Great European Random #5

Darth Woras strikes again!

Also, guys, if you are interested in this video and have an interesting replay, send it to him to (8.8 an 8.9 -when it comes out – only) :)


28 thoughts on “Great European Random #5

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  2. Argh!!!! GEMA Copyright!!! Dieses Video ist ein deinem Land leider nicht verf├╝gbar! Fickt euch GEMA!

  3. The T69 at the end was because the player disconnected. Gun points directly backward for some reason and you keep going straight on in the direction you were going til you hit something or die when that happens.

    • Interesting to see bottom of screen is cut off so not to see ammo used, not really much to say avarage video of average player nothing special about either.

      • i remember woras said he has different monitor size or something with dimension >.>

    • It’s probably because the game has a “last known target” where your gun used to be pointing. As you continue to move forward, due to the repeating of the last given command, your gun will try to stay on target. This makes your turret turn around. I’ve seen similar where a tank will rotate in place, and have it’s gun constantly trying to point at a specific thing.

    • Even russian players asked WG to fix that bullshit and SerB said it’s technically impossible. How the fuck is that? that just BS. I play since 2011 and first if you got disconnected, your tank blew up instantly. Then they changed (patch 7.0 i think) it to remain in one piece and the tank simply stopped when the player was disconnected. And since patch 8.0 i think, the tank drives head on like a bot.

      One would say : hey i got this new fast SSD! if i get disconnected from WoT il be back in less 30seconds. Oh well fuck that! the tank has already driven all by itself into the enemy guns. Stupid vodka monkey coders!!!

  4. Is 3002M really that good when firing on the move? or has this guy some serious luck and/or great crew?

    • I’m pretty sure it was mostly luck, but the gun is pretty accurate, expecially at those distances.

    • Out of tanks that can’t equip a vertical stabiliser (most tanks tier 7 or lower) the 3002M and Panther have the best on-the-move accuracy (also the A-43 with peashooter ZiS-4). The aiming on the 3002M is identical to a T-44 with LB-1 and no stabiliser, except its turret and hull turn/move slower, giving the impression of better aiming.

  5. I don’t get why m4 replay in beggining is here and interesting part starts at 3:45.
    It would be better to make videos less often and wait for better material.

    • You’re kinda right, though I did like the western montage starting at 1:55, and the KV-2 dance moment was pretty good too.

  6. The m4 part was a bit long , but the video is good. If i wouldnt be a lazy bum i’d send woras some cool moments, but lots of them are previous versions :(

  7. Extreme case of bad vide editing skills and lucky gameplay against noobs. Nothing really exceptional. Good for noobs. End of story.