Wargaming going all-out in Asia

Hello everyone,

it seems that Wargaming is going all-out in Asia. After all, it’s a big market. On Korean portal (translation courtesy of Daigensui), we can read that WoWP is one of the games to be played for the “ROKFA Chief of Staff Air Warfare Simulation Contest”. Strangely enough, they translate this via World of Tanks Korean portal, but I suppose it’s a huge success.

Apparently, as a part of this event, the first Korean airplane skin will be the “I Fly by Faith” P-51D Mustang, belonging to Colonel Dean Hess, who was stationed in Korea:


If you are interested in reading more about Colonel Hess, more info can be found here (also in English).

Back to the tanks: the_beef was recently in Beijing and saw a whole train car decorated as a WoT advertisment (photos taken at Xizhimen station, the number apparently refers to “60 million players worldwide”):



Oh yes and there are rumors SEA server will merge with the Vietnamese (VTC) server…

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    • What will happen with China’s content censorship? Will things change if they merge with the ASIA server?

      (On the Chinese server, there are no countries and real-life flags. German tanks are known as “D-series”, etc)

  1. Oh no…. More of Square texts… and communication problem… (We already had that with Thais..)

      • Chinese will rage about ‘Japanese Imperialism’ and the Japanese are polite enough to not response.

        • Japanese aren’t polite, they’re simply autistic and they don’t know how to exhibit emotions.

            • You obviously haven’t been at the places where they freely express themselves.

              Either that, or you’re one of those “BOW DOWN TO SUPERIOR GLORIOUS NIPPON! DO NOT SULLY THE NAME OF NIPPON! NIPPON STRONG!” gaijin nerds who’ve never been to Japan, and somehow think that their society is superior to that of the west.

        • lol no

          Japanese will just talk shit behind you back on 2ch

          They don’t confront people in public. It’s their culture. The prospect of a public spat is more shameful/embarrassing than the actual insult. It has nothing to do with politeness

        • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honne_and_tatemae

          If you believe in this “politeness” bullshit, you’re very deluded. Having lived in Japan and interacted with the people there, maintaining a cold, fake facade in front of others is hardly a friendly characteristic. It makes even American society appear more human-like and less robotic by far, and American society isn’t the best of things either.

      • I have seen mainland Chinese players shouting insults against Japanese players while they just ignore Chinese jerks.

      • I wonder why abe visited yasukuni eh? Oh and we Chinese helped you during Vietnam or you would still be French right now and ‘democratic’ .

        • You help us with the 2rd Indochina war againt the US not French

          I may stand neutral but there are many guy who hate china because of paracel and they react violently to pretty much every thing about china.

          • They did, but with small arms only starting from 1950 with the victory of the 1950 campain (chiến dịch biên giới 1950) open the border between Vietnam and China. Only until 1953 1954 they began transferred “real” artillery pieces that we used for the first time at Điện Biên Phủ. Before that we use DKZ base on US bazooka, flying bombs base on V1, V2 of nazi germany, designed by Trần Đại Nghĩa (he used to be an engineer at an pro fascist factory in France later on recruited by Hồ Chí Minh) and weapons from France before they surrenderred to Japan in ww2, japan rifles (arisaka) and a decent numbers of mosin-nagant rifle and Ppsh from ussr. So without China we couldn’t have large campaign (lack of ordnance) but we could still hold our ground waitting for help from the ussr at the time and we did. We had some successful campaign before 1950 and the DKZ and flying bomb had prove their value against Frech’s bunkers (A Whole lot of them) and even after 1950 because they were our only weapons that can destroy these bunkers, no weapon from China could did that (they could send arty sooner but nooo our fight to them was a lost cause because they didn’t believe we could win:D even the Vietnam war after that Máo Zédōng (Mao Trạch Đông) told Le Duan that “in 1000 years, 10000 years you guys can’t go agaist the US, comrade” and how did that turn out). So all in all we grateful for what The Chinese did for us Vietnamese not the China gorvernment in the two war because what they (Chinese) did was really helpfull and have real feeling in those action and what the China gorvernment did? purely polictics and we hate that shit:D.

      • The thing is.. even if it’s not square… you still don’t understand what they are trying to say.. Vice versa.

  2. HOLY Cheesecake?! Vietnamese?! More illiterate and box people? Ah fuck fuck, fuck it. We already have the idiot Thais, the greedy and stupid Chinese (Taiwan and Hongkong), the non english speaking Japanese, and on the lesser extent other races who knows English but chose not to learn it (Ph, Indonesia, Malaysia)…

    The Asian server is one hell of a clusterfuck already without the VCs… : /

      • Well, we have no Nazi wannabe (almost), and the chat are mostly quiet from the months I playing there. Not much insult besides NOOBs that muttered occasionally. And while Thais are widely mocked on forum, rarely they are mocked in match.

    • Lawl. Before that, are you sure u have decent skill to bash those people? Or maybe you’re one of them :3

      • I’m destroy OAGA clanners and other GuP clans when I see them. What a bunch of lowly skill-less sissies they are. Those gup waeboos should just uninstall their WoT. That Isuzu Hana? I’m hunting that player actually, haven’t had the chance to face that one yet on the field, pretty danm proud of its Jagdpanther, but my Tiger I will destroy it. That clan OAGA is filled with players from Ph. But they’re just small fry.

        Thai and Chinese, another set of lowly players. Chinese players claims to be good, lots of people lauding them… seems like those are just rumors.

    • I smell a butthurt Aussie or Kiwis. Suck it up, you are nothing special. All ASIA players are BAD unless proven otherwise, and it includes all country and ethnicity.

      And boxes are less problem if they never spoke in first place

      • No nazis but tons of butthurt nationalists here from Korea,China and basically every country really

        • Say what you will about Chinese and Koreans, at least they aren’t a bunch of inbred autists like Japs. Japan’s example show us the real danger of nuclear bombing – nukes have the potential to change a nation of violent barbarians into pussified faggots.

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            You fail demographics, wannabe.

      • Hmm ?I know an aussie on the NA server . He was very happy about the changes .. said he’ll probably play his SEA account now :P

    • >the greedy and stupid Chinese (Taiwan and Hongkong)

      Funny that’s how these Chinese people think about the ‘foreigners’(i.e. anyone who deosn’t speak Chinese)…especially the stupid part. I guess we’re all just two sides of the same coin.

  3. 60 million accounts…
    Now imagine how much accounts LoL has due to referral system.
    WoT probably have 1.5M players active – amirite?

      • 6000, that’s the number of active players with a WR >45%, I assume.

        kinda feels like WG has one department which single purpose it is to create new 0-battle-accounts and update the Guinnes World Records people about their achievements…

  4. Wait, SEA Merging with VTC Server?

    Please, Im happy where I am, Merge their server with ASIA, itll be worse for Kiwis and Aussies that are already frustrated that the Server name doesnt represent that we play, Let alone the server being named Vietnam.

    Please be rumors and nothing else.

    ~ Chieftain_NZ

    • man i setup an account on NA after playing ages on SEA cos NA is a MUCH better ping from NZ

  5. One would think that they would actually make a korean server for WoWp BEFORE making region specific content for it

    • They don’t even bother with a WoWP Asia server.
      Let alone Korean server.
      I don’t care sine WoWP is garbage, just make sure WG creates a WoWS Asia server.

  6. Just letting you know the SEA server had a name change some time ago, it is now called ASIA server

  7. What is WoWP all i know that is out there is War Thunder, WoWP sounds like an effeminate homosexual saying wow !! I wonder if the former sucks as much as the latter ?