So, who wants a real ISU-152?



I normally don’t put up “ads”, but this is special. Some guy is selling this ISU-152 for 2 million Rubles (cca 46000 Euro). That’s… quite a bargain I’d say. Apparently it was made in 1943 and has documentation. I wonder if it’s functional. Probably not.

69 thoughts on “So, who wants a real ISU-152?

  1. Hmm, I could use it to clear those nasty traffic chockes…

    *boom* Oops, I though it was the tank horn :P

  2. About the functional part: It’s soviet engineering at it’s finest, just get a blowtorch, some rust remover and a sledgehammer and you’ll see it roar into life.

    • Knowing the Rodina it’s ammorack is probably still loaded with ammo. xD
      (Just kidding, also don’t use old ammunition unless you can determine it’s quality)

      • Why the heck would I even want to touch high explosive devices which could rip heavily armored tanks to shreds?

    • Holy shit. That really is Soviet engineering at its best. The fucking beast actually started and moved after not moving for decades, if I understood the Russian voice-over right :D :D

  3. I’d prefer to buy a T-55 and put in a new transmission and a 720HP engine, giving it some serious power like 19,56 HP/ton with automatic transmission.

  4. This is so cool looking b*stard in person :)

    Must go visit Parola Armour Museum soon again, it’s been a while.

  5. As much as owning my own personal tank would be, I think this is a bit too far out of my price range. I guess this is just Serb trolling.

    Want this ISU? How terrible…

  6. One thing is to consider: every write-off tank like this is de-militarized. One hole at the bottom of the gun – and it is incapable to fire.

    Writen-off ISUs was used by farmers as heavy tractors in 60′ies, and then completely scrapped or used as monuments.

  7. Could anyone please sneak a question about whether WG is going to buy it and place it in front of one of their offices or not into the Russian Q&A? :)

  8. Sports cars? FUCK SPORTS CARS! BUY A TANK!

    Also, the test is probably not going up today either, imo.

  9. Transporting it here and getting it propperly demilitarized to be allowed to own it here would be rather expensive, moreso than the ISU itself… also I don’t want anyone to cut it’s armor or barrel so I have to pass.

  10. “I wonder if it’s functional. Probably not.”

    It depends of what do you mean by “functional”. If drivable, then it looks like it is, as the tracks are dirty. If cannon is operational, then I don’t think so, as there should be some laws, that forbids to sell tanks, who can still shoot.

  11. How many galleons to the mile does it do?

    Will I have to invade another middle eastern country to be able to afford the fuel?

  12. If i were some eccentric millionaire….i’d scoop that up in a heartbeat! And if you have the money to purchase it…you probably have the money to put it back in working order :P

  13. Most of the time it is more the ammunition leave these guns fully functional. It probably costs about 5-10 grand US/CA dollars to fire the damn thing(SS help me out on this one(oh and while you are at it tell Serb to quit trolling us and let us have 8.9)). I know to fire an 88mm on a jagdpanther at one of the museums costs about that much for replicas of the Pz Gr 39 L shells. But then again there probably is more modern ammunition that can be fired through that with a little modification. Building ammunition for scratch for the 152mm mortar probably costs more than the tank itself(when you consider how much it costs to just get the proper amount of cannon powder for the shell, the shell casing, dummy warhead(unless you are not listed as clinically insane and have a listen to fire the real thing) etc.)

    • I don’t think it’s that expensive to make, but the problem is rather out to make it right. ie. proper amount of power, proper steel for the casing, proper measurements etc.

  14. You should have seen the Hellcat on sale on Ebay recently. For $316K you could have bought it outright.

  15. Well… Now just join the money draw and hope I will get that million and buy one.

    And I have annoying neighbours, I will just park it in front of their house if the engine works and ask them to leave the neighbourhood soon. Like a sir.

  16. I found the website which sells soviet armored viechles, including tanks and transport armored veichles, they should be working and are particulary cheap I think. Woul like to buy a bmp or something like that :)

  17. 46,000 Euro…or about $100,000 USD…which is about the cost of a Ferrari…and about TWICE the cost of a T-72U Main Battle Tank.