Meeting with SerB


Well, a couple of Russian guys met SerB in person on a conference at Nizhny Novgorod and asked him a bunch of questions, there’s a photo in the post linked above. Some info gleaned from SerB:

- in 0.9.0 there will be more graphic improvements and possibly Japanese branch, 0.9.0 will come around New Year
- the amount of polygons on tank will be increased three times (10 thousand to 30 thousand), some vehicles will have even 50 thousand, this graphics improvement will come in 2014

- turrets being ripped off by ammorack explosions will come
- year 2014 will be a lot about graphics improvement for WoT
- there will most likely be no separate HD client
- historical battles will come, garage battles will come after them, they will come in 2014, but the concept was tried already
- spotting system will be reworked, a tank with only a tiny bit sticking out behind an obstacle will be harder to spot
- MM has not been touched
- apparently SerB was making jokes about Polish being butthurt about Stalin publicly
- roaming mechanism will not allow teamkillers and those with chatbans to use it. SerB would also like to have a winrate limit, but is afraid that this won’t make it into the mechanism
- there will be new clanwars options
- SerB confirmed optional hulls
- there will be a WoT physics rework (with Havok), destructable buildings
- WoWp will be released on 13.11.
- apparently, KV-1S will indeed be split into two: historical KV-85 will be on tier 5 with current speed/agility, on tier 6 there will be KV-85/122, with seriously nerfed speed/agility, but it will keep the 122mm gun (SS: this could be just speculation, not sure)

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  1. Sounds nice info :) So 0.9.0 brings possibly Japan tanks :) cant wait for that :D :D

    • Actually, if they hold to tradition, 9.0 will be an “engine” update (like physics in 8.0), and the new tree will come in 9.1 (7.1 was the French, 8.1 was the British). I’m just wondering if when we get the new tier 1 Japanese tank, if it will come with 100% crew or not.

      • Lol, why would it come with 100% crew? It never did. Be happy you are getting a free slot for it :)

        • As the two anons below said, all new players now get 100% crews for their tier 1s. So, I’m wondering if existing players would get the same benefit as newbies who start the day of the Japanese addition.

    • Funny, the systematic extinction of a few hundred million people rather signally failed to materialise after Uncle Joe won the All-Stars Tyrant Deathmatch Championship of ’40s.

      • However cliché that may sound, history is written by those who win it and Staline was a skilled enough player in the diplomatic stage to be able to get away with it. So, yes the USSR won in WWII, but on the bright side at least one tyrant was down.

        • in one part you are right but still stalin has slaughter more people then hitler killed (and the people slaughter where actually russians) but if hitler have won the war now hitler will be showen like heroe and stalin like a mass murder maniak
          this is how it historical events and more things are foisted

          • You don’t honestly still believe that? Maybe there would not be a warmongering apartheid state called Israel. That would be really awful right.

            • nah Isreal is probably the most hardcore state in the world.
              It’s having:
              1. ultra-Orthodox jews, around 7% of total, think the jew version of amish.
              2. mandatory military conscription for both male and female citizens at the age of 18
              3. 4 arabic countries as neighbors, all of them hate the small jewish country
              4. the 3rd highest life standard in asia
              5. one of the most important religious center in the world, wchich all radicals love.

              No one fucks with israel, becouse if they do, they can expect preemetive strikes that makes ‘muricans feel jelly.

            • Though things are more complex and I tend to usually take Israel’s point of view this comment made me laugh…

            • ..except no-one will say that half of what Isreal is doing is actually wrong, illegal, murder, theft, invasion, against human rights, etc etc….

              Something along the lines of “a woman scorned”…

            • Uh, Jei? Those neighbours kind of lost interest long ago (by or after Jom Kippur War, depending), save for the Syrians who’re still pissed about the Golan but currently have more pressing problems.

    • Let’s have a look at how many people died under British Empire, oh couple of BILLIONS of people, let’s have a look at how many people United Satan Empire of America has killed oh BILLIONS of people.

      How nice, oh let’s have a look at Capitalism, oh shit! BILLIONS OF PEOPLE!

      Communism, 0 death because the system can’t kill

      Socialism, 0 death because the system can’t kill

      Stalin = 750 000 people executed at the order of Stalin (According to the west Stalin killed half of Soviet population which makes no sense since Soviet population was growing allot during his rule, the west still can’t produce evidence of their claim)

      • You cannot be serious… you are so blinded by the propaganda the system is giving you that youve lost the truth. Stalin had a communist state. Ever heard of his PURGES???? Ever?? Thats why soviet soldiers died so incredibly frequently during the war. All the good officers were killed and the leftovers were scared to try new things and be innovative. Ussr was terrible at war. The only reason they could do anything was due to thier huge size. The US hasnt been around long enough to kill billions btw. If you did ANY fact checking youd have atleast some clue.

        • Not specific to the USSR. The Russian empire sucked balls but could always get around because of its zerging strategies. Look at the Napoleonic wars and at WWI.

  2. - spotting system will be reworked, a tank with only a tiny bit sticking out behind an obstacle will be harder to spot

    More ghost tank invisible Mauses shooting from 50m into tanks with 400m view range yay!

    • I bet its gonna be like Ferdi or JagdPant.2, basically 2 choices of tier 5 heavies. Fast and less armored leading to kv1-s and IS, or the slow and well armored KV-1 and then t-150

      • Yeah the KV-1S was a less armoured faster version of the KV-1 so it will fit quite well at tier 5 with a similar gun. They should both be like the old KV-3/KV-1S at tier 6 – similar guns but different attributes.

        Still don’t like a tier 6 with that 122mm gun though, unless it gets some sort of accuracy/reload time nerf.

        • Weaker sides and rear are gonna make a HUGE difference.

          What they’re doing is actually very clever.
          Now that people are complaining, they split KV-1S
          into a fast, well armored tank with a deadly gun on tier 6,
          and a fast, well armored tank with a deadly gun on tier 5.

          Trolling level: WG

          • Indeed. As if the current KV-1 wasnt bad enough (not as bad as the current KV-1S), but taking the same tank with negligible loss in armor and significantly increase its speed and mount roughly the same gun selection on it.
            Tier 6 isnt much better, they will probably make an unnoticeable nerf to the mobility and everything else..stays exactly the same.

            Problem? NOT SOLVED!

            • I’m 99% sure “KV-85″ will field its historical 85mm ZiS, so basically it would be “trade bit of armor for bit of speed” compared to KV-1. This and tad lowered hp pool (610?) could make nice tier 5 tank.

            • mistranslation.
              in original russian text there was KV-1S on 5 tier.
              SS is just mistaken and should correct his text.

              this means 76-mm ZIS-5 and 76-mm F-34.

  3. I love that part where SerB says that Roaming should have WR limits … I totaly agree with him and thats rare :D

    • I disagree.

      Bots shouldnt be in the game in the first place, but even if I dont really see any realistic reason to make the effort of going through roaming just for botting anyway.

      And if SerB meant an upper limit, that would be a slap in the face of every good player.

      • You disagree because you have shit winrate and sucks at the game so you think you should have the right to roam on other servers, but you don’t. Improve your skills by yourself and then you can roam.

    • Should be a wr limit both ways. So if your winrate drops enough while you roam from say EU to SEA you’ll be stuck there ;)

  4. - historical KV-85 will be on tier 5 with current speed/agility, on tier 6 there will be KV-85/122, with seriously nerfed speed/agility, but it will keep the 122mm gun (SS: this could be just speculation, not sure).

    Nerfing moblity is a lot of better option than gun changing. But then splitting would be pointless. KV-85 on tier 5? With 85mm cannon? With KW armor and med mobility?

    • No, with KV-1S armor. KV-1S is KV-85…less armor, more mobilty. KV-1S with the 122 was then called KV-122. KV-1 is the same. 1S was the less armored faster version. So what you would get would be a KV-1s with the 85mm, not the KV-1.

      • except that KV-1S is a lot faster than KV-1 and has very similar armor (the most important being the frontal, is actually the same – 75mm).

        so instead of having an OP tank in tier 6, we get an OP tank at tier 5.

        also, KV-122 still doesn’t belong at tier 6 unless the RoF is nerfed (currently, KV-1S can shoot almost as fast as a T34 with only 10 less damage besides being 2 tiers lower – they both have great pen for their tier).

  5. 30k polygons (triangles) way..
    For reference, Crysis 2 characters have 19-20k, Mass Effect character models are similiar at 17-18k
    30k polygons seems like bs to me, the game would need a serious gaming pc for that
    Especially if they use the large texture sizes they already have on tanks.

    • Not really, a single Star Citizen human character has about 100k polygons, a single seated spaceship (smallest is smaller than some tanks) has about 300k polygons and the biggest ship in the game right now has about 7 million polygons.

      Current PCs can display stuff like that and the game is in no way optimized. I have a 3.0GHz Quadcore with a Geforce GTX 560 Ti and it runs the game fine.

      • I think you might be mistaking polygons for something else, if you have 7 million polys on the screen infront of you, your PC will run like a brick, you might get a stable 1-2 fps…
        7 mil is enough to make 3d modelling software which displays nothing else on the screen bu the model, quite troubled by that many….if you add textures , maps and engine effects, this shit will explode..

    • Dont worry mate, lets hope their new Ultra (and Only High/Ultra) settings are chasing Metro Last Light and Crysis 3. 30k Poygons and 2048×2048 or 4096×4096 (Crysis 3 and Last Light Level of textures) textures, DX11/OpenGL 4.3 support and tessellation, contact hardening shadows, dynamic “wet” rain effect (from Clear Sky ) and full multicore support.
      There, a real next gen game.

      • Wouldn’t be financially viable, imo the audience that can run most high graphic requirement AAA titles, doesn’t really look in the general direction of WoT

        • Yeah, but that would shut a part of the WT fanboys. Besides, most of those things are not really all that expensive.

          • I hate it when people say what amazing specs they have and then try to justify games increasing requirements by saying “It’s not that expensive”.

            I suggest you take your head out of your ass and stop pretending like everybody lives/makes as much money as you do. You spent x amount of money on a PC and now you are trying to force everybody to cater to your needs. They should concentrate on optimizing WoT instead of adding pointless effects that will only serve to distract you while playing.

            As I said before. It is financially stupid for WG to change WoT so it has very high system requirements because there are a lot of people who don’t feel financially secure enough to drop a lot of cash for a new PC but can spare a few euros here and there on gold. And people who will update their PC for WoT won’t have money to spend on gold at least for some time after that and WG won’t see even a cent of the money spend on new hardware.

    • The texture sizes really aren’t that big, 1024×1024. That should be considered the “standard” by 2013. Considering you are trying to do the entire tank’s texture in 1024 pixels it isn’t that impressive. A hand-grenade in Red Orchestra 2 is 1024×1024 and that is a far smaller object.

      I am very skeptical about increasing to 30k poly tank models. That level of detail would be nice, but would exceed being over-kill.

    • Well, they have a lot more environmental detail and bigger level sizes, lighting effects, heavy bump/displacement mapping and tesselation usage, etc (and even in Crysis 2 your character’s model was over 50k polys). Also FPS are usually fast-paced enough that you don’t really mind so much when character models are poor in some places. The general rule is that if there’s a 3rd-person view then the player’s model will have high polys, cutscenes use higher-count models, and in games like racers where you are often seeing enemy models for long periods of time higher counts are used as well (GT5 has something like .5mil polys for premium vehicles, however that was mostly because the PS3 didn’t have tesselation support, so curves had to be modeled by the actual polys).

    • “charater”.. Would be a person yea ? So it is understandable that tanks would have way more polygons ?

      • Actually no, there’s no fixed concept of scale in computer graphics, so WoT’s tanks are not really “bigger” than say, an NPC in Crysis, it’s just everything else is smaller.

      • As a rule of thumb, the more space an object will be taking up in the screen, the bigger its texture has to be. That’s why it’s totally acceptable for an aforementioned hand grenade to have the exact same texture size as a bloody tank, because in an fps, before you throw it, it’s going to be pretty much in your face, using, pixel to pixel, similar area of the screen as a tank in WoT.

  6. There is one thing i would like to ask ( im not sure if it was in QA) : if skills and perks will be working in historical battles ,like 6th sense , because it doesnt make sense in historical battles . Sorry for my english btw

    • Why do people say “sorry for my bad english” when their english is actually really good? :D heheh
      Well for the skills and perks, i think they should add the crew, depending on the tank and nation. Like, a T-34 would have a very unskilled crew, compared to a Tiger crew, or something like that :P They could add the skills on crew depending on the battles :D

      • Yup also the jagdtigers and kingtigers should also have noob crews . While IS tanks,stugs,p4s ,su 100s should have leet crews.

        • Why should jagdtiger have noob crew and Stug good crew? Where is you fucking logic in that? You do know that only the best commanders were given better tanks to drive and most of Jagdtigers commanders started with small tanks and progressed to bigger and better tanks with time. So only elite tankers were driving monsters like JT. Your post makes no sense.

          • Yea read the memiors of one of the only “good” Jt commanders . The attrition caused very green crews to be put into the JTs .Good crews advancing to bigger tanks ? This is not WOT . The attrition was very very bad . The peak level of training was during 1941-1942 lotsa veterans from the invasion of france and poland . After that they lost lost too many during the 1943 offensives .That is my “fucking” logic kid .

          • I think it was in a book called “Tigers in the Mud”. I forget who by, but he retells his experiences with green tank crews that were shoved into JagdTigers with only a few hours instruction, and then told to fight. The result were crews that, when put under fire, would TURN THEIR TANK AROUND to run away, and thereby expose the squishy, penetrable side and rear armor to the enemy, rather than leave their impenetrable frontal armor pointed at the enemy.

            That’s why his post made sense, he was referencing those particular incidents.

          • Funny how Heer’s Panzer Lehr division was constantly bolstered by elite tank crews from other units and yet they kept driving Pz:IVs with a few Panthers thrown in. And when they got Tiger IIs they pretty much sent them back to the factory because they were just that bad.

            • nothing special bout the “waffen-ss”. high morale and willingness to fight while suffering extraordinary high casualties…thats their only “strong” point.
              also being the last ones to keep fighting in berlin, because especialy the foreign ss-divisions knew what was waiting for them in the end. rightfuly so.

            • What, you mean like that first unit to bring Kingtigers into combat in the East which IIRC lost essentially the whole complement for no gains in like a week? AFAIK it wasn’t exactly irrelevant that *they* were mostly a bunch of greenhorns and up against certifiably not so Guardsmen…

  7. “-apparently SerB was making jokes about Polish being butthurt about Stalin publicly”

    I’m not even mad. I make jokes about donkey-loving commies on daily basis so we are square here, SerB.

  8. About the KV-1S split..I thought it was going to be like this
    tier 5 KV-1S (historical counterpart stock, 85mm gun (D5T?)
    tier 6 KV-85/122 (as described above)

    Main difference between KV-1S and KV-1 was the reduced side and rear armor, thats mostly about it. It was the KV-1S that drove the development forward.

    I still do not know what the main problem is? Is it just the alpha damage or is it the speed? The main reason why I see it as popular is (as of now) that it provides the best balance of firepower (the 122mm gun, obviously), armor (turret is quite bouncy, combined with -8° gun depression it works) and speed (not the fastest thing but will get you anywhere).

    Hell, even I dont know how to balance it. The main problem is, removoing the 122mm gun might cause this tank to be nerfed into the ground. While it deserves a nerf, it does not deserve a nerf that will destroy the tank..

    • Well the problem is the alpha damage, and since the accuracy buff, people can “snipe” with it too. Ye, it does reload slowly, but the tank can get some horribly lucky turret and also hull bounces at rly surprising moments. The cannon is just too strong on a fast, well sloped heavy tank. And usually, you dont fight them alone, so it can be a problem if people dont know how to concentrate fire.

      • I like the KV-1S, I play it all the time, been playing it a bit today actually, and got some sniper medals shooting scouts and type t-34 across the map..

        Such an easy tank to play… it was my first tier 6 tank too. Have over 1k battles in it, and I think it needs to lose that 122 mm gun.

        I like the idea of it staying at tier 6 and having the 100 mm gun… really don’t know what they are trying to do with these changes.

        • Are you trolling??? The KV-1S is hardly easy to play. It has paper armor and very low hp for a heavy. This, combined with the horrible accuracy and slow reload of its gun means that if you miss you’re screwed – enemy can just waltz up to you, knowing full well he won’t take any damage, and kill you from full hp by the time you reload. Alpha and pen of the gun is not even that great – its hardly a one shot weapon, other tanks can eat 2-3 shots depending on rolls, so very often we see other players eat a shell to get up to you and kill you before you can reload. You want OP T6 heavy gun? -> KV-2. People become paralyzed in fear when they see me in KV-2, and refuse to peek out for fear of one shot, so my team can easily flank them while I lock down whole flanks, while players just YOLO at me when I am in KV-1S because DPM is so low.

          In fact, I have worst win rate in my KV-1S of all T6 heavies. When I look on my stat page, in fact Churchill VII is my best T6 heavies. Churchill has ridiculous armor, when angled I can reliably bounce 122mms from the KV-1S, and a fast-firing accurate gun that just shreds everything in front of it. Killing KV-1S is no problem in my Churchill – my first tracks him, then he bounces off me, and then I put shell after shell into his paper front and kill him before he reloads.

          • I mean, KV-1S is so bad that If M6 was not in game, I would definitely say that KV-1S needs a reload and view range buff at least to make it competitive with other T6 heavies.

            • Wtf are you talking about?
              It’s a 15v15 match… not a 1v1!!
              If you drive around the corner you will get raped by the enemy team
              If the KV-1S penetrated you even ONCE (should not be so hard with 175 pen) you are already dead or have like >100 hitpoints left, so someone near the KV-1S can finish you…

    • The problem is that it’s effectively a tier VII heavy at tier VI — with medium mobility.


  9. I knew it. As soon as they said that the KV-1S nerf wasn’t guaranteed, I knew that the 122 mm didn’t have much of a chance of being removed.

    • This interview was with SerB, so his statement about the KV-1S keeping its 122mm troll gun at Tier 6 is his personal opinion/wish and not set in stone.

      • Wait..isnt Russian new year at the start of December, or at the end of January? Im not sure XD

      • You hate to clarify this in your post SS, not all people know that russian new year is different than “normal” new year

        • He might be referring to Julian calendar new year. Russian Orthodox Church is using the old Julian calendar unlike the current Gregorian calendar popular in most of the world. In Julian calendar 31. December is on 13. of January in Gregorian.
          That being said while I know we Serbs do like to celebrate “our” new year as a counterpart to “western” new year (not as popular as western one though), I was not aware that the Old Calendar year was as popular in Russia or Belarus as SerB is in Minsk.

  10. nerfing mobility and keeping 122 = instantly sell it when that change comes, id rather have them keep the mobility and remove the 122… time to start looking for some tank to use that 4 skill crew in…

    • T-150

      Its actually better than KV-1SerB, at least in heavy tank department. Also 300dmg every 8.5s or so is not bad either.

  11. So, will there be an option of using the old models? I am sure there are a lot of people with integrated laptops who can hardly run WoT as it is. Some of them may even have spent money – buying a premium tank is a lot cheaper than buying a gaming computer. I think this may have the chance of pissing off a lot of people.

    • Crappy/old hardware is becoming ever more edge-case, and it’s not in WG’s interest to keep the game in 2005 because of that. They’ll still offer the old renderer and associated settings and poly math is not actually that performance-intensive, so while there’s probably gonna be a mild performance drop I really wouldn’t expect it to be that extreme.

      Example: With a LOT of mods installed, certain scenes in my Skyrim installation go from ~150k polys to ~500,000 – 1,000,000 polys and I see perhaps a 2.5-7.5% performance drop.

      • According to recently released statistics, about half of the Russian playerbase plays on hardware that can hardly handle World of Tanks – because of this, I recall WG considering playability on low-end specs to be a major goal. I’m sure many of them find a few dollars to spend on the game, even if they can’t afford a better computer. I’m also sure even more would play, but can’t because their computers are too terrible. Do you think WG will suddenly change their mind and alienate all of those customers?

        • Ah but is it *profitable* for WG to slant support towards those low-end users? Don’t forget, each free user is actually a financial loss to WG (more substantial than you’d think). so it really depends on how much that end of the spectrum actually makes them in hard cash.

          I kinda doubt, what with premium tank costs creeping up, the gift shop prices and the graphical/physical improvements, that they’re turning over a decent amount or even profiting from that demographic. If they were, I’d expect to see way more content focused at the lower-income side of things. But speculation is all fun and good, but without firm data on their income (we’re not going to see that) this discussion is kinda moot.

          And I rather agree with KimJongStalin, if you own crappy hardware (I’ve owned crappy hardware virtually my whole life) then don’t “expect” compatibility, it’s your responsibility to get it working if your computer doesn’t meet the basic requirements.

          • Interesting points, yeah. Perhaps they are deliberately excluding players with poor hardware because they don’t pay that much money.

            But regarding this: “And I rather agree with KimJongStalin, if you own crappy hardware (I’ve owned crappy hardware virtually my whole life) then don’t “expect” compatibility, it’s your responsibility to get it working if your computer doesn’t meet the basic requirements.”

            The issue is *raising* the requirements when not everyone can upgrade their computer. Maybe my computer did meet the requirements until they went and changed them.

            But a raising of the minimum requirements is unprecedented in this game, so that’s why I am posting about it.

      • No business that wishes to remain successful is ever going to take steps which alienate a significant portion of their player base — in this case, nearly half of their largest market. If you can’t understand that very simple concept, go back in your basement and tell mom to CUT THE CRUSTS off your bread this time, the stupid witch!

    • Then its about time they saved some money for an upgrade. Intergrated graphics are not designed for gaming in the first place, and (despite what some people seem to think), they are NOT entitled to run modern games on it. Game devs are not legally bound to hold back development just so people can play the game on a wooden calculator they got from their grandfather.

      This is coming from a laptop player btw.

  12. - apparently, KV-1S will indeed be split into two: historical KV-85 will be on tier 5 with current speed/agility, on tier 6 there will be KV-85/122, with seriously nerfed speed/agility, but it will keep the 122mm gun (SS: this could be just speculation, not sure)

    …Alright, I can agree with this. It’s not the ideal solution (which was moving it up to tier 7 as a premium tank), but it’s better than it is now. The problem I personally had wasn’t just the gun (I could accept the gun since its rate of fire isn’t that good), it was the all-around combination OF the gun, the armor (while not as good on the hull as the KV-1, the turret was a real pain in the ass, and even THEN the front of the hull can bounce shots ridiculously well, even ones that should penetrate), AND the mobility (which means that in higher-tiered matches it could be a surrogate medium tank, playing much like the KV-13 would if it actually had a good gun).

    To have the tier 6 KV-1S’ mobility nerfed in the form of the KV-85/122 is acceptable, since it’ll confine it back into the Heavy tank role that it should be in.

  13. First they say they’ll lower the actual vehicle number with alternative hulls, next they want to split one hull into 2 vehicles. The magical company that has no idea what they’re doing…

    • I can’t see what’s the problem with this. They never said the purpose of alternative hull is to lower vehicle number, more like more options for players to choose from. In contrast, Serb once said he target Wot to have over 1000 vehicles in the end.

    • >>next they want to split one hull into 2 vehicles

      nope. kv-1s and kv-85/122 had different hulls.

  14. I can hardly wait for the OP-1S to get nerfed. Even into oblivion.

    That thing is just a joke at Tier 6. I managed to snapshot using the so-called “very innacurate” 122mm gun, while going at full speed, a SU-152 way over across the field on Malinovka.
    First of all, 175 pen is just ludicrous at Tier 6. I COULD deal with the 390 avg dmg if it WEREN’T auto-penning everything it hits in its own tier (ahem, except Hellkitty gun mantlet… that thing even bounced my ST-I/IS-4 gun!)
    2nd of all, the so-called “paper armor” is dubious – TO SAY THE LEAST:
    - I’ve managed to bounce off it with a MOTHERBLOODY BL-10! (286 pen, remember?!)
    - I’ve bounced at least twice off a KV-1S with the AMX Mle 48 120mm gun (246 pen?) while he was hiding behind a rock, in some sort of sidescraping position. TWICE.
    - yet in the same time I attempted to sidescrape against a KV-1 while in my KV-1S…. lol, he just penned my sides like there is no tomorrow. Yet somehow another KV-1S player managed to bounce my KV-1S while he was sidescraping. WHATISTHISIDONTEVEN?!?

    Still, as I said, 390 avg dmg MIGHT be manageable, if anything at that tier could actually bounce it (not even the VK3601H, with 100mm frontal armor, has no way to do that, even with all the angling in the world) by using skills

  15. Hey SS, just one question , when you say “apparently “, do you mean “it looks like” or “it is definitely “?

  16. WG “improving” WoT’s visuals is equivalent to putting lipstick on a pig, then eye shadow, then blush. The engine is old rubbish. Even if it were to ever be really “optimized”, it’s still too odd tech to ever look and move like a modern outside of static, prebaked nonsense gimmick.

    They would need to create a brand new ground up engine. Something their devs are not capable of doing properly from what was shown thus far. “Big World” included.

    • Back to Crysis with you already, graphics whore. Real men play vintage Nineties classics and 8-bit Nintendo emulations.

  17. Real men play on minimum settings to get max fps and hunt noobs who are distracted by pretty ‘splosions. :P

  18. “- apparently SerB was making jokes about Polish being butthurt about Stalin publicly”

    And that’s one reason why I don’t pay actual money for this game. No sense lining the guy’s pocket who’s just going to go and make fun of your heritage. Of course I believe Stalin shouldn’t be allowed in the game, but at the same time I don’t think any political figures should have anything to do with the game, it’s just common sense.