8.9 model/armor changes

Warning, this post is very picture heavy

M5A1 Stuart


B1 - no changes, apart from the track armor being increased from 20 to 25mm

FCM 50t: nothing much, just the rear wheel thickness changed


Panzerjäger 1

Some significant changes there (if you could say so), the gun shield is no longer 15 but 14,5mm, upper frontal plate is 8mm thick and the nose is 13mm thick


Marder II

Strangely enough, despite the collision model did change its shape, the visual model didn’t. In 8.9 the Marder gunshield and superstructure are 8mm thick (the old one is the one with orange “ears”). The sloped plate was reduced from 15 to 14,5mm.


Jagdpanzer E-100 – track model changed, the one with more “teeth” is the new one. The E-100 suspension model was changed the same way.


Tiger I

Tiger I recieved a buff: the orange “weakspot” (in 8.8) behind the turret (60mm) was buffed to 80mm (red)


The mantlet was slightly changed too, the one with the more lighter zones in the new one (no big difference though). Overall it’s a buff, the colors change a bit because there were more spaced armor zones added.


Tiger P

Tiger P armor was improved the same wasy as Tiger I was last patch. The machinegun weakspot was removed and the copula is thicker (95mm, earlier it was 70mm). The mantlet is more complex. The darker zones don’t however generally mean thicker armor, but the fact more armor zones were added and the old ones were recolored.


Panther II

The hull remains the same thick (100mm front), but the stock turret armor has improved (from 100 to 120mm), furthermore the stock turret weakspot above the frontal turret plate (the green zone) is now gone. Stock mantlet was made significantly thicker (100mm). The rest is the same (despite changing colors)


Furthermore, the top turret mantlet has been reworked. Earlier, it was 120mm mantlet with 120mm behind it, now it is 120mm mantlet (the largest part) with probably 60mm behind it (the orange part). The turret is also slightly smaller and the turret copula is shaped differently.


E50M model was changed slightly: the gun was moved a bit down


Tortoise is marked as changed, but there are no visual changes apart from several shadows on the hull. Nothing worth noting. Same goes for Cruiser Mk.II

Sexton II model was changed slightly (with corresponding damage model correction), the gun was moved higher (the one with the cradle protruding up is the new one)


T110E5 armor – judging from the gamemodels3d (wot viewer shows no real difference), T110E5 lost the viewports as its weakspots. New model:



KV-1S model was also changed. For starters, the tracks and the hull were made slightly wider:


But the armor model was changed too. The vehicle lost the machinegun and driver’s hatch weakspots. It however also lost the thick weld strip on the front hull point where LFP and UFP meet.


The changes log also shows a change in T-150 top turret armor, the only difference is that the “hole” behind the mantlet was nerfed from 40mm to 20mm apparently.


The rework of the IS-3 model was extensive. Here it is from the front (the darker one is the old one).


This is the top turret configuration (again, darker one is older one)


The armor model also changed: the lower turret gained a lot of armor, but I guess we are more interested in the top turret. The top turret armor was changed from 220/220/220 to 249/172/100. The front is tougher, but the driver’s hatch is now a bigger weakspot. However, the turret loses a large chunk of its tough zones and the rear of the turret is now quite vulnerable (as you can see on the gif).


IS-4 armor was also changed. It recieved the awaited frontal angle buff and the mantlet is also somewhat different, covering more area. It’s a buff, but not a big one.



And finally, Object 212A model has been reworked (the wider one is the new one)


53 thoughts on “8.9 model/armor changes

    • Probably it’s the same, but the loss of the tough weld led to the turret being the hardest armor (showed as red) instead of the weld.

    • Are you sure? As far as I can tell (shooting tests in training room), the average frontal armour protection is the same, if not slightly better. I tested it with as IS-3 vs. T-29. Hard to tell.

      Did you make some tests?

      • Tested with my brother at flat ground, 100 meters, no side angle. We used Pershing with its top gun (180 mm average pen, 21 out of 35 penetrated, 60%) and Panther (198 mm average pen, 24 out of 26 penetrated, 92.3%). Last time we tested this, the results were around 50% for Pershing and 85% for Panther.

        • Ok, thanks. I try to test it in the same way (100m distance). I tested it so far only at 130m with T-29 (198mm pen). I try to add tests with 175mm pen gun, too.

          • Forgot that we also tested T25/2 with 170 mm average pen, 14 out of 53 penetrated, 26.4%. Though that one was weird, first 19(!) shots bounced, which is quite unlikely.

        • SO, I made some tests with a T-44 (175 mm pen) vs. a Tiger II and vs. an IS-3. It is still a fact that an IS-3 has a tougher frontal armour than the Tiger II vs. low pen guns. About 60%-66% of the shells vs. Tiger II penetrated.

          When fighting the IS-3, only about 40%-50% of the 175 mm average pen shells penetrated the IS-3 from the front at 100m. SInce I do not possess an IS-3 on the live-server; I can’t test the values from 0.8.8. But if I recall right, the frontal armor was a tiny bit tougher vs. 175mm shells when I tested it on 0.8.8 test server some weeks ago; but not much.

  1. Looks like fewer weird bounces on KV-1S hull :) that I like :D

  2. SS it looks like the Tiger P data were taken from the stock turret because of the 1350 HP
    Could you please check if the elite one also got a buff because my Tank Viewer wont work on 8.9 test

  3. Is anyone aware that WG actually tries to simplify the armor every tank ? so no more smart thinking about hitting tiny weakspots. This game slowly becomes a fucking point and click game, dont worry about weakspot and other shit TOO COMPLEX for 5years old kids. WTF?? motherfuckers then take out my IS-6 driver port weakspot too!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • They can’t do proper measurements of tanks and implement it to 3D models that’s for sure… I’ve lost count of JS-4 model changes since it was tier 9. All that balancing.. yeah sure. Nowadays the balance an OP tank by releasing more OP tanks.

  4. Does the mantlet change on the IS4 affect the roof weakspot? Any harder to hit or penetrate?

    • Sry for the double post/comment…

      For some reason my messages didnt append at the bottom of the comment section but few comments higher… Like I was posting a coment before someone posted the last one :)

  5. The turret armor buff (behind the mantlet) for the Tiger is 60mm -> 100mm, not 80mm. Checked and confirmed with GM3D.

  6. FFS!! KV1s the most powerful tank in its class gets a buff…….. WG you are morons!

  7. Pretty hard nerf on IS-3 , this tank was getting worse & worse and now lost all armor advantages and is getting ugly too… another tank which will be thrown out of my garage…. shame on you WG

  8. Can’t wait for WT tanks to come out next month and throw this money eating piece of shit game away

  9. Nice article, but it is very sad and WG devs should feel ashamed for this, as it clearly demonstrates their total inability to at least make tanks !LOOK! historical if not act historically (obviously when some tanks change appearance, height, width, tracks, color, even hull angles many times, not to mention that some have absolutely different cupolas and driver’s hatches,gun mantlets…). CAN’T they just simply download some wikipedia photos and use it as a pattern and copy it?!?!

  10. I have to say that I am glad they re balanced the IS3, seemed OP for the Tier, this hopefully will bring it back in line. ROF still should be much slower based on the 2 piece ammo and cramped crew space.