Japanese tanks – gun depression

Source: Daigensui

From above: Chi-He (-15), Ho-I (57mm SPG on Chi-He chassis, -15), Chi-To (production variant, -10), Chi-Ri (-10)

As you can see, depression won’t be a Japanese weakspot :)


65 thoughts on “Japanese tanks – gun depression

      • i think ive read sth about them having occasionally strong mantlets, but tiny ones.

        So what is the good thing jap tanks have? because the also neither look small and well to hide.

        • they have above average front turrets armor for mid tier medium tanks. Example 5tier premium jap tank will have 75turret armor and more than 100 aditional mantlet armor. Other than that, there is practically zero armor.

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      • For the mediums you mean. We were promised that the heavy line will have Maus like moving bunkers….

          • Yeah, the Japanese have a superheavy tank called the I/O, or was it the O/I idk, it was the japanese verison of the maus. It was rumored to have been built and sent to manchuria. Apparently it has four turrets.

  1. This is nice and all for the low tiers but…. what about the tier X medium? Will it share the same awesome gun depression (even without the system it had in real life used in WoT?)

  2. you mean Gunuuh Depuhresarruuu
    Anyway, it seem really good, but with no armour, I guess we’ll have to wait and see

    • There are more things to comfort than depression. ;-)

      Looks like they are all Centurion-esque in the middle tiers: good depression & manoeuverability, big weak hulls and mediocre top speeds, and instead of uber pen, higher DPM or burst(?).

  3. still a very nice trait if its shared by a majority of the techtree, good gun depression allows for less exposure to shoot down hill or over a crest. only did a few rounds in the Tier 5 premium on test, while not the most mobile it has a competative gun ;)

    • If you include the tier V Prem in this list, it actually has the lowest gun depression, with -7.5 deg. From what I know, that is a pretty average number

  4. I brought my sword and sheath to wear for when these Japanese beauties are released.

    They will certainly be the “honorbru” tanks of World of Tanks.

  5. Makes me wonder if the guns will be more prone to damage due to the recoil absorbers being on the outside…