GuP and Golden Joystick

Hello everyone, for those who haven’t seen this:

Today is the last day of Golden Joystick votes and two days ago, Wargmaing brought the “big guns”: Girls und Panzer. On SEA server, they made this awkward GJ page and… ugh… so I guess there will be more GuP and WoT ads in the future, since WG obviously licensed the franchise.

Anyway, I don’t know about you, but I think this is pretty strange… all that’s missing are My Little Ponies on Tigers…


Anyway, I hope you guys voted (for something else :P). I wonder if there will be a live stream from the GJ results announcement like last year.

118 thoughts on “GuP and Golden Joystick

      • Well it makes sense because of the initial hype around Girls und Panzer.
        Expect more to come if the GuP advertisement works well.

        Personally GuP was a watch&delete anime, nothing I would rewatch again and again like Utawarerumono, Code Geass, or similiar anime with better story and character developement.

        • I actually did rewatch it a couple of times. everytime I did I suddenly had the most improbably winning streak.

          • What for?
            Tbh the only interesting scenes are the action/tank scenes and those are available on youtube.

            Why watch the generic school girls stuff when you can get to the good stuff asap?

            • i agree with peo. tank bits were amazing in the anime….but the girly crap ruined it

          • For me, inspiration and things that made go, “Hey I should try that in World of Tanks.” Yeah I already know a lot but these are the crazy tactics they pull in the series. I actually parked once next to an enemy player. He didn’t have a good day soon after…

            • As have I. Things went south after I attempted to do that a fourth time in one battle, but still, it was hilarious.

          • Seconded.

            And IIRC I gave up on Utawarerumono halfway through because it was painfully fucking stupid.

            • U mean with that kind of ending? Lawl. Yeah, that’s a bit stupid. But until mid-way, it was good.

            • For given, unusual, values of “good” perhaps. IIRC the get-girl dating sim was a bit too strong in that one, all the more so as I’m pretty sure we’re not exactly talking about Type-Moon levels of writing in the original work to begin with.

            • Lets take another few examples, I’m sorry I didn’t do so in the first place.
              Zipang, Gundam, Macross, Elfenlied (Manga not Anime), Vandread, Spice&Wolf, .Hack, Angel Beats, Clannad, Air, Hellsing, Black Lagoon, Full Metal Panic, Sora no Woto, Valkyria Chronicles (Mostly the first game and less the anime), and many more.

              Animes from all kinds of genres, all better than Girls und Pants… Panzer.

            • I gave up on Valkyria’s animu version around the point they did the submersible thing with the tank. Something like five episodes in. And the art serfs’ inability to draw decent-looking guns had been grating on me from the beginning. (The manga version was better in that regard at least, but scanlators gave up on it after like two chapters…)

              …looking at that list I’d actually say your tastes are for the most part kinda *bad* Peo. Hence your opinion is invalid. :P

            • ohh anime discussion, i’m totally in:
              ZIPANG, now i’d love is WG would partner with ZIPANG for WOWS, but it’s an “old” anime… besides it’s super-serious with serious(ly fucking awesome) dudes so it caters to a more mature(as in not fucking stupid as moe-shit) audience.
              Too bad they never did a sequel, i had to staple my mouth together watching zipand as i could not close it, it was an “O” the entire anime, a military hardon all the time.

              haven’t watched gup yet, i have it there sitting waiting for the perfect chance to batch it in one go…

            • Fate/Zero will always be rewatchable and never lose any epicness in the process. The same can go for Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni for its very rich plot.

  1. best online game: Heart of the Swarm
    best indie: Faster than Light

    all the other votes I didn’t really give two shits.

    Too bad it doesn’t look like I’ll get my free Civ.

    • Hahaha, same votes here :) I also voted for singleplayer game and that’s about it…
      I didn’t rly understand that CIV code stuff, it told me i didn’t vote O.o

      • Got my Civ V with no problems, and my bro (who’s already got Mafia II and Civ V) voted as well and passed me the code for Mafia :D

        • stuck in a loop of “oops, looks like you haven’t voted” and “thanks for voting, click here to get your free game”

        • I voted for FTL too :D and online game I chose something else than wot because of fucking WG fails and behavior to players.

          and Yes I got my mafia 2, after ~20 hours later ;) just try link again and again.

    • You should vote earlier then, I voted 2 days after GJ started, got my game key after like 15 seconds (also I’m already happy customer of GMG), if you cared about voting just for games, suffer…

    • Is there Papers Please among the Indie votes? Pretty damn good indie game if you ask me.

    • Ended up voting FTL once, but Hotline Miami on a lot of them too. Loved that game, cruel and died loads but it was a nice style of combat and felt rewarding for actually beating things.

      There were some other games in there too, mostly I didn’t care much except that GOG* is the best platform by far and Brothers was easily the best of that lot on storytelling.

      *: GOG actually provides a lot of older games cheaply without DRM, and also most of the games released by cd project (witcher devs, who run the site) are available there that way. Respect to them for taking the risk of publishing their games that way and making it possible to play some old classics that used to not want to work anymore with windows 7 or I lost the discs for cheaply.

    • Yeah, not enough bribing.

      Even though I have never watched GuP (besides clips in passing), it feels a bit sad that they have been interned in some sort of Belarusian PR labour camp.

      • LOLWUT? “Belarusian PR labour camp”? What the hell are you talkin about. It’s capitalism, that’s all.

        And guess what, I voted for WoT on the Golden Joystick. Sure, not everything is done that should be done, and there are some flaws. But really, whenever I get on my PC there’s one thought in my mind – turn the WoT on and play some tanks. This game is just so amazing, despite having it’s obvious flaws.


            • a tyrant killing his own people… except a tyrant who won WWII(both europe and asia). Sorry but Bombing Japan didn’t end the war complete.

              If only Stalin was not a tyrant…

          • Pretty sure Stalin never needed peoples’ votes for much anything.
            He’s also sorta dead.

          • You have just invoked Godwin’s Law subsection b: Any conversation will eventually lead to Stalin.

            • Even though with the direction WG’s been going, it doesn’t really surprise me.

              And to be fair, WG started it by adding (historical) Stalinist inscriptions to the game despite it being illegal in some countries (Poland comes to mind, but who cares about Poland besides the Siemas themselves?), so if anyone’s invoked Godwin’s Law, it’s WG.

  2. Best Storyline:
    Metro Last Light
    Best visual Design:
    Metro last Light

    Where dammit is the GOTY for Metro Last Light???!?@?

  3. This makes more sense than MLP. Seriously? MLP? My little Pershing? Explosions are magic?

    GuP is actually about tanks (well, during the matches or so at least). Since people in Asia are more likely to watch anime than the west, it makes sense for WG to use them to achieve their ends in SEA.
    It doesn’t seem awkward for me.

      • It makes perfect sense in regards to the success of the show. I loved it, and it blew up pretty quickly once it was out there.

        I just don’t like the thought of WG getting so close to it, for lack of better term…

      • 16 year olds and considering it’s an anime about what amounts to real life WoT matches, so isn’t it that much a stretch.

      • If you have read the interview with The_Chieftan that you have posted a couple of days back he’s made a good point about it. GuP and MLP are probably weird subcultures to the majority and according to him WG does not understand them much better anyway, but the fans of these franchises make up a substantial proportion of the game’s user base so they ought to be taken seriously. I’m not sure why did it take so long for them to have an official collaboration with GuP (working with Japanese entities without a local agent is a major pain) but IMO they have not done it soon enough at the peak of its popularity.

        • Every subculture looks weird to the rest (like gamers to non-gamers). It’s nothing new, really.

      • In the name of good business, it doesn’t matter if either high school girls or talking magical ponies drive tanks

        WGEU or WGNA didn’t feature GUP as part of their PR now, did they? This is just a localized PR, nothing special

      • And you think why it’s on SEA server not on EU or US? Is it really so hard to figure out?

      • Silentstalker on October 20, 2013 at 9:33 am said:

        Somehow, 12-year old girls from a manga don’t seem the best way to promote a tank game to me.
        If you consider WG’s awesome PR skillz it makes perfect sense :D

  4. I think using GuP to promote World of Tanks in the asian countries is a rather smart move. The anime had a good reception and they can piggyback on that success.

    I watched the anime and enjoyed it. It wasn’t brilliant like Code Geass, Death Note or Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann to mention a few more recent anime, but it was good.
    The battles there were arcadey like the WoT battles, but at least they employed tactics and strategies and used the landscape.

    For most westerners the promotion won’t do anything, we aren’t the target demographic.

    • Code geass? Brilliant? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? O_O Since when a complete trainwreck can be called even remotely good? Death note? Oh gawds, teh second part… *vomit*

      • Code Trainwreck. :D

        And Death Note relies on overly convenient gimmicks for its entire plot so, yeah.

      • Well, it’s an ironically meant side blow directed at those who take online games about tanks too serious. You don’t have to love it, but maybe you should take a sec and think about your level of immersion into WoT. ;)
        Would it hurt so much if you admit that infantilism has already reached a very high level even without GuP? In fact, GuP-hate is often observed with those who are butthurt about the alleged trivialization of WoT.
        Have a snickers…

  5. GuP is what got me into WoT in a first place so I am happy about the collaborarion in general (and I still hope for them school and team crests for my tanks), but using the girls to beg for votes like this seems just… low.

    Oh btw SS they are around 16, not 12.

  6. Which online game is the biggest competitor for WoT and could win this year? I have to know for which game to vote for in order to prevent WoT from winning… ;)

  7. What do you think.. is there a chance for them to actually win the donkeystick again? xD

    I really don’t know against who is he standing atm… LoL maybe?

  8. all that’s missing are My Little Ponies on Tigers…

    You have no idea what pony mods are still to come……………………………………

    • I prefer the ‘APAC’ (Asia-Pacific) name they had, literally for a few days between ‘SEA’ and ‘Asia’, when they had yet to decide to alienate players from the Pacific region.

  9. Just what I need in a tank game,
    little fucking girls with brightly colored tanks, why not add a few fucking ponies as well?
    I cant stand this shit.

    • Butthurt much? If you don’t like it than don’t look it, it’s simple. Who are you to judge something? There are others who like this show. People are not serial producted machines with similar likes and dislikes.
      And I cant stand this shit that you and other ignorants write.

      • He watches chinese cartoons and uses stale, unfunny memes… Assburgers and newfaggotry combined to create the dumbest cunt in WoT.

    • I simply stated that I dont like it.
      I didnt judge those who do, and I wont.
      deal with it.

  10. Where the donkey is collaboration with Valkyria Chronicles? I want to drive the Edelweiss dangit. The tanks in that franchise could make atleast two balanced techtrees easy.

    Oh right, Gaijin booked Sony’s support….

    • Valkyria Chronicles isn’t about real tanks though unfortunately, and is more focused on infantry combat. GuP actually is about historical tanks and (non-historical) tank battles. In fact, GuP being referred to as “World of Tanks the anime” due to its premise and execution is quite old, so the collaboration makes sense.

      As much as I like GuP though, they’re not getting my vote for the Golden Joystick this year, especially when there’s better titles that deserve it this time round.

    • Apparently there is an Edelweiss model for E-75. If only it could be applied only to my tank and not every E-75 I get to meet.

    • If memory serves those tanks are terribly prone to blowing up if you so much as throw a rock at the Phlebotinum thingamajigs at the back…
      Also good luck finding actually “actionable” technical documentation. :P

  11. …Guess what, my brother is playing “Metal Gear Solid 4″ with his PS3…

    Might shut down WoT and join him :D

    (Also I love Yumi Kikuchi, if you know what I mean ;) )

  12. This is privilege of WoT ASIA. And yeah, westerners maybe can’t comprehend this, but coz anime culture here is quite flourishing, this works here.

    Not giving a care with other games, even I only play WoT and Farcry 3. And my votes went to them.

  13. Hey, to each his own.
    Anime, and Girls und Panzer in particular, do not appeal to everybody. It may not work in RU, EU, or NA, but it does in Asia.

  14. I will never understand people’s fascination with saying panzer vor! Like no shit, there’s tanks ahead. Such a stupid saying. They could have chose a lot better way to advertise that.

  15. They’re so desperate to win a meaningless award that it’s pathetic. This is why i voted against them.

    • Why do you play “Stalin’s game”?

      (judging by your nickname you’re a buttblasted wehraboo but oh well, I’m just trying to understand the logic in sinking time in something you hate by a company you hate).

      • Funny thing, my uncle has fought against the Nazis in Italy, and my grandpa against the Commies in Finland.

        I don’t give a **** about the ”GLARIOUZWONDEBARPANZERVORPANZER”

        Nazis sucks, Stalinists sucks, paedos und panzer sucks.

  16. I like the show, and I’m okay with some GuP stuff in WoT, but the ads and stuff they’re using it for are just kinda… “meh” at best. And this one falls more into “no”. Just get me some optional emblems and camo patterns and call it a day, okay WG?

  17. From now on it is REALLY embarrassing to state “World of Tanks” if asked:
    “What are you playing?”

    It was itchy for anyone 30+ up until now… but this is just plain stupid.