- SerB states that he’d like to have more than two turrets per vehicle (SS: in some cases at least)
- accuracy rebalance is not planned
- SerB states that the reason for the drawing distance and spotting limit is that on one hand the typical engaging distance during WW2 was 300-500 meters, but on the other hand also the fact that it’s not interesting gameplay-wise to shoot “dots on the horizon”
- anti-aliasing TXAA? “when it’s done it’s done”, but apparently not anytime soon, it hasn’t been decided yet when it will come

- SerB states that he German tanks killing their enemies at 2,5km were either simply accidents, or the tankers made the story up
- KV-7 (Object 227) will most likely not appear in WoT, but it’s possible that one of the KV-7 variants with two (linked) 76,2mm ZIS-5 might appear, SerB states that it’s a very strange vehicle
- developers actually considered the option to allow players to unlock one tier 10 tank from another tier 10 tank (IS-7 from IS-4 for example), but decided not to do it
- Soviet hightier light tanks won’t be implemented for now, because although there are candidates for those tiers, those tanks are only paper projects and the tiers under them (6-7) are not clear either
- the fact a vehicle is open-topped and doesn’t need ventilation is taken into account by WG when balancing vehicle characteristics (namely: increased ROF and view range, decreased weight)
- no plans for additional equipment and consumables slots
- SerB stats that when a team wins and the tank survives, it gets more XP than if the team wins and the tank dies, but the difference is not big
- SerB confirms that there will be another special “7/42-like” game mode for tier 10 tanks, it won’t be such a long wait as it was for the 7/42, because the mechanism is already developed
- Sturmtiger will be implemented, “when it’s done”, SerB states that while he won’t go into any details, there might be some more German monsters á la WTE100 coming at some point (SerB confirms it will most likely be a TD) (SS: I’d hazard a guess he means the Bär)
- 8.9 Waffenträgers getting additional gun changes? “If necessery”
- SerB states that average XP per battle was always lower for arty than for other classes, it has decreased after the arty nerf, but not much
- Q: “There are people who are (SS: medically) addicted to the game, what will you do to help them?” A: “Well, I am always writing here: ‘don’t play…’ – maybe it saved someone”
- for now, no further German branches are planned
- renting/buying for credits of premium tanks won’t be implemented
- Brummbär “didn’t drop out anywhere” (SS: as in, it is still planned)
- new equipment is not planned for now
- SerB states that the BF4 engine is pretty, but WG won’t buy it, the “packet” solutions are already spent and now it’s time to improve (polish) what they have (one of the reasons for no BF4 engine is the fact it doesn’t work on Windows XP)
- 5 arty hardcap is not removed
- Havok and smoke/fire effects are not tied to one another
- hardcap for TD’s is not planned
- developers are analysing the situation about the TD’s in tier 10 battles, a player stated that at least one third of each team is filled with TD’s, Storm answers that according to their statistics it’s much less

215 thoughts on “10.10.2013

  1. Well, we will have the same situation with TDs as with arty, WG will nerf them to make less peolle play, instead of making a cap, which might increase waiting times. Typically heavy and medium biased idiot community.

    • Having a few TDs extra isnt too bad in my opinion, in open maps that can be deadly, but on maps like Himmelsdorf TDs are sort of obsolete because of their long-range way of fighting not working in most cases (taking a T25 AT on the hill is a exception because most TDs dont have such awesome gun depression)

      • Long-range way of fighting ? Dude, there’s nothing like an ISU-152 working the corners in Himmelsdorf.

        • You both got something wrong here.
          The problem are tier 10 TDs, not T25 AT or ISU.
          And those are pretty hard to fight in towns, with their massive frontal armor.
          To fight a TD in a medium you need to be able to reach their sides, which isnt exactly easy in towns.

          • To be honest, some say TDs have too much alpha and too much HP, on the other hand, look at medium and heavys in tier 10, they have also big HP and relative fast firing guns compared to lower tier tanks. Look at the american tanks, 400 damage relative good rof and 2 sec aimtime. Some medium and heavy tanks in tier 10 have too good aimtime and also too good rof. Simple tier 9 TDs arnt effective enough to all absurd new tanks in tier 10, and hence the absurd TDs in tier 10. Maybe only if there would be a limited amout of tier 10 heavys, then tier 9 TDs would work, not no fucking way tier 9 TDs work with majority of tier 10 heavy and medium tanks, which by the way have pretty high pen. Also the fucking autloaders pushing out 400 damage per shoot making 2500-3000 damage in 10 seconds. Whole tier 10 is fucked up because of many reasons. One of them is that peope, are scared they dont want to pay high repair bills and ammo costs and camptarding, just to be scouted and sniped by TDs. In lower tiers you can move more and afford to get killed because repair costs are lower. Also in tier 9, there are no fucking maus and e100 tanks beeing a pain in the ass, and there are no 750 alpha heavy tanks either. Im sorry to say but idiot tanks like IS7, maus, and E100 require TDs to defeat them. In lower tiers we have some problems with hull down T34 and T32, but they dont punish you with 500-750 alpha, and you can hit theri weakspots, something that the E100 and IS7 totally lack beeing hull down.

            Tell me how the fuck tier 10 battles with majority of mediums and heavys will work, with lack of TDs that can penentrate these tanks? Now we have too many TDs in tier 10, but despite that, high alpha and high HP isnt the issue, because then the Jagdpze100 would have much better WR than 50%. Simple, making all tier 10 TDs less mobile would probably make them less strong and more easy to flank. Reducing alpha and HP it would be totally useless to play them at all, since then you can might as well play a heavy or a medium pushing out the same damage and get the same penentration with gold rounds.

        • True, but the ISU-152 isnt a tier 10 TD and it has 1050 HP, which means it will be 3 shotted by heavys.Not to mention the bad armor and some times sluggish mobilty and long reload.

      • I can beg to differ. Ones like the ISU-152 and the Jagdpanzer E-100 absolutely DOMINATE on Himmelsdorf (though the Object does better in open maps, the many chokepoints helps to offset the relative inaccuracy of the BL-10, whereas the Jagdpanzer E-100 NEEDS a map like that to offset its lack of mobility and terrible camo index)

        • You get it. The best way to fight a TD is not at all. Force him to come to you and they’re dead meat. You play a TD’s game, expect to lose. You make a TD play yours, and they’re at the disadvantage.

      • Sorry, but the community as a whole is heavily biased towards heavy and medium tanks. Just look what happened with the thread I made on the officlal forums about heavy and medium tanks having 53-57% WR, it got locked and I got permbanned from the forum. Enough said…

        • IMO that is just a matter of maps, medium and heavy do well on every map.
          TDs, arty and scouts do suffer more or less when not on the right map.
          e. g. sluggish arty like GW Tiger (P) on himmelsdorf

          No surprise that WR in HT or MT will be a bit higher than other classes, speaking of average players that du not exeptionally well in a certain vehicle.

        • Don’t know about you getting banned but I saw the beginning of that thread (first 10 or so posts) and they are right. Noobmeter != full player base.
          As a general rule, players who are not interested in their stats won’t use noobmeter, (or use forums or come here) therefore the noobmeter average is going to be higher than the global average as you are taking the ‘elite’ as a subsample.

          I am curious as to how the leopard needs a nerf though, it has no armour and doesn’t exactly outclass other tier X tanks with it’s gun. Granted it is quick, but that’s payoff for the gun.

        • Lolz. I’ve just checked it in random topic on forum – most posters played(from most popular to the least):
          >HT-MT biased community<

  2. “A: “Well, I am always writing here: ‘don’t play…’ – maybe it saved someone””

    AHAHAHAHAHA, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

    • I mean, what is he supposed to say? When people get addicted to games its mainly their own problem and one company can’t change anything in that regard.

      • Start publishing WG self help books. Donate to rehab centers where people are helped to discover life beyond the WoT garage again.

        Or force them to play only M3 Lee until they are cured.

      • Well there’s also the fact that XP is known for its reliability, so some people still use it for that, as opposed to Vista (which was a train wreck), Windows 7 (which was intended to be a new OS but is basically Vista with most of the bugs worked out) and Windows 8 (which is a “disaster”, to quote Gabe Newell, because it’s optimized for tablets, yet they forced it onto desktops and laptops anyway).

    • IIRC in an older FTR post it was that of the WoT players are 50% windows XP users, russians havent got that technology we have… :/

    • And what’s wrong with xp? I don’t need a newer os, xp works fine, so? You must be the kind of people who buy a new car every year because “omg it’s a new model!!!!!!!!11111″.

      • becaus just lik windows 95/98 before it xp is getting outdated and more and more games will stop working on it

      • XP isn’t optimized as well for core and memory usage, among other advancements. That’s what’s wrong with XP. It holds back advancement in games for PC like consoles do.

        • Well excuse me if not everyone can afford to buy a whole new computer every two years to keep up with the standard (and it’ll get even worse as the rate at which computers improves accelerates). That being said, the only reason people would use XP these days is for its reliability, which is especially-helpful for somebody who primarily uses their computer for business (these people being casual gamers most of the time), but not so much for a dedicated gamer. Just remember that the “casuals” are the vast majority of the market, and that’s why so many companies are trying to cater to them as opposed to the “hardcore” demographic (except in certain genres; FPS games come to mind, although even they’ve been looking at the casuals as a new source of income).

          • It is proven that you dont need a new computer to play WOT succesfully. You will how ever need knowledge to set up your PC and game settings so you get good fps. Some people play on all high with a 5 year old puter and complain they have 10-15 fps. Also you need to know how to set up your home network to get good internet performance. All these thing lacking in wot community. Also you can build a gaming computer with relative new parts for around 300-400 euros, all used stuff of course, but still better than nothing. Also, looking at how many people that plays WOT on laptop, I wouldnt say money is a issue, just lazyness and lack of computer knowledge.

      • Xp is about 14 yrs old..that would be like driving a car from the 1970s today. In face, microsoft extended support for xp ends april 2014, no more updates and patches. Xp is dead. Games should not be written with xp in mind.

    • XP at idle uses between 210 and 310 mb of ram. Vista will use about 2x that and W7 will use something in between if set up right.
      The fact that you can use 4gb on ram on xp which is enough for most programs means it just lasts and lasts and lasts. Also XP is just dammed easy to fix use and most people can function with it. Not so much with the newer OS’s. That and FREE copies are all over the place.

      • Windows XP can support more than 4 GB of ram if you know how to enable PAE. It allows 32 bit windows to address memory in 48 bit mode with just a slight bit of performance overhead added. In my experience it avoids the driver issues associated with using Windows XP 64 bit.

        Of course I can understand people avoiding Windows Vista but Windows 7 has been easy to pirate for years now. My only guess why more RU players haven’t upgraded would be lack of driver support for older hardware they might have.

        Just sucks they’re providing a reason for the game to be held back development wise. My GPU usually doesn’t get more than 80% utilization on most maps which means I’d rather have some higher quality graphics to make use of it.

        • dude, Win XP is 12(!) years old by now… thats literally “ancient” in terms of IT timescale.

          It doesnt support more than 3,x GB of RAM, no DX10/11, no GBT Partitions, no USB3, struggles with SSDs, loses its support in a few weeks (which means it will be insecure as hell), etc.

          And its not like W7 is the “brand new super shiny and expensive and hard to adopt OS”… its is out for 4 years already and neither unbearable expensive to buy / extraordenary difficult to “crack” nor super different in usability if you config it properly.

          but well, i didnt expect else of WG… a company which isnt even capable of programming a video game with a possibility to use more than a single CPU core in the year 2011-2013

          • Remember, what the player-base uses isn’t WG’s decision, if everyone wanted to run it on an old IBM ThinkPad, they’d have to make it so that it would work on it, or risk losing a majority of their customers.

            This is the problem that many games face, it’s relatively easy to make things push current tech to it’s limits, it’s just damn near impossible to make it do that AND work on legacy systems (which the majority will always have).

            If it was simple enough to have it so that both systems would run together seamlessly, they’d most certainly do it, it’s just that it is usually not worth the effort, as the “enthusiasts” will always beg for it to be prettier, and those with a budget, will want it to run smoother on lower resources.

            • Pc resources don’t stop you from getting an upgrade from XP. We have two Pentium 4 based machines at home and they run perfectly fune with windows 7 tyvm. In fact, they benchmarked higher running 7 than they ever did under XP.

  3. Serb is F***ed up in mind… the 88mm on the Tiger H pzkfw VI historicly knocket out soviet t-34s etc on several occations thats been confirmed, not made up by the gunners.

    • Pretty sure I read somewhere a Tiger has a 4k view range, and a nearll 90% effective range of up to 2k.

      Essentially the view/effective ranges being as diminished as they are, is WG’s way of not admitting their engine is at critical mass already and that it just can’t handle it.

      Ask yourself this – If the engine wasn’t near its limits, why did they reduce the base flags to look so poor lately?

      • Yea no .. Engagements for above 1km were rare and the tiger manual itself advised that the t34s were to be engaged only at 600meters . According to carius he rarey shot anything at more than 900 meters distance . Even IS 2 tanks wee recorded to be able to shoot targets at 1.5 km away .. Again this was very rare .. Even the flak 88 batteries during the africa campaign had a record of a large expenditure of ammo for relatively few tanks destroyed at long ranges .

        • Yeah no… I didn’t say engagement distances now did I? I said the optics were capable of 4k, and the gun was nearly 90% effective up to 2k.

          Don’t put words into my mouth.

          Furthermore, as already stated, it’d be damn near impossible to lead a target that far away, but this is still a weak-assed excuse to not increase the map sizes to respectable sizes of 25km or better.

          • I was responding to you and foppn .. I hear this “regularly shot t 34s at 2+km” bs quite regularly .”*4km view range* roll eyes every tank has 4km view range .. The tank commander pokes his head ou of the hatch and looks with his binocs .. It is something tank commanders do to this day
            And you do realise it would take among the fastest tanks in the game about an hour to drive from one end of the map to another on a 25 km map right ? You would spend all you time driving and very little time shooting (kinda the reason i quit planetside 2). Even a 10 km map would be boring as hell .. the best implementation IMO is 2/3 km map with no choke points .

          • 25km maps? Back to Operational Art of War with you, Mister Hardcore. Normal people are trying to play casual here.

            • Normal people are sick of maps that are 1km which is less than my Remington R-700 is effective to.

              25km is still less than most WoWp maps.

              Think of the bigger picture here, and not your antiquated dinosaur of a computer for once. Bigger maps = bigger teams, which = longer battle times, which also = more exp and credits you can earn if you’re not a terribad that yolocharges to your death in the first 60 seconds of a battle. If you’re one of those, then you better stock up on more tanks so you can play something else in your garage once you die.

            • I’ll expand on my previous reply :

              * Bigger maps force certain vehicles to play a more niche role (imagine the T95 as a base defender type, or a choke-point holder.

              * The caps aren’t at the extreme ends of the map, so you could easily envision a cap-to-cap distance of only 7-10km away, while leaving tons of space to maneuver around in.

              * Scouts can actually scout like the real thing. Radioman signal boosting would actually mean something, as would relaying, as would commanders recon skill, and so on and so forth.

              * Your tank could have the optic ranges and gun effective ranges it was actually capable of. Even if you didn’t want to engage at more than 700m away, you still COULD like the tank was capable of, and it would boil down to your own ability to lead a target assuming it keeps a steady course and speed.

              * Pushes would require more teamwork and organization, which is ideal for hardcore company battlers or CW battlers.

              * Possible air support with a cross-platform integration of WoWp would be capable since the planes would also have room to maneuver (before you cry about planes killing tanks, remember, they’re being chased by enemy planes, AND WG could easily add in an AA-tank tree mini-branch).

            • @SeanPwnery
              Lets think of a 25 x 25km map, with the bases in Northeast and Southwest.
              Your average tank needs an hour to cross the map.
              Nobody wants to spend half an hour before they could see an enemy.
              Finding Arti on 625 square km? horrible
              Think a little of what that would do to the game.

              I accept that some maps are a bit cramped, but most of them are fine in my opinion.
              And I think of myself as a pretty normal person.
              Maybe the one that isnt normal is you.

            • @cyberfries -

              How does it take an “hour” ?

              What part of the cap circles aren’t in the extreme ends of the map didn’t you understand? Imagine as you say, a cap in the NE and SW – they’re not at A0 and J1, they’re more like A7 and G3. The cap’s can be a diagonal distance of 7km… that’s 7000m, that’s less than 4 miles. Are you HONESTLY telling me the majority of the tanks in this game can only do 4mph? Really?

              I’m quite normal.. your grasp of distance is what’s skewed.

            • Yeah you go have fun with the equivalent of 50-hour Operation Uranus marathon without a save option. Or, since you seem to be so hellbent on having “realistic” scale whether it serves any purpose or not, join the Army so you can partake in proper maneuvers in patently authentic order of magnitude.

              Normal people, or at least those who can think past their ugly noses, will meanwhile be having fun with actually *playable* mapsizes.

        • Before anyone else like Cyberfries tries to justify the pathetic map sizes of this game, let me put this into perspective for you.

          1km map… 1000m map – which is one of the largest this game offers is 0.62 miles across.

          We’re playing on Go-kart tracks.

          • You answered yourself, before I could answer you.
            And you didnt read properly.

            Your idea of having the bases in 7-10km distance came after I started writing, but its still 10min of just driving, or 5min till you can fire your first shot.

            If you want the bases 7km apart, what do you need 25 x 25km maps for?

            Also, remember that 1km x 1km equals 200 football fields.
            I’m not against slightly larger maps, but 25 x 25 is stupid

            • 25X25 ? Is retarded an extreme of 5/6 km is doable no more . You are justifying 25X25 km map by saying the “cap” is only 7 km apart ? So you intend for the rest of the map to be unused and hence pointless ? Funny .. You call the grasp of distance of the others skewed . Even on a 4 km drive it will take the faster tanks 6-7 whole minutes to just drive to and and slower ones upwards of 12 minutes .. And you honestly want this .. Only way a l25 map would work would be to have multiple spawn / cap points scattered across the map with upwards of 50 players on each team to make it remotely interesting .. At this point you would have to abandon all pretensions to organised gameplay . (hmm would work in a garage battle format).. But 25 km maps in any of the current wot gamemodes would be unplayable .

      • More like the players wouldnt handle it (Not going to comment on how stupid the “flags” assumption is).

        I cant see the fun in sniping ants from 2 km.

        • Considering all the missed shots .. Number of shells will become a balancing factor :P

        • The real problem about the 500m cap is that the zone is not a circle like the spoting distance but a square. So you see 500m in strait line and ~700m in diagonal.

          I am actually able to kill people at 700m and the cap piss me off.

          • This^^ I wouldn’t mind limited render range if it was circle which should be logical and not square so you can sometimes shoot up to 600-700m while sometimes you can’t engage tanks further than 500m due to position where they are

      • One thing, that map would be 625 times bigger than our 1×1 map, the WG guys need a month to do one map. So calculate how long would they need to do that one…

        • Transpose the WoWp maps to work in WoT… job done as a stop-gap measure.

          Keep the go-kart track sized maps to lower tiers… don’t throw them away… do like they did with Province and limit the small maps to tiers below 5 or 6. Save the huge maps for larger tiers. Let companies use any map they want like they have been.

          • not to sound mean or anything but are you a blithering idiot? have you actually taken the time to look at WoWP Maps even if one was transposed as a WoT map it wouldn’t work cause there is maybe 2-3km at best of passable land for tanks the rest is normally steep mountainous terrain at angles far exceeding the ones in WoT as passable terrain.

            So before you Speak about transposing a map made for a somewhat better game engine, why don’t you take the time in a training flight or something and actually look at the god damn maps, cause El Halluf in WoWP is nothing like El Halluf in WoT it’s not even possible to find matching land marks.

            This is just the case of a person pushing their own agenda and not actually looking at ALL the facts. you should be ashamed SeanPwnery.

      • “pretty sure I read somewhere” vs. people whose job it is to research tanks and tank data. Well, I know who I’m going to trust on this one.

    • If Great Soviet Motherland Factories of Proletariat could not produce guns to hit enemy at 2.5 km, then Evil Fascist Nazi Tank Pimps could not have!

      Russians are famously hyper-patriotic, often to the point of jingoism. Take comments like SerB’s with the grain of salt they deserve.

  4. - SerB states that the BF4 engine is pretty, but WG won’t buy it, the “packet” solutions are already spent and now it’s time to improve (polish) what they have (one of the reasons for no BF4 engine is the fact it doesn’t work on Windows XP)

    Who in the hell in their right mind still GAMES under Windows XP? Get out of the stone age! >:o

      • I’d imagine a lot of people in Russia, China, and Europe, and everywhere else in the world for that matter run or have run cracked copies of Vista, or 7 or 8. Just sayin’ ;)

        • Vista is no better and actually crashes more than XP. Windows 8 is useless. Haven’t used windows 7, so can’t tell, but my personal choice remains XP(2 operational syatems on 1 computer, as I need newer systems for some games).

          • Windows XP was awesome, Windows Vista is utter shit, but WIndows 7 is a great OS to be honest. 8 sucks AFAIK, so hopefully WIndows 9 will be good :P

          • I suggest you to use Win 7 (i am using it for few years) much better than Win Xp … if you have good hardware for it.

          • To be honest, windows 8 isn’t all that bad. I hated it when i first got my laptop, but after a year i grew to like it. Not too much incompatibilities, this computer never crashed, never unexpectedly shut down, but when i had windows 7 i had frequent crashes, and had to do system restore, and debug quite a few errors.

            Sure the new Operating system takes getting some use to, especially with the app-like applications, but the desktop is still the same. I think people hate windows 8 because perhaps they hate change, or they are just biased against he whole app-like features, but as i said earlier, i hated it myself, but then i took a risk to install it, and now i totally love it.

            • If you played the BF4 beta, you’d see how DICE “recommends Win8″, and it shows in game. Win8, while UI is annoying even after you’re “used to it”, it does sport some really good efficiency and tricks that convey in games really well.

          • Having used XP on my laptops for about 7 years now. (I downgraded one laptop from Vista to XP) I would have to say its the best OS around. With windows 7 coming in at number 2.
            Win 7 does have its flashy GUI but you can turn that off and make it look like XP. Its a lot better then Vista (utter crap) and better then Win 8 (useable but very annoying interface).

        • A lot of people still use XP and a lot of people still roll with a Pentium 4.
          What you think about it and your contempt doesn’t matter and doesn’t affect the reality that WG, as a company, has to face.

          • A Company has to face pushing the limits of technology … that’s what the gaming industry is all about. If we went by your logic, we’d simply all be playing graphically shitty games like Maplestory and Farmville because no one would want it to LOOK or PLAY better. PC hardware has THRIVED on the Gaming industry in the last 20 years because of the developers desire to give more, and do more, and immerse the player in what feels as real as possible.

            All you people win Windows XP must REALLY love running dinosaur versions of Direct-X. Run 7, get with the times – and remember… only buy every OTHER version of windows…

            If you run XP, skip Vista, buy 7, skip 8, wait for 9. This is the way Microsoft OS’s have worked since DOS.

            • No, the *gaming industry* is all about selling shit. Entertainement, as it were. The spin-offs and incidental synergies don’t really feature into that, and “teching yourself out” of the the reach of a major chunk of your extant customer base would be kind of a stupid business strategy.
              Also pretty sure there’s no shortage of firms pushing the proverbial bleeding edge of graphics merrily without WG heartily partaking in *that* particular Red Queen’s Race.

      • WG is always going to build to their largest player base. If the NA base ever comes close to the RU base, WG might begin to pay more attention to the wants, needs, and/or desires outside of RU base.

        • Don’t have to shell out money or an upgrade you don’t really need .. That’s the only reason you need.

          • Students can get ALL Microsoft products for free. IF you’re not a student you most likely have a job. If you have a job you can save some money to upgrade.
            Oh, and there is a huge difference between XP and 7/8, it’s not a “upgrade you don’t really need”

            • Do tell me which country are you from ? Please tell me more about how the entire world benefits from microsoft’s benevolence .

            • Romania. Random eastern-europe country.
              I even got the Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate for free. That’s at least 4.000 $ ….
              Google a bit for MSDN and ask at your university….

            • Nope Never even heard of such a thing .
              My old desktop still has XP and runs everything i need .. never even and the inclination to change it .. Got win 7 cause it came with the laptop ..no other reason ..

            • I can take some screenshots showing you that i had to pay exactly 0$ for Win 7/8/8.1 Visual studio, office, and so on…
              Oh, and one of the most important reasons why 7/8 are better than XP is the SSD support… Using SSD drives on XP will just kill your SSD…

            • Oh i don’t doubt that you got it free . I am saying not everyone has that option. Still use only HDDs . Still not seeing a downside here .

            • You can buy genuine student licenses to full OS from 20-30 dollars on grey market sites, so money isnt the issue. Old hardware and lack of computer skills are though, specially in eastern countries. Im amazed bad knowledge people in the wot community have about hardware and software sompared to battlefield community for example. You dont need a 1000 euro PC to run WOT, you will how ever need some knowledge to make the best out of the situation, which 80% of WOT players dont.

            • Win7 is a must today…XP was great OS and i used it a lot, but it’s ancient now….what i think that would cause more problems than OS is the fact that BF4 engine demands really good hardware and a lot of players would have problems playing the game cause of the much higher system requirements

    • Look at the steam hardware survey, 7% of active players use Windows XP and 3% Mac.
      I guess WoT players have worse Hardware.

      • it’s just a troll answer from Serb, makes the player base responsible for their crappy graphics… and you eat his bait like little girls…

        • Looking at my home:
          1x win 8
          1x win 7
          2x win xp
          So statistically the majority uses win xp.

          I dont eat his bait and I’m not a little girl, but I know reality.

          If even Steam, which is mainly used by gamers, says 7% use XP,
          than that is a large amount of people in the real world.
          I guess of all the WoT players 10-20%.

          But after seeing the Warthunder tanks video I’m really jealous of the graphics.
          I’m hoping for some big improvements in WoT

      • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usage_share_of_operating_systems

        @cimajes: Microsoft is known for providing free student licenses in Eastern Europe. Why? Before they did that, most Windows version in Eastern Europe were hacked ones.

        Up here in north you can get student license a bit cheaper, but it is still not cheap. Not to mention regular licenses for non-students like me, you have to pay through your nose for Microsoft licenses. Compared to what people have to pay for Microsoft stuff in USA or Eastern Europe you want to cry when you see the price tag on Microsoft stuff over here; no wonder Linux is way more popular in these parts than elsewhere.

        Example: Me, my wife and our four kids have 9 computers in all, and we all six play games. The mrs uses Windows 8, I and two of the kids have Windows 7, two of the kids have XP, two of our laptops (including mine) run Linux and the third runs XP.

        • If I remember right my copy of windows 7 was free but that was because it was a limited edition for the windows 7 launch. But generally in the US if you are not Pirating the OS it’s ranges between $200-$400 without a student discount so at that point you’d be better off buying a new laptop… It’s just a viscous cycle, hell I didn’t switch from XP till my previous computer totally destroyed itself, Normal People will use a computer till it completely breaks down and seldom if never change the OS so it’s not a shock people are still using XP especially with how quick the turn around on the last two Microsoft OS’s were. and there was no point in upgrading to vista when it was around because no company was natively supporting it they were still supporting XP so it’s more or less XP and 7 as the only natively supported operating systems 8 is kind of making headway but eh I think it’ll be replaced with an OS more befitting for PC users.

          Also I think it boils down to hardware as well people spend good money to get a return on their investment if I look at my PC by Today’s Standards it falls just above mid tier specs even if the hardware is aging but if you looked at it 8 years ago it was a top of the line gaming Machine still is to some degree since it’s a quad core but DDR2 is no longer supported by manufactures and prices have gone up I mean OS have varying Ram Requirements to, for people to even meet the ram Requirements for 7 and 8 just to upgrade their DDR2 you are looking at around $120 for something that will be made completely obsolete in 3-5 years.

          WG isn’t stupid enough to let WoT die, but at the same time they aren’t stupid enough to pander to Gamers and ostracize where their main profits lie, just wait 2-3 years they’ll drop XP support because it’ll be under 4% of the user base. after it’s a business just as much as it is a game company.

          Patience is a Virtue, and if you lack that then you win rating must be crap :/

          • Stfu, you can get legal student retail versions of windows 7 thru grey market sites. The reason this is possible is that teachers and professors get X amount of keys for OS that they can generate to students, some of these people sell the keys. They keys are not used so they are legal to use, but not exactly legal to sell. I know many people (myself) running these student licenses bought cheaply on greymarket sites, and they still work and are 100% legal.

            Its against microsoft TOS to generate and sell student keys, but it is not against TOS or any law to buy them and use. The reason is that they are fucking 100% unused keys given to teachers and professors by microsoft.

            • 1, just because it’s from a grey site doesn’t make it legal.
              2. pull your head out of your ass and look at it from a normal person’s perspective rather then a knowitalls.
              3. grey sites are listed as such because they don’t work within the realm of legal boundaries they are neither good nor bad but are subject to legal action against them at any time, this includes individuals who knowingly purchase from them.

              say you make something and sell it at a discount to schools, and then without your knowledge some schmuck goes up to one of the staff at the school pays them under the table for what ever you sold the school and then proceeds to resale it at a much lower cost despite the agreement with the school, Most of your grey sites as you put them run on fraud it’s actually worse then piracy because you can get innocent people involved.

              There is actually a legal agreement schools and such must sign for the software and keys, grey sites work in violation of that agreement.

              or are you talking about school retailers who sell software and items to schools which are not grey sites and require verifiable credentials for sales?.

              but continue on trying to bash someone for speaking their mind from a normal person’s point of view I mean it’s clear you have no understanding of how the world works past your own small point of view. Since if you actually read my post I was listing an actual retail price range.

              Also any time Microsoft announces an New OS they give out free copies for people who are doing Launch Parties. as well as a bunch of exclusive although cheap goodies.

      • Who thinks BF4 is pretty?…… wat? It’s superior to everything else out there right now, and we don’t even have the release candidate yet. Some people…

        • Metro Last Light and Crysis 3 would like to have a word with you…
          But yeah, Battlefield 4 is good looking
          XP is too old now, id rather use compatibility mode, hacks and emulators for the few things that dont work on 7. My hardware just does not get used up on Win XP.

          ANd no, FrostBite 3 would be a bad choice for WoT. Older PCs and it cant take the same shit WoT’s engine can.

          • In response to previous people i also receive free software and OS through the Microsoft student scheme. Windows 8 is also a fantastic OS for gaming Windows 8 can improve FPS by 5% just on its own because it is so highly optimized Please for the love of god stop using XP.

  5. it’d be nice to see more Twin gun tanks even if they are highly impractical, right now off the top of my head there is that low tier american one that came from $250+ russian box set that sold out, so it’s not like they don’t have the mechanic.

    • It was a terrible tank by the way. Also MGs stress the server too much fro what they are worth (And most linked guns are MGs).

    • The MTLS’s twin linked guns work like a single one ingame, just the rate of fire is higher.

        • eh I’m an odd person I want to collect the odd and “bad” tanks in the game just to piss people off with them, the MTLS isn’t a bad tank it’s unique it’s pen is sub par but if in the right hands with a little patience and aiming it more evil then a PZ1C.

          I just wish I had one :/ I have a wish list of tanks most can’t be purchased in the US anymore which sucks.

  6. SS recently in one of the daily Q&A’s it was mentioned that WG will implemet the posibility to retrain the crew for different position exemple Radioman for Loader. Is there any rought ETA on this feature?

    - SerB states that he’d like to have more than two turrets per vehicle

    Totaly agree with him here. We need more versatility!! I wonder why didn’t they already implemet it??? Is it technicly so hard or it will ruin the balance?

    • IIRC, there is some kind of hack in the network code, dating back to the days when WoT was developed as fantasy MMORPG, which allows the tank to shoot only one gun. It also somehow applies to to turret.
      They need to rework the code, making it more complicated, to have multiple guns.

  7. - for now, no further German branches are planned
    -Sturmtiger will be implemented, “when it’s done”, SerB states that while he won’t go into any details, there might be some more German monsters á la WTE100 coming at some point (SerB confirms it will most likely be a TD) (SS: I’d hazard a guess he means the Bär)

    SS; how does this fit? On the one hand, SerB stats that there will be no further German branch (like a third TD line), but on the other hand, he states that Sturmtiger and other TDs will be implemented?

  8. quote: “SerB states that the BF4 engine is pretty, but WG won’t buy it, the “packet” solutions are already spent and now it’s time to improve (polish) what they have (one of the reasons for no BF4 engine is the fact it doesn’t work on Windows XP)”

    one little problem there – EA made it clear FostBite engine is not for sale, and only available to EA in-house dev teams
    anyways, FrostBite 1.5 can be used on WinXp

  9. “- SerB states that the reason for the drawing distance and spotting limit is that on one hand the typical engaging distance during WW2 was 300-500 meters, but on the other hand also the fact that it’s not interesting gameplay-wise to shoot “dots on the horizon””

    Fair enuff, as that goes, but did they have to make the spotting limit a goddamn *box*? It’s godawfully annoying when you’re trying to snipe with a TD and does its level best to try and oblige you to break cover just to get the other guy rendered…

    • Same here, it would have been fine..if it was a circle, not a box!! Because its a box its
      -500m vertical
      -707m diagonal

      If it was a circle, it would have an uniform view range limit…..

      Most of the time my long range engagements were screwed up because of that stupid box limit…I dont care how big the limit is, the problem is that it isnt uniform…

      • Thats the biggest fail of the spotting. Why is it box not a circle, that normal person would make it. Is their engine so shit it cant handle circles?

        • Well spotting range works as a circle, only the rendering range works like a box and i actually think it’s due to their limited engine. And i agree with OP. Make it a circle and it will make a huge difference in gameplay.

            • This is draw distance, not spotting range. A scout can spot it for you beyond 445 yards, but if it’s past the draw distance, it won’t show up on your screen. They’ll still show up on the minimap, which makes for some tricky shots trying to line the gun up just right.

            • Wrong. Spotting is limited to 445m in any direction, no exceptions, draw distance is, as MarkR17 says, limited 500m perpendicular, which is about 700m diagonal.

  10. “there might be some more German monsters á la WTE100 coming at some point”

    Because what the German tech tree needs the most is *even more* monster tanks when the Leopard 1 medium line is the only branch in the entire (!) German tech tree that doesn’t devolve into monster tanks at some point.

    • I… don’t see how the E-50 is a monster tank. Sure, it’s a Tiger II disguised as a medium tank, but it’s far from being a monster.

      • They’re monsters relative to the other mediums, imho, because they’re noticably larger/heavier/more sluggish than those. The fact that there’s even bigger monsters among the heavies and TDs doesn’t change this. :D

        • Yeah well, THAT starts already with the Panther. German tenk engineering took a wrong turn at Albequerque somewhere thereabouts.

          • I still remember the day when i was informed that the IS 2 is about the same weight as the panther O_O

            • O God… 0o” Couldn’t believe… had to check… now i have a day to remember too…
              WTF were Germans thinking??? And why anybody called it a ‘medium tank’?

            • Personally I suspect it’s an early symptom of the increasingly lurid retreat from reality the whole Reich began slipping into around that period, not that the regime had been too firmly anchored there to begin with.

          • Right a 50 to 70 tons tank, with armor and a relativ big high velocity gun and a not cramped crew compartmnet were build never again and never proofed to be effective in engangments vs russian tanks…..

            • ~45 tons of tank for 75mm gun. At that weight class the Soviets were picking between 100 and 122mm and the Americans pretty much wouldn’t even get out of bed without at least 90mm.
              Stronk German engineerink: less bang for your buck!

              And while the Soviets certainly didn’t much bother with “creature comforts” beyond the minimum needed to fight the vehicle (they canned a fair few designs for failing to meet that criteria), do note that much of the German boxes’ size comes from the bulky powertrain layout rather than working space for the crew. This also obliged considerable height ergo surface area to armour ergo fundamentally inefficient use of tonnage.

            • Gotcha….

              Right because a 75mm did less damage than a 122mm? Idiot in reality there is no damage. Pen = Kill. You only need it for HE not for AT purpose

              And right a smother ride is very unimportant for crew comfor…it also was a dead end in tank developmen …

              And i bet in the next text you will say something: All fails by STRONK SOVIET TANKS are because of low quality export versions followed by another excuse…

              Read less SOVIET TANK STRONK lectures…

    • JagdMaus wont be implemented since the Jagdpanzer e100 that is in game is basically half JagdMaus already.

      • The difference between a JagdPanzer E-100 and a JagdMaus is bigger then difference between a M60 and a M48 and the Object 140 and T-62A.

      • That might be true but the line leading to it would be damn fun… imagine 3 E-25 style tanks…

  11. ”- Sturmtiger will be implemented, “when it’s done”, SerB states that while he won’t go into any details, there might be some more German monsters á la WTE100 ”
    à la WTE100 not á la WTE100

    • Hey, grammar nazi, how about u got whine on WG forums? who gives a fuck over a freaking small line over a word?

      • I do. And a bunch of other people do as well. The fact that YOU are a mediocre person that can’t see the good of being corrected about grammatical errors and just goes on a tantrum is not his fault.

        • Lol, everyone knows what SS meant by that, just because u cant hold yourself to correct him because it pains you so much, it aint my fault. I knew what he meant, and i read it without problems without the extra `

  12. - SerB states that average XP per battle was always lower for arty than for other classes, it has decreased after the arty nerf, but not much

    So even after the alleged removal of the 50% penalty we still get less xp? Makes you wonder if they ever removed it.

    Now you have to play even more games to progress through the tree. Which leads to more arties. It’s the same stupidity as before.

    • I wonder if no self spotting, no close combat bonus and no spotting damage have something to do with this…

      • You get “selfspotting” in arty if you shoot targets that are not spotted. Also if you shot targets in direct fire. Following your logic XP would explode in those cases, it doesn’t.

        • Well, how often do you do that with arty within one match? I get decent XP when I use TD mode, in fact.

    • The arties are not dealing damage to tanks more than 2 tiers above them anymore. Thus they earn less exp as there is a multiplier based on what tier the tank you shoot is compared to yours.

      The Tier 8 arties used to only be able to see Tier 10 TD, Heavy, Mediums and Tier 8 Arty and Light.
      A Tier 8 arty never saw Tier 6,7,8,9 TD, Heavy, Medium, Arty(remove Tier 8 for arty) and never saw Tier 4,5,6,7 light tanks like they do now.

      So lower tier opponents means less exp from dealing damage to them.

  13. Well serB makes a good point about telling ppl not to play :D
    (to those who are addicted)

  14. - for now, no further German branches are planned

    Thank God. Now all they have to do is stop adding more Russian branches, and maybe they’ll actually be forced to add a little variety to their patches.

  15. “SerB states that he German tanks killing their enemies at 2,5km were either simply accidents, or the tankers made the story up”

    Oh, you. ^_^

    • Okay so you shoot a fucking shell out in the air, risking to get spotted (in real life) and accidently hit a fucking russian tank spot on? Thats just like jumping too high and accidently fly out from the atmosphere….

      • AFAIK the idiom “a long shot” originates with Early Modern naval artillerists, who rightly considered long-range shots primarily speculative exercises done to unnerve the enemy – actually hitting shit being down to sheer luck and rather unlikely. Guns and fire control had obviously improved since then but we’re not exactly talking about modern laser rangefinders and ballistic computers here; the shots to hits ratio at such engagement ranges oughta been terrible enough to make the latter, for most practical intents and purposes, “accidental”.
        A not entirely far-fetched comparision would be long-range suppressive fire with machineguns; the intent isn’t so much hitting something as making the other guy’s life that much more randomly hazardous and unnerving.

        Also sure hope your ammo logistics are in good shape, otherwise you likely just spent half your combat load ploughing the steppe for that one hit…

  16. SerB states that he’d like to have more than two turrets per vehicle (SS: in some cases at least)

    only if their added as optional turrets and not as top! meaning third turret having the best gun!

    • So you will have to grind more additional XPs to the next tank…

      More premium users are welcome then.

      • not really some xp can be split for the new turret!
        something like taking xp from engines other turres and canons and putting it on new turret!

        but turrets should be like turret 1 and turret 2A or turret 2B not turret 1-2-3 3 having the biggest/best gun!

        something like 2A having a derp and 2B a long barrel, or each turret should have both canons!

  17. Looks like his warning worked, the donkey is gone. Thank you everyone. Lets keep it that way…

  18. Oh those lying Germans again being brought to light by SerB again… and the soviet tankers didn’t shoot at German tanks far away because “it wasn’t as fun”… lol fuck this guy is funny. I imagine he’s hooked up to an IV of Vodka 24/7 and when he breathes in before he sneezes, weathermen call for snow storms, aka coke storms.

    • You can try to shoot a guy over a kilometer away with any halfway decent period bolt-action rifle, and if you hit the bullet will fuck him up just fine as it’ll still have most of its energy.
      Guess what the challenging part is?

      • And how the fuck is this important in WOT? Reason people want bigger maps is because they want their mediums to flank TDs and other slow moving targets in the open, something that is harder to do now because people can hug walls/rocks, etc, since maps are small. Bigger maps will mean more camping, since people dont want to be caught out in the open with their slow moving targets.

        • Yeah well, he wasn’t exactly talking about bigger maps there. Plus those would bring problems of their own, not in the least as far as the assorted “steel ingot on tracks” type vehicles are concerned.

    • First he talked about the real life situation . then he talked about gameplay .. and you read the 2nd part as soviets .. Do you have a reading disability ?

    • If anything some UK heavys should ne nerfed in terms of armor, some have pretty good frontal armor. Also some have really good rof on the guns along with good accuracy and aimtime. If anything they would be nerfed.

      • that armor can be easily penetrated at MG ports, and everywhere by using prem ammo, also 20 top speed make them somewhat boring to play, so no, no nerf please!

        • Well, look at the offcial forums, anything that isnt american and russian must be buffed and anything german and british must be nerfed :(.

      • Heavy tanks having heavy armour, who would’ve thought? :o BTW feel free to look up what late-model Churchills indeed *had* for frontal thicknesses IRL…
        Yeah, they could shrug off 88s without too much trouble.
        On another note the Churchies have pitifully weak sponsons inside their tracks, shoot there if the fail becomes too much otherwise. The Black Prince gets rid of that weakness though.

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  20. From one extreme to the other. No actually, I do not want to shoot over 2km distance, but having maps at minimum at 2k X 2k would (and 3k X 3K at max) be so much better for better presentation of “tank simulations”.
    That way game would lose its current dynamics which is exactly the same as in ever FPS out here!

  21. So we are fucked because they want to continue to support a 15 year old operating system? Give me a break. If someone can’t upgrade to a new OS then fuck them. Stop holding the rest of us back because of tards with toasters.

      • I agree with jackson Fucking move on people FFS Windows xp is fucking shit compared to Windows 7 and 8 Windows 7 and 8 specifically so incredibly fast and smooth compared to XP and plus the minimum system specs are lower on 8 than XP so you dont need new hardware either. And if any of you old grandads were smart u would of took advantage of the 30$ or £25 upgrade scheme that was on for the first 3 months of windows 8 for XP vista 7 Users.

  22. Just one thing isn’t clear to me. Will 7/42 battles be available to all players, or only to E-sports players?

    • Who the fuck cares about history in WOT perspecitve anyways? WOT is a vehicle based fictional game, just like forza and gran turismo 5, where you buy a fucking vehicle and grind credits so you can mount new parts. Parts which did exist in “real” life, but might not have been compitable with the vehicles. Just like in WOT. Problem is still, too many TDs now and then, which the heavy and medium based community think is annoying. Just a matter of time untill TDs will siffer the same as arties, then all medium and heavy jerking idiots will be happey. Then they can cuddle and have orgies to eachother on all chokepoints, and choke on eachothers…..

  23. I think WG must dial down the power on TDs contra heavies. They have ruined the heavy lines for me totally and I am starting to play less and less because of this unbalance. Heavies should be the hardest to kill and not TDs!!! I also hate when hard earned and payed for tanks get altered in an update to such a bad tank that they have ruined my tank. Leave bought tanks the h… alone. If they need to adjust something, then remove it from the line for newcomers and let the old-timers keep their tanks like they where.

    And for god sake – I hate the idiotic disappearing-tank-right-in-front-of-me. This might be the worst thing about WOT which i otherwise love. This is not realistic at all and should be changed to keep your players true to this game.