29 thoughts on “50 ways to die in World of Tanks

  1. i see he used the free camera mod. Can anyone give me a link to the new version? since the old one doesnt work since 8.6

  2. People whining bout test server, STFU SS cant change the fact WG didn’t put it up yet. What do you think, he is SerBĀ“s alter ego or something?

    • DownloadHelper Firefox plugin lets you download the source. VLC player can adjust aspect with [A] key.

      • Because I don’t have anything better to do with my time (and VLC is shit, I use mpc-hc with madVR).

    • Hi Magnus – is there a way to merge your Gun SOunds vehicle.fev file with that of another sound mod that is conflicting?

    • I love your mod, thanks for acknowledging you watched my video. It means something coming from someone who is so well known in World of Tanks :)