New 8.9 hangars


New hangars, available in 8.9. You can download them and copy them over your regular hangar files.

Warning – this post is VERY picture heavy

Hangar for November 8






Hangar for November 11 (Armistice day)







Hangar for November 28 (what is it celebrating?)







Halloween Hangar for 2013







New Year hangar







116 thoughts on “New 8.9 hangars

      • Remembrance Day is the same as Armistice day in the UK, November 11th with Remembrance Sunday being the nearest Sunday.

        • I would also mention the fact that the 11th of November is Polish National Independence Day.

      • Or as we call it in the US, Veteran’s Day (the reason for that is that when WW1 ended, which is what Remembrance Day commemorated, we already had Memorial Day – commemorating the Battle of Gettysburg – to honor the dead, so we created Veterans Day to honor the survivors).

        • That would explain why the tank is sitting in a field full of red poppies(they are worn on Veteran’s day, for people who don’t have the holiday).

      • Not many Canadian on here it seems. The Nov. 8 background is in lieu of the famous (to us anyway) poem “In Flanders fields” by John McCrae. The poem mentions poppies, which is also what we wear in recognition to all I those who have served.

        • Heh…I was never taught/told anything about an exact date with that poem, just that we recite it in Remembrance Days.

      • stalinophil as they are, i think they will celebrate this on Nov 8:

        Nov 8 -1917 – The People’s Commissars give authority to Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, and Joseph Stalin.

        • And what, exactly, would fields of flowers have to do with that? Come on, use some logic instead of trying to invent things to go “Hey look everybody, these guys love Stalin!”.

  1. Halloween is nice, its shows how good wot would look in night time battles in some burning village – all those shadows and fire lights…

  2. The Remembrance Day/Armistice Day hanger is beautiful. I want a mod to make that permanent. Please someone tell me how to make that permanent.

    • Because you can do it anyway just by changing the folders. There are topics about changing it on the forums if you want to keep them for longer.

  3. can someone post a download link to the first hangar? for some reason that link doesn’t seem to work for me :/

  4. Soo if I download them I can keep them forever? or will it like reset as anymod does once a new update is out? I’d like the first or maybe farmhouse one though..instead of that raggedy depressing garage.

  5. 1º: What is going to be celebrated in 8 November?

    2º: Halloween and New Year hangar looks the same was the year before

  6. for all who want some cool Hangars:

    1. Use Google (Yahoo/Bing/ any other searchengine, what nobody use) and search for: “wot hangars”; there are many sites, for example but be carefull and use an
    anti-virus program
    2. Use Youtube and search for: wot hangar tutorial (in your Language)
    3. If it don´t work, look at forums

  7. That first one just makes me think “Wizard of Oz”.

    “Poppies….Poppies will make them sleep…”

  8. This clearly shows that WG spends more time on making pretty hangars then on improving the game.

  9. I hope there will be mods to remove them … They are usually amazingly resources consuming and full of bugs …

  10. Man, the Nov 8th is gorgeous. Definitely gonna have to change to that one.

    To anyone asking: yes, it’s “permanent”, as long as the hanger you’re overriding (all of these override both normal and premium I believe) would normally be displayed.

    Special event hangers take priority, e.g. if they have the New Years one set to display then it’ll come up instead of the basic/premium hanger or whatever you’re overriding them with.
    You can of course override event hangers with other event hangers too, but I don’t know the folder paths for each specifically.

    The red that’s showing up is probably missing/incomplete lighting information and/or textures for environment mapping…they’re meant to be used in 8.9, after all. Give it a couple days, if you’re still on an 8.8 server.

  11. I think I liked last year’s Halloween hanger better. Otherwise I like them. The poppy field was a nice touch.

  12. Just wondering what will happen with the Halloween Garage if we (NA) don’t get the 8.9 patch before then? Based on previous releases, we probably won’t see it until next week :(

  13. Hello guys, I would like to try this garage mod but I do not know in which folders I have place the files.


  14. And again i’ve got a feeling that all the WG resources recently are put to make new hangars. Seriously WG? Bugs not fixed, lags etc. still there. But hey! We’ve got 4 new hangars. YEY!

    PS I would love to see map in game like that first hangar.

  15. 28th November is a Toast Day in France, isn’t it ? That will be a rough day, specials in WoT and so many toasts … even when I am not French :D

  16. really cool hangers. we all really appreciate all the time and effort you put into your blog

  17. Love the poppy field one. No flags, no special decorations, no nothing, just a pretty field of poppies.
    It’s like the crew decided to take a break here and enjoy the surroundings :D

  18. On Hangar for November 11 (Armistice day) there is a soldier guarding in the background. Would be so nice if WG would drop the PEGI 13 rating and introduce tankers in game. All those arties who are operated by ghost are creppy.

  19. Hmm.. i always get suspicious when it comes to russian download sites and with McAfee and Firefox flashing red with warnings I’m hesitant to use any of theses garage mods. =(
    I’d really like the November 8 and New Year hangar and the Halloween could have been nice if it wasn’t for all the flags. =)

  20. Please someone tell me how to install the Nov. 8 hangar step by step. I tried a lot of methods which I found on forums but none of them worked. Please help! Ty!