Type 5 Chi-Ri – tier 7

Source: http://world-of-ru.livejournal.com/2756108.html

Tier 7 Japanese medium tank, it will have basically an equivalent of the 75mm L/70 with three round autoloader, it will be as big as the ARL-44 roughly, it will go 45km/h and will have thin armor.


148 thoughts on “Type 5 Chi-Ri – tier 7

  1. HAhahhaaa, this is perfect, not enough mobility to properly flank and uses a watergun.
    And I though the M10 would make the worst tier 7 med, might have a competitor with this…monstrocity.

      • Its perfect, 62%wr here :P combo of large HP pool with laser acc lets you both snipe and brawl. Max tier 8 matchmaking lets you passive scout with binocs quite well despite the not so good cammo factor. Its alot better than the T-43 if you ask me.

        • I think m10 is better than regular panther or 3002db. Much better mobility, especially turret traverse, better rof and limited mm. Currently it’s best German tier 7 med

        • I’ve seen a top member of -G- say the p m10 is a pretty good tank. But I can see why it gets a bad rep. 75mm takes some skill to make workable at tier 7 and it lacks camo and view range which in general cripples it as a medium.

          • Its the subarashii ROF that makes the M10..

            Being able to quickly flank & pummel 3 shots (BIA, rammer, vents, choc) into a tier V-VII FTW Xx

          • I’ve been able to work around the camo and view range limitations. The thing that always annoyed me was the Alpha and DPM, which is GREAT on the tier 5 StuG III and adequate on the tier 6 Germans, but by tier 7, 135 damage per shot starts to get a bit anemic.

  2. Damn, everything is now having autoloaders. It’s going to be more and more imbalanced vs normal tanks.

      • japanese tanks generally have good front turret armor (above average for medium tanks). And good gun ( above average for medium tanks). What they lack is speed and accelaration (do to weak engine). And are basically huge boxed on tracks. In conclusion they will be generally good snipers do to good guns and good front turret armor.

  3. Did it have autoloader IRL? Hope that this gun is better than L/70, otherwise this tank is shit.

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        • Just so you know, the “meme” predates the whole Touhou thing. It started off as a 2ch catchphrase, based on the lines from an eromanga. Replace “easymodo” with “doutei”, and you have the original phrase.

  4. If it’s 135 damage then it’s 405 damage/burst with only 150 pen. That doesn’t sound very convincing at all at tier 7 o____o

    • 150 penetration is okay for t7 med, Comet has 148 and T-43 has 144. And probably it will have quite fast drum reloading, just to be able to annoy those heavies every 20 secs or something. What bothers me though is its size. If gun deprecation and mantlet armour are shit, then it would be pretty hard to keep this plywood beast alive.

        • Oh, fine then. Maybe it will not be as good as T20 and T-34-1, but a tolerable machine nevertheless.

        • Hull down sniper .. As long as it has non awful mobility to go with that 45 kmph it will be good . The bar for tier 7 meds is pretty low .

        • Huh, I thought it wouldn’t have the full 10 degrees, because of the autoloader. With that gun depression, the gameplay should be really similar to the AMX M4.

          • “I thought it wouldn’t have the full 10 degrees, because of the autoloader”

            It doesn’t have a large mechanism that hugs the gun breech like a French or American autoloader, it’s been described to me as a belt of 3 round cartridges being fed from the rear of the turret(Thus it’s size in the rear). It wouldn’t be TOO obstructive in the upper turret

            • Sounds more like some kind of tray or hopper, likely to the side of the breech. Shouldn’t much get in the way of depression, all the more so given how roomy the turret seems to be in the relevant dimensions.

              BTW comparisions to the Murricans and Frenchies are nonsensical as the oscillating turret design renders the size of the gun and its accessories irrelevant.

    • That’s actually decent…
      You can fire those rounds in the same time a tier7 heavy can fire one, then retreat, and reload I presume fast enough to catch the heavy off guard when it finally reaches you and realizes you already reloaded.

  5. I just hope it fires its burst really quick, otherwise Panther will kind of laugh at it…

      • So you’re saying it fires all 3 shots and fully reloads in a 10 second period? Also are the stats your posting confirmed whats on the super test server right now or just your speculation?

      • That’s pretty dam excellent, especially considering its burst. Comet has ~2150 DPM, for comparison. But yeah, a huge cardboard box needs firepower to compete.

      • Too high. The thing with autoloaders is that they (should) have low dpm to make up for burst damage.

        I can see the reload being lowish for an autoloader, dur to only having 3 shells, but I think 18 is pushing it too far.

        Panther with l/70 gets 13 rpm you want to increase that by ~40%?
        If the gun is similar, then have overall rpm about the same, and let the burst damage do the rest.

          • Depends on how shitty the platform is (it’s huge and has no armour, which isn’t a good start), and what the aim time/accuracy/dispersion characteristics are like.

        • Depends, if that drum has like 6 rounds, yes, then it should have lower dpm.

          But 3 rounds drum is a little weak for me… and I bet that this thing will be slower than other medium of the tier.

          I would prefer it to have same gun as T71 though.

  6. Well if the general theme for the Japanese is good gun depression, good turret armor with paper hull armor and guns like the Germans, then that’s fine by me. Gun depression always make rage at times…

    • Basically they’re like American tanks but with even worse hull armor and better guns on par with the those of the Germans.

  7. Unlike the ARL I guess this machine will have awesome turret armor specially with that mantlet, not much is gonna go trough that one.

    And considering it’s Japanese it probably will be extremely mobile.

  8. Have there been any official WG statements yet regarding the status of the Asian servers?

    The current rumour is that WG is planning on merging the Vietnam, China and Korean WoT servers into the ASIA server, so that they only need to maintain 4 large servers (RU, EU, NA, ASIA).

    They’ve already created a Vietnam section in the forums:


    …and according to the Viets over there, they’ve been informed by the Vietnamese server admins that they’re expecting a transfer sometime after 2 months, likely around January.

    The ASIA server presently has official portal support for English, Thai, Traditional Chinese and Japanese, and maintains offices in Singapore, Taipei (Taiwan ROC) and Tokyo (Japan). Playerbases officially supported by the server include Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan. There are also small populations of players from Mongolia and India, however they don’t form sizable numbers.

    The Vietnam server, whilst run by a third-party company (non-WG), it has comparatively fewer players. It would make more sense for them to be merged into SEA.

    • The Chinese server has to be run by a separate company or something, due to Chinese law. I doubt they could merge it with the ASIA server.

      • So is the Vietnamese server, which is run by a company called Intecom. I’m guessing WG’s somehow gotten around the legal barriers in Vietnam, given what the Vietnamese players have said about moving house.

  9. It’ll need huge mobility and great engine power to compensate for it’s top speed disadvantage and non-existent hull-armour.

    Also, the gun won’t be a feared one because of it’s low burst damage(375).

    • Yeah thats a shame and KV1S has +400 alpha on tier6 and this is tier7 with less alpha and I guess that the reloadtime will be longer (“reload between shots + full clip reload”) than KV1S, so if that is right it would be ridiculously stupid!

      • The IS-3 has the same alpha as KV-1S and you say it’s sad that a t7 medium has less? There are a couple of different types of t7 mediums. Some get weaker alpha / pen guns with good DPM and others get better punching 90mm guns with low DPM. This tank doesn’t look that bad and might even be one of the stronger ones. The big question is how long the inter-drum reload of the clip is and if the mantlet will perform. But in general, don’t expect much out of a tier 7 medium as they are universally quite bad.

      • Yes we know KV-1S OP :P
        It has more alpha than all but one tier 8 heavy tank.
        Except the 110 and KV-4′s 122mm gun, but those are bad guns for stock grinds.

        • Nope just comparing a Heavy Gun with an Autoloader Gun, Autoloader means brust Dmg of high amount of Dmg in short time but in this time its not the case cause the overall clip dmg is lower than a gun on tier6 and that on tier7, thats the problem here!

  10. Is that a hull mounted 2nd gun or do my eyes decieve me?

    Also do to small calibre reload between shells could be extremlly short, <1s imho…

    Cant wait for these tanks, will bring new flawour to the game.

      • Yes. Another gun in hull (another 75mm i guess). That gotta hurt because that mean this vehicle need 2 gunner. Need new one after tier 6, and i think tier 8 beyond don’t need him anymore… Useless guy again..

  11. Type 5 chi-ri original engine was 850hp. It’s great engine power and mobility potential.

  12. damn :D
    today ı was thinking what will happen if we put a auto-loader l/70 to a t7 tank

  13. damn, sounds like exactly the kind of “shit” tank that i love playing so much :D oh boy i so wanted some autoloader with only few shots in mag but uber reload speed… cant wait. The penetration is kinda fine for t7 med, still it will be better to just go all premium. Now lets hope it gets like 1.25 sec between shots and 9 seconds complete reload with aimtime of 1.5-1.9 and accuracy of 0.35 or better :D would be besterest stronkest tenk evur

  14. Okay, Japanese get the Asian Panther then.

    However that has to be quite agile and autoloader + good accuracy means excellent sniper.

    • Asian Panther vs Asian T-34….. An epic battle lol. Anyway, this is just a gun. Asian L/70 is correct one

  15. Dagensui, where do you know all theese stats from? You some sort of super-secret supertester?

  16. Great, a fucking autloader again. I dont see the need with these fucking idiot proof autloaders, that can stand still for x amount of seconds just clipping. This is a idiot proof way for a noob to make more damage in less time than a same tier TD. In tired of all derping autloaders totally running in the open, make 1000-1500 damage and then die. Still thats easy damage compared to tanks that has to shoot for 200 damage and reload for 7 seconds, etc.

    The amount of autloaders is really a joke in wot.

    • Are you still vapidly raging out of your derriere with big 0 actual experience with autoloaders, Tea-ass?
      And we should consider your argument, such as it is, to have any merit because of why exactly?

    • A 3 round clip that does probably no more than 150 damage a shot isn’t an idiot proof 1 clip machine (especially when its going to have like 150 pen). When is the last time an AMX 12t one cliped you or totally destroyed you? This gun is basically the 12t’s/13 75′s gun (which is already considered to be horrible at T7 since the T71′s gun is a billion times better). Basically this is going to be a big huge tank with a very low pen autoloader that has to flank you to be worthwhile. If you let this ARL44 sized 45kmph tank flank you and let it hit you with 4-5 FULL clips then you deserve to be killed by it because you are pretty terrible.

      • Well….150 damage x3 = 450, which is pretty darn good considering the other mediums and heavys does like 200-300 in tier 7. What does this mean? Well, it means that the tank can take one hit and lose 300 damage and then make 450 average damage just standing still. This is freaking tier 8 TD damage for fuck sake. Sure 150mm pen isnt much, but since its a medium tank it will possible shoot the sides and rear. Or load guld ammo to pen fronts.

        Its not about 1 clipping, its about letting noobs make easy damage, where in normal cases the played would have to back off behind cover or circle the tank, or do other stuff while reloading. The scenario is simple. I drive a ferdie for example, put 1 shot and take of 500 damage from one tank. Then i back off and reload for 10 seconds, during that time, some motherfucker can just stand infront of me, or even chase me and putting 4 shots into me during that 10 seconds, making more than 1000+ damage. This is the problem. Add some gold ammo to that ang get 250+mm penentration and you have TD like damage and tier 8-9 TD-like penentration.

        How the fuck is that sane at all? Or we can take another example, at tier 7 I drive my cute little JP. I take 1 shot, make 320 damage and reload for 7 seconds or so. During that time, some japanese slate eye autloader can stand infront of me and make 450+ damage during my reload time, where in normal cases a medium tank would probably make 200-250 damage and then have to back off or circle me, or track me, etc during his reload time, or be sane enough to not fuck with me from the first place.

        Now with autloaders, this doesnt matter, any noob can stand infront of one tank and make enough damage and die, to make it go even.

        This problem with autloaders start in lower tiers, and look what we got today in tier 9-10 in terms of autloaders? I do admit it takes skill to use these tanks effective, but in the same way they provide a idiot prof way to clipping and do more damage then they make during that time. And this is according to me wrong, since they are not TDs and should NOT make that amout of damage in the first place. Not even autoloader TDs should make that amount of damage, and im thinking about foch 155 and WT e100 also.

        So yes, this is 450 damage idiot proof in my book.

        • Idiots don’t tend to do too well in autoloaders you know. Usually perish early and uselessly from what I’ve seen.

          Also? Don’t duel ‘loaders*, that’s their strongest suit ferchrissakes.

          *fair game if they’re already damaged, reloading or w/e ofc

          • Duel autloaders? Well, thats the problem, you dont have to brawl, they can just run after you, take one shot and make more damage to you while you reloading. I rarely try to engage autloaders, how ever they are pretty fond of hunting me in my ferdie, because they know that can survive a shot of 500, and make twice the damage to me while im reloading. Or if I some how beeing tracked, they can keep on tracking me fast as hell making damage to me. While in regular cases that 7-10 sec reload I couild have repaired and tried to run away/take cover. There are many problems with autloaders, sopecially since they use gold ammo and beeing used as TDs (due to the 8.6 accuracy buffs).

            • Solitary turretless TDs are fair game for *anything* mobile that has the HP pool left to take a hit in the chin without dying you know, given the near helplessness of most against side-hugging. (The exception being the few agile ones, and those have a hard time too.)
              PROTIP: don’t go alone.
              And as for your Ferdi… you mean the one in which you have 2,345 out of your total 6,868 matches as of this writing…?

              Anyways, this thing sure as fuck ain’t gonna be like the French and Murrican ‘loaders. Not with those dimensions and specs. More like a flimsier, slower Panther with something of an “on-off” damage curve – short bursts separated by presumably fairly modest refill periods.

            • Well, I took an example, the situation can be said about heavy tanks as well, making less damage and have even slower reload. Autloaders are threat for heavy tanks as well, despite them having more HP. Dont go alone you say? Well, some times you must go alone regardles of tank type because of the current absurd situation, with all botters/idlers, campers, etc. I mean even in close cuarter battles, where autloaders chase you after you have backed off, they are a bigh threat, compared to other tanks which would never chase you, due to them have roughly the ssame reload time as you. This means, you can survivie backing off and hopefully get some backup.

              Anyways, 150 damage in 3 shots is damn good really, even if it means it has bad pen 150mm, which can be compensated with gold ammo (since most autloaders use gold ammo). I think a better gun would be a single loaded, 200-250 damage, 165-180mm pen gun. This prevents the use of gold ammo, along with a good rof. Now this tank would still be deadly, but in the same time allow you to back off while reloading, and trading some shots. Or allow the medium to actually track and flank you. Sure, harder to make the same amount of damage as the autloader, but less noob friendly.

            • A turret gives you a lot more flexibility to fight back you know; it baffles me this even needs to be pointed out, as obviously it immunises the vehicle to the Side Hug of Doom all TD drivers know and love.
              Meds also tend not out-DPM heavies of the same tier, duh.
              A sufficiently nimble lighter tank can still for example “Circle Kill” a cumbersome heavy, but this depends enormously on the specific circumstances and how well the combatants know their respective businesses so w/e.

              The exact reasons you’re alone when a marauding autoloader finds you are completely irrelevant. What matters is that you’re alone and hence vulnerable; it’s not like a pair of tanks would be any less lethal anyway. Stop making excuses; going solo is ALWAYS a calculated risk, and the idiocy of random pubbie tomato gardens has fuck-all to do with tank balance.

              Your pathological hatred of autoloaders and gold ammo are irrelevant and purely your personal problem, except inasmuch you keep bothering the rest of us with your hang-ups. They’re here and will not go away no matter how offensive you find it that your precious Ferdi is vulnerable as fuck. Deal with it like a sensible adult or uninstall game.

  17. I think I’m gonna have to kill myself if I can’t get the KV-13, T-34-1, and Comet before this thing comes out. There’s just too many tier 7s I still need to get!

    • Well, start training crew skill so your dumb ass might be competitive for once, instead of having 100 tanks, all with bad crews.

          • “start training crew skill so your dumb ass might be competitive for once, instead of having 100 tanks, all with bad crews.”

            I kinda looked at your stats. Seems like you don’t do too hotly in tanks in which you don’t have bajillion games ergo highly experienced crews…
            Please do not arbitrarily assume this is also true for everybody else; you’re also not exactly one to talk.

            • But its the single objcetive truth. If you play many tanks but have few hours in them, you dont have sufficient crew skills. By that said, you can still perform good in them. But thats not the point here. The point here is that there are far too many idiots playing many tanks yet barely have 100% crews in them or even 2-3 crew skills, with important skills like repair, or perk BIA, or other stuff that makes you competitive.

              You will be amazed how many 10000 games players there are out there still playing on 75% crews, and yet have the guts to complain about OP/UP tanks. Or other players “cheating” just because they use game mechaniocs or have crews making them do stuff others cant.

            • The level of idiocy present in the playerbase long ago ceased to amaze me. Mostly it’s just somewhat depressing and often frustrating.

              Anyway, the point was that highly experienced crew is merely a bonus; it is not particularly vital for being “competitive” if you know what you’re doing.
              And to be quite blunt about it, you’re not exactly qualified to cop an attitude on the topic.

            • Yeah, I’m inclined to go with you Kello on this one. Once the crew hits 100% there’s not much of a performance increase as far as I can tell.

              And as for the uncalled for insults you decided to hurl at me: Fuck you, enjoy your day troll. :D

  18. “A turret gives you a lot more flexibility to fight back you know; it baffles me this even needs to be pointed out, as obviously it immunises the vehicle to the Side Hug of Doom all TD drivers know and love”

    Well, I do have problem with autloaders, not because I get killed by them often, but the whole concept is retarded. Same with gold ammo, I cant say im a particular victim of gold ammo due to everyone knowing weakspots on ferdie, how ever some tanks that rely on armor getting totally raped due to gold ammo and that is wrong. Specially when the tank that is raping them is not a TD, or even a tank that suppose to have that penentration values from the frist beginning (AP ammo).

    WG understand the issue about gold ammo, thats why pen got nerfed, which is a start. Autloaders, I dont know, t57 got nerfed which is a beginning. Sure its my personal opinions, but everything is in here. We can only discuss, nothing more.

    I dont hate autloaders, I only arguing that the concept is in deed pretty retarded and ruins some aspect of the game balance. Just like 6-7+ TDs on every side ruins the game balance from time to time, as well as a team full with heavys, or mediums, etc.

    • Now you’re just contradicting yourself. More to the point, they won’t be going anywhere entirely irrespective of whatever you say or think. Learn to live with them or GTFO.

      On another note, I would strongly recommend getting some firsthand experience with ‘loaders. It teaches you quite a bit of their specific dynamics and hence what you can expect of enemy ones. In particular it teaches you what kinds of moves by the enemy are frustrating or even dangerous to them which has obvious utility.

  19. If the auto loading is as fast as the 59-16, then my gawd let the pew pew pewing begin…