What’s wrong with Clanstats on Wot-News

Source: Edrard’s wot-news post

Hello everyone,

as a reaction on the question posted on FB, whether there’s something wrong with wot-news, I am translating Edrard’s post from 19.10.2013. So, here’s what Edrard wrote about Wot-news issues:

Lately you might have noticed there are a lot of problems on the website with statistics and calculators (SS: player statistics). This is connected with the fact that Wargaming transferred the data acquiring methods (SS: the way external websites gather data from WG servers) from version 1.0 to version 2.0. And that wouldn’t be a problem, if the transfer was performed in stages – that is if they implemented the new method completely and then cancelled the old one – but, unfortunately, that did not happen. They have told us for months to transfer our services to new methods and we are currently actively working on that – the calculator, some changes in clan statistics were already reworked and new parser for server statistics was developed, but what is even more unfortunate, the new methods are not ready for permanent using, they have a lot of bugs and during peak times, they simply stop working. I’d like to add that the guys from XVM have the same issues. And all would be fine, if the old methods continued to work normally – they work fine, but Wargaming disabled them: not long ago, the clan info part stopped working and they also added limits to the simultaneous number of requests. That led to the current statistics problems, when it is for example impossible to collect server statistics and there are often issues with the services on our website.
The only thing we can do now is wait and hope that the situation will be corrected in the future.

SS: In case you were wondering – yes, this is apparently tied to some of the FTR crashes. Let’s hope Wargaming pulls its stuff together.

12 thoughts on “What’s wrong with Clanstats on Wot-News

  1. Ah, I’ve noticed that XVM sometimes didn’t show some or any stats and wondered what was it because of…

  2. > They have told us for months to transfer our services to new methods

    If they had a V2 API specification out already and they’ve been repeatedly warning you about being ready for the API rollout I don’t see how it’s WG’s problem that you delayed the implementation of it. In any event, I believe the V2 API was already working in parallel with the old one, as WOT Assistant for Android has been using it since August

    This is not a WG problem no matter the implications the article makes. Noobmeter and WotLabs work fine to my knowledge because they didn’t delay implementation of V2 API until it was too late. XVM is another thing since the XVM server guys have not displayed a good track so far. We’re still stuck with WN6 and WN7 is nowhere near being implemented, nevermind the new WN8.

    So yeah, when an API provider tells you that sometime in the future the older version of the API will be discontinued, you’d better switch over the the new version ASAP.

  3. Yes, NoobMeter.com works fine for some reason.

    But it takes a lot of time to keep these statistics sites running so it is understandable that not every site can implement everything in time.

    • It shouldn’t take 3 months to update them. JSON is easy to parse and it should take less than 3 hours of work for a script (PHP for example) to be adapted to the new JSON format. In most cases, you just have to change some names in the code, not even revamp the logic.