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Oh ye, one more thing, if you vote for Golden Joystick (no matter who for), you’ll be able to pick a free game (Mafia II or Civilization V) via Steam I think.

- SerB on War Thunder tank trees, when asked, whether he considers them to be epic fail: “Well, I won’t comment on ‘epic fail’, it’s more like different approaches to making branches”
- SerB on T-35 (multi-turret Soviet tank): “I don’t know what is it good for, apart from having it in your garage. It’s the same as in real life – it served only for show”, when asked what’s the big difference from TOGII, he replied “the gun”
- Q: “Why didn’t you add T-34/100 in the game?” A:”Because we decided to add other tanks.”
- Q: “You added a TD that can kill almost any tank with one autoloader clip, what’s then point of that?” A: “The point of that is to add a TD that can kill almost any tank with one autoloader clip.”

Well, that’s it for today, I guess SerB is not happy:


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  1. - Q: “You added a TD that can kill almost any tank with one autoloader clip, what’s then point of that?” A: “The point of that is to add a TD that can kill almost any tank with one autoloader clip.”

    LOL I like SerB’s trolling

      • SerB’s mentality will worn out as he faces and have to deal with repeatedly same and stupid questions. He will have his break down just because the playerbase can have Q&A which he does on his free time. He will grow tired and try to enjoy the moment with trolling.

        Question goes, would people like Q&A and trolls. Or no Q&A and no troll.

    • That was not the entire WT:GF but only the early tank part of it. the Tech tree including Artillery, AA and other armored vehicles has not yet been shown, so its understandable he is not celebrating yet.

  2. - Q: “You added a TD that can kill almost any tank with one autoloader clip, what’s then point of that?” A: “The point of that is to add a TD that can kill almost any tank with one autoloader clip.”

    Of course!
    Who would ask that?

    • some players haven’t seen how fragile that tank is, especially how defenseless it is when loading!

    • Fuck serb, but also, why add a tier 10 TD that has better camo value than the tier 7 Jagdpanther? The WT E100 is fucking huge, the gunsheild is as large as the whole fucking case of the ferdinand for example. Is is fucking larger then the Maus.

        • Its cool, the point is though, that the camo values for the tanks are totally bullshit in all aspects. First of all, looking at the jagdpanther compared to the ferdinand, standing still they are almos as huge, and they should bave similar camo value, which should in deed be lower for ferdie. I understand camo value are there for balancing, but no freaking way should the jagdpanther have worse camo then the WT E100, when the fucking turret/gun sheild is as big as the whole casemate of the ferdie. Lol….joke ass fucking game. Skill is becoming less and less important really, with all these derping autloaders that can stand still and make 1500-3000 damage in lower amount of time than you can reload (ferdie has 9.9 sec reload with bia/rammer/vents). Not to mention the much better camo value = they can do so relatively invisible.

      • How about you post a link of anything showing the camo value of the WTF 100. I see something showing Tier 6-9 camo value but not Tier 10.

  3. Serbs answer was actually quite reasonable.
    WT:GF will be different that WoT an alot of ways but it will defenetly have its fans.
    I will try it out and im sure that im gonna prefer it over WoT
    We shall see

    • I will try it out and im sure that im gonna prefer it over WoT

      Isn’t this contradictory ?

      I mean, if you’re going to like it over WoT, why you want to try it out ? Shouldn’t you just start playing it when it gets available ?

      • And stop saying “I will play WT, because its waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than WoT!!”

        Just go there, play it, quit WoT and the most important thing: DO IT QUIETLY!

      • I dont think that its contradictory because just like everyone else i have no clue what the gameplay will be like so all i can is guess
        I think you just wanted to be a smartass because i even think its possible that WT beats WoT in some areas.
        But actually i like WoT quite a bit so if i think WT is gonna be better thats not a sign how bad WoT but how awesome WT will be … again pure guessing and thats why i have to try it out

    • I agree with Woras. You are an idiot. SerB does not even have to answer peoples questions if he didn’t want to. Second, idiots ask the same questions every other day for months on end… So if SerB comes off being an ass its justified. Third he has said in the past that if he feels like crap, that day, then the answers usually end up being crap.
      At least TRY to understand SerB before you even begin to call him out.
      Problem is, most people don’t even bother…

      • Well, he is human and has flaws just like every one of cca 7mld people living on this rock… Nobody’s flawless, deal with it.

        • And how is adding a tier 10 TD with better camo value than a tier 7 a “human” flaw? Gtfo, hes just fucking around. Many tanks are purely unabalnced and crap, most tanks are fine, but some are just retarded. I still think that they wanted to make the 2nd german TDs “really” good by purpose, to make people spend gold on free XP and crew conversion, just to nerf those tanks later on. If the 2nd german TDs would be too similar to the 1st line, less people would grind them and spend money on gold. WG nerf/buff tanks with purpose to make people spend gold on grinding and regulate people playing certain tanks. DO not for one fuckling second think that balancing tanks in wot is due to a “overall” game balance, no no, its all about that fucking gold. Its specially suitable to introduce OP german autloaders now when T57 and foch 155 might get nerfed.

          • still no proof for the camo-statement by you. as people already told you, the other post bout camo did not include the tier 10 values. care to explain?

            • Look again, your tard, WT E100 is tier 10 TD and has better camo value than jagdpanther. Either way, the WT isnt fucking balanced at fucking all. No other tenk in game can kill another so fucking fast.

            • You need moar fucking. Anyway, care to link this camo comparision that includes the WTE? ‘Cause the one I saw previoucly posted stopped at what, the WT PzIV…

    • You try dealing with masses of idiots posting dumbass questions. I’m sure you’ll do just fine-takes one to know one eh?

    • What you have all against SerB? Without him we wouldnt have WoT and we wouldnt talk here without SerB because this site is about WoT…

      • So? WOT is a good game to the most, just some idiotic flaws that are really apparent dont get fixed, and even invented by purpose, thats the main issue with wota and Serb as a whole. No sane person can think the “whole” game and all asopects of it are good.

        • Strawman argument; nobody claimed WoT was perfect. Hell, SerB himself has repeatedly stated he’s unhappy with some aspects…

  4. I actually liked the WT tech tree concept, limiting it to 1953 since there was no further development in at least one nation. Also, having a Tiger II on top of a branch is awesome and somewhat realistic, as Tiger II was a true beast on that era, same to JagdTiger, biggest/heaviest tank to be fielded in ww2.

      • Assuming that they will have a more realistic depiction of armor quality and not just armor thickness, I think it will be fully possible.

        • lol, realistic depiction of armor quality will make the IS 4 even more op, remember how the Egypt IS 3 could shrunk off Israel M48 90mm APDS shell which can penetrate a Tiger Ausf B like butter ?

          the IS 4 have even more armor than that

          • in RL there where no APCR rounds developed for the 128mm … they could simply “invent” those and all of a sudden the 128 would became a huge thread even for IS4.

            And this “OP” IS4 is most likely using the 122mm D25T because that was its historical gun not this M63 fanatsy gun
            And dont underestimate the Tiger 2 with its 105mm guns im sure its gonna be deadly since its entirely fictional they can balance it out quite well

            • M63 is not a fantasy gun mate.
              And remember, IRL, D25T was about as accurate as the 88L71, had almost as much penetration, was a better anti infantry and bunker gun, could just spall the shit out of a KT and kill the crew…
              And its mounted on a tank that is quite a bit better then the KT…

            • “not this M63 fanatsy gun”

              It’s M-62 genius, and I’ll direct you to the following: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-10_Heavy_Tank#Models
              …specifically, this part here – “T-10M – (1957) improved version with longer M-62-T2 L/43 gun”
              Fantasy my ass.
              And as the thing was apparently explicitly designed to replace the D-25 on ALL platforms, so in principle there would have been no technical obstacle to, say, taking those old KV-122 (or whatever) protos out of mothballs and retrofitting them with the nasty new boomstick…

          • I have never Heard of that Egyptian IS-3 no, but i still doubt that it was made of RHA armor and probably used the ordinary hardened armor was used on the IS-2.

        • Because it’s war thunder that the IS 4 gonna be OP.

          Or they can make it less historical like they did with the KV 1 in the streaming ( got penetrate by a 76mm U11 ) which is stupid.

          • Most likely they only have a hp system; no armour system as it would be “too complicated” for players. trolololo

      • Not a problem if IS4 is to use the historical gun too, the stock 122mm, the one from the IS tank.

          • APBC (usually actually APCBC) and APCR are completely different things, and the former was the default antitank ammo for just about all guns after the first war years anyway.

      • :D OP here,
        You must believe, Leo 1 is my favourite tank and I have all german tier X tanks and I really like them, but I would also like this game to be a bit lest unhistorical in high tiers, everyone knows a true tank battle in the 50′s wouldn’t be fought with E100′s and Maus and JagdPz E100s vs IS4′s and IS-7s only and etc etc.

        WOT is awesome up to tier 8, them it gets ridiculously unhistorical and feels fake all the way.

        War Thunder will be exactly what I want from WoT. Plus all the stuff I would like to see implemented like nation battles for example.
        The only thing that sucks there is the P2W element.

        • You know what is funny ? Every wehraboo under the sun speaks of WT as if it is their salvation . The main point being “THE MIGHTY TIGER SHOULD NOT FACE TANKS BUILT AFTER THE WAR . THAT IS JUST MEAN T.T.”And now we have the t 54 … Well prepare yourselves , I will enjoy pawning you in anything with the 100 mm soviet gun and farm your tears as you watch you precious box tanks burn up in that beautifully rendered ammorack explosion .

      • Actually I am neither an idiot or ignorant. I’m a fare paying customer that wants better service and if the management treat us like fools then they don’t deserve our respect. If he’s having a bad day that’s his problem, you either live with it or get out of the job.

        • It’s not his job to answer questions, he does it voluntarily.

          And it is also your problem that you don’t like his answers, you can deal with them or find something else to read. You’re not even the target audience for his answers unless you can read Russian. And since you’re not the one asking, you’re also not the one being insulted. I have never really witnessed another project manager answering so many questions in his free time. I don’t even get why his answers upset you in the first place unless you really care about the answers to some really idiotic questions or questions which have been repeatedly answered already.

          • Anonymous are you a paid lackey or a serious player of the game, I can tell you I play WOT with a passion, but certain elements of the game need rectifying and I’m not bothered about the idiotic questions but the serious ones that go unanswered or are just fobbed off. As for Serb’s voluntary work, public relations is a part of the job to promote WG and make it more sucessful. Apart from that the Russian may have the largest player base but the majority of the money comes from the European server to finance the game.

            • No, you misinformed dipshit, most of the cash comes from Russia. Eu can only be “proud” that they bring in more cash per capita.

              Also, anybody who disagrees with you is paid to do so? Your opinion is the only one valid? Fuck you, your mother, your dog, and you again in your eye sockets with a cactus.

              Want your asshole licked every time you have a complaint? American customer service isn’t here. Don’t like it? Fuck off. Head of development isn’t responsible for PR, you spoiled twat.

  5. I like big guns and I cannot lie….

    I do believe WT won’t include muh favorite French Baguette Auto-loaders

    If I can’t roll from behind and blow my load in their ass, there’s no fun at all ;__;

    • Ammm… as I know, there is no frech plane tech tree en WT and by the same, will not be tank french tech tree either.

  6. Oh ye, one more thing, if you vote for Golden Joystick (no matter who for), you’ll be able to pick a free game (Mafia II or Civilization V) via Steam I think.

    True dat.
    Got my Mafia II (crap game) but i already had Civ V GOTY =P
    Some people detect virus on voting site, be careful. My account on golden joystick magically changed email to one that i dont know, few hours after creating account, so i bet theres virus stealing accounts so they can farm free game keys.

    • Aye, also got a game, Civ V for the win! Didn’t actually knew you GET something for just voting.

      • well… I didn’t get squat. I get the message “looks like you have not voted yet”. Bullocks! I did vote…

        • same here….it keeps saying i didn’t voted, but i did…it looks like WG is in charge of this competition/giveaway

  7. We’ll SerB finally say something fair:
    “it’s more like different approaches to making branches”
    Exactly Fxxking what I want to say.

  8. I wouldn’t think WT tank trees are epic fail. They are just like planes tree – less paper and prototype stuff and more copies of historical stuff. Maybe boring, but feels more right.

      • It seems like some people have missed that WT:GF will not only include tanks but also artillery, AA and amrored vehicles. what has been shown so far is just the early tank part.

  9. I just voted for Golden Joystick Awards and couldn’t select WoT as “Best Online Game”. Can the same game not win twice?

  10. Thanks for:

    1 – for Yum Kipur article
    2 -for reminding about free game, just got my CiV V activated on steam…


    all the best.

  11. - Q: “Why didn’t you add T-34/100 in the game?” A:”Because we decided to add other tanks.”

    SerB, you little stupid useless son of a… This c*cksucker is failing at nearly everything nowadays. WG should make Storm as the lead designer and fire SerB out.

  12. Who cares if SerB is having a bad day now. SerB needs to worry from the major “butt-hurt” he’s going to get from the market. Maybe he should look into retiring. He would be great as a warden in a Siberian gulag.

        • Im not into gaming business, so that statement is fail. Im in adult business by they way. By that said, if swedish designers would have made WOT, it would be far superior, just look at battlefield games, swedish desginers!!!

          Serb is a fucking joke, we all can understand that and they have alot of backword thinking in WG.

          • Swedish designers didn’t make WoT. Please don’t confuse your bizarre fantasy life with reality.

  13. Oh ye, one more thing, if you vote for Golden Joystick (no matter who for), you’ll be able to pick a free game (Mafia II or Civilization V) via Steam I think.

    I see…I wonder if it would be possible to get one of the DLC ADDONS for a game on Steam? I have Civilization V already and I’ve been wanting to get the “Brave New World” expansion.

      • Stop sucking serbs dick your faggot kellomines, how is serb sucessfull? Hes a bald drunk idiot, soon will be fired by WG and become a bum.If you have so much “life”, then why the fuck are youn hanging around here defending all WG staff and developers? If you dont know, this blogg isnt exactly in favour of WG staff in any way, so piss off. I wonder what you play in wot, probably some faggoty ones with pink camo skins. You probably like girls und panzer also, I can imaghine.

  14. I have it on good authority Civ 5 is kinda shite (like the whole franchise after C2, Alpha Centauri nonwithstanding) but free stuff is always welcome.