29 thoughts on “WoT: Generals leaked video

  1. They will probably get some ultra unique cards for leaking vids so more people can know about game! Praise RUalpha testers!

    • No, not RU alpha testers this time, this video is leaked from the Chinese test server (I recognized the Chinese characters “新手训练营” (“Guide for new players”), and 17173.com (topright corner) is a Chinese site that features news about all kinds of games.

      Presumably they won’t be banned, as the webpage that contains this video is more like a piece of news than leaked info.

      PS: Chinese supertesters usually don’t get rewards. Actually most of them bought 40,000 gold in order to become supertesters (everything has a price here in China)

  2. Yeah, too bad htere is a NDA for WoTG.
    Cause as an Alpha tester I could’ve provided additional material.

      • I applied very early and was immediately accepted.
        One match is about 5 mins if you and opponent are very active (lot of people have the game running in background so you might have to wait a bit).
        There is a total time of 15 mins for each player and it counts down whenever it’s your turn. If your timer is down you loose.
        You can place tanks and arty, arty can shoot your “base card” and other tanks, tanks can only shoot tanks that are next to them.
        Some tanks give you +1 or +2 fuel (or oil) which represents your action points (every card placed costs action points).
        The better the card the more action points you need (e.g. there is a card that does 5 damage to enemy base and costs 9 action points, while other card only does 1 damage to tank and costs 0 action points).
        Some cards give your base protection. They are placed next to the board and get attacked first (like +5 defense for base enemy has to destroy this first then the base).
        If you are out of action points you may move some cards forward to attack enemy or attack enemy base directly with your own base which acts similar to arty.
        Each faction (Germany, USA, USSR) has different bases: e.g. Germany has high damage.
        If base is defeated you loose. You can only place cards next to your base (3 spots) if enemy will block these spots with his cards you can not place new cards and will most likely loose.
        After every match you get XP, free XP and credits. You can research new cards similar to the wot tech tree or buy new cards to add to your deck. But keep in mind to add low cards and cards that give you fuel too or otherwise you won’t have a chance to play your high cards. USA cards give a lot of fuel so you have a lot of actions.
        Some cards give you health others steal enemy health or damage enemy units. Some increase your base attack.
        Entire game is based on HTML5 so you should play it on every device and browser (PC, MAC, iOS, Android, …). Sometimes (in tech tree) it is a bit laggy because a lot of images must be rendered.
        Oh and all card titles are in their respective language so German cards are in German (e.g. Trainingslager instead of training camp) or Russian names. Will probably apply to other factions that may come later (Chinese) too.
        Currently there is tanks that are premium tanks in wot (S35, T-15, BT-SV) but you can buy them for much credits. Maybe they will be for gold in final game.
        You can also get medals and you can see some statistics like wins, losses…
        I can’t think of more now maybe add more if I remember. :)