8.9 impressions – part 1

Hello everyone,

so, here are my subjective impressions from the new German TD line. Unlike the previous patch Soviet tanks, I think I am rather qualified to talk about German TD’s, as they are my favourite branch and I played it quite a lot. So, let’s have a look at it :) All tests took place with a 100 percent crew, camo net, binoculars and an optional third equipment piece. I used both silver and golden shells for comparison, standard silver consumables. I also used optical camo.

The server itself runs pretty smoothly (the bug with the packet loss was not fixed however). Noticed the nice quick server relog feature in upper left corner – handy!

Marder III (38T)


Okay, despite testing it only against “soft” targets (pretty much everyone in the battle had another 38T) I must say this vehicle is absolutely fantastic. It’s small, yet it packs quite a punch and boy it fires fast (18,75 ROF). Aim time is excellent, it’s reasonably accurate (0.35) and – what is most important – very hard to spot and fairly mobile (40km/h easily). As expected, the gun shield is thin, but it’s nothing that terrible. Its top gun is 110 pen 75mm – not the best penetration out there, but the golden shells can crack any hide. Carried ammo supply is sufficient (38 rounds). Gun traverse is fantastic, it’s very broad, but the vehicle doesn’t bleed accuracy when moving the gun too much and the depression is awesome. I love it. It’s much like Marder II on steroids (or if you will, Marder II before the major nerf).

Quite honestly, there is actually nothing I didn’t like about it. The gun performance with silver ammo against higher tier enemies perhaps, but it can handle the Chi-Nu Kai quite well on reasonable distance (that vehicle sure likes to explode from ammoracks). The only flaw is not so good elevation, which can lead to some awkward situations, but overall, I’d rate it very well.

SS Rating: 9/10



Well, as you can imagine from how this vehicle looks, it is pretty awkward. It’s not AS bad as you think, but it has three nasty flaws, none of them fatal, but together making it a very uncomfortable tank to play. First, it’s big as a barnhouse. That means low camo factor. You’ll spot this beast halfway across the map – it’s quite a change from the nimble and stealthy Marder! Keeping low profile and holding back is a must – the armor is non-existent, HE shells penetrate it regularily (even mid-tier gun HE) and they do MASSIVE damage. If you get spotted and don’t manage to oneshot the enemy, you’re dead, period. It’s an extremely fragile TD.

Second flaw is the terrible traverse angle. The gun has probably even worse traverse than Dicker Max (well, not probably, definitely) and if you know how to play the DM, you’ll feel right at home (at least regarding the traverse). With the thin armor and huge size, the fact you have to move the vehicle to traverse the gun makes you a huge target. You HAVE to stay back, no matter what.

Third flaw is bad depression. Strangely enough (probably “thanks” to the AA mount) the elevation is very good (unlike on the Marder), but the depression is pretty terrible, so you can forget about Dicker Max tactics.

The vehicle fragility makes it basically an XP pinata, but it’s not all doom and gloom. The vehicle is fairly mobile and it can get to position fast. It’s not a tank for impatient people – if you rush, you die, but if you need to go somewhere fast, it will get you there, with the elite engine of course. Theoretical maximum speed is 60, but don’t expect to run around like a light tank, you’ll be doing 30-40 at most. Luckily, it snaps the speed fast and is very agile, much more than you would expect from such a beast. The gun is excellent too, as you probably realize, it fires reasonably fast and practically equals the 88mm L/71, just that you have it on tier 5! If you get lucky, get far away from the enemies and manage to get them in your sights, you’ll wreak havoc. Also, for a vehicle of its tier, the ammo supply is very sufficient, perhaps too much.

Strangely enough, this vehicle requires a second gunner and second loader. After this, you won’t need second gunner anymore (at all, anywhere), while you will use second loader only at tier 9 and 10.

SS Rating: 5/10



Well, now we’re getting somewhere. Nashorn is a classic. It’s like Dicker Max. On steroids. Mixed with crack. Nah, I am overestimating it a bit.

Nashorn is – as I mentioned – much like Dicker Max. It’s open topped, rather mobile (but don’t expect a Hellcat, you will be moving at 30-40 km/h) and has massive accurate firepower. On the down side, it’s very, VERY fragile (at tier 6, 20-30mm armor won’t cut it) and if you get hit, you are dead. If you didn’t skip the previous vehicle, it probably gave you a good idea what you’re dealing with.

This is NOT a vehicle for newbies. Unlike its other tier 6 counterpart (Jagdpanzer IV), it’s extremely fragile. From what I could tell, its camo factor isn’t all that excellent, I got spotted several times at large distances. You HAVE to stay back and away from enemy scouts. You can be sure that with such a thing armor, you’ll instantly become a priority target. If you watched the Pentagon Wars movie, the Bradley vehicle description (“armor less than a snowblower and enough ammo to take out half of DC”) applies here. And if you haven’t seen it, go and watch it, it’s brilliant :) Last negative factor is rather poor depression. But that will get better, don’t worry.

On the plus side: the mobility is fairly decent, especially on flat surfaces. The traverse is excellent (much like the Marder one) and the gun is just yummy. Tier 6 with long 88? Yes, please. Aimtime and reload time are both very good (1,9s, 9,52 ROF). If you manage to stay hidden, you’ll wreak havok.

Somehow though… I expected better. It’s probably the mobility that disappointed me a little, but it’s a good TD.

SS Rating: 7/10

Pz.Sfl.V aka Sturer Emil


Well, this is certainly an extreme vehicle. It has several very strange properties, together offering a pretty unique combination. As you probably know, this was one of the most awaited vehicles ever – and for a good reason. 128mm cannon at tier 7. Well, let me tell you, its firepower is BRUTAL. Yes, the gun is absolutely awesome. A tier 9 gun on tier 7 vehicle, with 231 pen and 490 alpha – not bad! Plus the decent 0.36 accuracy. The ROF is bad of course (4,35), but nothing that could be handled. There’s a price though: this vehicle has no golden ammunition, only regular AP and HE shells. Strange, isn’t it?

Hmmm, let’s face it, it would be totally OP with 270+ penetration. But the real question is: is it OP even now?

Not really. The gun is brutal, yes, that much is true. BUT there are some significant drawbacks. First, the traverse is terrible. It’s like tier 5 all over. Annoying on a vehicle that relies on stealth. And it does rely on stealth, make no mistake. The only tough spot on its hide is the mantlet, that can occasionally bounce a few shots. The rest is paper and for added extra annoyance, it has the engine in the front, which means constant engine damage from anything, including really puny guns. And don’t let me get started about the engine fires. No, this vehicle can’t afford to take damage.

Another strange feature is the depression, that is pretty extreme:


The elevation however is not very good. And then there is the mobility: this TD will rarely go over 20km/h even in its elite configuration. It’s again surprisingly agile, but that won’t most likely save you, when facing anything up close. For this TD to work, you have to have a plan where to go. If you get exposed while executing it, you die. As with the previous tanks, it’s an XP pinata for the enemies, so expect to be their primary target as soon as you appear on their radar.

Oh yes, and one last thing: it carries only 15 shells. You have to make every shot count basically. Not that easy with 230 pen against T8-9 vehicles. Overall, it remains to be seen how successful this vehile will get, but I wouldn’t expect high winrates: this is not a TD for newbies.

SS Rating: 7/10

Rheinmetall Waffenträger


This whole branch has one element common to all the vehicles (well, apart from them all being paper): each vehicle has completely different gameplay style from the previous one – and WTR is no exception.

There are several defining features of this vehicle. First, it’s paper (yet again). Second, it’s very long – like TOG long. Not very practical when hiding sideways. Third, it has a fully rotating turret. That’s awesome. Fourth, it has two guns, that actually are pretty much equal (both are tier 10), despite the fact one of them is “stock”.


In fact, I must say, I prefer the “stock” 128mm better. The depression is not terrible, but it’s average at best, the elevation is quite good with both guns. The second gun (150mm) IMHO works only with gold ammo. Tried with the regular setup, everything bounces. I think tbh that’s pretty lame, but at least the 128mm is there. Accuracy is okay for both guns (well, for their type anyway). The turret actually rotates quite fast, of course not as fast as on a tank, but could be worse. Camo factor is not very good tho. This vehicle does see very far, but the problem is so do its opponents and if you get spotted, you can get oneshotted easily. It’s very, very fragile.

The mobility is good, but it’s no race car: you’ll be usually going around 30 km/h. It is agile though, more than you would expect from such a large machine. It also carries enough ammo, no shortage there.

Overall, I think the vehicle is okay, but I can’t seem to “grasp” it right. Probably needs training.

SS Rating: 6/10

To be continued…

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      • Rebalanced (slightly improved characteristics) the following SPGs: SU-26, SU-122A, SU-8, SU-14-1, SU-14-2, 212A, G.Pz.Mk. VI (e), G.W. Tiger (P), G.W. Tiger, M41, AMX 13 105 MA mle. 50

        Rebalanced (slightly improved characteristics) the following vehicles: BT-7, Pz.Kpfw. I, Hotchkiss H35, D1, Cruiser Mk. I, Vickers Mk. E Type B, Jagdpanzer IV, Renault FT AC, Universal Carrier 2-pdr, Lorraine 40 t, Vickers Medium Mk. II, B1, Churchill VII, VK 30.01 (P)

        Got anything regarding these?

        • i can tell you that the GW Tiger got another nerf +2 sec for reload and rest the same stats

        • For the tanks, I did a few of them.

          Churchill VII
          Tank health increased from 640 to 688
          Turret traverse speed decreased from 32 deg/s to 30 deg/s
          Turret health (added on to tank health) increased from 240 to 272
          6 pounder Mk V
          Depression increased from -6 to 12.5
          3.7 inch howitzer
          Depression deduced from -5 to -3.
          75mm Mk V
          Depression increased from 4 to -12.5
          Dispersion on turret rotation reduced from 1.0 to 0.8

          Lorraine 40t

          Traverse increased from 30 to 32 deg/s
          Turret health increased from 310 to 320
          Turret traverse speed increased from 38 deg/s to 42 deg/s

          90mm F3
          Depression and elevation increased from -6 and +11 to -8 and +15
          100mm Sa 47
          Depression and elevation increased from -6 and +11 to -8 and +15

          Universal carrier 2pdr

          Ground resistance improved from 1.3, 1.5, 2.7, to 1.2 1.4 2.6
          Gun traverse speed decreased from 44 deg/s to 26 deg/s

          Not much, but a little quicker now.

          Speed increased from 38 to 40
          Armour offered by tracks increased from 15mm to 20mm
          Soft ground resistance improved from 2.2 to 2.0
          Dispersion upon vehicle movement and rotation reduced from 0.26 to 0.22
          Turret rotation speed reduced from 44 deg/s to 30 deg/s

          47mm SA34
          Reload time reduced from 2.2 to 2.1 seconds.
          Shot dispersion after firing reduced from 3.5 to 3

          47mm SA35
          Reload time reduced from 2.2 to 2.1 seconds.
          Shot dispersion after firing reduced from 3.5 to 3

          47mm Sa37
          Reload time reduced from 2.3 to 2.1 seconds
          Shot dispersion on turret rotation reduced from 0.1 to 0.08
          Shot dispersion after shot reduced from 3.5 to 3.0
          Aiming time reduced from 1.7 to 1.5 seconds
          Elevation and depression increased from -10 and 10 to -13 and 18

          For the Jagdpanzer IV
          Top speed to 40km/h from 38km/h
          Reverse speed from 10km/h to 12km/h
          7.5cm L/48
          Depression increased from 5 to 8.
          Gun traverse from -10 and 10 to -12 and 15
          Reload time to 3.2 from 3.5
          7.5cm L/70
          Depression increased from 5 to 6
          Gun traverse from -10 and 10 to -12 and 12
          Reload time from 3.9 to 3.8
          8.8cm L/56
          Depression increased from 5 to 6
          Gun traverse from -10 and 10 to -12 and 12
          Reload time from 5.7 to 5.4
          Depression increased from 5 to 6
          Gun traverse from -10 and 10 to -12 and 12
          View range increased to 350m from 330m
          Gun traverse speed reduced from 44 deg/s to 26 deg/s

          • VK3001P
            7.5cm L/48
            Gun depression and elevation changed from -6 and +18 to -8 and +15
            7.5cm L/70
            Gun depression and elevation changed from -6 and +18 to -8 and +15
            10.5cm L/28
            Gun depression and elevation changed from -6 and +18 to -8 and +15
            8.8cm L/56
            Gun depression and elevation changed from -6 and +18 to -8 and +15
            Top speed reduced from 66 to 65.4 km/h
            Terrain resistance of Strong ground improved from 0.9 to 0.8
            Traverse increased from 50 to 54 deg/s
            Health increased by 8 from the hull and 2 from the turret.
            Turret traverse speed reduced from 46 to 36 deg/s
            45mm 20k
            Reload time reduced from 2.3 to 2.1 seconds
            Aim time reduced from 1.9 to 1.7 seconds
            Dispersion upon turret rotation reduced from 0.1 to 0.08
            23mm VJA
            Dispersion after shot reduced from 1.4 to 1.3
            Aim time reduced from 1.6 to 1.5 seconds
            37mm Zis-19
            Aim time reduced from 1.9 to 1.7 seconds

      • The camo-factor on the Rheinmetall-Borsig WT is bad? How is that? It’s as flat as a StuG III. How is it supposed to have a bad camo factor?

        I’m quite happy with the Tier8 and 9, the Tier10 doesn’t really fit my playstyle (I either need armor, gun depression or mobility, but not something that has a bit of everything yet nothing). However, the 12.8cm guns on those 3 tanks are bound to be nerfed. I dealt like 6.4k damage with my WT auf PzIV in a Tier10 game – on Severogorsk – standing in the middle of an open field (camo net + camo-skill + painting + low profile helps).

        It’s sad to know it’s gonna get nerfed, because I really like this tank and would definitely rush towards it just because it’s so great (it does what a Obj.268 does .. just better and at tier9).

        • I don’t think it’s so much that the camo is bad, but the tanks it faces now have very good view range.

    • It isn’t, unless something changes. The T10 is a failure. One trick pony, too many things against it. I think the Emil is overrated in this review. It is just too slow, too visible, the ammo count is stupid. 3/10 would be more apt once you get over the thrill of a bigger gun.

      • I enjoyed the Emil to be honest, very reminiscent of a tier 7 ISU in my opinion. As far as the WT E-100 I’m not surprised that’s it is, as you said, a one trick pony. Considering how much firepower it can put out (and people thought the Foch 155 was bad) it kind of has to have other penalties to balance it.

      • That’s what they said about the FV215 183 and yet you still see it nuking tanks in pub battles.

    • Well, it was expected to balance extreme guns with equally negatively extreme other properties

  1. That’s about how I felt regarding these vehicles. It’ll be interesting to play them outside of the test server where the teams are normal and not 90% glass cannons.

  2. Whats with the discrepency between the “TD stats post” and the pics on here?
    earlier shows the wtf e-100 with .29 acc on the stock and this one says different

  3. All vehicles of this branch are pretty average compared to their piers. Except the tier 10. It’s either Overpowered as shit (russians think it needs a bad nerf) , or crap, depends on each individual game.

    Arties love shooting you, too. You are kina slow (alltough you will go 40km/h pretty easily, at least if your driver is on his 4th skill) and you have no armor. So, if anyone shoots you, make sure he takes some damage too.

    I prefeer the 128 over the 150 for obvious reason. (no need to aim, 2 more shells, more pen)

    The turret turns surprisingly fast for a TD, but make sure to have a toolbox aswell, you dont want to be tracked for long. The third equipment slot is free cause this is an Autoloader open topped vehicle and dosent have rammer or vents aviable to be mounted, so camo, binocs, and toolbox are my preferred loadout. You can swam camo and binocs for spall liner and optics, if you want to play aggresively. This vehicle can play aggresively, since it can overwhelm any other vehicle in the game 1v1 no problem.

    • The tier 10 is crap. It really can be killed easily. The gun takes 45-50s to reload in either the 12.8 or 15 cm autoloaders with 100% crew and food. With BIA, 100% and food its closer to 40-45s.
      Everything can damage it.
      And view range was nothing special. At least thats how I felt about it. Every other tier 10 also has the same view range as you do so you spot them and they spot you.
      The 12.8 is the better of the 2 guns. Once the clip it loaded it is a rapid fire monster. 2s between shots for 6 shots.

    • It’s quite ridiculous, as it was only a mobile aa platform. I think of skipping this… thing.

  4. Glass cannons on steroids literally, but knowing they are German tanks they get shit camo as always when it comes to German tanks, it’s really sad I expected some awesome camo but no.

    • lol yeh I mean how terrible who knew they’d give those stealthy little vehicles bad camo rating, i’d totally confuse some of them for a train, a barn, wft-e100 for a crane of sorts maybe..

  5. my ratings

    t4 – 9/10 – agree, really good, also only concerned about the penetration against t5-6 tanks
    t5 – 4/10 – the gun depression/gun traverse make it extremely terrible, extremely easy to kill
    t6 – 7/10 – if only it had better gun depression, that alone would make it worth keeping and 8-9/10
    t7 – 6/10 – its really only the gun… the low ammocount, terrible horizontal gun traverse… just bleh, but under favorable conditions it will be brutal
    t8 – 7/10 – the gun depression kills it, still would consider jgpant II a better TD
    t9 – 7/10 – again, the gun depression is absolutely horrendous (128 gun), rest of the tank is great
    t10 – 8/10 – the gun (128) is just ridiculous… massacring tanks at 400+ meters within 8 seconds… but to be fair thats the only thing it can do well, other than long range decimation its pretty bad (or, say, one time use tank)

    • to sum it up – if the t10 stays as it is ill get it for sure on live. Might get the t9 aswell. Maybe t7/6 if ill like them after those 80+ games of grind)

  6. Overall they are meh. Still haven’t tested them myself, but from this article and some YT reviews they aren’t that great. Paper armor, no camo, shitty gun depression except Sturer Emil, but he has shitty gun traverse to compensate, so all in all only thing is worth on them are their guns and that’s all. I will grind them, but i’m already expecting some serious raging while playing them. Specially on T5 and that freaking turd on tracks. Looks like another ARL V39 shit. Luckily it’s on T5 so i’ll need less exp to unlock next TD.

    • Just tried the T10 only for a few games. In the first battle i saw our T92 1shoting enemy’s WTE100 and tbh i wasn’ really surprised, but every shot and i mean every in the turret which is paper thin will make full damage from arties and it’s actually easier to hit it in the turret than any other part of the tank. It’s REALLY fragile. It can bounce now and then, but only if some noob shoots you in the hull. One more thing is that every shot in the turret destroys your gun. I even had my gun destroyed by arty splash that landed the shell next to me. Gun gets destroyed really too much. And even with all the flaws i feel like this TD is OP. And when a German fanboi tells you that this TD is OP, i think it means something. Haven’t tried 150mm simply because i adore the 128mm gun from the JT and this thing have even more accurate version with uber fast aimtime+6 shells in 10 seconds!!! And dispersion on the move is EPIC…..you can shoot on the move quite effectively. Never have been a fan of autoloaders and they still imho are ruining the game. When you have paper tank which is OP even with all these flaws you know something makes it OP, and that’s the autoloader. I will be grinding this line on the live server for sure. That’s my 2 cents.

  7. Hmm having tested the Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger and the WT E-100, I gotta say both are awesome.

    Tier 8 first: With stock gun, it’s traverse is ok, accuracy, firerate, pen(246mm) and damage are also very good. With the 15cm gun(which is lighter), it’s traverse is absolutely amazing, acc is ok, dmg is amazing and pen(215mm) is ok for tier 8 the rate of fire is pretty slow though, about 15 seconds reload. Overall the vehicle is good though. At least in my opinion.

    Now for the WT E-100: Traverse is good, hull armor is good(so don’t shoot at it), but the turret can be penetrated by tier 1 tanks. The stock gun is good for public due to it’s pen and having 6 rounds per clip, dmg is also pretty good, its basically a Jagdtiger gun with autoloader and 60 sec clip reload. The 15cm gun has basically the same pen(235) as the E-100 gun, better acc, better aiming time, but also with an autoloader with 4 shells and 50 sec clip reload, due to having 334mm pen with heat, that gun is perfectly suited for CW.
    So all in all the WT E-100 also is a pretty good vehicle. At least in my opinion.

    Keep in mind lads, your opinion may of course differ.

    • the 15cm gun is useless, the 12.8cm has better everything except reload and alpha damage (however the reload is only 10 seconds longer, and the alpha isnt that important considering the clip damage the 12.8cm has)

    • I took my FV4202 into the test server to spam HESH and HE at the tier ten TD. One would expect one HESH hit to trash pretty much everything if it has paper thin armor. But no! I had a string of hits yielding about 120-160 damage. So somehow this box on wheels manages to defeat HE rounds with 210 pen. But fixing HESH is not a priority, says WG. Well, it is now.

  8. Sturer Emil i just love that gun depresion its even better then the t29 ( i think ) but it doenst have aturrent thou

  9. I tried all of them, and actually the tier 8 has an awesome camo rate ! It’s just 150mm that helps it be spotted across the map at each shot. But with at least half the crew camo skill level, binocs and a camo net, I kept shooting 128mm at everyone less than 100m in Malinovka’s NE part, and didn’t get spotted until a scout came by.
    This waffentrager is actually the smallest of all the line right after Marder (smaller but taller), it’s only a tiny bit taller than a Hetzer. This doesn’t make it an E-25 camo-wise, neither do its guns ! But it’s like a tier 8 Hellcat with corresponding alpha and better DPM. :)
    Your crew was stock, not something you could afford on a tier 8 TD that relies on camo, on the regular server.

    About the tier X, again 150mm accuracy doesn’t cut it for gunfights. I’ve had better success with 128mm fighting slow folks with 150mm then retreating, but it kind of cuts down the principle of an autoloader. If only there was a way to turret-down…

      • With 100% crew, camo net and 100% camo skill and camo pattern, you can’t be spotted in open field at ranges longer than 210m (!).

          • yah… that is the biggest weakness of these tanks… they can hide. but if they hide they cant shoot unless they want the worlds yearly output of steel to suddenly rain down upon them…

            • Of coruse they can shoot while hiding, just be behind bushes. Just imagine that scanario with the ferdinand and jp2, which has much worse camo and still armor that is penentrated by everything. Ans yes if that means shooting lower glacis, so be it.

  10. The Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger (Tier 8) has a very good camo value; its actually even better than the camo value of the Jagspanzer IV.

  11. Thx for the review so far, interesting read, and much appreciated as Im too lazy for the test realm.
    However how does the tier 8 not work with 238 pen ?

    For a TD its quite low but nothing awfull, its still more than any tier 8 heavy, and those rarely bounce.

  12. Played the t10 a bit, but can not stand squishy tanks, so was not that much fun. 183s and 155s simply made them go poof.
    But along the lines of the test server, the new map is simply awesome, it seems very large, even with a chunk of the map not accessible. I see the B5 area being a huge chokepoint, and early on when after the patch, that so many will rush there. Not me, I will be on other side of map completely or simply in the complicated jumbled middle. I only toured it and have not played it, so will be quite interested to see how it actually pans out. But right now, would say it is the best map I have played on.
    And if your trying to get into a training room to check out the map, skip it and make your own, not sure what is up with the Commies on this patch.

  13. Nice these tanks are a real challenge :)
    We will see LOTS OF HORRENDOUS NEWBS to grind these tanks….
    And of course we will see Top-Clan members free-exping it at Day 1 (like the Leo ) who will play like shit :D

  14. From what I can see This German TD line is really for players who are experienced with TDs, players who do not will find it fairly frustrating and die quickly when trying to be aggressive.

    The test server is really only good for knowing that its like to drive a tank, but does little to show how it performs in live server gameplay. You have players who rush around and IDGAF attitude. Players on the test server will rush in on you to try to shoot you even though they will die horribly. There is really no semblance of tactics on the test server to really show how these perform. Everyone spams gold ammo and you play tanks that don’t have any crew skills most of the time.

    TD’s definitely need their camo skills leveled up to be competent especially for fragile TD’s that are being tested.

    Out of all I found the Tier 5 to be fairly iffy to play. The lack of traverse, elevation, and camo really goes against it. The 88mm is powerful but I find the reload time to be fairly long for tier 5. Perhaps moving down to the lower pen/damage guns will turn out different.

    The tier 4 I found to be fantastic as you have, its like the beta Marder 2 with higher ROF at tier 4 which still works pretty well for it.

    The tier 6 is fragile, but I do like the power it packs with the L71. It moves fairly decently and has a pretty good gun traverse.

    The tier 7 is pretty much the Dicker Max of Tier 7, its basically a 128mm gun carrier. You utilize the depression it has to shoot over hills/cliffs at range.

    The Tier 8 I found to be great, it has fairly good camo, a pretty funny gun that packs a real punch. Since you can’t use vents on these TD’s you should always pack camo net and binocs along with rammer. Nearly all of these TD’s I put a rammer, binocs, and camo net.

    The Tier 9 is not a bad TD, hopefully since its not so big it will have some camo. Its ROF with the 128mm is higher than the Jagdtiger (5.61 vs 5.26). The turret also you to pop out and take snap shots and run back to cover. I do find the lack of depression and the assymetrical elevation annoying, but its something I can overcome.

    The Tier 10 is basically a support tank with its high acc and ability to lay down firepower. It moves surprising fast for its size 30+ kmh on flat ground and can reach 40 kmh on its own on hard terrain. Spall liner is a must along with a large first aid kit will prevent crew damage from shots to your turret. Its short aim time, mobility, and high acc allows you to pop in and out and shoot while the enemy is trying to aim in on your turret.

  15. The Rheinmetall is the second most fun tank I’ve ever played, next to stug. Nothing of it’s class can derp up to a tank, do 700 damage, and then retreat around a corner. It’s low profile and got good camo, and has very good DPM, unlike the ISU.

    • The ISU has a slightly higher ROF with its BL-10 3.41 vs 3.33 on the 150mm along with higher pen,

      But the BL-10 has much worse ACC and Aim time, not to mention it has to move its hull to aim and shoot.

      215mm pen is workable as tier 8 IMO, and if that’s a problems then that’s what Premium Rounds are for.

      I love the new tier 8 because it looks so small and the gun looks tiny and wimpy, but it packs a real punch. The very small profile and turret allows you to take shots and retreat back to cover easy.

          • So? The ISU-152 is epic, we dont need another high alpha TD in tier 8, specially not some bullshit fantasy one.

  16. The Nashorn, and Emil are great TDs but we know that wont last. WG will Nerf any good TDs in this branch since the Germans cant have good toys.

  17. The tier 8 is completely fine with AP ammo…. except when facing tier 10s. Ignore matches with tier 10 flooding when judging the tank. Blame the test server.

    • The stock gun on the tier 8 is a buffed 128mm compared to the ferdinand. The tier 8 also have much better camo rating and turret. How ever bad mobilty and armor. This doesnt matter though since neither the ferdie or the jpII can rely on the armor with the tanks they are facing. Also the decond gun is a gold ammo gun, making it derpingly OP.

  18. After test out the tier 5, I found that equipping the top 88mm Flak 74 reduces the gun traverse of the TD dramatically. With the stock 75mmL60 your gun traverse increases dramatically. With the 75mm you have slightly higher dpm (2025 vs 1920 of the L74) 139mm pen is sufficient IMO as a tier 5 TD.

    You can also use the 2nd 88mm, which also grants you a lot of gun traverse. It has lowest pen at 132mm, but it has slightly better dpm 1940 vs 1920. The 220 alpha is good.

    Ditch the L74, it nerfs your gun traverse to oblivion.

    Use the 75mm or 2nd 88mm and you get a gun arc comparable to the Marder.

  19. For the tier 5 td… the average is at least between 50 to 60 km/h. Trust me i was on the test server not once did it go under 50 when i was cruising, this includes when i was steering.

  20. is it true the Pak 36(r)r was completely neutered with this patch, making the marder 2 just fucking terrible?

    • The Pak36(r) has been removed from the marder 2.

      The marder 2′s 2nd gun received a (98 -> 108mm) pen buff and better acc (.42 -> .4) and shorter aim time (2.7 -> 2.5).

  21. I have to say i’m very impressed with the Pz.Sfl.IVc and Rheinmetall Waffenträger, they really are glass cannons on their tier but with seemingly almighty guns. I had a different experience to you SS with the RH-WT, I was the last one going 1 on 1 against an IS-4 yes I lost but I put up a fight – or he was just a very bad shot lol!

    I will defo be going down this line when its released provided they don’t get nerfed, they just cant go up close near ANYTHING

  22. the waffen tragger takes some getting used to. but this is one heartless monster if it gets you in it’s sights

  23. Tier 9 is like the Hellcat :) Good camo, excellent at peakaboo, faster than other tds and the gun is amazing :)

  24. in Pz.Sfl.IVc
    you can try to use 88/L56
    it’s Gun Arc is + – 24
    if you try to use 88/L74
    Gun Arc just only + -7

  25. Hands up all those Ex Marder II drivers who are getting the Marder III?

    Well you’re on your own then, because I can’t see anything that will stop the Marder III getting the same treatment in 2-3 patches that the Marder II got. And that means wasted time and effort.

    • The Marder 2 was overpowered as a tier 3 you gotta admit. I really enjoyed my marder before they nerfed it. Marder 38T is the tier 4 that marder should’ve been.

  26. We tested stug vs shoebox of death camo rating with fixed positions an malinovka.
    they are pretty close.

    the only gap is decamo when firing.
    here the shoebox can´t do shit to hide it whereas the stug could remain undetected up until 150m.

    • I don’t think it’s a failure. They will just require more thinking and map knowledge to be played well.

  27. Frank, I’ve got a question: Sturer Emil has a very good depression, same thing with Dicker Max. So why the hell has the Nashorn just a normal Depression? Is it historical? Optical it looks – for me – as it could have better depression … similiar to that of DM and SE one’s.