as the Tiger tank (one less shot a minute compared to the jagdpz 4, more damage and WAY more pen) compared to the arl v39 wich got a similar gun, it shoots almost 3 (!!!!!!) shots more a minute. tier 7 got a sick gun, alpha only beaten by the derp on Su 152. more DPM than the T25AT, best view range. the tier 8 got the ferdinand gun but shoots faster, a fully rotating turret, smaller tank, better view range. the tier 9 got the jgdtiger gun, but shoots faster, best view range, and still is a small tank at tier 9. and finally the tier 10, autoloader german, compared to the 50 foch it got more HP, more chassis armor, turret, way more damage in one clip (2550 average on the foch, 3360 with the 12.8 german) and it has more HP than almost any tier 10 TD. not all the tanks are OP on their own, but the branch combined, beats almost anything out there, stat wise.

      • It is. Who says it’s gonna have the E-100′s pen? They’re using a paper gun. They can give the shells any numbers they want. Wait for the gun stats to come out. They’ve yet to be revealed.

        • Did you post this comment before the pen values were added? I hope so, although that kind of occurrence isn’t exactly common within this blog’s visitor base.

    • But then again, assuming the 12,8 cm’s gun is the same as the Jagdtiger’s, the APCR is going to have 352 pen, which is still better than the E-100′s HEAT.
      I honestly can’t see why one would choose the 15 over the 12,8…

      • people who hope on tier8-match or people who have very good weak-spot knowledge ;)

      • You can also spam 4 HE rounds in 9 sec, which might cause each 950 damage. Think what kind of critical damage it may cause to enemy.

        • Ugh .. Why is everyone so flabbergasted by 235 mm pen . Everyone is just going to spam Heat.. For everyone going FU WG U MAKE WEAK GERMAN TANK are gonna go FU WG YOU MAKE POWER CREEP in about 2 months .. “Comical even the “ahem” unicums told us the amx 50b is still superior to the t 57 when it first came out and that entire line was greeted with a big meh . Also i find it cute WGs efforts to balance autoloaders with low armour .

        • MIGHT cause 950 damage, but will probably cause anywhere from 200-400 unless you’re shooting at Batchats, Leopards, Arties, FV 215bs, FV215 183s or another WT E-100. Everything else, forget it.

    • yeah i really hope this is not the final model of the TD… the barrel length looks beyond stupid and unrealistic, especially regarding the gun junction point with the chassis…

      • I think the borderline-retarded gun length makes the tank hilarious to look at and even more hilarious to drive :D

        I don’t mind it in the least.

  2. Tier 5 ,6,7 Dat.. Dat .. Dpm .. Wow the platforms NEED to be utter shit to balance this insanity .

  3. I’m already tempted to grind these glass cannons just to see the reaction from the kids when they are hit by these nasty guns, Christ these guns are almost to op!

    • That’s what I think too, in proper situations, these tanks (guns) can be as op as hell, just like the dpm on the tiger, i think they want to generalize the germans as good guns and dpm, bad platforms! because this seems the case to me for most german tanks.
      anyway i thought the japanese tanks will be like that!

      • Leopard 1 is an awesome gun on nearly just as awesome platform, it is a nice expection in the German tree :)

  4. Uhm….the Sturer Emil i mean PzSflV has no gold shells? (while 235 penetration is a lot, but still…)

    I fear another ARL V39 syndrome though…at least in tier 5-7. Tier 8-10 is another story..

    • the Emil had a gun traverse of something in the order of 5 degrees side to side, but an insane depression of -15 degrees.

      • Welcome to the world of the Dicker Max. You want good practice for the 5-7 tiers, get a D.Max and play it. You’ll know more or less how the entire line works.

  5. That Marder gun is really… meh, TBH.\

    Compared to SU-85B stick-o-doom, Hetzer’s derp or T40s accurate pew-pew gun (no, I didn’t use the derp on it) it’s really nothing special. Taking on Tier 6s is gonna be painful, to say the least (pity, Tier 4 TDs tend to be pretty good – even though Somua might be the exception)

    Are you SURE that’s the elite gun, SS?

      • Yeah, just that almost all other tanks in the game have the historical configuration as stock or middle one…

        • Don’t forget the Comet…it just makes up for it’s historical gun (which is really pushing it a Tier7) with some pretty good soft stats and DPM.

    • That Marder will find its way into my collection and stay there for sure, but I see no reason to choose Marder instead of Hetzer when going in the battle. I use Hetzer with 75L48 and it can take down KVS with its “invisibility”. With camo skill, net and paint, in bush it is really hard to spot even from close distances. And then, when put against tier 4, that thing can quite often turn lost match into victory. And there is still possibility to use that 10.5 for those who consider 75 inadequate. Hetzer is simply better in every field, at least as it seems now. I will get most of these WTs, but more of collectibles than of real use. But who knows, maybe I will be surprised in a good way, time will tell. Right now, they are just huge, slow monsters with excessive pen for their tier (that tier 5) or other traits for which they scarifies almost everything.

    • If you do the math, you’ll actually find that the Marder 38T with these stats has the second-highest DPM of all Tier 4 TDs and is only flat-out beaten by the SU-85B.

      You can make a case for the T40′s 76mm gun if you prefer better penetration over DPM, of course, but even then, the Marder would still end up 3rd out of 7 Tier 4 TDs. That should be good enough…

      • I just hope that it’s accuracy and aim time are good enough to counter the DPM’s resultant reticle bloom.

  6. I am curious what the gun depression will be like. It’s a crucial factor for glass cannons.


    • View range (360 vs 260) and ROF (18,75 vs 15,38).

      Seems good enough, if you ask me, so I’ll be giving it a go ASAP.
      +The cool factor of killing poor noobs, who will undoubtebly whine “OP tank WG nerf ASAP” whenever something new kills them.

  7. fuck the 150MM on the final 3 tanks. only an idiot sacrifices pen on a glass cannon

    (meaning 8 and 9 are worse than their counterparts)

    • They need to buff that one to make it at least something to consider using. Right now so is it a nobrainer to use the better pen guns.

  8. That goddamn PzIV is fck logic indeed…
    It’s like WG has run out of tank designs…

      • You should not that the PZ IV mounted only the stock gun.
        WG failed hard on this, especially when they had a perfectly viable Waffentrager Panther…

        • Can’t see how a Waffentrager Panther is better choice for Tier 9 considering the gun choices would be almost the same and the platform will be probably much bigger and less mobile. The only advantage it has is armor (which makes no difference in Tier 9) and better looks.

          • none had armor, WT Panther would have better power/weight ratio and as a bonus it would actually be realistic.
            Plus WT Panther could use the planned 21cm howitzer instead of a copy of current guns.

            • What are Waffentrager Panther’s planned engine? If GW Panther is used as the reference, then can’t see it has higer hp/weight ratio than Waffentrager Panzer IV. Also, even 21cm howitzer is used as a TD gun, surely it will be Tier 10 material?

    • are you serious?? a tier 5 that goes at 60km/h, turns fast and has an awesome gun for its tier, with the only downsides being the shitty armor and the probably-not-so-good camo…i think it’ll be a funny tank to play

    • gotta account for the fact it only needs to autoaim to pen tanks the same tier and just a wee bit of aiming for anything it can face above it

  9. Another really bad t10 german TD. That 150mm is crap, not worth playing with it, 128mm DPM looks great but its only t9 pen should have really good accuracy to compensate for lower pen than other t10 TDs. All the lower tiers looks great, atleast the gun part. Why would someone play this thing with 150mm insted of Foch 155 wich is faster, better armored, have better pen, better alpha (1 shell less thou), its smaller wich is great for a TD. So only minus for Foch 155 is 1 shell less, no turret and longer time between shots, dont know for the accuracy.

    • Foch155 is a CQC tank. Do not trust the stats. This thing feels more derpy than JPz E-100 and sometimes seems to derp around as much as E-100s do. (Shells flying everywhere except for where your crosshair is pointing)

    • The “tier 9″ pen on the 12.8cm gun is still more than enough to deal with literally anything in the game.

  10. Dafuq with that PZ4. That sure would have killed the suspension with the best gun on it. Let’s not even talk about shooting it with the turret facing the sides… Maybe with the better physics we will have spinning Waffentrager PZ4s flipping on it’s axis when shooting sideways.

    • Nope.

      Little evaluation: PzIV Ausf.H Turret + 7.5cm KwK L/48 weight 5,120kg together.

      A gun shield as paper-thin as this weights around 500kg-1,000kg I guess.

      Jagdtiger’s gun weights 3,580kg, E-100s Gun (that’s PaK equivalent should be a bit lighter as with all german PaKs of WW2) weights 3,650kg.

      Actually the WT auf PzIV should weight minimum ~700kg less than the Elite PzIV, and not 4 tons more. WG, you failed. Again.

        • I do believe the word is “recoil”. Shouldn’t actually be that big a problem in the frontal arc, the engine compartment oughta provide decent counterweight, but the other directions oughta be a bit rough on the suspension at least. Certainly a good argument for the low-slung mounting and muzzle brake…

      • may be 4 ton more just for balance this tank so it can rotating turret, and can not flip aside when it fire. It’s just my opinion

  11. I’m tking the t10 on sight, support wg dipshit logic by getting this and i’ll fk you up(thats assuming it doesn’t get wtfed by the red team first).

    • All but three were built and used, and of those two were at least designed.
      Some fairytale.

  12. The six rounds autoloader from Jagdtiger gun is the problem not the top.With that six rounds 560 avg plus a possible great accuracy 0.33 or something close = OP! no doubt here you can make with one clip 3360 damage average.

    • Have fun trying to dump all six shots without being stomped by return fire all aimed for your paper turret.

      • If you’re smart enough not to rush first and empty your clip alone against 3-4 enemeys you will be able to dish out 10k damage with ease but the nerf will come later after all the players or a big part succed to get this new toy in a hurry.

  13. i want to puke on t5-t8-t9-t10 s my eyes burnin each time i look. shiitest addition game this you made ultimate shitiest pacth wg….

  14. Why germans get shit penetration on big derp guns while foch, american and russian derp tanks get perfect pen? And they even have more armor than these things. If i can’t use derp top gun without gold then i’d rather play russian TD’s that are not hungry for gold. WG i’m dissapoint.
    And in case u’d say “don’t use top gun” well then what’s the point in using same guns on glass cannons that u can use on way more armored first TD line tanks.

    • Probably helps that the others are using rather higher-velocity designs, which has been noted to correlate with better armour penetration. A revelation, I’m sure.

        • You mean like the 155mm L/40 T7 on the T30? Or the 152mm L/48.5 BL-10 which demonstrably fit into the ISU-152 chassis? Some fantasy… and while cursory search didn’t turn up much on the O. 268 the gun in the photos certainly looks massive enough to be a 152mm job. And IRL the French canned the whole vehicle before they got around to trying to upgun the Fich to 155mm, but given their general design paradigms of the period and the fact that anything less than what the SA46 delivered would’ve been patently fucking pointless…

          Seeing as how the 15cm KwK 44 is “only” 38 calibers long in comparision have fun arguing why it *shouldn’t* have less pen.

          • I’m talking about the german guns, I’ll leave other nations to people with better knowledge than me on their respective subjects.

            Let’s make it clear:

            1) WT E-100 is 100% certified fantasy, Doyle himself said that while viable on the engineering side it’s a complete historical nonsense

            2) Planned E-100 assault gun cannons: 15cm L/67 and 17cm L/50

            3) 15cm tank drum loaders are based on such a flimsy source that it takes massive mirror climbing to justify its implementation, while historical 128 autoloader was a 3 shot one.

            • Well this ain’t your daddy’s E-100 assault gun. Realistically ANYTHING based on that tank is little more than “napkin tank” and engineers’ wishful thinking at best anyway, seeing as how the whole project had gotten de facto axed by whatwasitnow early ’43 or so.

            • Also I’d point out that your prior wording certainly sounded an awful lot like you considered the topic of discussion, ie. the 150mm+ guns found in assorted other countries’ top-tiers, to be “mostly fantasy”. If so, well, took me all of five minutes in Wikipedia to find the T7 and BL-10 caliber lenghts and carriers; if not, you need to work on your delivery dude ’cause that was a recipe for certain miscommunication.

        • balance reasons should trump “realism” in a game devoid of said “realism”.
          but just go on, you got an agenda for sure.

          • The pen values *are* based on real-world performances, dumbass – whatever you might feel about the sources and interpretations isn’t relevant here. Kind of self-evident that all other things being equal a larger AND faster projectile will punch through more armour, too.
            Also… want pen? Use the 128mm.

            • Hey Kellomies (Stalins ass kisser commie lover himself) could you get me something that shows the pen of the Object 268 short barrel (“high velocity”… cough) gun?
              I double dare you.

            • KE in kJ (rounded, using same mass of shell even though the 15cm is a lighter round)
              152.4mm M-64 (Obj.268) 740m/s; 12,050 kJ
              15cm KwK 44 L/38 (E-100) 630 m/s; 8,730 kJ
              There are also experimental Soviet 152′s installed on ISU variants capable of 800+ m/s velocities. The relatively shorter barrel of the M-64 uses a large charge to increase velocity.
              Barring special cores (which require metals the Germans had in short supply), KE can roughly determine penetration abilities of regular AP.

            • Outta curiosity, where did you find that data on the M-64? I tried looking around a bit but couldn’t find anything, even on the Russian Wikipedia (not like I can make heads or tails of the moonrunes, but bumbers are obvious enough) though that at least has a page for the O. 268…

    • Because lets face it, 276mm of penetration is not enough when you have just 6 shells that you can dump every 2 seconds and one of the best APCR round ingame.

      • Well good luck reaching WT E-100 through 8 and 9 crap tanks. Don’t feel like using stock guns for those tanks is fair.

        • You divine that from Nostradamus’ prophecies or what? Way to assume things about tanks you have thus far only seen in screenshots.

          Also I’m currently ‘enjoying’ several Soviet T8s with 175mm pen guns (in the case of the T-44 that’s the top one too), so shut up and grow a pair.

          • Wow, comparing medium tanks to TD’s, really? Maybe try playing TD’s for once instead. Would like to see how much fun u would have with ur 175 pen in a TD not in a FAST and small medium.

            And in case u didn’t notice 8 and 9 tier are slow turds. “Oh look you can see stats of the vehicle in the picture, sure i can’t form and idea about the tank from that” derp…..

            So yea go back to playing ur mediums.

            • *eyeroll* The only kind of vehicle I *don’t* play is arty. Nice ad hominem fail.
              And you’re still theorycrafting. How about waiting for the public test, giving the critters a spin, and *then* maybe gracing the world with your wisdom when you actually have more than guesswork to go by?

  15. Weird, Daigensui and SS were screaming about how the 15 cm would have better pen than 235…… Was looking at the values for the T8, 9, 10, I seem to see 215, 235, 235. So completely useless derp guns, on very slow chassis (but for the bathtub) with absolutely zero armor. Boy, that sounds like such a good line. Who here is going to run premium shells only, because Germany is penalized that way? 25 kph on the Emil. Jesus Christ.

    • 215 Pen at tier 8 is perfectly acceptable. 235 at 10 is much more iffy, doable in an E-100 with the armor, not so much on something like this.

      • 215 on T8 maybe, but on T8 TD hell NO. All T8 TDs are known for being really good armed and being able to pen T8 heavies with ease(KT UFP for example) while 215 will bounce like shit even at weakspots. And just wait to encounter T9 tanks and bounce all day because you won’t be able to pen them even theoretically. I guess by WG standards 215 is enough for T8 TD if it’s German, while ISU with that horribly OP BL10 for T8 is smiling behind the corner waiting for another T8 tank to kill it in two shots without even need to aim.

        • If you can pen with a tank, you can pen with a TD where you should be moving less and aimed in more. And if you don’t carry at least a few gold rounds for the tougher stuff, well, that’s your problem.

          • Shit, I wish I had even that much. ATM I’m still grinding with the 175-pen stock gun, which can regardless achieve quite a bit if you know what you’re doing.

  16. Historical AND balance fail, all in one package…
    Where is the historical 15cm L/67 or the 15cm L/52 planned for STUG E-75?

  17. Im getting the Marder III and the tier 8 First, I’ll await the consensus on the rest

  18. Gonna be a lot of fun shooting these things :) they’re so poorly armored that i could pwn them with my T2 Light. and for the people who are looking forward to playing with these vehicles, i wish you good luck ;)

    • as with all TDś if they get first damage in you will remeber the encounter. and good luck to you with the T2 ligt which has 150 HP and 260m vision.

      all will detect you long before you can see them and only Marder III can not one shot you ;)

    • Anyone who has run the SU-100Y will have no problem with these, pretty similar concept, but I imagine these (Most of them anyway) will still have a much better camo rating and gun depression.

  19. Is any one here really surprised that the tier 10 has 235 pen, I mean after all, it’s a German vehicle. On a another note this whole line is one big jump up the power creep ladder, there’s a good chance I’m jumping ship come 8.9.

    • You can’t honestly call this power creep at high tier… maybe at middle tier but that is making up for the cardboard armor. The tier 10 may have autoloader but not a chance that it will 1) Pen with all shots (or even hit the target with them) 2) will be nuked faster than the french autoloaders. I mean come on some of the autocannnon tanks could totally ruin the day of any of these tanks. These tanks will be gimmick tanks just like the top tier British, good at damaging targets even better at evaporating it’s own HP underfire

  20. I personally can’t wait to fire some HE to their faces..:) KV-2 and SU-152 will feast on those. And vice versa.

  21. Welcome in the World of Craps! A tier X tank, that can be killed by a tier 1 loltractor….
    An arty shell can cause instant death, no matter if it blows up near you. Look carefully and remember for this tank tree, because you WON’T SEE any of them out on the battlefields.

  22. Of all these I think the Nashorn will be my favourite. I think I’ll mount the 12.8 cm gun on the Waffenträger auf E-100.

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  24. mimimimimi everyone cries about the pen on WTE100….use the goddamn stock gun!!! 276 freakin pen is more than enough!!! Am I the only one remembering when the tier 9 TDs were the top tiers for their class? If u can’t do damage with 6x shells with 276pen/560dmg it’s YOUR FAULT. The Dicker Max has exactly the same pros and cons and it is one of the funniest vehicle in game, so just stop whining. Who cares about armor at tier 10 anyway with gold and autoloaders everywhere……..For Christ sake, always complaining like kids……

    • i agree, the amount of burst DPS and respectable penetartion 276 is not the lowest the 2nd USSR TD has like 255 penetration and relies also on RoF to get damage in. if auto 128 has same or slightly better stats then JT topgun, this monster will kill everything at range due to high accuracy, aimtime and shellspeed. couple this to 2 sec between shots and this might work.

      totally have to agree with the long reload for the drum altough it seems a bit long haven’t really played high tier Autoloaders for comparrison but still RoF 5.14 is below Jt RoF 5.26. the power lies in the burts on for no small part in a 360 degree turret.

      this allows a USA turret TD approach game style, fire and quickly get behind cover, no stats on gun elevation and depression? the only one who is left behind is the marder III it gets the L46 PaK 40, it now has less pen and a higher RoF then the Hetzer which actually has armour ;)
      i would have liked to have seen the L48 with this RoF, 110mm is enough on my hetzer and the open top setup warrants a higher RoF due to freedom of movement for the crew.

      • What are you talking about? Second soviet TD has 290pen…and T9 has 258 and that’s on T9 which is perfectly fine. On the other hand they have decent armor(T9) and amazingly OP armor on T10(263)

        • By T9 TD standards the M62-C2 is actually a medium-penetration “needle gun” you know, more like a softstat-improved version of the same tier HT’s guns really… actually, the SU-122-54 rather seems like a “Soviet Foch” in general.

          As far as O. 263 goes its stats are well-nigh irrelevant because in the time since it was introduced I think I’ve seen it like *three times* in the wild.

          • actually it plays more like a T-54 that traded it’s turret for an IS-8 gun (basically it is a T-54 with an IS-8 gun but without a turret)

      • >otally have to agree with the long reload for the drum altough it seems a bit long haven’t really played high tier Autoloaders for comparrison but still RoF 5.14 is below Jt RoF 5.26. the power lies in the burts on for no small part in a 360 degree turret.

        Baguette lover here

        Foch 155 got around 50-60 sec reload too and it has 3 shells in drum and 5 sec between shots.

        AMX 50B has around 30 sec and 3 sec between shots, 4 shell drum.
        T57 heavy 25 sec since it’s less mobile and 2 sec. between shots, 4 shell drum.

        Both WTE100′s gun are better in reload and amount of damage a single drum can unload But foch is very agile and well armored in the front.

        • But isnt the point of TDs having a superior gun comparing them with other tanks of the same tier?
          It makes no logic to me that t10 TD have less pen than all other tanks except SPGs.
          Yes it may have better DPM, but i would trade some DPM for pen anyday.
          Whats the point having a 4X750dmg shots when u will miss 1, bounce 2, and pen 1 shot for example, althou it depends on situation and your “daily luck”. If RNG dont like you good DPM on paper means nothing.

          • So use the 128mm and load it with APCR if ~280 pen and two seconds between shots somehow doesn’t cut it for you.

  25. Patiently awaiting the common test results and the decision to nerf the WTE100′s view range back to 410.

      • Good. It deserves to have the same HE-immunity that the BatChat has, it does not deserve that much view range. Nothing in the game should have 420 view range except the Patton.

  26. Well I suppose it’s lucky I bought about 750 15 CM shells on that last 30% off sale. :D

  27. Powerful sniper. No doubt there. Not reliable because of the reload, and anything but long range sniping or an isolated one on one, dead. People will get slaughtered by the millions in it. The few who have full platoon support all the time won’t able to hold the win rate up over time.

  28. E-100 , только корпус был сделан. Похоже логика WG в том что, немцы могли (когда союзники подошли к ним) по-быстрому поставить на него, зенитный автомат прикрыть хоть какой-то броней и отправить в бой

  29. Is Sturer Emil’s pen correct? It is lower than on Maus/stock JT gun. I know that the gun was an older model but I’m sure it had longer barrel?

    • its the difference between the 128 PaK 40 and PaK 44, it uses a different shell and a smaller charge behind the two piece shell. can’t find the link on WWW but iirc it was something like that.
      the PaK 40 (Rhein Metall) is a slight conversion of a Flak gun with shells for hard targets, the PaK 44 (Krupp) was a different design.

      this is what i found about it:



      this was the actual gun used on Sturer Emil and i believe its stats are accurate, a T7 with this fire power is a force to be reconned with. ;P

    • Hey there happy fellow, share with us your mastermind come up with!

      I want to know what the game needs ! :DD

      Me wants!

      Me wants!


  30. WG logic. We’ll just remove the L70 from PzIV(old PzIV when it was useful without derp gun) because it’s too unrealistic and L70 was too heavy for the chasis. But on the other hand we’ll just stick this huge ass 128L61 gun on that very same chasis and call it a new T9 TD. Did they even looked how fucking retarded it looks with that huge gun on that small hull and how unrealistic it would be. It would tear itself apart when it would fire. WG can sincerely fuck themselve up thier arses with all the bullshit coming out of their soviet toy factory. Another German line to ignore. We’ll i might try out T6 and 7, but i’m afraid they’ll have ARL V39 syndrome, so my hopes are really low.

      • Err, actually they planned the short 128 on it while stripping anything armor related…

    • Dude, pz IV is now better than before.

      Besides if you’re missing so much l/70 u can buy Schmalturm pz IV anytime.

    • The Italians stuck a HV 90mm AA cannon (effectively their equivalent of the 88) on a damn *truck* and it worked well enough, stop talking out of your ass. And even a big gun like that, even allowing for the massive pedestal mount and what have you, is actually *lighter* than the original gun plus turret plus paraphenelia (like traverse motors); not to mention that the layout distributes the weight rather better.

  31. I want to test how the E-100WT works with 15cm High Explosive spam in a platoon.

    >pop up
    >kill all their modules and crew
    >platoonmates finish them off

  32. Looks like my beloved KV2 is getting cannonfodder.
    I really hoped thise line to be awesome but now that i know the stats they are bad

    Why do companies always choose the timeframe WW2 to Korean war (WT and WoT are roughly fit in it)
    They should make a WW2 only game but then the germans would kick serious ass because no other nation had vehicles that could even think of defeating them…

    • Then what is the incentive of people playing other nations than Germans? German bias.

      • Instead here we get german tanks stretched up to their design limits and beyond to fit with much later components, plus the fact WG cannot do decent research AT ALL lately.

        • “Instead here we get german tanks stretched up to their design limits and beyond to fit with much later components”

          …uh, that pretty much describes what formed the actual fighting backbone of the Panzerwaffe, and actually the Luftwaffe’s too, IRL. I understand the last service models of the Bf/Me 109 were *seriously* pushing the limits of the elderly airframe.

          • Err, late Me 109 was the result of retarded technological development planning, had germans funded jet development properly it would have been relegated to reserve in 1945…

            • The Bf/Me 109 was supposed to be replaced in like ’40 or so already, but they managed to clusterfuck designing the replacement. Between that and the overriding need to get *any* kind of halfway decent fighters to the front to replace losses it duly had to soldier on to the bitter end, being pushed all the closer to the absolute limits of the airframe and increasingly outmatched all the same.
              Kind of the same deal with the de facto backbones of the Panzerwaffe, which in practice were the Pz IV and StuGs. Those weren’t much younger designs than the Messerschmitt.

            • The machines was great at start of war and Germany believed that it does not need to start developing new aircrafts because they belived in quick winning of war.



    sorry for caps man…

  34. Wouldn’t that mean the stock gun of the E-100 is much better, if you only use standard shells?

  35. i can imagine that there will be some good players who’ll rock the battlefield with this tank. The unexperienced players who’ll try the line will be free dmg for my kv-2 ;)

  36. now from what i can gather form these screenies ;)

    Marder III, (compared to Hetzer with 75L48)

    solid pen (although not as high as L48 but very small difference)
    high RoF ( +3 RoF)
    more gun movement (i Suspect)
    better aimtime and acc (i Suspect)
    better mobility then Hetzer
    no armour ;) (just 50mm in front)

    PzSfl IVc (Stug III)
    high penetration
    good alfa damage
    very good mobility (speed and turnrate)
    no armour
    high profile ( suspect not so good camo value)

    Nashorn (JPIV)
    More penetration
    same damage
    no armour
    good mobility
    large gun movement ( i suspect Marder II like arc)

    Sturer Emil (JP)
    highest penetration for T7.
    High Alfa ( only Su-152 with Derp has more)
    Slow reload (and i suspect small shell capacity, balance)
    Slow speed with ok hull traverse
    large vehicle so suspect not very good camovalues

    WT Rheinmetall Borsig (ferdinand, JPII)
    weak armour
    128L55 with High Rof the ferdinand or JPII
    good turn rate on hull
    still ok 150mm gun on T8, 215mm will penetrate most T8 frontally. ( have to try this one, to maske sure which is better 128 or 150 )

    WT PzIV (JT)
    weak armour
    128 has higher RoF then JT
    good hull traverse speed
    better HP/Tn then JT

    WT E-100 (JPZ E_100)
    less hull armour (no skirts) -50mm on the UFP
    non existant turret armour
    insane DPS with 128 6 shot drum
    better mobility +10 Kph +10 hull traverse rate, and 34t lighter

    all have higher if not highest viewrange of their tier, none are suited to engage the enemy at close range. with slight exception of the WT’s for the killing blow.
    cant wait to download the test and try these puppies out ;)

  37. SS, any idea on the gun depression of the WT E-100, I think that’s something that may help it some if it’s got reasonable gun depression.

    • looking at the ASAP 14 video, i would say its ok. it has to be because the mounting puts the gun a fair distance from the hull. which should allow the gun to move up and down very well ;)
      and if al else fail ram the buggers, this beastie still clocks 40 kph and weighs in at 100 t so lots of kenetic energy ;)

  38. Can’t wait to try out the Tier 5.

    Quite unique, this either is a racing Schoolbus of Death or an elaborate practical joke by Wargaming. I believe the answer lies in camo-value and gun depression. I’d say this thing gets higher camo in city maps, as you can easyly disguise it as a small house or advertisement panel.

    The Marder III on the other hand… beautiful, but where is the pen? I want 130 pen…


    • Why? Less damage per shot than the Tier 3 Marder. It’s a much more accurate gun but 110 damage if you get thrown against 850 hp heavies is just useless. If you actually penetrate them, 110 isn’t that hot.

  39. So, weak TD

    Sturer Emil should have 248 pen and 560 damage, is slow, no armor, and this gun i longer than 12.8 L55
    Tier VIII normal 12.8 and what 215 pen , no armor , nothing, and ISU 152 286 pen, same damage. YE GERMAN shit.
    Panzer- well gun like JT, and E100 gun!!!!! comon, no gold, no pen, u cant like e100 get close to tanks. And gold is expensive.
    WT e100, VERY VERY disappointing gun, yea ok JT gun, but low pen for that tier, look on all other TD, and 235 pen. , fuck gold ammo, is weaker then other gold on this tier. No armor TD and stats. 2, 5 year of waitting.
    All TD have weak engine. all in front. THEY FUCK up again. But WG dont care for players.

        • Depends on what meaning of “balance” you use, given that the designs themselves are distinctly UNbalanced (ie. “firepower above everything”). How well the concept actually works out in-game remains to be seen.

          • It wont work. Expect the tier 8 thru 10 to be crap., the rest are nice, but 8-10… not a chance.

            Thats coming from a guy thats playing this game for a third year now. WTE-100 WONT work. Yea, some may cry it one-clipped them while they showed their side to it, and thats all their fault for being dumb as fuck.

    • 490 alpha is PLENTY for a tier 7 TD, and the tier 8 has a turret which the ISU lacks.

      You can probably get away with using the tier 8 as a mega-ultra derpy medium, like the T-34-3.

      • The isu have better pen as well as mobilty and armor. Penentratio is even more important than damage.

        • Penetration is only important when a Russian tank has it. When a German tank has a pen advantage, suddenly no one cares.

          Having a turret is a huge advantage for a TD. TDs like the M10 and T28P would be absolutely horrible without their turrets [the non-turreted T28 is, likewise, horrible].

  40. If you are so desperate with E-100 gun, maybe load full HE. 4 succesive 150mm HE shells in 9s is a force to be reckoned

    • I dont know how long u play this game, but when first WG talk about WT, they said, superior pen, and no armor. SO WHY pen on tier 8, 9, 10 is not SUPERIOR ?!

      • Try superior FIREPOWER. And JTiger pen wasn’t exactly shabby the last I checked.

    • nah…. tier 10 meds have more pen than that thing (avg 246 with normal APCR rounds, and i mean WTE-100 150mm gun)

  41. Just an observation and warning. You have to remember that something like the WFT-E100 effectiveness is going to be night and day from solo-pubbing to CWs and even 3 man platoons. It looks like it’ll be THEE force multiplier tank of WoT. When used with support to cover it during it’s arty like reload, it’s going to give people something to fear. With .29acc (supposedly), shell velocity, apcr, and a 2sec drum reload, it can obliterate any tank in the game. A Maus can fall to a single on of these in just 10 seconds starting at the first shot. With that damage and 6-shots to go around, it can potentially ruin multiple tanks mid game, and be devastating come end match time.

    In short, bads and pubs will suffer immensely. Good players in platoons and CWs will get this tank nerfed fast as the screams of OP will flood the forums/emails of WG.

    • And much like similar screams that the Leopard 1 suffered (also a vehicle lacking armour protection at tier 10) WG will likely state “How terrible”

  42. F*ck yeah, I knew tier 5 would be perfect for trolling.I’m not disappointed.Gimme bus!

  43. All of that is good and fine, however in practice those TDs will be unplayable. 20mm turret armor? I’ll have loads of fun spamming HE on those turrets. Imagine what will one HE shot from, say, E100, do to those things… Not to mention arty ;)

    • and FV 215b 183 too (1700 damage i guess), as hurt as a direct arty hit :). Men, my T92 gonna love to shot that thing

  44. The tier 4 is average, but nice.

    The tier 5 is super ridiculous, i think even OP so i’l get it.

    The tier 6 is nice, but nothing special.

    The tier 7 is the same

    Tier 8 is bullshit, ISU with less pen and less armor and less speed.

    Tier 9 is crap aswell.

    Tier 10 is gold ammo seller, but otherwise crap too.

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    • Only the tier 10 is fantasy. Everything else was built or blueprinted by WWII Germany.

  46. I love stupid-looking tanks, so this line is pure win for me. No enthused about the t10, but the t9 is so over the top it needs to be in the garage.

  47. That Marder 38T better not have the crappy guns from the Marder II on it otherwise its gonna hurt grinding it in stock form. That Panzer Bus is looking good crapping on tier 5 heavies but once its seen you are a dead bus.

  48. that T10 is useless… pen of 235/270 in T10 fights… compare that to the Foch with 400 pen or ditto for the E3/E4 or 268. The no armor kills you. With a pen like that you need to hit sides because there is no way you can hit a front…. A fragile TD like that that needs side shots… good luck with that.

    As to Alpha… the Foch has what 850 per shot. So while you get more shots in the WTE-100 expect a LOT of bounces/no-pens probably most of them if you are in t10 fights… essentially useless for CW.

  49. This tree looks so stupid. Tier 5 is extremely OP with that fire power. Other than thin armor, nothing seems bad! Tier 9 looks so stupid, I doubt physically that gun can even turn on move. KV-1 with BL10 looks less stupid than this thing. Tier 10 is not OP, but still game breaking. I will not even talk about it being made up from thin air. Armor is useless with this tank added. Either you HE this thing into pieces, or it kill you in 10 seconds. Other tanks looks fine.

    • WG has already stated that’s what the trademark of the line will be. Really good guns with practically no armour.

  50. Tier4: Average
    Tier5: Very OP
    Tier6: Good
    Tier7: Good
    Tier8: Bad
    Tier9: Good
    Tier10: Very OP/Very UP = Very situational.

    • I think the tier 5 might eventually get a nerf of sorts, we’ll see, but to nerf the easy to kill WT E-100 will kill anything that TD has going for it, which to put it frankly, is ONLY its gun/autoloader (I’m talking about the 128 L61, the only gun the big boys are likely to use).

  51. Considering that current German T6 TD has very weak guns (150 max pen with only 135 damage!!!) 8.9 German T5 TD is just way too strong. It just does not matter if it is glass cannon as even as of now, when focus fired from 3 tanks even JagdPanzer IV gets demolished the moment its spoted!
    It is just a disgrace and total BS that WG balance (German) tanks. And that only show that current guns on German mid tiers (T5, T6 and T7) need to be look at and rebalanced!

    • I’m reserving judgement as to whether the tier 5 will require a nerf, it’s a large unarmoured target considering WG decided to have the gun deck up instead of down and making it armour instead of spaced armour. And I believe they made those decisions to balance the fact that it carries a powerful gun.

      • Really? 75mm L70 on StuG III is still considered as great gun, while Pz 4 was “somehow” OP with it, yet this new 8.9 German T5 TD have a penetration of 194 while dealing 240 damage?
        It is especially WTF when for Wargaming “short 88″ is considered OP for T5, while French T5 heavy actually do have “Short 88″ equivalent with just barely better pen (+3 more) with better damage (+20 better average damage). than 88 KwK 36 L56!!!

  52. Don’t Know if anyone has picked up on this, but the Gun Shields Model for the Tier 9 TD has changed since when it was first shown.

  53. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an very long
    comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyhow,
    just wanted to say fantastic blog!

  54. really…what’s the use of going to higher tiers when the nashorn and the flak bus are just as good or better for their tiers?? even the marder 38t is a great little tank.anyone agree with me?

    • flak bus is pretty gun, the top gun’s gun elevation is lie -5*/90*, goes straight up
      while the pen……… second to the french tier 5, with THE most amazing accuracy, people cant seem to stop using their ass to think, its a sniping line….. means bushes….. means no need for armor…… more importantly… means LONG RANGE….. SHOOT BEFORE UR SPOTED…….

  55. oil fk tards, for the last fking time, THIS IS A SNIPING TANK WITH .29 ACCURACY
    none of the other td has this kind of accuracy or clips, to brawl with this tank is like playing scout with hellcat, u can pull it off BUT IT WASNT MENT FOR IT
    if you actually take your time and adjust ur playing style, U CAN RAPE
    camo? get camo skill, paint it, get net, and bush it
    u can hide a tog II, u can hide this

    oh and i forgot to mention, if you are a good player, u dont bitch about crap tanks, there ARE NO crap tanks, only crap players
    hell, i got a top gun on a B1 and Amx40, i seen stock patton kill tier fully upgraded tier 10s, and trust me, this tank HAS MUCH MORE potential so stop bitch, its a really awesome new td

  56. and i forgot to mention, this thing has a beast of view range… 420…. u spot tank from very very far away….