138 thoughts on “0.8.9 test postponed till tomorrow

      • They’re overtly incapable of meeting deadlines and they’re years behind developmentally for their amount of yearly revenue.

        • Oh look, an internet expert. All hail to his amazing knowledge and unsurpassed analytical skill.

          How about you create a company and show these dirty vodka loving Belorussian devs how games are made, oh divine being?

          • This. Exactly. Case in point, the dev’s operate on Eastern thinking whereas Westerners are under the assumption everything must be timely and efficient. The developers *do not seem* to be nearly as interested in improving tangible elements of the game (graphics/performance), but rather, they’re interested in obscure things like new bird sounds, obscure game modes or re-modeling old, DEAD maps. Just my opinion, don’t fucking flame because yours is different.

            • My bet would be on them being a bunch of inveterate geeks who, like any “creative artist” (…I know one IRL…), just can’t be satisfied with their prior work and keep going back to tweak this and that which they don’t like in hindsight.

        • What deadline? Show me where they said that a) test server is something that has a deadline b) they are obliged to satisfy windowlickers demands…

          ” incapable of meeting deadlines” HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH the more you talk the more you sink in your own shit, what a joke of a comment and a joke of a person

  1. As a reader I would like to say that I still appreciate the effort of taking the day off to give us fresh news from the test.

    Thumbs up!

  2. I was looking forward to the reload timer and the added dot crosshair. Ah well, tomorrow it is then.

    If those two work properly, all that I will need in 8.9 is a damage panel (with repair timer for own modules) and…. an intro nuker :P

  3. how am i going to live to see tomorrow, i was so excited for the whole day :(

    Wargaming let me down once again… I know these things happen, but how come it always seems to happen with this game, with the most interesting updates and stuff… i wonder…

    • You see thats why WG dont want to say anything about the future updates. Before we got info about almost everything… but then the whine nation attacked.

    • Weird….Lorraine 40t is gone too? Was he responsible in that delay in any way possible? Or did he just sacrificed his life in order that the donkey dies?

  4. Uhmm, by actually investigating these log files, I actually get an error message that can be summed up as:
    “HTTP 503″ which can be translated as “Service Unavailable”

    I only got these a couple of minutes ago. Prior, the updater wasnt even trying to update these files. Also, any attempt to get to their portal (which should usually redirect to wordoftanks.ru) will result in an error 503 page on the browser.

    At first I thought they are preparing the test server or something. Then I read this.

    • yea i thoght the same thing man…
      then i read this shit….
      and again WG opening test in fuckin weekend when will be almost imposiible to get in :S

  5. This obviously requires us to start some sort of riot.
    Grab your torches and pitchforks. I’ll bring the matches and lighter fuel.

    Meet back up at 8pm GMT ?

    • What if they did it BECAUSE SS took a day off today ?
      Maybe in the interconnected world of megacorps, the tasks which SS did not finish today at his workplace lead to someone tripping on a cable and erasing hours of work required for the test server to be launched today.
      Aren’t you feeling a bit guilty now SS ?

      It’s all connected man. I saw it in this butter fly movie.

      • If they would like to troll him they could just “forget” to move his account info to test server. Can’t log in to test server to post info about changes? How terrible…

  6. Looking forward to read the tests of the new premiums, specially the T-44-85 which I hope get the T-34-85 top-gun, been very little leakage on those this time.

      • Yes, I have read that as well, but I really think that is is strange that M10/Panther has equal gun to its tier 6 with the L70 and read somewhere that it may be possible to have special ammo or the S54-version of 85 mm gun, but maybe was rumors or hoax.

        Give it the 85-D5T with 144 pen and I would fall in love, otherwise the T-34-85 will be equal funtank and money-maker but not crew-trainer….

            • Think he means the D-5T85-BM with 144 pen? The D-5T the wiki is referring to is the 120 pen gun used by the KV-1S, AKA the ZiS-S-53 used by the T-34-85. Or are they not the same gun?

            • They are not the same gun. The D-5T was a hurried remake of the D-5 AA gun, the ZiS was an improved version that was supposed to be better. I hope EE clears this stuff out in a future article.
              I still hope the tests will show the T-44-85 needs a better gun. The KV-5 is tough to use against tier 9s, but a tier 5 gun would be a joke considering the maps we have now.

  7. I’ll wait with the pitchforks and stuff if anyone is able to tell me what gun is on the T-44-85.

          • any link on that ? I was not up to date that they leaked info about the gun.

            On the other hand the D-5T of the orignal T-44-85 prototype is the ingame top gun (D-5T85-BM) on the other two soviet tier 7 meds, with 144 pen, so I wouldn’t have any problem with that.

      • Any link info my friend ? I appreciate the answer but 120 pen at tier 7 is simply retarded even for a premium tank made by WG.

      • cruiser 3 gets 171 pen, more pen that this gets with its prem ammo. wg is on a streak of releasing crap premiums lately

        • Premium tanks are meant to be worse than their regulars anyway. Give the T-44-85 the D-5T85-BM and it will be OP compared to an upgraded T-43 of the same tier.

          • T-34-3 is better than T34-2/122.
            Su-122-44 is arguably the best tier 7 TD.
            I think we can put to rest this argument about premium tanks being much worse than normal tree vehicles.

            It is evident that 120 pen is enough at tier 5, highly problematic at tier 6 but absolutely useless at tier 7. Getting into a tier 9 match with 120 pen is like bringing a wet noodle to a gun fight.

    • Gun data for T-44-85 in the 8.8 game files (may have changed for 8.9) says:

      It has a gun identical to the in-game ZiS S-53 except weighs 400 kg less.
      It doesn’t use special ammo.
      It only has 6 deg depression (T-44 has 7 deg with LB-1).
      Specific power approximately 16.8 hp/t.
      56 deg/s hull traverse, 40 deg/s turret.
      0.8/0.9/1.8 terrain resistance (which is better than T-44; it should handle very similar to the Chinese T-34-2 or WZ-120 but even higher agility).

      • Obvious not just ‘gun data’. ;-) (Also, RoF is 12.5 rpm, speed limit 51.6/20 km/h)

        T-44-85 as it exists in the game files is an agile tank with average acceleration and a crap gun. If it has ‘premium’ matchmaking (doesn’t see tier 9), it will be a decent tank.

  8. Noooooooooooo

    Didn’t expect to get in anyways today as the server will probably be packed.


  10. There wasn’t enough lag in the CT so they decided to engineer more lag in it. So therefore we have to wait till tomorrow for the ultimate torture.

  11. My life is meaningless, i will end my worthless existence. Have me on your soul, David.

    • Martes, you are a sad freaking moron! It is postponed, so it was MEANT to be rolled out today. therefor nothing Silentstalker announced was false. And even IF he had just told us based on a rumor, then you still have no reason to cry about it. Get a life.

    • Martes, seriously, it was delayed, so STFU instead of blaming someone whose not even working for WG.

  12. Thumbs up for storm having a beksinski painting as an avatar!

    Sucks for the delay. Especially those crazy enough to take the day off :P.

    • Wow! And I thought I was the only one who noticed! Fan of his artworks too… But it will be interesting what the people here will say when I say that Zdislaw Beksinski is Polish.

  13. Damnit SS, you had to say you took off today for the test server. They saw that and wanted to smite you, now we’re all suffering…

    …either that or they want to get a few nerfs in to the new German TDs before hand for good measure.

    • …..or they buff some of the German TD’s and thus postpone the testserver, like a higher penetration for the 150mm PaK. ;-)

  14. Guys, it’s really sad to read, that ONE day without your beloved game TEST version means nearly the end of the world :(

    • It’s not the end of the world, but people were keen to try out new stuff that they have been waiting for 2 whole years when they were announced to be released in the first place and even if it’s postponed by 1 day it really feels like a let down.

  15. People need to stop planning their lives around WoT updates! It’s only a test server, and it’s only a day late (so far) It’ll be playable for a couple of weeks, wait until the content is ready, go outside or something for now.

  16. Why do they even bother with test servers? It’s not like that would reduce the amount of fail they produce …

    • What, you’d rather not have the opportunity to get some firsthand experience with NEW TENKS before investing a month or few of grind into them?
      Suit yourself.

  17. Does anyone know if its possible to “update” the old WoT CT installation?
    Or DL the whole thing again?

    I don’t mind, just curious…

  18. WG is buttmad that we know the test date before they release it.

    Punishment? Push it back a day.

  19. Well, at least timezones aren’t all the same, I guess that means it’ll go up later tonight for me. (In Hawaii, -10 GMT)

  20. My thought when I got up this morning:

    “Hmm… I have a feeling they will postpone test today, like they do with every patch.”

    Sure enough, it is true.

  21. Was looking forward to testing that Japanese Tier 5 Premium and the New Chinese Tier 6 Light tank premium.
    Well, I guess I can wait, Make playing them more exciting.

  22. Come on, guys… the release is delayed by one day. Is it really that terrible? Seems there are few (medically) addicted players… :) :) :)

    Personally I prefer (hopefully) some bugs removed and have the patch delayed than botched update with prospective of being fixed next patch (no hot patched for quite long, as SerB said, thay release them only when really neccesary).

  23. Well, Its 1:36 PM here in Central Europe and still there is no test server… I checked all 3 main WoT websites (for EU, US and RU region) and there is not even a mention about it on main page. In the previous updates, they informed about it at least 1 day to few hours before they launched TS… So, I wonder what is wrong now?

  24. Hey Silentstalker, iam reading your block since the first day, and thats my first comment.
    What the Hell is up with the Testserver, is there a chance it will come today’?
    Is there anydownload link for the test server, actually released?

  25. Hey its “tomorrow” and still no 8.9 test server, on any of the Wg home pages, i even loaded up the CT and no update :( why you lie to me SS!