Syria: T-72 versus a terrorist with RPG-7

Source: Yuri Pasholok’s blog

I normally don’t post modern stuff, but this footage is pretty unique. According to the Russian man commenting the situation, Syrian government T-72 is looking for enemy combatants, hiding on 1st floor of the building. At one point, the terrorist shoots a RPG-7 at the vehicle, misses and the T-72 blasts him to hell.


116 thoughts on “Syria: T-72 versus a terrorist with RPG-7

  1. SS why video not work?
    And why is the NAZI still being featured on here??????
    mfg eXterminus

    • They are not terrorists you stupid fuckin idiot,the criminals in the tank are the terrorists.

      • I guess someone who has access to an RPG is a law-abiding citizen? :P

        But let me guess I’m too much of a capitalist scumbag to understand? Fight the system,annonymous,illuminati, #blazeit etc? :P

      • Yeah, Obama said that al-qaeda terrorists who fights against syrian government are not terrorists, they are peace rebels and want nothing but good for syrian citizens.

        • So you’re quoting a leader of a nation invading a large part of the middle east, saying that another government oppressing the people there are terrorists?

          Pardon me, but, are you retarded?

            • Sarcasm doesn’t work trough text unless you use “”, learn to write without it. It’s easy to be a sarcastic prick, but hard to write something worth reading.

  2. And when are you going to feature the videos of glorious rebels shooting up tanks of the tyrant regime? :)

    • He’ll have to first get over his unrequited love for unpleasant Cold War relic tinpot dictators. :|

      Seriously Silent, you seem like a swell guy most of the time but how come you instantly go full retard when it’s contemporary stuff…?

        • What if… the rebels in star wars really was the bad guys and we all got brainwashed?

        • yes… its quite sad that some people think that just because someone is fighting the regime he must be the good guy. But with Hezbolla on one side and Al-Nusra Front on the other i rather not root for any of them.

        • God Bless you

          I lived in Syria and seen enough of these “freedom fighters”!

          Al-Assad isn’t better btw, so please stop taking sides!

        • You’re right then it comes to the Point that not every rebell fights for freedom and stuff like this. But I think there’s a huge difference between “not EVERY rebell” and the attitude I think you have that this rebell are all some kind of islamistics. It’s everythere the same:
          the USA for example… there so many people who believe Obama’s health care is communistic. Yeah they’re Kind of retarded, stupid, idiotic… I don’t know. But there are also These Americans who can think, who want this health care and who are stunned like we are if we hear those people like Chuck Norris (
          I think you get the sense… you can’t make it as eady as possible by saying “oh this rebells are all terrorists so kill them all”. This is unreflected bullshit just making you ridiculous.
          You’ve got to see that there isn’t a simple solution in every case and that you can’t simplify it like this. Asad is still dictator. And dictators as we all know aren’t friendliest and carefulliest persons.

        • Well, odds are pretty good the regime that ordered soldiers to fire on demonstrators and IIRC recently used nerve gas against civilian targets isn’t the “lesser evil” in the equation…

      • “you seem like a swell guy most of the time but how come you instantly go full retard when it’s contemporary stuff…?”

        Apply that to yourself, just change “contemporary stuff” to “anything relating to soviet union and communism”.

        • Sometimes I wonder why we even bothered knocking down the Berlin wall. It’s pretty clear Westerners still think they’re the product of Jesus fucking the Superfriends and Eastern Blocs are all still sixteen feet up Russia’s ass.

          Can’t even operate a goddamn blog about a game without everyone involved being partisan nutjobs.

          Communism is stupid, capitalism is stupid, terrorism is stupid, but bringing opinions irrelevant to the game, especially on such a controversial issue, is just retarded, in the strictest sense of the word.

          • “communism and capitalism are just as bad, trust me go- I mean, guys!”

            Shill harder, jewboy. Or are you just a mongoloid slavshit? Either way, into the oven with you!

            • This entire discussion went full retard before we even joined in.. so everyone had already lost and we’re just beating a dead horse for the fun of it ;)

          • You can’t loggerhead two militantly anti-each-other groups and expect objectivity to magically appear in the middle like a fucking unicorn.

            • Points for effort. And ha, this has indeed been fun. SS, please share your (mostly irrelevant to WoT) political beliefs with us more often, this has been a wonderful trollfest and I’d love to do it again sometime.

    • Never. Cause the rebels deserve to die. And they will die, unless Uncle Obama comes and helps them together with Al-Kaida.

    • I understand even regular militaries don’t give the antitank guys very long life expectancies in the field…

  3. im pretty impressed to see t72 equipped with era survive so many RPG hits in certain videos. must have knocked some “murrican tank-”tards out of their fat -people-scooters :D

    historynchannel never told them that :P

      • just like every other tank. and man, thats a rpg 29…not some slingshot. the thing is, western media want us to believe that western tanks are superior to everything, russian tanks=are crap, no matter what, its never the fault of :
        -bad maintainence
        -no modernisation
        -bad training
        -being obsolete in the first place (asad babil, first export model aviable)

      • It’s like in WoT – sometimes it gets wrecked, sometimes it doesn’t… Still T-72s have nothing on modern tanks, especially designed to withstand attacks, eg. Merkavas

        • guess why israelis developed atgm to be fired from the guns? because those have become spread in neighboring countries as well.

          a atgm equipped t72b with modern era is still capably of fighting any western tank on equal terms. i donr get where this wished superiority comes from.
          its not like im saying western tanks are crap, quite the opposite, but this ” we kicked their butt in iraq” crap is so out of place

      • An RPG-29 is one of the most advanced anti-tank missiles in the world, not even an M1A1 Abrams can survive such a hit. can not be compared with an RPG-7, it’s like a nuke vs. a stone

        • RPG-29 is known for punching through Challenger 2′s front plate so yeah, that’s not the thing tank can stand against without modern active protection systems.

          • The RPG-29 was the main source of casualties on the IDF when they were in Lebanon, the T-72 in the video took that shot to the back.

    • No FLIR, just good situational awareness, plus they were already looking in the general direction.

  4. Some say terrorists others say freedom fighters ….. The state slaughter their own people and drives people to flee. Terrorists < Freedom fighters

    • and you know that because you are syrian and/or live in syria!

      please don’t talk about what you don’t know!

      • No, but I’m smart enough to realize that not everyone who fought against the dictator regime are terrorists.

          • In Soviet Russia, the government loves you. If one is to interpret what rights you have in relation to the state in Thomas Hobbes’s eyes you are absolutely right.

            • Aha, that is a rather smart statement, I approve.

              Sadly, you’ve most certainly set, reached and neatly vaulted the intellectual bar for this entire discussion in one fell swoop.

        • no they are not, but those are losing the what you call terrorists, that’s why sometimes in the news you hear about some serious disagreements between the rebels, sometimes even reach to fighting between themselves!

          this is not a star wars movie, where if the rebels win and everything will go back to normal and world peace. I’m Iraqi and since 2003 Iraq is not better, in fact it is much worse. and Syria will be the same!

          • Another reason why I’m against war. Especially when the civilian population is suffering. What the U.S. did in 2003 was completely wrong and totally unacceptable (ignored UN). Iraq had at least sabilitet before the war, now is the instability and general chaos.

  5. this video clearly shows that this guy silentstalker is a communism and ussr sympathizer.

  6. seriously what kind of moron goes head to head against a T-72? what if the tank was equipped with FLIR thermal imaging system??

    It’s clear the rebel did a very quick peek and shoot, thats why he missed from such a close distance. He was scared not to be seen. Well learn to flank next time!. Going head to head a tank is simply retarded. I suggest them to learn this about T-72 weaponary.

  7. Great Job SS.
    You call a men who is fighting for his freedom, for his wife and kids againts a dictator a ‘Terrorist’
    Are you pro-Assad or wtf is wrong with you?

    • he could be, he also could be a jihadist from Lybia that came to Syria for jihad.. you’ll never know!

    • This Man fight for Jihad & Scharia, they kill children because of they aren’t moslems…
      They get paid from Saudi Arabia for each dead soldier…

      • Just because the video says he was a terrorist, does not make him a terrorist. Stop watching the news, noob.

        • People in Saudi Arabia who were punished to dead (murderer, raper) get the possibility to stay alife and fight in Syria and they even get paid for…
          You should stop to trust mainstreammedia after Iraq.

    • “You call a men who is fighting for his freedom, for his wife and kids againts a dictator ”

      Foreign Jihadists are none of the above.

      • Because foreign jihadists = all the rebels amirite guise?
        Fuck, at least *pretend* you’re not biased six ways to Sunday dude.

    • Son, Rebels basically done the same thing as the government as far as I know. Both parties killed A Lot of Civilians, and rebels don’t get reported as they are considered as FREEDOM FIGHTER. I never support any side if Syria stuff as they both are just douches.

  8. how did that guy with the rpg aim? he missed the tank by like 7 meters from 50m… was it “spray and pray” with an rpg lol?

    • One would assume standards of training leave something to be desired in these circles. (They’re not that high even in the regular Syrian Army I understand.) Performance anxiety may also have been involved.

    • RPGs aren’t always accurate but none the less he should’ve flanked or gone higher and shoot weak roof. Maybe he just got unlucky. Only God knows.

  9. That video actually makes me kind of sad. Look around, it’s a school playground.

    Not so long ago there would have been children playing football and basketball there – now there’s tanks killing people.

    • Ain’t war grand?
      *shrug* There’s an old bridge in Helsinki I cross regularly that still has bullet dents from our ugly little domestic spat in 1918…