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    • wich tank is that accualy? T90?

      and the shell type? i dont see fins on it… slow travel speed.. not so much dmg on impact.. HEAT?

      • It would be most likely T72 since they got nice surplus of them or some older model, I am not aware of Syria having T90 and even if they had them, I do not think they will send them in urban areas, since there are quite huge losses and they have to be prepared for “what if other countries attacked” scenario. Quite often they send T72s with reactive armor in such areas. I do remember that some countries in ME were considering T90 purchase though but not sure if Russia granted that sale.
        Regarding that round, when engaging soft targets and personnel, HE rounds and HE-like rounds are advised, using round with too high penetrating capability would simply be waste while HE has significantly higher explosive filling. Sometimes canister rounds or phosphorous or other were used in tanks. Possibly HE-FRAG-FS 3VOF22/3OF19 or 3VOF36/3OF26
        About that speed, well, those two named shell travel around 850m/s and since that shell traveled around one second, that tank may have been ~850m away which is not that far.

        • ah yea my bad i didnt really look at the turret and tought that its a square turret like on the new T90ms.. yea seems like a t72 now that i took a really good look at it

          • There’re many different turret armor addons for T-72, so IDing by turret only can be difficult.

  1. Was an unmanned cam i think. But looking at an incoming shell is a bit frightening ;)
    Surprised it is so clearly visible… incoming shell of doom…

      • After seeing some footage of those mercenaries fighting I would not be surprised if the cameraman was standing right behind camera all the time in the open and looking at it. Although there was silence and no screaming of their favorite words, so maybe you are right.

      • T72 got stabilizer as stock but stabilizer stabilize gun when pointing in general direction or at designated target; not when seeking new target

  2. Cameraman: Don’t move! I heard T-72s can only shoot at things that move. They’re only attracted to sudden moveme-


  3. Wow. That shell travelled through the air much slower than I thought it will. It’s almost like that howitzer on Matildas and Crusaders in WoT.

    • The camera probably had a low framerate, and the tank is quite far away as it appears. The heat waves can trick your eyes and camera’s for the real distance.

      To me it appeared quite fast and seems like he fired HE which moves much slower then Sabot.

        • What the point to fire HEAT ammo on a bulding ? There is no armor to penetrate. This must be HE ;)

          • Probably HEAT-FRAG-FS, which travels 850m/s and that shell traveled one second, i.e. tank may have been 850m away.

          • Even basic HEAT rounds have some splash/frag effect unlike sabot. Sure HE works better but if there’s no HE available at the moment HEAT is alright choice.

      • I don’t see anything that would suggest a framerate different from the 30 what we have in the video. Looks like a long zoom to me.

        The shell takes 17 frames to reach the target which makes the flight time about 0.57 seconds. The shell actually appears to be sabot. You can make out the fins 3 frames before the shell hits. The muzzle velocity is therefore somewhere around 1800 m/s so the distance would be about 1 km.

  4. The question is: is it real?
    How did the camera survive the hit?
    Looks almost shopped (or adobed in this case)…

    • I agree completly.
      1. The speed of the projectile is much too little.
      2. The would be almost no chance camera surviving the impact (and on the movie we can see it did).

        • 3. The trajectory of the projectile is too much “arc” it should be almost flat.

          Almost certain it’s fake.

          • i’m almost certian that its HEAT ammo.. heat ammo has fairly low velocity.. and since its a hollow charge it doesnt have so much explosives in it (would explain why the camera survived) HEAT ammo is most effective at slow velocitys and shoot out of smoothbore cannons… any other questions?

          • watched the video again… after the tank fires you can’t hear shit… you see the shell impact and the explosion of the shell.. still no gun sound from the tank… that sugjest that the shell flew quite a bit faster than the speed of sound wich only confirms again … HEAT ammo

            • If it was that HEAT-FRAG-FS, then it would travel 850m/s. Sound travels around 330-340m/s. And also, camera may have been even further in some building at which that tank was shooting, which would result in collapse of the frontal part on building and blinding the camera, which happened.

            • Shell is subcaliber. You can see the fins in one frame. From the muzzle velocity and flight time the distance is 1 km. The camera has a very long zoom. Looks like the shell hits some distance in front of the camera and the long zoom makes it appear closer than it really is. This would explain the camera surviving.

            • Sound waves travels much slower, about 300 m/s. So shell impact is before gun sound.
              You don’t see about the camera position. Who says, the camera is located at the front of the building? It seems it is located in the very back and looks through some doors and or windows with a high zoom on a stand. The shell does not hit the camera but very likely the front of the house and so the cam can survive one or two rooms behind.
              No tank sound covers the theory of a quite high distance (800-1000 m)

            • We don’t hear the sound of the gun firing on the video. The gun fires almost three seconds before the video ends which means the tank must be at least some 900 meters away.

            • The round is not subcalibre. Russian 125mm guns did fire rounds with fins as they fire from a smoothbore and without spin stabilization, the only way for the gun to hit is with fin stabilization

  5. The shell drops so much it looks like a thrown ball. A HE-shell from a 2A46 gun flying at 760m/s does not curve that much.

    Replay or it did not happen.

  6. There’s no sound when the tank fires but there’s sound when the shell hits the target. I don’t think it’s fake. It’s just a huge distance between the tank and the camera, otherwise the sound of the gun fire would have been heard instantly. It’s zoomed in a lot.

    • exatcly… the ammo is probably HE or HEAT wich has a low velocity but still alot more than the speed of sound…

    • Also, you can hear distant sounds in the background which just seems to enforce the notion that the tanks is very far away.

      In addition, that’s probably why they took so long to shoot, they were trying to figure out what the hell the camera was at a long distance.

  7. I do not find footage of a human being being killed by a tank in the least bit funny. Could you kindly refrain from posting this rubbish on this site? It completely destroys the otherwise brilliant work you do.

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  8. The shell is fake. It’s obvious, you can pause and just look at it, it’s something out of a cartoon. And the trajectory is visibly exagerated.

    • hahahhahaha like you know exatcly what a trajectory a HE shell has that is fired from 1km away… kid please go play playing your cod bullshit and stfu on here (oh and i guess you sleept trough your fizics in school)

      • And you slept through english class. The trajectory is accessory, and don’t think you know physics, ballistics or how HE shells behave because you play WoT. It’s still a fake.

  9. That was a Tripod for sure, nobody hold a camera like that without shaking.

    It just hurt the camera.

  10. It doesn’t look fake and it is going supersonic. You can see the shockwave behind the shell. In this case the camera is fortuitously aligned with the cannon muzzle so the shell is travelling straight to the camera and all you can see is a round form like a ball. It is only when it is about to impact that you can start to see the shell’s real shape.

    I’ve seen another video just like this. It was taken by a two-men Spanish news team during the Invasion of Baghdad. A M1 Abrams crew mistook their camera for a shoulder fired missile and shoot at them with their main cannon. You can barely see the muzzle flash before the camera went dark. The tank was really close.