8.9 Premium vehicles

Type 64 – Tier 6 Chinese LT



T-44-85 – Tier 7 Soviet MT



Chi-Nu Kai – Tier 5 Japanese MT



Japanese crew window


Japanese consumables




Camouflage and inscriptions









122 thoughts on “8.9 Premium vehicles

    • At least they are not fucking ugly like the last 2 nations introduced. The english and chineese dont have ANY pretty portraites, they all have ugly mugs.

      • WHO CARES ABOUT SOME PICS?!??! I would be more happy if they would delete them… They are just useless

        • I do, suck it up! I care about my crewmembers! I even named my KV-5 commander (who was promoted to Major yesturday) After myself! Thats how bad I am at this!

        • Calm down. It’ people spending money on pointless stuff like this who keep this game free for the rest of us. :)

      • lol Taiwan what? It’s Chinese nationalist tank. Not “Taiwan tank”.

        It’s in the Chinese tech tree as well, how could you miss that?

          • No, what you hear is a correction of indoctrinated CNN propaganda.

            There is only one China.

            And btw I love to read the word “butthurt”, it tells me person who is talking to me is 12yr old. Find me a normal adult person who uses that word, here, $50.


            • “No, what you hear is a correction of indoctrinated CNN propaganda. ”

              CNN propaganda? What kind of drugs are you using? Every country use Taiwan name.

              “And btw I love to read the word “butthurt”, it tells me person who is talking to me is 12yr old. Find me a normal adult person who uses that word, here, $50.”

              Sadly I can’t find such a person, because national language in my country is not English.

          • Death to Mao and his deluded followers! They will break against nationalist steel. Glorious General Chiang Kai Shek will lead us across a golden path paved with our enemies’ corpses. Know this as truth filthy dogs who oppose us! Taiwan true Chinoise!

    • The Taiwan light tank sees up to tier 8, the Jap prem sees up to tier 7 and the russian sees up to tier 8.

        • Oh damn… i was to lazy to read, he wasnt asking the tank tier, but the battle tiers they will see… shame on me…

          Kazomir’s info looks more reasonable.

          • I didnt try the T-44-85 yet, but considering it has the pathetic 126mm pen, i’d hazard a guess that it has preferential MM and dosent see tier 9′s. Or at least I hope so, otherwose nobody in his right mind would buy the thing.

            • I still remember driving my tier 4 SU-85B against tier 9 IS-4′s.

              Or, if we woul get hardcore, when i joined in the closed beta, i remember driving a Loltractor against Maus tanks an teaming up with other loltraktors to do the Maus Trap.

  1. hard to say if the higher dmg on the 44-85 will compensate for lower pen vs panther….

  2. Onigiri = Rice Balls
    Wouldnt ‘Bento’ (Lunchbox) be the more accurate term for the military rations? Onigiri wasnt mass produced until the 80′s as it had to be hand rolled.

    • Lunchboxes are ordinary, everybody gets them.

      Hand-Rolled Onigiri are extraordinary, this is why they cost 20k credits a piece and give your crewmembers buffs.

    • It takes less than a minute to make a rice ball… With salt and sesame oil and wrapped up they can keep for quite a while, and you can boil dried ones in water to make gruel. Ume (pickled plums) can also help preserve them longer. In those samurai movies that diagonal sash you sometimes see them wearing is for carrying rice balls for travel.

  3. 120 pen on tier 7, thats freakin painful, that one wont be very effective even versus tier 6 frontally

    • The pen isn’t that bad actually. I was able to pen the front plate of a Tiger with AP (granted probably a favorable pen roll).

      Plus the T-44-85 feels more maneuverable and has better acceleration than an elited T-44. Probably it has the same kind of insanely low terrain resistance as the “MagickTracks” on the T-62a that make the tank far more maneuverable than its Power/weight ratio would suggest.

      Also it can equip a VStab!!! On a tier 7 Russian med. A VSTAB!!! It was great.

        • Considering it has a gun that basically best known as the tip gun of the kv 1 so yea tier 5 is correct .. Sigh to be honest was hoping russhin bias would make this tank better but it also clashes with wg’s most cardinal rule .”All tier 7 mediums must be utter shit”

        • I should have been more specific. I snap-shotted the frontal armor of a Tiger that was angled at 30 odd degrees LOS at 150-200 yrds. With the T-44-85′s great mobility and low profile I don’t think I’d have as much of a problem with the low pen gun.

          I’d take 126 with great mobility and Russian camo values over 150 with sluggish handling and massive size (Panther/M10).

            • The Panther/M10 isn’t crap by any stretch of the imagination…it’s just aggressively mediocre.

              Besides…it’s not like we can be picky if we want crew trainers for our tanks. Our only other options are the Matilda IV and the T-25. Fuck low tier games.

      • Do you know if it has preferential matchmaking? (Tier 8 or Tier 7 max?)

        The terrain resistance is something like 0.8, 0.9, and 1.8, with the regular T-44′s being 1, 1.2, 2.0.

  4. And I won’t be able to buy my beautiful Japanese tank because WG will make them available only via gift shop…

    • Yeah, I’m miffed about that too. I have enough gold already, so no way am I going to shell out more money to buy it in the gift shop. WG are massive trolls, simply making everyone wait 1 month until they can spend their gold on it.

    • nobody knows, they are only aquirable thru the gift shop and not from the ingame shop. They dont cost gold, they cost real money.

      • You can work it out by looking at their value in credits at the depot, back convert that to gold and then double it.

  5. Ack! I still haven’t been able to get the Panther M10 and now they throw out three new premiums I really want at the same time. Crap, guess next month I’m getting the Chi-Nu Kai and holding off on the rest. :(

  6. as many others, im also interested on the gold cost of the prem tanks…

    well.. considering WG is sure to pull another TROLOLOL move and offer them only via gift shop first, still, the cost would be nice

    • They’ve already announced that all future tanks (and planes for WoWP) will be released via gift shop only, at least initially. So yes, they will be gift shop only.

    • They have original langague, wich is pretty funny to listen to. I was ROFL-ing all the way in my Chi nu kai.

  7. I can only guess the gold prices. But I think they’re like:
    Tier 5 = 1,500gold
    Tier 6 = 3,500gold
    Tier 7 = 6,500gold

    If you check already existing premium tanks of their Tier, you can guess the prices.

    • Or take their sell price multiply it by 2 and then divide by 400 and you will get the gold price.

  8. I played 3 battles in the t-44-85 and had a blast. My second battle made 73k credits and the third made 50k credits. Both times I did 1,400 damage yet I did 2300 damage in assistance so that bumped my cash up quite a bit. It does have issues penning other t-44-85s but even with one or two apcr shells it still made a nice amount of credits after resupplying. I can see myself buying this once it comes out!

  9. I’m impressed with those Japanese crew pics. They look more like photos than just drawn face art.

    • Maybe they found some Jap people and captured their faces? There was some tech doing that…

  10. I use free xp to not have to use a 120mm pen gun on my tier 7 tanks. Why would I pay real dollars for the privilege to play a premium tank with 120mm pen (t-44-85)?

          • Well US techtree does have canadian tanks, and last time I check Canada is part of the British Commonwealth…

            • “Well US techtree does have canadian tanks,..”
              What Canadian TANKS does US tree have? I can only find one – RAM II. And I was talking about BRITISH TANKS and not CANADIAN.

              “…and last time I check Canada is part of the British Commonwealth…”
              Since when being part of the British Commonwealth makes Canada part of the United Kingdom?

      • Nationalist China fought the Japanese with the help from Germany and the US, while Taiwan was a Japanese colony. The communist was neutral against Japanese, they are mainly against the nationalists, and stealing Japanese supplies.

  11. what amazes me is why would anyone PAY MONEY for a scout crap tank?? it is a premium vehicle is it not? been pretty disappointed with new prem vehicles.. they are just bad

  12. I don’t know if I’ve gone blind or what but I cant see the t-44-85 thing anywhere, I got the other two in my garage but not the other :-/

  13. jap and chinese are meh but t44 would be a really nice replacement for the soviet matilda

  14. The T-44-85 engine description mentions it is compatible with the T-44-122 – are there any stats for that around? Is it in 8.9 test?

  15. What about that T-44-85 ? They said it will be only for SuperTesters but I would like to have one too …