No free 10k gold for you, European capitalists!

Hello everyone,

well, this is a bit fail. Not sure how much of a fail, as this might yet be rectified, but if it stays…

I usually don’t deal with World of Warplanes, mostly because I don’t like aircraft games, as some of you know. Then again, this concerns everyone. You know, how the account is now unified and gold from WoWp transfers to WoT and vice versa, right?

Well, the US server has this amazing event called Airborne Challenge: play 350 battles from October 11 till the release (November 12 I think) and get 10k free gold to your account!

Surely the EU server gets the same event, right? Nope. We ain’t getting squat.

No free 10k gold for you, European capitalists!

Edit: Confirmed, this event is NOT planned for EU.

Edit 2: The American event was cancelled too. Sorry, western capitalists, no gold for you, you haven’t embraced the teachings of comrade Stalin enough!

141 thoughts on “No free 10k gold for you, European capitalists!

  1. Hahaha, we kinda deserve this after the giftshop ripoff, no pre order tanks, no equipment sale. WGNA, all your sins have been forgiven!

  2. Agree completely. They should have the same offers on all servers during the same period

    • On one hand I am upset that I don’t have the opportunity to earn this extra Gold… on the other hand, I am somewhat relieved that I won’t have to play WOWp for it… (tried it since the closed beta, but the game is just so bland)….

  3. Hope they will change this, I havent been playing WoWP since about 4 months ago :P Dont miss it not one bit… But if this gets on EU server, meh, hope it does :)

        • “Pilots must participate in all battles to be eligible. Failure to participate will result in disqualification.”

          • Enter the battle, fly forward, click on some ground targets to get few damage done and go swiming…easy, doesn’t take more than 2 minutes if you have a brain.

            • Or charge headlong into a plane two tiers higher. Head-on attacks are quick and usually involve either one or both of the planes being shot down in one go.

  4. Maybe the EU news is slow as always? Though I wont put it beyond wg to not give eu this special.

  5. probably because the US server is much smaller and also giving 10k gold to everyone on the european server who participates (and playing 350 WoWp games is… well NOT that hard until 12.11.) would “cost” WG a lot more.

    • Well many people wouldn’t bother anyway imho so it wouldn’t be everyone. I hope they do change it so EU players can participate too…

  6. WoWp is so terrible, I wouldn’t even waste my time for gold…. Seriously, I tried that game last weekend and it was a total letdown. Warthunder at least kept me entertained for a week or so, before I uninstalled it – WoWp failed in 2 days. GG WG.

  7. “You know, how the account is now unified and gold from WoWp transfers to WoT and vice versa, right?”


  8. It is no surprise for EU to get diddly from WG.

    Hell, we don’t even get a rock solid connection to the server.
    I spend more time reconnecting than I do playing ;)

    • Don’t know about your connection, but mine works fine always. Check your ISP.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if this wouldn’t reach EU. Though I wouldn’t even touch this “offer” as it’s just too unfinished and horrible beta.

  9. You could’ve mentioned (for those non-link-readers) that the challenge also rewards gold if you only manage 75 (2500g) or 200 (5000g) battles, SS. That kind of makes it even worse, because it’s very unlikely not to manage at least 75 battles in a whole month.

  10. well, played my 701 battles just to get those 3 testing planes, but since open beta.. maybe 1-2.. since i’ve tried WT i find WoWp really boring and childish with this HP system, not to mention the strange graphics. i mean, i still play WoT from time to time (actually have not played it for ~2 months, waiting for 8.9), but the planes are.. boring. and guess i’m not the only one, if they have to bribe people with 10k gold just to play it.
    I just hope WoWs will be better..

    • Want WoWs? Play Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon – nice naval battles and A LOT of planes to destroy with AA batteries :D Not to mention BF1942 is free on Origin…

  11. Murrican capitalist pigs & Wall Street Jewry > Yurrupan running dog capitalists & Nazi scum? :/
    …granted, that would be sorta historically accurate… ;D

    • Wow. Just… wow.

      Talking about being lazy!
      In our language, we have a saying for slouches such as you: “Mue-ti-s posmagii?!”

      • Forgive me if I dont want to play 350 battles in a crappy game that I dont like just to get 30 bucks’worth of gold.

        • As a speaker of said language I must say that L either has no idea what that expression means or is a troll. I don’t see any connection with laziness. You are paid ingame currency to play that horrible game. Some people don’t think it’s worth it.

          I think that with a joystick the 350 matches would be doable. I was there for close beta but uninstalled and haven’t touched it since they went to open beta because it just sucks so bad at the fun factor. It has no connection whatsoever with planes. It’s just RC toys with HP points. If they give EU this offer I might install and try to fulfil it but I won’t be at all surprised if I see floating coins that you have to collect or 8-bit monsters shooting fireballs at you. It fits right in with the game “immersion”.

      • Lazy? I’d rather go to work and earn the £30 and pay for the gold myself and spend the time playing WoT instead. That’s all.

        • I go to work and play this game as well! I do my 10/10/10 all in less than half an hour to get my 240 tokens and go to WOT to make my 250k. I have 10,780 tokens so far, and by the time they release the game I will have 17k+. Which is 7 months worth of premium!!

  12. I dunno if anybody was following events on NA server, but around the patch introducing the British tree to WoWp, there was an event on NA server called “British Invasion”. The event gave You a chance to acquire british premium tanks, for scoring high XP rewards during battles on british airplanes. Two best players received a tank for scoring highest XP amount on particular tiers (don’t remember exactly, but for some higher tiers there was TOG, a bit lower Excelsior, Matilda BP and Sexton). So yeah, EU player are getting screwed by WG in any possible way compared to the “great ‘Murican nation”.

    • Funny thing is, we over on the NA server complain about how many things EU gets that we don’t.

      And both NA and EU servers complain about the things the RU server gets, especially the rare tanks in the gift shop.

  13. HOLT SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY YOLO!!!! HOLEY FUCKIEN SHIET!! i already played it everyday for the tokens, which got me 3months of free premium and i still got another 3months to get!

  14. Would love to know what the suits in WGHQ really think about the problem they have that WoWP sucks according to what seems the majority of players, and that they have to constantly bribe people to even get on there and play. Feel bad for those who actually for whatever reason enjoy WoWP, it’s going to be a ghost town. War Thunder completely killed any hype for this game, it’ll be DOA. They have to be very concerned about Gaijin’s tanks… and that War Thunder will probably have ships before them too.

    • it would also make a lot of people go “press Battle => crash plane => repeat” to get those 350 battles together. it’s already like that anyway, since those offers hardly ever attract any players that really want to get into the game and take part in the playerbase-learningcurve.

      • Why crash? Air combat mechanics in WoWP are so bad that any person without basic combat skills (not FLYING skills!) will die within 10 seconds of being spotted – definitely not noob friendly game… I’d gladly fly into groups of enemies 350 times for 10K gold, but if it would actually require to get kills – HELL NO, WT is way more superior and enjoyable

  15. yea you should try, but unless this is reall gold to help you in the REAL world and not some ingame currency bribe to be used by WoT you will find very very quickly that WoWP is SOOOO horrible to play that it’s not worth it.

    disclaimer: * and if you played WT for some bit, WoWP is like the difference is unbearable

    • is it really the game or is it the people you’re complaining about?
      in WT I actually never feel like my success depends on other players. I just go in there with my 5 planes or so, get points until they’re all shot down and leave, not concerned about the battle outcome or other players’ performance…. or even your own stats.
      in WoWP you lose half of your team (often including people with -1 kills because people just crash into friendlies or commit suicide) before you get shot to pieces by 3 enemy fighters at once => defeat after <5mins.

      IMO WG's games have far too strict boundaries to keep their economy-system intact. This is why game experience and fun mostly depend on the performance and skill or 29 other people. And that's never a good thing.

  16. looks like WG is very desperate and want to keep wowp alive at all costs…I wish they finally admit that they game sux and close this joke of a flight game.. There ware even better game than this 15years ago

  17. Just in case this special actually gets to the EU server (might be wishful thinking…):

    Has anybody here tried WoWP with a joystick?
    I think mine may still be functional. And I imagine that playing with keyboard only is 10x easier in… Star Wars: Rogue Squadrion (REALLY arcade flight game) than in WoWP

    • Joystick works fine for WoWp, it gives you better manuverabilty while mouse is easier to aim with. It’s fairly balanced trade off. Unlike another crap game people plays.

  18. This is the last straw if EU don’t get this. RU have had free gold events and now NA, but nothing for EU as usual. FUCK WG.

  19. WG just realized in their tests that actually noone likes this game and therefore they need the wot playerbase to make this product “artificially” popular.

    War Thunder introduces tanks now and will be playable on next gen console ps4 and what does WG do?Wot for xbox 360 ROFL.

    Grave has been digged, for WoWP for sure.

    • add:

      I mean 10k gold that is worth how much? 35 Euro?
      Compare that to the normal WG Squeeze Policy (e.g. SP refund in gold, new tanks only in gift shop… accidently for sure + the general gold prices in wot) and you see how desperate they are, as they have to defend some kind of credibility.

  20. Man 10k gold + months of premium for free if you play? I’d definitely suffer through this and buy myself something nice in WoT!

    • Same for me and some of my clanmates. First we thought it’ll by fast and unharming pain just fly in, get 2 months of premium and leave disgusted, but unharmed. But then they moved release date to november and the fast pain turned into agony, but we’re still flying every day, making out our 240 tokens every day.

      And it’ll be lovely, if WG pay us 10K golds for ruining our days.

  21. Wargeming – the only company that you can count to fail you over and over again in 110% of times, events, moneygrab….(add own reason, case etc)

  22. From polish community team:
    [quote name='Gepard_PH' timestamp='1381487308' post='6155036']
    Na serwerze EU ten event nie jest obecnie planowany. Ale można zdobyć całkiem spore ilości złota i żetonów w konkursach organizowanych przez Zespół Community.
    So, it’s not planned on eu server. Typical for WG

  23. Stuck on NA from beta. NA had so many of these cool events im staying on NA server for good. 140ms is good enough for me.

    And funny how everyone says : oh look it’s 30 hours of work for £30 of gold, that’s below EU minimum wage. Well some do not have the luxury to spend that money on gold. Plus people like getting stuff for free. This is very easy also. Not to mention that some of us already play daily for TOKENS! so 10battles/day for 1week=70battles. And until WoWP launch there’s almost 5weeks left!! ok it’s -4days actually. But still 4days can be compensated with a few more battles.

    So 70battles x 5weeks=350battles! i easily play 10+ battles if not more to get the tokens anyway. And that takes me around 2hours/day. THE END RESULT? WG is giving away 10k gold! that is almost a FREE IS-6 !or Su-122-44 or simply enough gold for the upcoming T-44-85!

  24. Played occasional game hopped it would improve

    It did not

    this was the last last straw

    Last straw has now snapped.

    WOWP uninstalled. :-(



    • someone? there’s already threads started popping out every 10minutes about this. WGEU successfully managed to cause a riot among EU community!

    • Other than the fact that the gold (which is huge, yes) is shared between the two games, it really doesn’t have anything to do with WoT.

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  26. mimimi … WoT U.S. is independent from WoT EU, isn’t it?

    But is the lair of evil, and you’re hell bent to prove it, aren’t you?


    Grow up and get a life.

    • Considering that we (in our country) have just received news that ALL public transport syndicates will be on strike on Monday & Tuesday, hence my nerves are already stretched to the maximum…


  27. Am I seeing things or has the special been removed from the NA server site? The link in SS’ original news is also dead now. o_O

  28. Interestingly the link on this Event on US page has disappeared. Maybe even US tankers aka pilots won’t get those golds.

  29. Fuck you WG. The only reason to install WoWp would’ve been this (gimme dat 10k gold) – now since EU doesn’t get this ‘event’ .. I’ll stick with WarThunder.

  30. So…there’s no mention of the “Airborne Challenge” in the WoWP (or WoT) news pages, and the link SS provided goes to a dead page. Is the Airborne Challenge a real thing, or did they pull it?

    • It was real, until they pull it back. The great wave of EU/RU players whining about it was so strong that it looks like there will be 10K or less golds for every server or nothing for everyone. Lets see how WG will screw this up more. ;)

    • And well done WG; you just alienated thousands of players and doomed your shitty WoWP game to failure.

    • I’m not sure SS is that powerful. :) I think the event was extremely generous, and someone higher up noticed and disapproved. 10k gold would be about $40. For 350 games? Very generous.

  31. Man, some people must be really butthurt.
    I’ve tried both WT and WOWP and I have to say, WT is just boring… Literally just point and click, the planes fly like cars, no sense of maneuver. The coolest thing it had over Warplanes was probably the ground targets, and pilot blackout.
    Seriously, some people just need to adjust to movement in 3 dimensions me-thinks :P

    • Try HB or full realistic, those are pretty good! But I like the arcade part where you can use more planes in one battle! The only problem is the fact that I don’t rly like airplane sims and the fact that the economy is simply bad…

  32. Well, deleting news article about the event and closing down all topics about it is probably the last nail in the WoWp coffin.

    Well played WG, you just lost any chance to compete with WT.

    Them guys at Gajin must be in WTF mode all the time seeing what their competition is doing.

      • True, but doing everything in your power to lower that chance even more and alienate your playerbase is just…

        I dunno, someone will probably say “dUG1, its the Russian way of dealing with things, you dont understand that mentality” and frankly, he would be right.

        But I do know a thing or two about making profit and customer service, and that is the way to lose both profit and customers, no matter the country.

        Oh well, time to update WT and give it a go.

  33. Look here, SS. Some other gifts coming later for RU&EU:

  34. Funny fact in connection with the title and the content of the article : actually, the European Union is struggling to gain the same status as the USA, it’s capitalistic alter ego.

  35. “Edit 2: The American event was cancelled too. Sorry, western capitalists, no gold for you, you haven’t embraced the teachings of comrade Stalin enough!”

    LOL, wg screws non-russians as always

  36. “it was decided to put the event on hold for further consideration”

    Didnt knew on hold means cancelled. And im pretty sure this has nothing to do at all with the EU community raging about this simply because their opinion doesnt matter to WG. Most probably it’s the angry russians who didnt got this even either, complaining like hell. And WG cannot risk to upset the russian player base.

  37. So they’ve decided to put it on hold no doubt because it would be relatively easy to grind it out fairly quickly and early, giving them the numbers boost prior to, but not on launch.

    Regardless, you’ve postponed my only reason to play WoWP and the 8.9 test server still isn’t up?
    And I bet WG fucking wonders why people give them all the shit they receive.

  38. …and the Nobel (taking the) Piss Prize goes to War Gaming for World of War Planes.

  39. damn, started WOWP just for this event to get dat gold for tanks and now its on hold :D Anyway, i expected the game to be bad, but its actually kinda ok and i wouldnt mind playing those 350 games at all.

  40. Gratz dudes, NA was screwed for a looong time (gift shop)
    That was just crappy bad, now wooh”! someting good, fatass russians cry about it.
    go fuck yourselves

  41. Wargamming cancelled the event because of Technical issues: such as Serb having a heart attack at the idea of giving players that much free stuff!

  42. You guys need some cheese with your whine?
    Boohoo, the Americans are finally getting a special that is comparable to what the other servers get.
    Quick everybody cry about it.
    Go fuck your self FTR.

  43. A small setback. No matter, NA shall receive its gold in one way or another since monetary success will triumph over the whining that other servers have.

    We may be the smallest server, but we spend more than anyone else per person. It is in their interest to continue to have business with us.