Shells flying thru tanks bug fixed


Storm writes that the developers have uncovered and fixed a very nasty (subtle and hidden) bug, causing shells to fly through a tank on some occasions.

Unfortunately, this fix didn’t make it to 0.8.9, Storm writes it will be fixed either by a server minipatch, or in the next client patch.

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    • I have seen them before, but I don’t remember seeing one while playing with my tank, possible that I counted it as a miss.

      • I see this issue every now and then, but i understood it as a problem caused by my laggy connection (i play at 250+ ms ping). So lag+lost packets can possibly cause shells to seemingly go through tanks. Anyway, I have just taken it as one of the oddities in this game among others (like bouncing BL10 shells on scouts and non-existant armour tanks).

    • Oh God, just remembered the endless fights on forum about those stupid ghost shells…some people can’t go out of denial.

      • Some people just said there were waaay more ghostshells then there really are, there have been a few proven ones on the forum, but IMO there’s so little of them that its not even important.

        • Of course it’s important! Or do you like your she’ll going through your opponent, hitting the dirt behind them and the system never recognizing the hit? Its happened to me a handful of times recently.

          • Can’t even remember the last time it happened to *me*.
            Also DAT IRONY with the nick…

            • I’ve only ever had it happen to myself once, that I can think of. And I consider myself a fairly avid player of this game. So, in my experience, it’s damn rare. So, at least the fix will stop all possibility.

      • I had them once. Two shots went through the tank and hit the hill directly behind him . Between my shots an ally hit the tank and did damage, so no lag (green lag marker). The enemy wasn’t even moving because he was tracked.
        Sent it to support a few weeks ago, they forwarded it to the developers. Happy this will be fixed now.

      • I had it some time ago. I was shooting top of KV5 with my KV5 (all of the turret top was in my aiming cirlce) and shots went through it and exploded under and behind it. I have replay of it somewhere but i’m not sure if it’s 8.8 or 8.7.

      • Same as with people that still believe MM isn’t adjusting depending on player’s progress, even when devs said it does that…

        • Pretty sure the devs never actually said that. You need to link to it if they did, because it definitely doesn’t in my experience.

          • It doesn’t all the MM does (as stated by the devs) is give you a 2-3 game grace period when you FIRST buy a BRAND NEW tank. For the first 2-3 games you wont be bottom tier (but you can still be T7 in a T8 game just not a T9 game) but again its like 2-3 games so it realistically does nothing.

            What it does NOT do. Adjust based on what your tank has on. People would game the hell out of that by purposely using stock turrets and guns to get lower tier matches. Adjust based on what is unlocked. The grace period is just a couple games as confirmed by devs (was probably SerB). Adjust based on player skill.

      • I KNEW IT!~ I thought I was getting paranoid when sometimes I had a fully aimed in shot and absolutely nothing happens as if I missed.

    • It’s not ghost shells, it’s the bug where your she’ll goes right through and impacts the ground at the other side.

      Ghost shells simply disappear as if never fired. Though the replays I have seen were easily explained by client-server desynchronisation. Sometimes the server thinks your gun is pointing in a different direction to your client.

      • nope, I shot at the top of an AMX 50 100 just yesterday with my SU-152, and the shot just passed straight through, He then went on to get Top Gun :/

  1. Ghost shells definitely exist. I once shot at a Tiger and hit a T50 that was hiding behind it. No part of the T50 was showing.
    Also a bunch of ghost shells, but I guess only about 1% of shells had this effect. Sadly it had a habit of appearing in critical situations (me and enemy are 10m apart and both at 2% health).

    • I’ve seen a few, but mostly arty shells that manage to “go over the top” of a rather large tank and then land inches from it on the other side.

      • I’ve seen a few from arty where the round appears to go through and land UNDER the tank, though at times this does more damage (due to weak underside armor) than a direct hit would (hitting thicker armor)

        • My favorite was in a T69, parked next to an IS-6 jammed up against a hillside. For perfectly aimed shots into the flat shoulder plate from about 2 yards away, with four large holes dug into the hillside behind him. I’ve been getting more and more of these shots in the last couple patches, with dead center shots blowing up terrain behind the target.

          I’m sure this is related to the ability for track or damage tanks even though the shot was an obvious miss with the tracer passing 20 yards behind the tank. If there’s a mismatch between where the server thinks the tank is and where it shows up on your screen, we’re going to see all sorts of goofy stuff.

  2. So after years of them saying there were no such things as ghost shells, turns out there are, eh?

  3. “uncovered and fixed a very nasty (subtle and hidden) bug”

    Oh noes, sounds like 0 damage shoots, wonder why no one observed such thing before… wait….

    • this bug isnt about 0 damage hits happend only 4-5 times with me in this patch rare bug but annoying

    • now THIS video shows real “proof“ of “ghost shells“, while it are NOT the shells, but some other (strange) bug (on 8 mins proto vs IS is very good example, you can hear the IS bounce on the proto while the ISU who hugs the IS cant hit him aswell)

      for a lot of shots its simple though, he misses them, and the reason for that is that he shoots to fast, if he would wait a little longer he would hit much more… (but the proto and T95 are really strange, there he aims long enough, and still nothing…)

      • Yup there are a few of true misses, bounces and ricos. But let’s take a look at the others.
        Ok let’s say that they are not GS. But then why the heck do the shells seem to hit their target and a moment later hit the ground on a trajectory which seems to correlate the with the assumed GS trajectory?
        In a normal case, if you shoot too fast the shell misses the target according to both the server process, both the visualisation. Here you can clearly see that several of these shells really seem to hit their target, even after several secs of reload.
        If they are not GS, then something is f*cked up with the visualisation.

  4. omg WG stole my victories, I only suck because of them, if it were not for ghost shells I would be unicum I promise!
    Nothing is ever my fault, I never take responsability for my own actions… oh wait I do but only when I’m successful

    Typical poster

  5. I have had one or 2 and even watched it back in replays just to make sure they definely happen

    • No proof, the commander NOT screaming stuff like: we hit them hard, that one bounced etc doesnt proof its ghostshell + KV5 can easy bounce/absorb a puny 90mm shell (and the KV5 also bounce something when your shell *should* hit, (u can see sparks comming off, can also be some1 else his shell ofc)

      second one is “harder“, its not detrack, gun dmg or turret ring dmg, there IS a fuel tank located there though, and since your shell goes high enough to pass OVER the tracks, u hit the side armor of the tank. WHat probably happened is that you penetrated the side hull, hit the fuel tank, had a horrible low dmg roll and thats it… (if u had better dmg roll u had put the tank on fire, but even that is not not happening)

      also thus bug is about shells flying THROUGH the tank HITTING something else, not about display bugs or the commander not saying anything

      (and you shoot rly fast (without fully zooming), perhaps the shell display is not correct (so the shell goes somewhere else as it shows), it now *seems* your shell flies dead-centre but it is “known“ that tracers are often not good displayed (shells flying through walls etc))

      all in all no solid proof (unlike the other vid above, but that one looks more like proo understanding of mechanis + horrible bad internet + shooting without proper zoom = hitting where u dont aim, server crosshair is ALWAYS behind the displayed crosshair…)

  6. Hi guys, just a question.. It’s completely out of topic though, I don’t have access to the test server and I have slow Internet speed so browsing Google will take me ages… I want to ask about the Tier 9 T-54 branching to T-62A and Obj. 140.. Is the connection still there or is it cut already?

  7. Yes shost shells exist, almost every game I get one shell that goes thru the tank despite the shell is flying to the middle of the crosshair, and no, it didnt hit the ground because I dont aim that low, just to prevent this scenario. And no, I know how to aim, since I have really good hit ratio on my TDs.

    I dont know what cause the problem though, because it seem to get worse after 8.7 patch. I have telia and around 30-45 in ping. This bullshit problem even happen in close range from time to time, and that is annoying since I have to wait fucking 10 seconds to reload due to a glitch.

  8. at least they found it and it will be fix in the “near” future. think i had one during the weekend, i was 20-50 meters from KV-3 in my Ferdinand i fired and wath the shell impact on the hill directly behind the tank.
    the second shot aimed at the same place connected and worked as intended ;)

    sadly i have erased all my replays to free up some space on my HDD ;( 2500 ish replays tend to take up a lot of space ;)

    • Do you realize this is a problem with the code? And they refer to it as “subtle and hidden” IN THE CODE?

    • No bug, that part of the tank has (probably) no hitbox… or is spaced armor, with nothing behind it…
      (so its 100% legit shot and NOT a bug…)

      • Checked with Tank Viewer, the stowage bins aren’t hitboxes at all. So yes, in practical terms the shot goes through thin air in the nook between the gun assembly and the hull.

  9. Happened to me yesterday. I shrugged my shoulder and cocluded that it missed, although the first thought in my head when it happend was ‘it went stright through wth ?’

    • Yeah, I’ve had a couple suspect shots in the last couple weeks and just concluded, as you did, I must have failed somehow of a packet got lost somewhere. Ignorance in bliss.

  10. Cool! I heard people ranting about it the past little bit..Yesterday it happened to me twice! I know a hit when i see it ( bounce or penetratio ) And the ghost shells was a suprise to me and then to have them acknowledge it the day after is pretty neato.

  11. We’ve been telling them about “disappearing shells” and “no-hit hits” since beta. The response we always got was “It’s your imagination. Not happening.”



    • “You” have also been spouting certified bullshit about “ghost shells” since forever which upon review of replays have had an amazing tendency to turn out to be perception errors – when such now could be procured in the first place.

  12. Only time I can ever recall ghost shells happening to me was maybe with arty (I play it a lot). Sometimes I would just lob a shell spot on onto target, but the shell would hit the ground below the tank and only deal splash damage. Now I know you’ll be saying that the shell simply landed underneath the front of the tank or slightly to the side, but the the center of the scorch mark left by the shell on the ground was in fact directly under the of the tank. The tank was sitting right in the middle of the explosion. How in the hell did the shell get under the center of the tank without actually hitting the tank on the way? It’s falling from above, not going straight. That’s especially true for arties that lob shells really high like Bishop or FV304. Had that happen with them too.

    • Yeah, had my fair share of those. But the joke is on the poor guy that is my target, he usually gets more splash this way than if it’d been a direct hit.

  13. Good news. These were very rare but annoying. I once killed my own team mate who was behind an enemy tank because the shell went straight through the enemy tank and hit the guy behind lol

  14. I knew it. I’ve literally gone back and watched replays and you can see the tracer go through a tank without damaging it. There are just too many idiots out there that start calling people tin foil hat wearers any time someone brings up a bug or complaint.

  15. I have seen a bug where a Jagdpanther II fired into the back of a Ferdinand from point blank range, the shell went through the Ferdinand and hit a friendly IS-3 behind him.

  16. Just had one yesterday, fully aimed reticle in the face of a KV2 at point blank range, boom, and NOTHING happens… I was like wtf! and then I blew up, stupid OP KV2 :)

    I see one maybe once a week, no big deal, just part of the game.

  17. I KNEW I wasn’t just going insane! This bug has cost me several games that by all rights I should have won, but nope, my shot went through without doing anything, and his shot killed me.

  18. well I guess this will make alot of PZ1c drivers happy, cause I swear half the time the shells fly right through and the others either hit or bounce just cause of how many are fired so rapidly.

  19. Fucking retards at wot.. We’ve been telling them about this bug for well over a year..

    Also the forum faggots at WGNA deniers that this existed, calling people tinfoil hats and other shit.. Goddamn niggers need to stop being WG apologists, and pull their head out of WG’s cunt and realize most of these conspiracies are true.

    Stupid forum faggots.

  20. Well i hope this bug gets fixed soon….i just had a very frustrating game in the new Tier 5 German TD “Toaster Tank” where i had 4 shells sail right through the middle of an M7. I had a guaranteed kill on that thing but lost it cause 4/6 shells ghosted through the tank -_- And yes, i will post the replay on for anyone wanting to see this.