34 thoughts on “New Ranzar video

    • Anyone knows of a good proxy server through which i can watch these embedded videos. Youtube is banned in my country (joys of living in the third world)… I tried some proxy servers, but none load the embedded videos on FTR or WOT website.


      P.s’ I don’t want to use Hotspot shield (which did work) as it has become a real spyware since last few updates.

  1. ….i want to say RUSSIAN BIAS but i remember that American tank commando trio videos… which arguably quite cool.

  2. IS-7 is doing nothing? Is it that bad in the game?
    AMX50B with gendarme’s kepi is awesome.

  3. Really good one. Thought there would be a Foch 155 or FV215 183 waiting on top of the hill for a while though. Blam!!!

  4. Cats are scary. Now that I have learned the ways of the T-50-2 vs 3 tier 10 heavies, I can rule the world! Oh, the T-50-2 was removed. WHY WG WHY?