New Japanese tank models


Some new Japanese models. In case you are interested: currently, the modelling work progress reached tier 7. Additional historical info is being collected on tier 8-10 tanks, it looks like tier 10′s mantlet will be mostly immune to HEAT, it has a very interesting armor composition.

Type 1 Chi-He – tier 4 medium



Type 97 Chi-Ha – tier 3 medium



34 thoughts on “New Japanese tank models

  1. Shame there’s nothing majorly new (already seen the “chinese”chi-ha) was hoping to see the tier 6-8 as they are the least known to me.

    Anyways keep it up cant wait for the Japanese tanks.

      • IDK, they’re sorta cute in their often dreadfully misguided creativity and haphazard working around all kinds of limitations. Gives them a bit more personality than the later stuff which all tends to look vaguely similar due to the efficient fundamentals having been worked out and streamlined.

  2. Well, it seems like the tier 4 medium has a beefier gun than the tier 3… which is actually somewhat surprising, because the Japanese Type 1 47mm gun [assuming it has similar stats as the Chinese incarnation] would have been a fine weapon on a tier 4 medium in of itself.

    …but I’m very happy to see that it might end up getting good firepower.

  3. it looks like tier 10′s mantlet will be mostly immune to HEAT, it has a very interesting armor composition.

    You mean STB-1?

  4. Can’t wait to see the STB-1. One of the things that will keep me playing this game for sure, I wanted a medium with a good turret and depression whilst having a good alpha/DPM and NOT be an autoloader for some time now. I’m a very big fan of the t62a and want something that might be easier to play, oh and camo value also has to be good and being smaller than the t62a, that too is very interesting indeed. Please show us more pics of higher tiers if you can SS, but thanks for what you’ve already done.

  5. After playing high tiers its great to go back and play low tiers… no grind required so just fun :-) and the chinese chi ha owns ;-) so I look forward to the Japanese :-)

  6. From what I understand the japanese tanks will have meh mobillity, meh-to-bad armor, meh-to-high pen and high alpha.

    • Thats correct. Of course, the last tank of the line has to betray it’s predecessors in gameplay. Something similar happened to the english TD line. And the german one.

  7. >Mantlet will be mostly immune to HEAT

    That what you were asking about yesterday, Dai?

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