Wot Viewer fix

Hello everyone,

having a problem with WoT Viewer crashing when trying to load the 8.9 test client? Here’s a fix by ghool. Tried it, it works.

“It works perfectly (atleast so far) if you only copy the customization.xml from 8.8 version’s res\scripts\item_defs\vehicles\ folder to 8.9 folders. shows all the new tanks etc.

Remember to make backups of the folders so you do not accidentally screw up the client for when you wish to actually play on test server.”

5 thoughts on “Wot Viewer fix

  1. Yep, they changed the customization.xml quite a bit. Added description of tags, better formated code, and, what probably causes this bug, you dont need a program like WoT mod tools to actually open it correctly, it now works fine with the standard editor. All that came in handy when updating mods today, so im kinda glad they changed it ;)